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File: 32cbe3b200e6f98⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1459x1065, 1459:1065, nigger.png)


>Told this movie is kino

>Obnoxious nigger making nigger face in the film for nigger quota

>physics defying flyin car that hardly has a scratch despite crashing

>flying car that crashes from some electric shock (because lightning doesnt exist)

>flies, talks, acts normal then lul bleeding to death

>replicant uprising leading nowhere

>doesn't have tenth the depth of the previous film

Thanks for tricking me into wasting two and a half hours faggots


It was enjoyable for a modern film. The only good parts were with JOI and K, though. Obviously inferior to the original, but it still had some decent aesthetics.



It's not a film for pleb plotfags, that's for sure.



>No plot

>No setting

>No acting

So who is it for then?






>nigger in the movie

>still watch it

the only trick being played here is YOU.



Dishonest audiences.



This is a dishonest post.



>physics defying flyin car that hardly has a scratch despite crashing

flying cars were in the first film too.



Did it crash land and have no damage to itself or its passenger?



I spot with my little eye a fellow fan of the Plinkett reviews, epic!



Remember anon, suicide is always an option. Do your poor parents a favor for once in your pathetic life.



Must've hit very close to home tbh. I bet you unironically watch e-celebs tell you kinos suck because of brainlet reasons.



Less shitposting, more killing yourself and doing everyone a favor.



should‘ve watched the replicant cut



Actually went looking for a director's cut thinking it'd be the original bladerunner all over again


I dont remember this nigger at all. Only the i am the captain now guy who was there for a short scene



Me neither. Maybe he got the cuck cut?



Can't remember any nigger, too. Seems my brain is auto filtering them. I'm growing stronger.


File: 22f8f67112c4aae⋯.jpg (28.31 KB, 568x540, 142:135, 705b6eb0170e4762ccc367fb75….jpg)


Those are some pretty strong trips.


That's what you get retard



Joi was nice, until I found out she sucks nigger cock.


File: e2ba16d80c46f3f⋯.jpg (129 KB, 1159x1200, 1159:1200, DahDiNAUwAA5kQg.jpg)


JOI is a liberalist, she doesn't see color, just sucks cock. She isn't white either.

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