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File: f8639945bf1a962⋯.png (35.17 KB, 704x248, 88:31, tv btfo.png)


I'm going to go see it just to support Daisy Ridley's career.





Just like my cock!


Not that I care, but do these faggots realize VIII was a bleak and dark movie? Why do they think it will help if it is bleak and dark? Bleak and dark only works of the villains are interesting. What's interesting about Kylo Ren?



>The order has to lose (it is the last movie)

>disney undermined its main villains in the last 2 films.

>disney made uncharacteristic, abrasive, black hole, an op ma-REY-sue.

>Ma-REY-sue easily beat Kyolos twice

>Ma-REY-sue beat Luke Skywalker

>Disney killed off and destroyed interesting OT characters.

There is nothing left TLJ ended the series anything more is gratuitous fluff that has nothing interesting left to show. Also it looks like they increased the diversity there is a CY+4 nappy haired negress in the cast now…. that is not at all going to be obnoxious.


This, I think they are falling into the dark knight trap (good!) like DC. Dark works in a film when it compliments the other elements to make something dark in order to fix these other elements ( story, characters,etc.) will only produce a desaturated misanthropic bad movie rather than just a bad movie.


File: 290ae5047420950⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 250x280, 25:28, 1491190891360.gif)

>the BBC strikes back



>next soy wars will be Bleak & Dark

I just realized the "bleakest & darkest" part will be when the Ma-Rey-sue wins.


File: 644d9943a0dbe9c⋯.jpeg (49.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, cia.jpeg)


the dark knight trillogy at least had good parts though and well written villians



I don't see how this can be an interesting story. Rey has defeated Kylo Ren three times in two movies. Hux is a moron. Phasma is dead. The First Order is just a less interesting knockoff. Even if Carrie Fisher were still alive, her character is useless. Finn and Poe have nothing to contribute. There's no interplay between Finn, Poe, and Rey. Rey has no conflict, story, weaknesses, or anything. She'll win.



Yeah the "darkness & bleakness" of the film complimented that version of batman. Where as the newest Batman and the rest of the current DC characters just used darkness to mask their horrible flaws.


Yeah which is what I said and yeah I agree.


I bet 10 usd she will be back because why not and stronk wahmyn. Only men die in disney wars.


Episode IX: Impeach Drumpf


I think the only way they can actually somewhat salvage this trilogy is to go bad end and have the First Order win, setting up the next trilogy. Now the overall narrative of the trilogy is the rise of the First Order, like how the prequels covered the rise of the Empire, and that's almost something, rather than nothing at all.

Trilogy 4 could then open a generation later, in a Galaxy under the control of a First Order who've grown beyond basic LARPing of the Empire, and developed into something a bit more unique, and then we can see what the ups and downs of that society are. A twist could be that they have mellowed, and actually run the galaxy benevolently, and the bad guys are some twisted remnant of the Jedi and the Rebellion, who've grown to be religious like extremists, and refuse to let the war end.



In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.



> Phasma is dead

She just fell into a hole, she'll probably come back as a cyborg like Vader.



They lost all credibility, at this point they could actually somehow pull a miracle and create a good star wars film and I won't see it or support it in any way. They broke the source material with deconstructions of the characters, their efforts, their story, motivations, and ruined their (OT's) future with horribly made monstrosities that gave all the OT characters a bad end while throwing away the far superior EU future.In other words they killed Star wars. Disney also will not "take risks" or create anything that could revitalize the brand at least from a writing perspective at best they will run star wars into the ground and then completely reboot it (2-5) years later.


I predict TLJ like appearance she will be there as if nothing happened and it will never be explained.



dup btfo



>I think the only way they can actually somewhat salvage this trilogy is to go bad end and have the First Order win, setting up the next trilogy

VIII already did that. And who cares? The best case scenario is a Riker holodeck ending.



I know. It's just fun to try to work out ways you could possibly squeeze something other than a complete narrative failure out of this whole thing.



They "won" temporarily, because it's part two of a trilogy, like Empire Strikes Back. And even then they didn't really win. They still got their big ship btfo, and failed to eradicate the Rebellion.


