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File: e8b20e3874ac687⋯.png (136.5 KB, 250x325, 10:13, ClipboardImage.png)


What's the best Alien film?



Did you get that poll from reddit?



Someone on 4chan asked me to post it here, so I did




That explains why Aliens, the worst film, is so high.


File: f3f1a65e8549450⋯.jpg (481.21 KB, 500x650, 10:13, Sigourney Weaver 1.jpg)

Both Alien & Aliens are certified kino



I voted for Aliens because I know it triggers you



But Aliens is literally better. Alien being better than Aliens is such a boring, po-faced old man opinion.



>being so contrarian you end up as the most basic NPC redditor out there


This is the case with immigration, anti-white shit and a bunch of other things too. Maybe you're just normie ZOGbots hiding behind seven layers of irony and you actually do have the same opinions as reddit and CNN.



Prometheus and Alien 3 are the best, 4channel newfag.



>Aliens has 141 votes

<Prometheus 6 votes



But Aliens is a boring and tedious film. It fails by it's own standards as an action film.



Prometheus was shit and you have to be a complete brainlet pleb to enjoy it.

Alien 3 is pretty kino, though. Still not as good as Alien



>But Aliens is a boring and tedious film. It fails by it's own standards as an action film.

"Boring" is not a valid argument, it only says what your mood was while watching.

What you find boring others can find riveting and vice versa.

Some people are immensely bored by a movie like Prometheus, some of them think it's pure kino.

Get better arguments


AvP hands down.



Its obviously Aliens, Alien is an aesthetically beautiful but empty film, while Aliens managed to flesh out its themes a lot better and is more intelligent in doing so.

I think David Cronenberg summed up Alien best:

>“It has no metaphysics, no philosophy,” he told Fangoria in 1979. “The creature winds up as a man in a crocodile suit who chases a bunch of people around a room. I think that my own films do a lot more in touching a deep seated nerve, more than the simple reaction that you don’t want a crocodile to eat you. Alien was just a $300,000 B-movie with a $10 million budget.”



2 and 1 in that order and the rest are trash


Cuckchan go home.


File: 669248bcc2956ed⋯.png (202.87 KB, 769x424, 769:424, LV-426-01.png)



>walking down dimly lit corridors for two hours

>slow expository dialogue with intermittent quips

>the only interesting shots are of Acheron's surface which they never explore

<lol dude why would you be bored!?

>Alien is an aesthetically beautiful but empty film, while Aliens managed to flesh out its themes a lot better and is more intelligent in doing so.

<Valuing anything above cinematography

<a five minute sub-plot about corporate amorality means it's "clever"

The minds of cameron dicksuckers laid bare



>I find it boring so it has to be, depsite hundreds of people not finding it boring

Based brainlet


>211 votes for Alien




<<Valuing anything above cinematography

cinematography is gay shit talentless hacks use to seem 2deep4u, its a sad compensation for shitty storytelling. Its there to complement and enhance storytelling. Direction, Script, editing and acting are all more important. It's on the next level down with music and art direction.



>It has no metaphysics, no philosophy

Really have to disagree with Cronenberg there. The movie exemplifies Lovecraftian horror; man alone before the uncaring vastness of space (if "space" would really exist, but that is another discussion). Should have left out the android stuff, though.





File: 91859ef116df847⋯.jpg (28.15 KB, 304x334, 152:167, 91859ef116df847bd082175fd4….jpg)





>I find it boring so it has to be, depsite hundreds of people not finding it boring

Well millions also find capeshit not boring so i'll think i'll just fucking ignore them actually. If you like watching people stumbling around in the dark for two hours then be my guess, but i've never watched Aliens since initial viewing.


>cinematography is gay shit talentless hacks use to seem 2deep4u, its a sad compensation for shitty storytelling.

oh no no no





Give me absolutely ONE reason why 'cinematography' is anything more complicated than keeping the subjects in frame and blocking them thematically. For all the intellectual bullshit talk people throw around, its painfully simple, and unless you are specifically trying to invoke paranoia amd mystery there is no reason to take it to Kubrick's level. Kubrick was great but his brand of visual occultism and symbolism is not 'cinematography' at large.


