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File: 4d65acb53687751⋯.jpg (111.11 KB, 1096x772, 274:193, image.jpg)





Is that fat guy actually wearing a Mister Mediocre shirt? YIKES


File: a58054ca1c75bf1⋯.jpg (27.42 KB, 281x386, 281:386, image2.jpg)


He's worn worse.




Sorry, did i trigger the right-wing snowflake? Back to your safe space >>>/pol/


>Talking about capeshit.



Get a load of this fag







you're a faggot. you know you're a faggot. you're going to get AIDS and die. you know you're going to get AIDS and die.




>right-wing snowflake




It's like they saw how successful of a format RLM was having but didn't anticipate the risks. They manage to have some of the worst opinions on that show. Once those are out you can't take them back. RLM is still doing damage control for giving a free pass to TFA and it takes everyone's combined charisma to cover for how lame jack is, let alone his hunger for big government cock. You can't tell me that wasn't the real reason why they cancelled Previously Recorded and not because of Rich's declining health.

Meanwhile on Cinemassacre's equivalent of an RLM show, they've managed to have so many bad ideas that I haven't bothered to keep track of them anymore. It's clear they have their eyes and minds on other internet reviewers so they sometimes openly cite things by RLM and NC. They also defended the famously bad nu-Predator to unprecedented levels. For all of the product shilling they get done, it wouldn't be the least surprising if they take checks from studios for new movies.

The most shocking part of their show is somehow not their awful taste, but how unfunny they can be. I think the biggest testament to how unfunny they are is when they had Macaulay Culkin on there. It was phenomenally boring. He demonstrated in RLM he knows how to ride the line between skit and joke to even where Mike couldn't get a handle on him. He also seems to have a sense of detecting the social atmosphere around him, and so he looked uncomfortable. I actually felt awkwarded out a few minutes in and by 16 minutes in I couldn't take anymore and closed the tab. If Macaulay Culkin couldn't salvage it, there's no hope. The AVGN episode was also pretty tame too, like watching one of the lamest NC episodes ever produced. Still, the plebs loved it so now it's one of the top viewed AVGN episodes.



RLM is gay and the people are ugly as shit.



That doesn't change the fact that other jewtubers want to be like them. Expect more RLM clones.


They look like they smell bad.



dup btfo


File: f2b2a9296a6cad0⋯.png (157.13 KB, 837x1954, 837:1954, avgn autism.png)

File: 1b190adf071f8a6⋯.jpg (31.07 KB, 288x288, 1:1, peekaboo.jpg)


They're all autistic as fuck, why is this surprising to you? Read pic related. James is legit a beta autist.

I still like his avgn videos, it's just a shame if the thing is real that he hates the character. I hope he doesn't I don't see how on account of him still maintaining it over more than 16 years now.



Why aren't guys embarrassed to look like this?


ZOMG EBIN EXPOSE! This poster sounds like a real dick and like he's completely jealous despite his protestations that he's not. All I got from this is that James is likes poop jokes. Wow so did Mozart who gives a shit? Oh and he's introverted so that must mean he's autistic obviously, because autistic people get married and have children. AVGN is annoying unfunny shit, but nothing here is terribly damning of James except for voting Hillary and being pussy whipped.



He talks about movies. He's retarded.



yikes sweetie


>the villain from Demolition Man in white face.

You know though…



No one really expects anything out of Cinemassacre. People like James and his enthusiasm, but he's not an arbiter of good taste or anything. Cinemassacre has the appeal of hanging out with 40 year old Boomer nerds, listening to White Snake, and watching Anaconda on DVD, while one of them does his impersonation of Chewbacca which is bad but it makes you laugh anyway.



I thought they canceled Pre-Rec because they couldn't keep taking shit from chat over TLJ. Even with their heavy moderation, it was still too much for those soyboys.


File: a0b2761194af789⋯.png (5.08 KB, 225x260, 45:52, southern feels.png)





>find some pictures of James' house

>write fanfiction

He probably is autistic, though.



>I will ban you if you make any more references to my "aids"

What an unbelievable pussy.



Did someone on the show say that? I always wish there was behind the scenes drama with RLM.




>wearing a mister metokur shirt

What is it with reddit lib soys that flock to him? He openly shits on them constantly, but they STILL give money and support him. This is bordering on findom tbh.



When the fuck did "y'all" get stolen by soy niggers anyway?


demolition man fuckin sucked



This is true, but it wasn't as bad as Judge Dredd. Stallone doesn't belong in sci-fi.



>Is that fat guy

Which one?



The fat guy on the left unironically smiled and said


During the event horizon episode, talking about the possibility of the black guy in that movie fucking the white aussie chick.

Watch the episode to see for yourselves, he's into BLACKED.com, this is James's friends.



Aids Moby.



If you hadn't figured it out by now the whole "lolcow community", are low quality males desperate for someone to feel superior to.



Jay is gay, for mike Mike hates bingbingwahoo's and told rich evans to fuck himself up the ass with a gamepad if he was so in love with gaming. Beardfat doesn't get paid, aids moby gets the least amount of those who do get paid, his family think he's a failure for still haning around his college buddies in his 40s earning what amounts to minimum wage. Jesse does scripts and behind the scene work, she's still very much with Mike but refuses to go on screen because of the 'weirdo stalkers who touch themselves over the hint of a female'. But that last one is widely suspected by the community as is.

T. Friend of a friend of the RLM guys.


File: 267e275131b22f6⋯.jpg (41.94 KB, 620x620, 1:1, DAG588cV0AUbJNS[1].jpg)


Alright, this is just straight up libelous bullshit. Anyone who's watched any of the James & Mike Mondays videos or anything else would know that it's Mike and Mike alone who's responsible for all of the juvenile, scatological "humor." Did you think we'd all forgotten about MINEYCRAFTA or the Elmo in Grouchland review?

I can't count the number of "friend of a friend" "exposé" screencaps like this that have popped up on imageboards over the years. Draw in the reader with some sort of connection (in this case, familial), sprinkle in some sort of seemingly-true information (the screencaps of the game room, likely taken from Zillow or something), and then proceed with making up whatever bullshit you want. I'm most definitely not carrying any water for James, but the people who spend hours writing this stuff are far more pathetic than the people they're trying to smear. Projection: 101.



Cucktoons suck.



He's one of them.



T. Friend of a friend of /tv/



I'll stab you in the fucking tongue.



What do they suck?



My cawk




How do you keep doing it?


>this thread


File: 3270f64375fbb10⋯.gif (337.48 KB, 272x242, 136:121, pro-caulk-caulking-kit-let….gif)





What's a Wesley Snipes?



he's that black guy from that racist movie, white men can't jump. who also had the feds knocking on his door for years of unpaid taxes/tax evasion


File: 72008cc5606b91f⋯.jpg (43.57 KB, 479x317, 479:317, 72008cc5606b91fa6e05176225….jpg)


>he still watches cinemassacre after silvermania got involved

The channel is nothing but ugly slobs now

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