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File: 93e40749e693572⋯.png (487.23 KB, 798x782, 399:391, ypipo btfo.png)


Less chance of crying babies.

You're welcome.


File: 0d386654b1b5d3a⋯.jpg (54.53 KB, 957x621, 319:207, 1496883538483.jpg)

Thanks, feminism and atheism.


>white people claim to be the masterrace

>cant even fulfil basic biological obligations like breeding


File: a7197b9386ce808⋯.jpg (107.66 KB, 1028x1028, 1:1, my gf1486.jpg)


white men are breeding, but white women are not being bred

i can't remember a time when i was ever attracted to the females of my race, other white men must feel the same

that is why i will make numerous hapa babies with my asian gf


File: 02add1acd1d92b0⋯.jpg (479.83 KB, 1904x2288, 119:143, soy.jpg)


Sex is for teenagers. I'm an adult now. I'm into adult things like video games and comic books.


File: bd22950ea3ed70f⋯.jpg (151.4 KB, 485x513, 485:513, 5c55481b7766b3ca6f2e7ef6e4….jpg)


>white people claim to be the masterrace

Could you please let me into your time machine, I want to go back to the 40's too.



Exactly this. White people are done. /pol/tards need to get with the times already.


File: 3f05702999da36e⋯.png (28.36 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, Eurasian Flag.png)


Eurasia will rise.



So the constantly lying MSM can now be trusted with numbers again? How about we not do that kind of thing?



Aren't we at war with Oceania?


File: 6c005b9f87d6577⋯.jpg (22.39 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1471950183173.jpg)


Oceaninan atlanticists all need to hang tbh, Eurasian continentalists will win the great war. We will also btof Eastasia in due time.



This. If I want sex I'll just use google.


dup btfo



White people are canceled for 2019. and 2020 2021 2022..



America is canceled in general tbh.


File: fa665de82187188⋯.jpg (31 KB, 621x494, 621:494, images.jpg)


>white women are not being bred

But they are. Just not by white men.



t. Disinformation commissar


Reminder post-election /pol/ will continue to push abortion as a good thing because "less niglets and other non-white babies", yet it's only white women who are going to the clinics.



This picture reminds me that I still need to buy Super Mario Odyssey.



This isn't true though. The major users of abortion clinics are blacks.



Look what thread you're posting in and ask yourself if truth matters as long as ypipo are mocked and derided?


File: 76cabcfa83ec2e5⋯.jpg (27.12 KB, 209x157, 209:157, nmavatar1.jpg)


>implying nubian qweenz ever abort melanin gods



You are not the master race either medboy



File: c8e1e90a6f98cf0⋯.jpg (195.5 KB, 800x556, 200:139, MeanwhileInReality.jpg)


With what?



>med emperors wuz secretly nords

>everyone i dont like is black




Ancient mediterranean people weren't as "swarthy" as they are today and brazilian niglets have literally no connection to them at all, despite what they wish. The thing that actually brought civilization about in the far distant past was hyperboreans from a now completely lost culture.



Why is this cumskin so med?


File: 0d7d2d26449be1e⋯.jpg (86.34 KB, 614x354, 307:177, p.txt.jpg)



Greeks, which are currently swarthy but same thing. In anycase there is nothing wrong with present day Italians other than the fact that they lost a world war and are being crushed by zog like every other country.


File: d5efecb0a4a41e6⋯.png (4.63 MB, 2752x2062, 1376:1031, ClipboardImage.png)


Trips of truth. It makes you think though, one day, if the jew persists, they might have degenerated into literal nigger streetshitters like what happened in India. Or current day France.



Who would take a baby to the cinema?



>there is nothing wrong with present day shitalians

You had me going till that part



It's pretty obvious that you're the same goon that's also medposting tbh.



>Muslims beat their women and treat them like livestock

>massive birthrates

>niggers beat their women and treat them like livestock

>massive birthrates

>curryniggers beat their women and treat them like livestock

>massive birthrates

I see a pattern here.




Yes, only shitskins beat their women.



/intl/fag, whatever, the specifics doesn't matter.