File: 4dc41e371dd168f⋯.png (414.34 KB, 556x617, 556:617, ClipboardImage.png)


>but i've never watched Aliens since initial viewing.

Explains why you are this much of a pleb.

Ridley Scott fags sure are insecure. Must be because their hack director made a forgettable movie and is still ruining the franchise to this day. Meanwhile the superior director who actually won an academy award made the better movie and Aliens is remembered as a science fiction masterpiece.



It's a reddit hackjob and fails at everything it sets out to do. No sequel has cheapened a series as much as Aliens did.



>No sequel has cheapened a series as much as Aliens did.

That's why it's the one people al;ways renember lmao

ridleysoys are pathetic



>The movie exemplifies Lovecraftian horror

Well, that certainly explains a lot..



>Kubrick was great but his brand of visual occultism and symbolism is not 'cinematography' at large.

Then why are you conflating the two despite me never mentioning Kubrick? Cameroncucks LMAO



Its a redditcore flick, just get over it. That's why it's loved and remembered by soys who hate Prometheus



literally only redditors hate Aliens, though. But keep coping



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ridley Scott's reboot of Prometheus and Bob was 10/10.




>inb4 "underage pls go"



>Well, that certainly explains a lot..

In what sense specifically?




liking or disliking things because of some other group opinion IS reddit.

If they like it, good for them

If they don't, well tough shit.

Why would anyone care about the opinion of reddit really?

What's next?

Caring about the opinion of women while you're at it?

Because that's what we're talking about at this point.


/tv/ would be improved greatly if Aliens fags were permabanned. I bet Robertsfag is an Aliens faggot.




I literally know/knew 3 faggots from high school and half a dozen from college that were Aliens fags. They'd quote the movie, it was one of those few movies they obsessed over. Literally every single one of those people would also use, and talk about in real world conversation, reddit. It's a quintessential reddit movie. Unlike other reddit movies like Back to the Future it can't even be separated from it's reddit fanbase because the movie itself is just a meme 80s action movie. The "practical effects" special effects are good but that's it. It doesn't have a lasting impact because it doesn't build atmosphere and it's just a compilation of 80's action clichés. Instead of being an iconic second episode to an Alien trilogy it set the series down the path of directors and writers doing whatever the fuck they wanted with each follow-up. Bishop was the only takeaway from that film and he unironically only had a lasting impact because of Alien 3 since the people involved in that film actually aspired to make an impactful film and not a cheap cashgrab. He was just another cliché character in Aliens.

Funnily enough those guys from high school and college never talked about Alien. I guess it didn't have the quotable lines or I guess it wasn't generic 'DUDE 80's' enough for them to care. Still, I bet if Alien came out in 1986 instead of 1979, even if it was the exact same film, it would have a bigger reputation with redditors just because of the number attached to it's name.


File: c5c94480b2fa2ed⋯.jpg (194.17 KB, 1853x772, 1853:772, a_cute.jpg)



File: 57714da646a096a⋯.jpg (30.63 KB, 686x468, 343:234, mainauxcutecheck.JPG)

>>1845977 (checked)



>using NPC







spotted the npc






soyboy beta cuck



you sound triggered. go seek shelter on your discord npc faggot.


File: 1452b17f336eac0⋯.mp4 (791.99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, PDP_Soy_Boy_Alert.mp4)



Faggot discord npc


File: f24fbd7e771d5c7⋯.webm (1.29 MB, 640x360, 16:9, wasitrape.webm)

Was it rape?



soyboy shithead


aut-right cuckists


File: 6643c6fa0ff5043⋯.mp4 (507.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 6643c6fa0ff5043c2a860b766d….mp4)









No, rape = power + privilege + penis. That poor oppressed space somalian was enriching the bigoted and hateful crew of the Nostromo.



subscribe to pewdipie



shithead newfag



Yes. I agree with this post. Pewdiepie is /ourguy/. Subscribe to his channel and donate to him. He is based and redpilled.



alt-left goon sperg


Pewdiepie is fucking med pussy every night. Some people need to cope.


