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File: 0b66362d04fa06d⋯.jpg (173.82 KB, 628x893, 628:893, girl-film-da-vedere-2018.jpg)

File: a4752825bccb728⋯.jpg (57.48 KB, 800x449, 800:449, girl006_wide-9527d204111df….jpg)

File: b3a8d565d34752c⋯.jpg (44.43 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 7ba8db74baf642d3b12dee24d1….jpg)

File: bdb1b95d29e4669⋯.jpg (124.13 KB, 1150x646, 575:323, p3.jpg)

File: ab6d698c1b69791⋯.jpg (46.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 697545402_1280x720.jpg)


>The movie follows a transgender girl training to become a ballerina, and wowed at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, scooping up the highly prestigious Camera d’Or for best feature and was later picked up by the streaming giant Netflix. Director Lukas Dhont made the decision to include nude scenes throughout. “We could not avoid the real conflicts of the film and the real conflicts were the body in its totality,” he said. Because Polster was only 14 years old, his parents had to agree to it. “I think we had talked about it so much, it was so clear to us why we were doing it, it was a very easy thing,” he says of filming the scenes. “We protected Victor as much as we could by not having a total shot of him, you can never see his face and his lower body in the same shot.”

>After Netflix picked up the movie, they had pushed director Lukas Dhont to edit out controversial scenes that show Victor Polster, who was just 14-years-old at the time of filming, naked. However, in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter, Lukas revealed that plans to censorship have been axed, saying : ‘Regarding reports made this week in the Belgian media, we as filmmakers had some internal conversations with Netflix in which we ‘We were given the option to be able to edit the film, and it always was a dialogue in which the filmmakers had the strongest say.’ He added: ‘The version of Girl that will be shown on Netflix will be the same version that premiered in Cannes, and in theatres in Belgium and other parts of the world.’




There's no slippery slope, they said. Accepting LGBT mental illness wouldn't lead to pedophilia acceptance, they said.


Get punched, /pol/



That nigga is clearly a 34 yo female trying to pass as a 'male'


File: a5d4cb303a1bb83⋯.jpg (207.11 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, image-original.jpg)


>Victor Polster

It's a boy.


File: 0d003e2bf647daf⋯.png (111.5 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1549879510813.png)







This is just the beginning. They'll move on to girls, and even younger.


File: ffb81e89311c835⋯.gif (915.28 KB, 245x285, 49:57, 398754238367.gif)


uh huh, sure.


>We just want to marry and enjoy the same legal rights (despite the fact that they already had access to it)




Nazi Nazi go away get punced every day



File: 6f26f26dc26e7d1⋯.gif (992.12 KB, 389x259, 389:259, laughingricky.gif)

>His name is Victor /pol/ster





Don't worry, I'm sure someone will post a reminder of your BO sucking off Zerosugar /leftypol/


this isn't great or "brave". it's frankly disturbing. we're seeing someone with a mental illness who doesn't even identify with their own body while liberals encourage them on, even making CP because of their sick sexual fetish activism.


Welcome to Weimar.


File: 64c19ae7f381d67⋯.jpg (82.22 KB, 796x432, 199:108, maladolescenza.jpg)


>le first film with X ever OMG


1 in 8 euro movies have naked (or at least sexualized) chilrdren in them.

Being sponsored by cuckflix is only the cherry on top.



that's a euro movie, degenerate as fuck.

no surprises there.



That was in the fucking 70's numbnuts



There are lots of modern euro movies like that.



No, there aren't. They still do sexualize children, but nothing as graphic as before.

Certainly better resolution though.



How many pedo " movies " netflix have did?


File: f85525f3384de5a⋯.png (24.99 KB, 122x98, 61:49, Gen1_Terrorist_Icons.png)

What kind of sick society allows this?



There's Desire, which opens with a little girl masturbating.

And then there's Big Mouth.

Anything else?



Dark had a teenage sex scene, but the actress was 19 or something.



Fuck netflix…



>Dark had a teenage sex scene, but the actress was underage or something.


but what?


File: f48308eb7e536f2⋯.jpg (223.13 KB, 500x830, 50:83, 1447459752747.jpg)

Lewd! torrented



Only in a sick, jewified society is something so morally abhorrent possible.



I think it's undeniable that Hollywood is trying to sissfy White men.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 0d386654b1b5d3a⋯.jpg (54.53 KB, 957x621, 319:207, 1496883538483.jpg)


Proof that anime makes you gay and contributes to the white genocide.



I'm going to genocide your white boi pussy


File: 1779ce682189cf8⋯.gif (22.53 KB, 225x300, 3:4, Antilolzturtle.gif)


>implying that Anon is white

>implying you have a dick



>pedos are better than /pol/

The state of degeneracy in cy



I think it's undeniable that Hollywood must burn.


File: 8d951f1a9c8d9d1⋯.png (228.25 KB, 590x387, 590:387, PnscTK0.png)


No wey.


You can see a 14-year-old mutilated dick before you can a real vagina. That pretty much describes Netflix at the moment.



>Netflix approves film containing full-frontal nudity of 14-year-old


>crossdressing male



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


For what fucking purpose







Ending whites.


File: e13ac0d5a1cd4a1⋯.png (506.44 KB, 480x720, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

The magic number that puritan christcuckservatives defined as the Rite of passage spliting kids form adults is meaningless.

The real shit is the boy cutting of this sausage wanting to be a girl.


File: 2e453d1476eddef⋯.jpg (80.26 KB, 1052x650, 526:325, 1549826141853.jpg)


>this spook bad

<my spook good

thanks for the input brainlet



>leftypol sees no problem with corporations promoting men, who should be strong revolutionaries, being turned into passive women



Trannypol love big corps and estrogen poisonings.