>women are people

/leftypol/, please.





File: 0c8b9ecea0e66a0⋯.jpg (23.85 KB, 348x392, 87:98, 0c8b9ecea0e66a07f5be54762c….jpg)


It's almost like women don't like getting away with being dominant or something.



Where are the real ones?



>women arent people



not only no crying babies, but no whiny liberal women telling you to "stop manspreading", no liberal "men" telling you to stop "mansplaining"

cumskins were a mistake



Are whinytalians white?



dead those are ancient Greeks.



Yeah, just loud and smelly packs of niggers munching popcorn and trashing the theater, completely ruining any kino you might attempt to watch. Or big fat sweaty spics making the entire place into a damp marshland of body odour.



You will never be med, cumskin.



You forget that niggers and spic will shout at the movie as if the characters in the movie can hear them…….. fucking animals.



Funny how life is always lose-lose if you are white.



You will never be of European stock, nigger. You're not even an atlantean.



China already owns the theaters in the US so they just need to replace the shitskin population and then you can watch kino as it was meant to be seen again. Asians are pretty cool to watch films with, even if their taste is kind of shit.



>i know everyones blood and geography

Sure you are not italian-american?



Thank the boomers and their retarded parents for fighting a world war to hand control of white countries over to jews.


Japs are ok idk anything about dog eaters.


Utah’s population is set to double in 10 years and it is entirely from Mexicans and Africans


File: 75179cf387eee3f⋯.jpg (15.13 KB, 500x314, 250:157, HM.jpg)


Just cope with the fact that you're some south american jew hybrid and stop pretending to be something you're not.



>your banter is stronger that means you are a jew

/pol/s inferiority complex everyone



Your banter is shit and you have some huge complex due to you being a shitskin and not an European. Not necessarily jewish though, it's just that normally your kinsmen are more open and don't try to co-opt and subvert, makes one think that you might have some jewish heritage.



Serious question, what will non-nornalfag cumskins do about it? Just keep living normally?



>everyone who btfo me is a jew

Dup/pol/ lmao


File: bc1e70425e73e1c⋯.jpg (44.88 KB, 359x391, 359:391, 1471778752652.jpg)


You couldn't even btfo dup junior if you tried. Keep being asspained about being born a shitskin though.



Russian hapas are going to get rofl stomped by central muzzies Russians have the lowest birth rates in the world.



>cuckime weeb trying to btfo dup

that's not how that works



Either roll over and die or flee into exile somewhere


File: 79551b75f049103⋯.jpg (24.22 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 18wy6rxevxxwojpg_zps56b510….jpg)


Keep telling yourself that, faggot. Also keep trying to change the topic to damage control your shitty DNA.



>Greeks look like Turks after Turkish occupation

>Sicilians look like North Africans after occupation but north Italians do not

>Spaniards look like Moore’s after occupation

Pure coincidence I’m sure. In your mind was Italy always like this in Roman times where one half is generally fair in complexion and the other swarthy


File: 7ac6b1835084185⋯.jpg (93.55 KB, 1080x1074, 180:179, 7ac6b18350841855380521c562….jpg)


You could find those responsible and kill them together with your fellow man, that is if any Americans had any backbone, which they don't.




Only go to your own movie theatre you've had built in your own home thanks to not being a lazy fuck wit living off govnerment hand outs and actually having worked for your, what others would call, lavish lifestyle.


File: 3d244f65a07e628⋯.jpg (181.32 KB, 528x668, 132:167, 9d3468b08a5b8bb01da6837d3a….jpg)


Europe wuz always black, bigot.






>claims to be master race

>got browned long before nordicucks

Varg was right. Shitalians lmao



I'm going to use that pic to piss off /leftypol/ Ty.



Since when do anglos hate niggers?



Wow, very D&C, I totally hate Italians now. Thanks, corporate marxist.


Brazil is white




oh no no no



It used to be and they have a minority population that's white tbh. I guess Ameriniggers want the same, a white upper class ruling over retarded nigger hordes that without question obey and consume.



to retarded leftists the nigger drawing is "racist" because it is drawn in a goofy way.