This thread is starting to become good. I feel like it's worthy of a reply now.



Alt-right nigger kike



File: bf8f81bcc2b866e⋯.jpg (681.06 KB, 2310x3660, 77:122, emmawatsonleatherdressiii.jpg)

File: 9cb40111ff94f4f⋯.jpg (90.34 KB, 736x1156, 184:289, emmawatsonleatherdressii.jpg)

File: decc5240fef481d⋯.jpg (551.43 KB, 2310x3660, 77:122, emmawatsonleatherdressi.jpg)

File: f841eb02ae2300d⋯.jpg (351.7 KB, 2728x2728, 1:1, Emma-Watson.jpg)

File: 60e45ba7dc307b5⋯.jpg (104.94 KB, 736x1066, 368:533, 419f39a4085beeb8066978961d….jpg)


You got me! How did you know?



I'm in the process of reporting you for being zach right now


File: 1ddfb6f908bb265⋯.jpg (32.6 KB, 453x500, 453:500, 3f90aa30cd645f920305bdbc99….jpg)

Can we add this to the list of Zach's dumb contrarian opinions?

>Liking TLJ

>Liking all Emma Watson films even the complete bombs

>Liking Aquaman / DC capeshit

>Liking Aliens

Did I miss any?


File: d2ce17eeac1e5c5⋯.jpg (187.24 KB, 1812x772, 453:193, Mac.jpg)


Emma is smiling down upon me, soyboy. Can you say the same?



Does Zach even exist at this point? Or does he only exist in our minds since we talk about him so much?



I'm Zach



>the thing

and you're calling me the soyboy


File: b0708c86d87aadb⋯.png (128.7 KB, 332x332, 1:1, cheers.png)

>he still hasn't taken the 'alien was always shit and wouldn't have had the cult following if it weren't for the costume design' pill


>Zach likes Aliens and The Thing

can we ban those two movies now like we banned TLJ?



We never banned TLJ. We just shitpost at him every time he makes a stupid thread about it.



I've noticed a drastic decrease in accusations of zach being thrown around, and there haven't been many watson/tlj threads full of autistic meltdowns, so I think the actual hapa hasn't been posting as much lately.

Thank fuck, now if we can only drive the avatarfag attention whores out of the board.



Yes but we ban Zach based on whether anon is shilling TLJ or not. We should ban The Thing fags now too.


District 9 was a fucking great movie. My opinion take it or leave it.


How about we stop calling each other niggers - How about that?



>he doesn't like The Thing

>Zach doesn't like the The Thing

It really gets the ol' noggin' joggin' about who could be behind this post.



Zach likes The Thing and Aliens. Read the thread and try keep up next time :)



This should have been the prometheus movie instead of that interacial crap people paid to see.

Also, aliens was the best movie in the whole franchise. You cryfags can go cry more about it.

The only reason they even made alien was to make this incredible sequel.



Zach spotted trying to muddy the waters

Reported your ass, nigger.


>requiem above covenant and prometheus

da fuq




reported for falseflagging!


File: 7660bcb4d2eefbe⋯.jpg (111.34 KB, 1370x766, 685:383, blairii.JPG)


Reported for falsefagging!



Aliens: The Director's Cut, because it features Newt's mom threatening to spank her bare bottom.



but alien 3 actually has newt's bare loli chest



Not as good for me, although her chest is cute.



supposedly they showed her full nude in the original cut

with a fake dummy, though



>Source: My asshole



Liking Aliens is not contrarian, though. It's a normie as fuck opinion. Preferring Alien is the contrarian option


File: 4cfbad3fb4a1e00⋯.jpg (22.93 KB, 450x250, 9:5, Critters.jpg)


>makes OP about inferior extraterrestrial creature feature franchise.




It's always the same 5 cunts always repeating the same shit, like fucking robots made of flesh.


>avp:reqiuem is above anything

>avp:reqiuem is above Prometheus and Alien Covenant

>53 votes for avp:reqiuem



Guys If you want to ask me my opinion on the alien franchise I thought i already made it abundantly clear….you just have to ask instead of spreading lies.