File: 5ecf48d427f592d⋯.png (181.29 KB, 889x436, 889:436, 68fc6c2b68aea31a619e97fc9c….png)


True because I posted it :-)



The worst part is it would give them a way to have a abrams/badrobot Star Trek and Star wars cross over movie series. In all probability they will probably try to tie in some marvel shit.



The Rebellion is twenty people on the millennium falcon. You could easily decade jump to a new trioogy from there.



But they have to make part 3, because the trilogy isn't finished yet. They have to find some shit to stuff the next movie with, because tradition dictates they can't just start over yet.




Don't they reset reality or some shit to defeat Thanos? Disney could easily use that to put the start of episode IX in a better position, it's not like they give a fuck.



Just like the last time I took a dump.



DH, the new villian, captures all Jedis and Rebels, as all rebels are now Jedis too, and kills and tortures them all.

Eventually Kylo turns good after realising this butchery and also that all his appliances are made from Jedis and teams up with Rey, a lampshade, to bring justice to DH. The finale reveals all the plot 'holes' and 'failings' of the franchise were propaganda created by DH for the purpose of driving Kylo and Rey away from their true destiny. Kylo and Rey win the day and all the Jedi are restored to life and the Republic planets are brought back to life in a great happy ending. In the final scene a topless Kylo kisses Rey as they vow to make sure the Galaxy never forgets what happened here.


If the first order win and Rey dies, I will forgive the last 2 (4) abominations. If the rebels and Rey becomes the new Darth Vader bad guy for the next films, or the rebels win and Rey lives, fuck em. If the first order wins and Rey becomes the new Ben Kenobi, fuck em, but I won't be that mad.


Rey is the child of luke, Kylo the child of Leia. Both Skywalkers. They form two halves of a whole or some trite shit. There are many untrained force posessing people in the universe and they will rise up in a rebelion inspired by Lukes death and Rey inspiring a resurgent rebellion. Luke will hang out like ghost OB and Yoda and make one liners while spoon feeding plot devices. Kylo will choose power but in the end choose the side of Rey when all hope appears lost.


God looking back The First Order is weak as shit compared to the Galactic Empire, and yet The First Order managed to destroy more planets. Fucking Kylo Ren gets his shit handed to him by a bitch who never properly trained prior to fighting him. Snoke dies in episode 8 way weaker than Palpatine dies. Phasma goes down like a fucking bitch and hardly got any screen time prior.

Oh Han and Luke died. They were both old and dumb anyways, not really a big feat.



>Rey dies

Rey is so uninteresting I don't even care. I would like IX if it ended as a Force Vision of Luke, showing him what would happen if he decided to be a giant pussy.


The BBC Menace.



>I'm going to go see it just to support Daisy Ridley's porn career.



She'll probably die and immediately come back as the goddess of the force or something as retarded.



>she will die

>implying disney would allow a stronk wahmyn to die

>implying marysue would ever lose

>implying she needs to do anything to easily win.

its over they are creatively bankrupt and no one cares about their terrible characters or their incoherent story line.



Rey will be the one to start the jedi academy and will basically be EU Luke in future installments.


I still haven't watched any of the nu-star wars movies, and i don't understand why. I mean, i LOVE space stuff, i love sci-fi, but i can't bring myself to watch these movies. Not only they give a bad impression with trailers and marketing, but the actors are also garbage-tier and the whole setting seems iffy. Were i memory wiped and somebody told me to watch "this new space movie" i'd be fuck yeah, but right now i simply can't.



It's the smart move. TFA was retarded, but TLJ was absolute shit.


I have heard this shit before. The movie will be once a again a childish, pozzed, unoriginal piece of trash.

Cuckywood movies are always trash. They don't take risks.


File: 2e14337a1e078d5⋯.jpg (57.93 KB, 658x960, 329:480, 23124234234.jpg)

>space fantasy franchise

>oh no we are failing

>lets make it grim dark and stuff, to please the MALE audience

>fuck it up even more

Not even malicious, just plain dumb.



>grim dark with niggers

Basically the matrix reloaded.