I thought anglos liked goofy things?



Get of truth


File: e06398e0e281f23⋯.png (326.06 KB, 606x614, 303:307, we_wuz_nazis_and_shiet.png)


>medposter on /tb/ now claims Germany was always filled with shitskins

>"why do you pretend Hitler was white? No way white people could be such great leaders as that."



nope you end up in jail like that hence the licenses needed for spoons or the fact that memes are illegal over there.



>manlet who lost war

>cucked for anglos

>got back stabbed by italians

>helped create anime

>great leader

Besides, we wouldnt leave the fact it was cumskins who lost 2 world war and got conquered by sunnies.



Niiiice digits, this is a good get.


This is a waste of a get, you fucking faggot. Argentina is white too.

Hello my white friend.



>manlet who lost war

Due to russian hackers.

>cucked for anglos

He firebombed the central London mosque to demoralise the arabs.

>got back stabbed by italians

Meds got his back but it turned out they couldn't fight as well as the black germans could.

>helped create anime

Yes, he invented memes and anime.

>great leader


t. Department of historical revisionism in the European-African bloc.



>Meds got his back

Except the aristocracy which staged the 43 coup. Mussolini should have removed them when he the chance in 1922. To the communists out there the privileged 1% sided with the communists against Hitler and their own country (Italy).

>Did not fight well

Not True the Italians fought very well and gained distinction the problem was 3 fold

1.antiquated officer corps (similar to England's btw) which only allowed important connected people to become officers rather than a merit/ability system that the Germans employed.

2.Poor production and distribution of supplies and weaponry.

3.Royal control of various branches of the Army and Navy which were run into the ground by their out of touch ideas (no radar on ships) or purposely sabotaged due to their anglophile tendencies ( they were related to English royals).


Jesus the italian fag is more spergy than krauts.



>nappy black hair


Choose 1.



none of those have your sick fetish other wise they would have drawn it as an afro.





File: 03943bd631d9a48⋯.jpg (28.47 KB, 650x366, 325:183, shitskin sandnigger arabs.jpg)

File: b1eca76c63083fc⋯.jpg (31.52 KB, 330x500, 33:50, hwite spaniard.jpg)


The thing is even actual Arab sandniggers look Whiter than your average med.



Those are Syrians and not arabs, arabs are literally subhumans and Syrians are just normal white people.



Syrians are Arabs. The official name of the country is Syrian Arab Republic. Official language: Arabic. Predominant religion: Islam.



How much of the Syrian ruling class are French rape babies since it was one of their colonies?



Yeah, they've been MUHAMMED'ed but Assyrians are literally white people, both being aryan and having a white culture.


Theaters with Soyllywood movies have contributed to this new reality.



>its not whites fault that we are suiciding as a race, its da joos mind control!


File: 84c3964c85a4ca2⋯.jpg (38.65 KB, 412x600, 103:150, 4543ab6e428747e002916b6f7a….jpg)


>da joos



Nice meen, now give a serious answer. Its always the jews fault that whites are stupid with you poltards head.



The average med looks nothing like the guy on the right.



The Lombard study demonstrated genetic congruity between Italy and her ancient past. Augustus, the first Emperor, was routinely painted with brown hair and eyes according to spectral analysis of the residual paint. Roman citizens were routinely depicted with the same over the course of centuries.

Caesar himself in his own writings remarked on the "exotic" nature of the Northerners blond hair and how different they were to the Romans in this respect; blond and red wigs were prized in Rome for this very reason - because the colour was so unusual to them.

There are numerous genetic studies which show Greece has next to no Turkic admixture (and this is consistent with the way the Ottomans ruled - not via mass rape, but via Islamised proxies who were themselves natives of the conquered lands).

The Romans destroyed themselves, as any decent historian of the late Empire will tell you. The Nordics simply squatted in the ruins because they were so lacking in their ability to form basic infrastructure at the time that even the ruins of another people were preferable to their huts and disparate villages (lol). Not to mention the fact that Nordics readily adopted Roman culture and alphabet to replace their own.