You can post as many times as you want, there's no duplicate checker. Some guy must really like Requiem.



Well why the fuck did they do that


File: 3ce60b342e0a673⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 2600x1158, 1300:579, alien_info_.jpg)



Online ballots are always easily cheated, I guess it was just to level the playing field so that autists who didn't want to change VPN a hundred times and/or write a script to vote could spam their vote too.



You're not Zach, impostor.



You're not, Zach would insert nigger dicks into the infographic.



Weaver was never sexy, not even as a young girl.



>Some guy must really like Requiem.

I'm amused



This is some 10/10 bait


File: 0bccbfb2f3013aa⋯.jpg (67.8 KB, 1053x761, 1053:761, david_sees_david.JPG)

>There are people who never realized that David is the hero of Prometheus and Covenant

It's almost as if I've been posting in a thread full of plebs this whole time.



If people didn't get that after Covenant made it so blatantly and overtly clear then they should return to reddit because you'd have to be the most brainlet of plebs to not get it.



Zach made it so of course it is



File: c454cdbfda2fa29⋯.jpg (47.58 KB, 432x960, 9:20, bac18d3892ce895244a89cd5d2….jpg)

Prometheus is the best pleb filter out there.



I agree, only plebs would like it.



>no u

t. Pleb caught in the pleb filter


File: 9a9efd3e389fd5f⋯.jpg (219.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190203.jpg)

File: c7f2a1023f4edf4⋯.jpg (36.46 KB, 396x274, 198:137, 20190210.jpg)


Too bad Alien3 or more were NEVER EVER made.



Fincher really molested the boyhole of reddit with Alien 3. That's why it's such a great kino.



>Alien 1, the movie where nothing happens is the best one.




>Aliens is so boring and slow!

>Aliens is just a stupid loud action movie to please action loving idiots!

>Alien is superior because it takes it's time

I love Alien as a horror movie, and I love Aliens as an action/horror movie.

Blaming Aliens for being the downfall of the franchise is retarded though.

Aliens expanded the lore of the entire franchise more than any other film did.

Without the second movie 90% of the shit that comes to mind when you think about the franchise wouldn't even be in your head.

The blame falls squarely on 3 and how it was perceived by audiences.

They went back to the original sort of format and the film flopped, so they thought the best solution was to go back to a more outright action film.

But it's not Aliens fault that resurrection was a total camp fest.

If 3 was more compelling they wouldn't stick so fiercely to the format that worked so well and just crank out dumb action films with copy paste character motivations and personalities.



Alien, Aliens, Alien vs. Predator 1. That's it. Everything else is shit.


Only Alien³, Prometheus and Covenant are worthwhile, the first one was good but has aged badly. Everything else is plebfeed for redditors.


I want a xenomorph to tongue-fuck my ass



Its tongue is jus another mouth though, you're literally asking to get bitten in the ass.



>288 votes for Alien

>199 votes for Aliens

>180 votes for Alien 3

>122 votes for Alien Covenant

>53 for AVP:R

>35 for Prometheus

>11 for Resurrection

>7 for AVP

<288+199+180+122+53+35+11+7 = 895 users who voted.

</tv/ only has 662 users in the past 72 hours

<meaning 135% of the user base voted

Which one of you fuckers rigged it?



Everyone, and it was posted on cuckchan. You can vote however many times you want.


File: 4a277a45ffdb275⋯.gif (89.18 KB, 266x192, 133:96, 20199999.gif)


What you say?



>everything needs to tie back to reddit somehow

Does Reddit PR hire people to keep posting here?




Why did you count that?






>hack director.

>made Gladiator.

Chose one.



That was a bad one tho


Prometheusniggers BTFO



Prometheus is the most kino movie in the franchise and 100 times better or more than Aliens, also Watson is queen



Prometheus is the most forced meme on this board.



What if I told you I liked Prometheus originally in theaters before I knew what any actual societal opinion was on the movie and therefore way before the forced meme



I can't help with your pleb normalnigger taste but the fact remains that it gets pushed as some sort of secretly super smart big-brained-intellectuals-only movie here constantly.