Anon TFA ruined star wars if you were still invested after TFA then you deserved to get burned by TLJ.


>The movie will be once a again a childish,


Their inept and incompetent writing/editing might be construed as childish but make no mistake the movie is not intended for children given the CY+4 degeneracy that is being promoted. Like the retards that claim Doctor Who is for kids while pushes homosexuality.


They did it to themselves they have no interesting characters their saving grace could have been Luke but he was castrated and murdered in TLJ and redacted from TFA because he up staged the horrible nu-characters….. (that should have been their wake up call) Furthermore this is no real enemy to fight given how easy monkey boy got beat by marysue (3 times) and darth retirement home was killed off prematurely. Why even bother with the character and cheapen the emperor sith lord archetype then?



what does she need support for? she doesn't even wear socks, so that's already like $1,000 a year she saves over normal people


Disney's sw will cross over with the marvel.

t. a guy literally working on the movie

The shitstorm when this happens will be EPIC.



>Rey beats the entire Avengers




>Anon TFA ruined star wars if you were still invested after TFA then you deserved to get burned by TLJ

We were discussing quality not investment, retard. TLJ is the worst star wars film by far. The only way it could have been worse was if Emma Watson was in it.


This is the exact same set up they pulled for the last one.



no it won't.

t. david marvel



Just you wait.



will there be a cgi spike lee cameo in it?



I almost want this and the Holocaust planet to happen at this point.


File: a828d1a4df1fbe4⋯.png (224.84 KB, 602x720, 301:360, ClipboardImage.png)


>>The order has to lose (it is the last movie)

>>(it is the last movie)

Oh, sweaty…


File: 96e649826e19d27⋯.png (10.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, darker.png)


I can't wait.



of the trilogy ,if they are retarded they could pull a 2 parter or extend this train wreck into another trilogy…..very possible.


>Lose death star yet again in Episode VI

>It's ok, because they have a new secret weapon that is Five times the death of death star

>starkiller or whatever it's called is destroyed

>The order seems to be unfazed by it in the slightest

>they have even bigger superweapon for new episode and despite losing in every single movie, they still come out on top.

>you're supposed to root for the niggermutt terrorists who even when winning, don't accomplish anything noteworthy.



>Emma Watson was in it.

Who is that? I am not into obscure b grade has been actors.


All disney star wars movies are terrible and suffer from the same problems. To say any are better than others is to condone horrile film making and anti-human propaganda. TFA=TLJ=RO=Solo all are trash. Furthermore TFA by order of release has the happy distinction of being the first movie to completely undermine the OT and its characters.



To say TLJ is not the most awful piece of shit in history is to condone the worst director of all time.



All disney star was is the most awful piece of shit movie in history (currently they will make worse its inevitable) directed by the 2 worst hack directors and worst disney executives to date. Only employed due to their connections(rian works with israeli movie producer) and tribal nepotism.


File: 63e06d8814bfe91⋯.jpg (171.56 KB, 543x780, 181:260, 7c0d5945419bc4e724a51b8d3d….jpg)

File: 424b2bf5f96b113⋯.jpg (71.97 KB, 1382x2048, 691:1024, 424b2bf5f96b113acb5e44ea19….jpg)

File: 96b98b5db1dba4c⋯.png (629.7 KB, 597x675, 199:225, real.png)


Also disney is run by jews.



Stop trying to lessen how much Rian Johnson sucks. Even among shit, he's lower than shit.


File: 7673220b9e11b24⋯.jpg (398.38 KB, 790x625, 158:125, ds.jpg)


They all suck ….I thought I put johnson in 3rd pic my bad here.


File: 6a7806ea674c82d⋯.png (497.5 KB, 853x480, 853:480, fuck star wars.png)




That would have made it good though.


Idk people want to pretend that Abrams is less bad or that "he" can save soy wars "he" can't and is a giant hack. Also Disney& lucas arts are as responsible as abrams and johnson for all the terrible decisions made in every single disney soy wars movie/media.



