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File: 86c2c4fe328d034⋯.png (81.02 KB, 400x306, 200:153, title.png)


What if dup btfo is a Pokemon and he's actually been trying to communicate well thought out posts this entire time?


Trumpy, I choose you!


File: 99cb0cf739e4a08⋯.png (175.92 KB, 610x343, 610:343, ClipboardImage.png)

Been out there for a while



dup btfo



Don't worry little buddy. We'll find a sun stone so you can evolve soon enough.



dup btfo

dup DUP


File: e1f334c4f6e7f30⋯.png (1.91 KB, 55x90, 11:18, 1467167697307.png)



DUP dup tbh dup



So what is this, a more retarded Badoof?



That is an Alolan (Sun & Moon) pokemon. A predator who slinks around in the grass and "btfos" prey with their dangerous teeth, those prey probably being mostly rodents. They are called "Yungoos" (depicted on the right) and "Gumshoos" (on the left). Yungoos evolves into Gumshoos. They are dissimilar to Bidoof who are likely prey species (and being that they are rodents, they are in the same class as the prey of Gumshoos).


File: 48482f160cc0e36⋯.jpg (583.64 KB, 1536x770, 768:385, Angry-Schummer.jpg)



Dupposter BTFO


Are the variations actually his evolutions?

Like dup btfo evolved into hapadup btfo by being leveled up near Emma Watson while she was being railed by Harv?



Those two sucked tbh, I was disappointed.



Is baron dup dup's first stage?


File: aa5dd0df9507b28⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 10.11 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, pokedup.mp4)


is gahoole a pokemanz?



What would his types be? Fighting and Steel?



fairy type kekekeke



>implying Zach wouldn't be the Fairy-type

Fairy and Bug, at that.



fairy and tard type

petition to make psydup one of the new starter pokemanz


File: 73a4062a8e6899f⋯.jpg (96.85 KB, 752x379, 752:379, dup.jpg)


File: bce8747844f14cd⋯.png (127.98 KB, 794x800, 397:400, 2735-Shiny-Gumshoos.png)

File: d028c0cdb2728d9⋯.png (32.53 KB, 300x202, 150:101, 2734-Shiny-Yungoos.png)


File: cadcb22337ffb10⋯.png (74.98 KB, 282x300, 47:50, image.png)

File: 8b1c8f0dea70e45⋯.png (63.19 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 250px-272Ludicolo.png)


where can i find sprite maps like the background in your posted pic?


File: 7c3a262393d955c⋯.png (2.59 MB, 6527x6400, 6527:6400, labeled_map_of_kanto_by_ry….png)


I don't remember where I got it from, but I just cropped and enlarged a piece from this.



I bet the kind of virgin that can name all these bing wahoo names cant name four proud african nations 😤😤



>proud african nations

there are none



damn son. that's a large map of pure autism.

does it come with a drop rate calculator too?

RNG manipulation data too?



That's the same map of the pokemon world that were in the original Gen 1 gameboy pokemon games, red,blue and yellow. Hsve they not change the map at all in the newer games since then?


File: 5ed39b7a1c8c853⋯.mp4 (8.19 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Comp 1_1.mp4)


maybe it was from a remake of one of the old ones?

i haven't played a pokemanz since GBC days so idk.



Ah ok, last one i played was fire red, a remake of the original and that was years ago. Gen 1 the best and only worthwhile Generation. 150 pokemon, simple number.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


wasn't it technically 151?

i'm not a yuge fan but i liked playing the old ones, but then discovered games like monster rancher (you could "birth" a new monster with ANY CD!) and of course when i discovered SMT series, that kinda took over as my monster collecting game.



I imagine him as a psychic-fighting pig type.



Why Psychic?



Is that actual unironic OC?



based off of >>1855321

but sure if you consider it that.

just something to slap together in a minute.



This might've been the first non garbage OC we've had in half a year. Congratulations!



Why was that post deleted?

He wasn't even saying anything particularly shitty.



Probably one of the homo vols running amok again.



was that other guys idea tho. i take no credit.



Got a psyduck slowbro kinda thing going for him.



I'm looking around the board and a lot of other posts seem to have been deleted, but not all of the anti-dup ones, so maybe it was zach.



<Dup used barrier.

<s.s..somehow it's super effective!



>Got a psydup slowbro kinda thing going for him



damn right it was super effective



Too bad my Dup hasn't leveled quite enough to learn barrier yet.



is pokemans still really popular in NA? or is it just nostalgiafags and aspies who gotta collect em all?