Normalniggers were too brainlet for Prometheus and that's the whole reason Covenant was less kino and more retread even if the David parts were still 10/10. Arguing otherwise is dishonest, both intellectually and factually.



>some sort of secretly super smart big-brained-intellectuals-only movie

It kind of is, you're missing a lot of you're an uneducated pleb.



>It kind of is

By American Public School standards, perhaps, but Americans also think Inception is "smart".


File: a5fb9becf476644⋯.gif (242.65 KB, 200x150, 4:3, cute3.gif)


Based and redpilled

Plebs when watching Prometheus: wtf some characters are making decisions that end up getting them murdered in an Alien prequel R rated horror movie, how could this ever happen.

Patricians when watching Prometheus: I really like the human/alienoid dynamic and the mystical existentialism shown by both the god complex having android and the simple humans who just want to know the ultimate question "why?"



Stop making me like you, Zachy-chan, you will break my heart with nigger dick spam at some point.



By American standards it is. Prometheus is intelligent by pop culture standards.



I don't spam that, they pin it on me for a big shitpost. I would rather talk about kinography that is why I am here



Okay, agreed. Are people on /tv/ particularly fond of pop culture standards? Rick and Morty could also be called "intelligent by pop culture standards", mind.


File: b9f6c5f09d79822⋯.jpg (48.39 KB, 600x800, 3:4, e5357yt66t676w33r.jpg)


>Rick and Morty could also be called "intelligent by pop culture standards"

No, it can't and that's the point. Prometheus, much like the Star Wars prequels Alien 3 and some other big films while following the forms of big budget Kikewood flicks managed to somehow imbue into them qualities that were authentic and imprinted legit intelligent motifs and themes.

Prometheus makes references to the western canon, the Greeks specifically, and then Covenant Wagner and if you are slightly above brainlet you will notice them, but if you add some dozen more IQ points then the viewer will begin to notice how things come together to become more than the sum of its parts. Prometheus has things to say and it is poetic in a sense. It's more dense than many pretentious so called art films.



So are the rumors about you taking hormones and growing a big thick hapa butt also false?



I disagree. Completely. I won't press the point though because as I said, Prometheus being good is a forced meme. I refuse to help reinforce it by trying to argue with people who aren't intellectually honest in the first place.



This is like corporate marxists not wanting to argue about why replacing your population with niggers isn't a bad thing with "nazis" because it legitimise them.



Excuse my Tarkovsky posting "friend". I can defend Prometheus merely as a scifi film, a horror film, a blockbuster, a ridley scott film, what have you.

Noomi Rapace is good in it and it's directed very well with good aesthetics for almost the entirety. It's paced fairly well, has a good ost like alien covenant, and lovecraftian. There are tense and creepy moments inside the Prometheus ship, and inside the cave/structure they find. Ridley Scott just clicks with scifi (that isn't the martian), it's filmed with a nice air to it and filmed like a horror film for the second half.


File: de2c7e1e0865cce⋯.jpg (103.4 KB, 650x867, 650:867, 3636325.jpg)


It's no good being reasonable on /tv/, Zachy-chan. Exaggerating your opinion and using hyperbole is half the fun. Prometheus is either the worst movie ever made or a heaven sent piece of artistic genius rivalling the great works.

It also works as a negotiation tactic half the time, kind of scattershot, but when it works it works. So maybe Prometheus isn't high art but maybe it's a good horror film that stands out as very good in the genre? Maybe Alien 3 isn't a theological work but its use of Christian themes does give it a very unique flavour, doesn't it?

Furthermore you get to enrage the tards straight off reddit who actually does think the film is bad because they couldn't figure basic shit out and the film didn't entirely spell everything out completely.


File: 1a6a8ec763e090e⋯.png (222.82 KB, 496x496, 1:1, costanza.png)


Non-retards when watching Prometheus: holy shit this literally just At the Mountains of Madness but shoehorned into the Aliens franchise



There's a lot more going on, if you had a slightly higher IQ and didn't go to a public schoon you could see that.