>BIG advantage

Two Starkiller Bases?



and 2 more of those not super star destroyers arrow ships



Is bleakdark the new grimdark?



opening crawl

>Rey defeats Thanos to obtain the infinity gauntlet

>With her new found power she snaps the MCU back to normal

>The MCU is saved from ENDGAME ever happening (movie canceled)

>Now armed with the force and Infinity Gauntlet she teleports back to face Soylo and his Knights of Ren solo

>Her Infinity Gems each ignite into a (((Lightsabers of color™)))

>With one mighty arm punch, she defeats evil and restores order to the galaxy

next 3 hours is a wall of text of the cg animators never used



>Idk people want to pretend that Abrams is less bad

Abrams isn't less bad. Rian is more bad

>or that "he" can save soy wars

Only a reboot and Lucas could save star wars. VII broke it beyond repair, VIII obliterated it.

>"he" can't and is a giant hack.




>(((Lightsabers of color™)))

You damn well know Rey will have a rainbow saber.





Abrams has no soul and only knows how to remix other people's work, or set up the illusion of story with nothing actually there.

Johnson is a pretentious art school kid who's obsessed with being clever and subverting expectations.

Honestly, out of the two I'll take Johnson because at least his work is engaging, even if it's only on a level of "what the fuck is this shit?".

People are going to be talking about TLJ for decades if only to analyse how badly it dropped the ball. No one is talking about TFA even now. It's just a boring movie.



>Johnson is a pretentious art school kid who's obsessed with being clever and subverting expectations.

This is precisely why Johnson is worse. Abrams made a shitty movie because he is a kike who doesn't care. He's a mercenary. Johnson made an even worse movie than he did because he believes he's a genius and doing the opposite of what people expected was awesome.



The way I feel is give me a good movie, or give me a trainwreck. The last thing I want to feel is boredom.



>3rd consecutive defeat when having their super weapon and armies wrecked each time.

Movie copy/paste



Just give me the take down reviews and salt piles of sjw, virtue signalling, morons that actively defend a multinational corporation. That's my star wars entertainment.



TLJ isn't 'so bad it's good.' It's awful. No single element of it is memorable except its treatment of one character.



>TLJ is the worst disney film by far

No that would be tfa, at least somethin happens in tlj.



It's so bad it's interesting.


File: 1a10bf22e18e5b8⋯.jpg (52.23 KB, 450x523, 450:523, IMG_20190112_161122.jpg)


>To say TLJ is not the most awful piece of shit in history is to condone the worst director of all time.

What's JJ have to do with TLJ?



He might of wrote part of it and also the garbage characters and the starting point of TLJ. Don't forget also disney calls the shots and everything abrams and johnson did worked with in that frame work not to say they could have done better if given a free hand , not at all it would have simply been horrible in slightly different ways. However marysue/force is female was clearly a corporate idea as was sitting Luke on the side lines, getting rid of him,etc.


Awful lot of TLJ fag in this thread. Fuck off Zach.


File: 8a7b754cd8ed0c5⋯.jpg (208.58 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, my gf1550.jpg)

tlj is better than 4/6ths of lucas' films



I'd like to see them bypassing her compressor, if you know what I mean



>Rianfaggot is also the GFaggot

It all makes sense now.


File: 73a4cc48b6b677b⋯.jpg (17.91 KB, 581x659, 581:659, 73a4cc48b6b677bc8419fc6530….jpg)




>and the first order will have big advantage

how? they got destroyed in the original, they got almost destroyed in the prequels (lots several important sith), their leader got killed, their second in command got beaten by the jedi woman and then he defected for "balance", their second in command is mentally unstable and has PTSD and their death star got destroyed



>new evil emperor is chubby

>has a haircut that resembles Trump's

>has an orange tan

>is named Palparump

>the rebels fight to tear down the Elysium style walls he has created around planets



>t. Nigger with ED


Rey is not a Mary Sue, unironically



yes she is, unironically



Oh okay. I'll go buy 2.1 million nu star wars funco pops.



Gr8 b8 m8


File: e4cdd927ef134e4⋯.jpg (21.26 KB, 407x399, 407:399, daisied.JPG)


>Daisy Ridley's career

Oh this anon has no idea…

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