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File: 51b763d46829587⋯.png (190.44 KB, 788x648, 197:162, ClipboardImage.png)


We did it Reddit!


god i hope he dies at the screening



I need to get a cute girl to fake an illness so she gets to see the newest disney star wars 11 months early and then record and leak the train wreck. Pair this leak with a take down review at the same time pointing out all the flaws. Watch disney lose millions Raff out Roud in China while rubbing hands vigorously.


File: c0b26c767d2c55b⋯.jpg (80.66 KB, 408x250, 204:125, JAMES-HOLMES-SCARED[1].jpg)



I don't think he needs divine intervention with Thanos appearing to help him with that.


He should live tweet the spoilers, that would be hilarious.




that or he gets to fuck scarjo




And here I am wishing for a strange genetic disease that kills me to save me from capeshit.


icky goss ew



that would actually be amazing. "nda this" -kid giving the finger from his death bed


Well I guess if it's his last wish.



Good luck sneaking a camera in


>We did it Reddit!

We've been found out!


I did some digging. He's an atheist communist gamer who likes video games, board games and Rick and Morty. He also got cucked twice. He likes to play his Nintendo Switch in hospital. Memes exist for a reason I guess.






>reddit and cape shit is for the terminally ill


>see title

>oh they granted a little kid's last wish how nice

>33 years old

I hope it's painful


File: 463dfbf03ae3230⋯.png (657.16 KB, 1594x1536, 797:768, thisaintitchief.png)



Well that covers the cuck atheist portion, but what about the "Rick and Morty watching dup dup wahoo playing soytendo lover" part?



Do you want me to spoonfeed you everything? Just check it yourself.


File: cf48aa6ca4167bf⋯.webm (15.33 MB, 853x480, 853:480, Miracle Force Magic.webm)


>I hope it's painful

>liver cancer

Yes, it is very painful. He will die in agony. Please don't say such hateful things though it will make you ugly.


File: 1c2bd654246a488⋯.jpg (508.92 KB, 2048x1333, 2048:1333, 1c2bd654246a488b59ae4d0782….jpg)


Anime posters deserve liver cancer.


This is the worst thing you could do for a dying person even if this it what they want. Imagine wanting to see capeshit before you die.


File: c1c5a9b20787b78⋯.mp4 (4.73 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Christ is Born - English O….mp4)


Turns out the cancer was divine providence.




I'm already ugly, this might loop me around to chad aesthetics


I would throw my diaper at the screen and asked to be wheeled away.



the authentic soyboy



ha ha ha like how the fuck is capeshit even bad like close your eyes nigga ha ha ha ha turn around ha ha


File: 9b2576bdea596ce⋯.webm (3.8 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Choirsinging.webm)


gods being awful fucking sparing in his "divine providence"


File: 539532e91b48a06⋯.jpg (513.94 KB, 1800x1055, 360:211, 50.jpg)


The day of His wrath is coming, before this he has in his great wisdom let the sinners taste the fruit of their crooked ways. Although a great calamity will come and sweep away the filth and wretchedness from our society there is a true justice in letting the tranny languish in agony, the soygoy get cucked and raise his wife's sons, the jew get a taste of his negroid slaves and the woman the rape and murder she desires.



>his day is coming















Nobody is falling for it anymore you kike worshiping faggot.



I wasn't talking about doomsday and the second coming, although that is also coming eventually. And I find it hilarious that you use the word kike when that specifically came from jews refusing to draw a cross. The unrepentant jews fear the second coming and judgement day above all else for they know that they have sided with antichrist and that it would spell their eternal end.


A formulaic, hyper-commercial capeshit film shouldn't be taken so seriously.



You can easily fit a phone inside a vagina then film it with its camera.



>could ask for a bottle of holy water from the sanctuary of mary in Lourdes, and be healed immediately

>instead wastes his wish on jewish capeshit

Daily reminder that if you die in front of a jewish movie, the kikes own your soul. It's all written in the fine print you implicitly accept by watching the movie.



That's a common misconception of unbelievers. The judgement that is coming soon is that of your soul during death. But the world itself is not going to end until there are Christians making it holy.



You're arguing with a Jew in denial, it's fruitless. This is his identity now, he has to live with his delusions and you can't help him.


let's go break into disney and steal the next star wars movie before release because our friend is terminally ill.



>could ask for a bottle of holy water

>actually thinks he's redpilled and anti jew

>literally talks about (((((((religion))))))) and holy water and shills it



File: 05f90db61522820⋯.jpg (44.71 KB, 624x300, 52:25, celebrity_pet_pig-624x300.jpg)


>(((atheism))) is the thinking man's faith, don't you guys like Rick and Morty? Why do you hate being smart and science?



>jews and christians believe in the same god, just go about it differently

<haha wow yup jews are totally different from me!!!



tell us about your superior beliefs



I don't care either way about a divine higher being.

Belief in a God, or disbelief, doesn't make me smarter, more moral or anything else.

If He's real, I live a good life, make those around me happy and leave some positive mark on my community, people and planet.

If He's not, I live a good life, make those around me happy and leave some positive mark on my community, people and planet.

inb4 some centrism memes because both side of this thread are fanatics to their beliefs



I spit out my drink you bastard


>be communist with nothing to lose

>could make a wish to BTFO DRUMPF IRL

>could instigate a Revolution™ and become a martyr to your comrades

>instead choose to self-indulge with an endless supply of soy milk at your side as you fade away into nothingness



Will he try to pirate it, what does he have to lose?



>this is what narcissists actually believe



I'd imagine he'd be frisked (he'd fucking offer) by security and made to sign NDAs with giant lawsuits that would hold his family culpable should he die.



>you're a narcissist if you don't blindly follow what i preach as the truth

Ever checked out a mirror?



>If He's real, I live a good life, make those around me happy and leave some positive mark on my community, people and planet.

And then you go to Hell because you didn't actually do anything positive for anybody and instead spent your whole life masturbating over how "good" you are on a Mongolian macaroni art sharing platform.


File: ebaad5a7755e03e⋯.jpg (247.5 KB, 800x800, 1:1, porky_and_commie_kitty.jpg)


We did it 8chan, we got our cynicism and rightious indignation, and moral outrage back!



I'm not the one that fags up every thread to bring up religion in the most non-sequitur ways imaginable in a misguided and pathetic attempt to appeal to my Lord.

That's the bigger waste of time, on par with televangelists.


>not a child, but a man


File: 9dd061c106ced0f⋯.jpg (807.95 KB, 1126x989, 1126:989, ▄█▀___█▬█___█___▀█▀.jpg)

I seriously thought for a second that it was a little kid and I thought it was nice for everyone to help the wee lad on his way out.

Then I saw he was 33 and got a little depressed that he's this old and the parting gift he'd be receiving was capeshit.

Then I laughed because he's a walking, talking, but soon not breathing, meme of a man.

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