>emma watson


and I was about to read this



>There's a lot more going on

There's not.



Okay, let's btfo your stupid argument. Where was the David equivalent in At the Mountains of Madness? How about Weyland? Shaw? While some of the premise is similar the film is quite different.



>Where was the David equivalent

The ins and outs of David's character aren't important in Prometheus. Covenant focuses on David's person, but taking Prometheus as its own story David's only significance is that he's an android, which is just part of the shoehorn into the Aliens franchise.


Again, just part of the shoehorn.


Literally anyone because she's a very generic, personalityless character.

>some of the premise is similar

Nigga the plot is almost a 1-for-1 ripoff. Move the mountains from Antarctica to space and move the encounter with the creator race from near the beginning of the story to near the end and and there is no substantial difference.



>The ins and outs of David's character aren't important in Prometheus. Covenant focuses on David's person, but taking Prometheus as its own story David's only significance is that he's an android, which is just part of the shoehorn into the Aliens franchise.

I really hope you're just pretending to be retarded. David was essential to the film.

>Literally anyone because she's a very generic, personalityless character.

Did you even watch the film? Holy shit, you best be pretending you're dumb.



Nobody was essential to the film. It was all focused on the DEEPEST LORE and the survival horror.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The brainlet is strong in this one.



Imagine unironically finding generic nihilist trash like this to be mind-blowingly deep.



If you think it was nihilist everything went above your head. And I never said I found it mind blowing, although if you ever figure it out it might seem that way to you.



>90 minutes of stolen plot points and gore porn

<but the writers took five minutes to say "oy vey goyim you don't exist for any reason at all you're basically filthy vermin" therefore it's high IQ and deep

>don't call it nihilist though



>the film is about finding meaning

>makes a point about it by involving an artifical man

>features a scorned and angry creator

>protag keeps faith despite adversity

<brainlet misses the point and think the film is trying to make some Pickle Rick tier statement



not really, test audiences were throwing up


If Xenomorphs were created by an earth android fucking around with an alien engineered virus, aren't they just collaborated intergalactic bioweapons and not an actual alien species?


glad that everyone voted Alien, there's no other choice



David didn't create them, he just copied a Promethean design


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Reminder that this is canon.


the one where I have a cute alien gf and I fuck her everyday and cuddle a lot


Also Alien is the best film since it deemphazises the character of Ripley the most. Aliens was a film in celebration of the Strong Female Protagonist and as such was cucked as hell. Alien 3 and Ressurection make Ripley into a mythological being. AvP film was fun but stupid. Never watched the sequel. Prometheus was visually stunning but storywise I found it boring. Never watched Covenent but the idea that the faggot robot ended Engineer civilization is offensive until you see the hidden subtext that the faggot robot represents the kikes then it becomes volkino



Fucking classic.


File: d5e6459f4d2d71e⋯.jpg (275.63 KB, 1200x805, 240:161, xenomorph-dickhead.jpg)

>All this hulabaloo over a sci-fi horror franchise that all started as an allegory for men getting raped.



Is there any horror worse than being equated to a woman?



Shit, argument seems pretty airtight


Best aliens and AvP novels/comics?


File: 12a65c3c338f276⋯.jpg (74.63 KB, 620x338, 310:169, avpspace.jpg)


The Chinese one is a masterpiece.


>alien and alien 3 are the top two

all is right with the world



>terminator flying a spaceship



>Also Alien is the best film since it deemphazises the character of Ripley the most.

Libtards "conveniently" tend to forget that the role was never meant to go to a woman.


File: 083d453abc07785⋯.png (4.54 MB, 1268x1600, 317:400, Deacon_sculptingIMG_8737.png)

This is the best alien design.




Right, so you've still yet to make any actual argument or criticism. Getting pretty pitiful at this point. Do you actually know how to explain the faults of something or are you only capable of "it bad me no like"?



>Alien was just a $300,000 B-movie with a $10 million budget.”

That has to be one of the most retarded statements I've ever heard. This shit is on the same level as "MGS is deep".