Just like dup's presidency



Pokemon is still one of the most popular franchises on the planet, it's probably Nintendo's last guaranteed moneymaker that isn't Smash, Zelda, or Mario games at this point.



i was more referring to the tv show, you know, the basis for the whole marketing/product line.

im aware of the shitty CG/live action movie but i thought the show/movies wasnt popular anymore. just the games keeping it alive.

even though each new game is basically the same thing as the previous. oh and im also aware of the meme that was poke mangos



Like spongebob and many other things. I don't think it's really cool with kids now. Even though the cool kids wouldn't be seen playing it even then. I remember it in it's heyday.

>Doing regular kids things at recess. Picking teams for flag football.

>The teams have been dwindling, some strange fever has slowly taken over the children.

>It began with the most obvous autists at first. They began standing by where the first graders play.

>Their feet not moving. Hands flailing and loud hoots of excitement emenating from thier mouths.

>Finally there were less than three left.

>Where's Brian? We don't even have enough left for two v two!

>He's, he's… trading Pokemon cards!



I think kids, even manchildren still watch the anime. A few years ago they got all uppity because Ash lost another pokemon league, the Kalos region one, from X/Y games.



i was a yuge fan of spongebob when it first came out and was pretty open about loving it but everyone looked at me like i was tarded. even the aspie autismos in my nerd herd treated me differently.


i worked for an electronics retailer for 10 years in a large urban city and can speak from personal experience, calling preorders and selling the games, that manchildren are the core audience.



oh and the pokedup was OC i guess too. and a few other things i've made explicitly for posting on /tv/


will make shitty OC for $



Now that's funny. Has he ever won a league or even battled Gary? wtf was that shows problem? Ash never beat anyone but Jesse and James. Everything else is muh power of Pokemon love.


It was really popular with certain kids in my middle school. Mostly stoners and jokers. Like everything else though. Most kids just didn't want to admit it.



>im aware of the shitty CG/live action movie but i thought the show/movies wasnt popular anymore

The show and the movies haven't been terribly popular since Mewtwo Strikes Back.

That movie was ridiculously hyped to shit, then whatever movie that came afterward premiered it flew completely under the radar, and the show just became even more of a toy commercial than it already was after the Gold/Silver counterpart started airing.



i think if you had a big brother that played the old ones and let you try em out then you grew up grabbing the games and such. kinda like by proxy or whatever. for lack of a better term.

and then a group of friends gets into it because it has a multiplayer aspect to it.


yeah i remember mewtwo being a big hyped movie back in the day and then pokemon kinda seemed to take a back seat in NA, at least.

i will admit i do watch max unbox/unpack pokemon stuff. mainly because i like his style/editing/etc.



He beat Gary in the Johto league. For some reason he never wins the pokemon league, probably because that's one way to keep the show going on since if he wins it could be seen as a proper end to his journey or something and then the anime would be over or so.


File: fe14fa2faebb583⋯.jpg (129.94 KB, 937x900, 937:900, 5d231c3359e1d82413720fe1e4….jpg)

Dup bent the fuck over the porkyman? You don't say.



Have you been living under a fucking rock? Do you not remember Pokemon Go and how fucking popular that was? The convention they had in the U.S. where it was mostly men aged some 30+ thousands of them, and they couldn't get promised wifi at the event so they all started throwing plastic bottles at the stage. It was hilarious how pathetic it all was.


>reddit spacing

You need to go back.



firstly, i posted about poke mangos and i was friends with someone who was in international news about poke mangos.

and secondly. i just put spaces in my writing. not reddit spacing. i dont reddit or cuckchan or any of that. so you need to go back faggot


File: 3cae618a05c0bc4⋯.png (717.91 KB, 844x633, 4:3, 3cae618a05c0bc4960cdd9b8b1….png)


>every single pixel of the entire overworlds of RPGs you played as a kid can be fit on single .png files

where has time gone



in all fairness it is a pretty large png file


File: 236f8784b9e40e6⋯.png (423.72 KB, 664x578, 332:289, ClipboardImage.png)

>Only half the people in America like him

>He is content with that

dup btfo






A good thread? On MY /tv/?

At least it's off topic


File: 6893c04b46d9393⋯.jpg (47.25 KB, 516x526, 258:263, le funny banana.jpg)


>Promise Made, Promise Kept




The 50% who dont support him are leftists and shitskins, they don't count as human



Count as voters


File: c5cd7883fc768a0⋯.gif (2.24 MB, 500x277, 500:277, giphy (12).gif)





50% is actually pretty high compared to what the polls said about Bush.

But Bush got elected a second time, so who knows how much of tha twas lires and how much of it was people too lazy or unmotivated to go out and vote.

He's a zionist stooge regardless, just like whoever is going to be running against him next time



>Promises made

>Promises kept

Which "promises" has he kept? Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem is the only one I can think of.


File: 27dde3db2365aa4⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1050x1849, 1050:1849, urs40qefl8bz.png)


As opposed to



The fuck is that image quality?

>Can't save racial purity

>Can't even save images

Is there anything leftycucks do other than be the butt of jokes?

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