You have no argument, just D&C bullshit: cherry picked images, misunderstood data, and endless reams of supposition. Get fucked, cunt.



That wikipedia hunt took you a long time, are you slipping up, medspammer?



>reddit formatting



start arguing anytime


File: 07aa30f327bc350⋯.png (231.66 KB, 1882x754, 941:377, WtAT4ev.png)


As stated I don't have a problem with Italians but to say there no fair ancient Romans would be a lie.



Depends of the area



It would be wasted on you, you're not even Italian, just a larping BRnigger at best or a goon at worst.




>no fair ancient Romans

No one is saying that. there weren't some fair haired Italians (most likely near the Alpine region). But to claim that they were the majority, or to claim that the ruling class was primarily made up of blonds, is absurd. As both Caesar and Augustus help to demonstrate.

Against my wealth of evidence, you have produced a single (1) - often spammed - chart that supposedly proves (some of) the Emperors occasionally had blue or grey eyes. This is despite the fact that literary sources are notoriously unreliable compared to portraiture and colour isn't as definitely expressed in Latin as it is in English. Augustus, for example, is described as "blond", but, as spectral analysis demonstrates, he actually had brown hair.


I am not the person you seem to think I am.



>is spammer

>calls others spammers



>implying id waste so much time on a literal sperg like you

Evidence and logic means nothing to you niggers


File: 85b6279a32dd19e⋯.jpg (77.19 KB, 554x1100, 277:550, d1b127685b59072ee73f288176….jpg)


>high effort shitposts

>evidence and logic



>this evidence counts as a shitpost because I can't refute it

Epic. See >>1800108 and >>1800136



I don't want to send you out on another long visit to kikepedia, anon.



>Hitler invented anime in another country a continent away by losing



thank you for defending me anon i will now have the sex with you



>ancient greeks were curly haired semitic shitskins

kys kike shill



>evidence isn't evidence so long as I call it Jewish

You're a retard living in a closed circuit of self satisfaction. No amount of reason can get through to you because you've insulated yourself with the Jewish question. If you don't like something, or you can't refute it, you need only call the thing Jewish in order to feel sure that you have won and that your worldview is intact. It's pathetic. By the by, none of that is from Wikipedia.


File: 4a6bf78c1d5743b⋯.png (253.38 KB, 500x468, 125:117, ClipboardImage.png)


>Constantly lose

>Conquer all of Europe

Magic. Also he literally invented anime girls and made them real.



I like how you set up a strawman only to topple it. Good work. /pol/ btfo.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's true. Hitler was fighting WW2 and then teamed up with Japan but then Japan fought USA, got nuked and lost. Then Americans occupied Japan and showed them disney cartoons which the Japs liked and then were influenced when they created their anime, ultimately leading it to the point of cuckime that it is today.



He implied that my argument had no merit because it was "Jewish" or whatever; I pointed out the idiocy of that position. You don't know what the term straw man means.



>He implied that my argument had no merit because it was "Jewish" or whatever

Zero reading comprehension I see, very nice.


File: 59cfec819bf93b4⋯.jpeg (55.82 KB, 616x608, 77:76, 59cfec819bf93b4c427f7e0fa….jpeg)

It's nice living in a mostly white area. I can't even remember the last time I heard a screaming child in public place



Did you actually watch that cringefest? God modern YouTube is so gay



>another blog visit to kikepedia

The implication is very clear, you utter tard.


File: 9018f72b67af16c⋯.mp4 (2.35 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 56% Amerimutt acts out aft….mp4)

>white neighborhoods

Top jej, hey grandpa it isn't the 90s any more.



He is pure reddit, no doubt. His Chris-chan and Harvey Darger videos are pretty good though. If you want to cuck him out of his ad revenue you can just find one of the mirrors of his content.



What would the baby get out of the experience, anyway?



Well, with the looming threat of rape accusations if you even do something that could be perceived as wrong coming from white women, is it any surprise that anyone wouldn't want to breed with them? They wanted to get rid of white men in the future, and they got their wish.

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