Alien 3 master race 👽 has won


File: 77173b658d309be⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 3600x1520, 45:19, кинематография.jpg)


It's the best of the bunch by far.



Oops, meant for >>1860262


File: 9d6e5d2547f603b⋯.jpg (10.39 KB, 300x200, 3:2, 9d6e5d2547f603b4022fcbd34d….jpg)

>alien 3 winning


>more than 100% of the board voted

>Alien 3 winning



File: 06304099887b4ff⋯.png (781.03 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Daisy Ridley (4).png)


The Force Awakens


So are there people that actually like Prometheus, or is that just shitposting?


It was a trainwreck of an origin story



I like it.



Uppity motherfucker, how dare you like something I hold less than positive opinions towards.


File: 5105902f14a738f⋯.jpg (258.67 KB, 960x960, 1:1, MsJvEY5.jpg)


Superficially, its not what I wished for. I wanted the see a proper larger univese in Alien.

But I feel like I haven't given it a proper watch, marathoning the whole series in order to properly catch the nuances. So I just don't know how I feel about it.



The intro alone was kino.


I can never get past the ill defined motivations of the Engineers, or new origin for the xenomorphs.



>can never get past the ill defined motivations of the Engineers

Watch the complete Prometheus & Bob tapes, you'll understand.

>or new origin for the xenomorphs.

The creation of man creating a bioweapon to wreak havoc upon his creators was a pretty good motif tbh.




I liked it when Xenomorphs were an actual alien species, not some gay-ass allegory about creators and creations killing eachother.



>were an actual alien species

They were always biomechanical and the derelict being loaded with eggs did imply that it was going to do something with them.



Insects are biomechanical looking too, it doesn't mean they were spawned from some bastardized science experiment.


File: f044a80ef26b735⋯.jpg (11.55 KB, 320x320, 1:1, shhhh.jpg)



The idea that as biology progresses it looks more and more mechanical was very interesting, and taken behind the barn and shot in the head.



Seeing as how they were found in a space ship it'd be stupid if they weren't bio-engineered but rather just some angry space bugs a gang of ay llmao elephants fighting an interstellar war picked up at some point or whatever the comic book canon was before Ridley made his prequelkino.



>Robot wants to create "perfect" lifeform

>Ends up making bio-mechanical monstrosity whose sole purpose is to kill all other organic creatures around it

Make ya think, but not really


File: 65dd8e92d2b8e62⋯.jpg (17.78 KB, 450x303, 150:101, 5263141.jpg)


Here's how I would like it to be:

>corporations realize that we need to pick up the pace and be capable to defend ourselves from creatures such as the aliens, or even potentially even more advanced races out there

>they organize two fronts, one that researches how to weaponize the xenos (against themselves and against whoever the corporations want), and one that follows the trail of the other xeno species in hopes of acquiring more technology to protect themselves from aliens in case they come to earth somehow (perhaps even competing corps)

>the second group finds an endless graveyard of majestic, but completely destroyed alien worlds, beyond our capacity to even comprehend, manage to use some of the technology to merely survive the exploration itself

>the only thing alive ever found is more and more xenos, everyone was killed by them

>its hinted that xenos came to be from those species being obsessed about making the universe as safe as it can be, and using automated defenses that entered in a loop with native species all over the universe and forced a fast evolution that eventually found its perfect form and extinguished life wherever it was found



As in, Aliens evolved to survive against automated machines, and that is why they kinda look like machines.



Sounds like a Star Trek plot tbh.


File: 6550d9f17c0e8d9⋯.jpg (57.17 KB, 590x330, 59:33, download (63).jpg)


Well, it could be pulled off. The Machine Life X Biological Life is clearly the theme of the movies, which was lost.


So are engineers the only naturally occuring species in the franchise now, or did someone birth them in a test tube aswell?


>ALIEN³ above Alien and aliens

As it should be.


Find out in the next sequel!



We still don't know where predators come from.



it's good, i just wish it wasn't such an obvious prequel to the original film that we were told is not a direct prequel.


predators are a separate species that helped the engineers to make xenomorphs so they could hunt early age humans for sport

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