File: e4e53569bacc771⋯.jpg (110.58 KB, 640x640, 1:1, DgylJU5VMAI-CCH.jpg)


They seem to be under the illusion this will stop once the whites are dealt with. But there are already lesbian and gay muslim characters being inserted in the movies and TV of islamic countries, to the uproar of the fundamentalists.



Whites are the only ones with the DNA tainted with stocohm syndrom and suicidal autruism.


File: cadfdf51d71fbf9⋯.jpg (36.57 KB, 448x271, 448:271, kurdish-women-fighters.jpg)


>women are passive

<says a cuck who would piss himself if faced with a violent muslim sandnigger while kurd women do it daily and have shit on them so hard they are terrified of being killed by them now

how does it feel being such an emasculated LARPing rightsoy?



It's almost entirely cultural, but the empathic and altruistic and so on genetic profile of Europeans are being exploited, sure. However, the jew will simply find another vector to pozz other races. Soros for example did specifically target Christians in South America and sent money to promote homosexuality. Niggers are already living in a degenerate culture entirely constructed by their jewish masters and not even a subverted old one like Europeans do. The Chinese will get toppled through their greed and it's already casing their culture to degenerate. Rich Saudi kids and goat farmers happily die for Israel through using their religion against them.



>Complains about larping

>Posts a pr stunt

Shiggy my niggy


>transgender girl

What does that even mean? He's a dude rping a girl, you don't "transgenre", there's no transition from one sex to another you stupid fuck. You don't become an helicopter just because some surgeon stuck a rotor up your ass.



Muslims and Pajeets already have transsexuals in their culture, my friend.



That's your own projection. I said they are being turned into passive women, not that women are necessarily passive. They have their way of contributing and fighting for the tribe, usually through breeding.



Yeah, muslims are already pederasts in favor of cutting off boydick.


File: 474cf48652c25d0⋯.png (635.76 KB, 720x792, 10:11, IMG_20190211_150943.png)


Reminds me of pic related.

>Hollywood, some future year.



You'll be arrested for this kind of thought crime within the next 10 years.

Why did we let the bad guys win bros?



god isn't real sweetie and your impototent rvenge fantasy will never come true :)

If you think about it christcucks were the first edgelord fedorians

<be virgin christcuck who gets bullied by chads who have sex all day

<y-you're g-gonna be s-sorry one day fuckers just you wait….

<write an entire autistic fanfic about how they got epic BTFO'd by magic nukes from god




There was a great struggle just about a hundred years ago. Many of our greatest men perished in it.



Wew, Dawkins, you sure btfo'd Godup there.


As soon as this goes up in your country mass report netflix for cp. contact all the media and news outlets you can. Turn it into a huge shit storm and you will tank their stock if not get them banned in your country



The autism of this post.



>contact all the media and news outlets you can

They're all literally jew owned over here and approve of pedo shit if it's goyim boys.



>yuropoor movies are all degenerate! degenerates!

<netflix is based in america

you and OP are trappilled


>oh what degenerates!

said the lardass nazi LARPer as he continued to masturbate


File: 04454f7df207e4d⋯.png (165.21 KB, 296x382, 148:191, ClipboardImage.png)


Viva la raza



>14 year old tranny getting flashed by some old pervert isn't degenerate

this is your mind on judaism



>le times are different now

Eat shit.



>doesn't deny it




prove me wrong, faggot



I know you are still a virgin, but most 13-15 year olds have sex or secual experiences. Guarding them like sex is somehow bad is the repression that led to your supremicist beliefs.



t. Muhammed while raping a 12 year old anglo girl


File: 8e8c074eff4dd10⋯.jpg (39.87 KB, 452x348, 113:87, I'LL MAKE THE SECRAFISE.jpg)




He looks fucking terrible. Couldn't they have taken a better looking kid?


File: c5e22646253be31⋯.jpg (31.68 KB, 275x274, 275:274, 1427941778876.jpg)


>he wants the degenerate to be good looking

>he thinks a degenerate could be good looking


File: 42ca6d3b02d2a6b⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 4180x2497, 380:227, 42ca6d3b02d2a6b385787f28cb….jpg)


There a plenty of traps that look good


File: 5dd12b6c8d91539⋯.jpg (23.54 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 3bb5e2fb42318e44a8bd7d3be7….jpg)




File: 79c492e48b4c0be⋯.png (108.12 KB, 640x320, 2:1, mbt4jcc5y6f21 (1).png)






Very gay


File: 77e87afecd67e22⋯.jpg (124.55 KB, 640x480, 4:3, trapping-782.jpg)




[stock virtue signalling post about trannies]



you only like those mentally ills because you are afraid of the hardships of taking a functional female and make a woman out of her



The best virtue signalling is kicking their asses tbh.



> but most 13-15 year olds have sex or secual experiences

Kids having young sexual experiences with each other is different than being filmed naked by creepy old white men for the whole world to see.

But of course you don't see that because you're a degenerate piece of eurotrash.


File: 967674ff03afb72⋯.jpg (20.95 KB, 487x342, 487:342, preconceito.jpg)


>sex is less degenerate than nudity

THIS so much this.



>you only like a thing because you're afraid of a thing

You only like making terrible posts because you're afraid of making amazing ones.






Hmm, which Muslim countries? I'm trying to think of one which would tolerate it.




they don't allow gays so they give them option. death or trannydom. the quran has no statements on sex change operations and the imams seem to like boi bucci a lot anyways, so might as well add another hole.


File: 3d61bfb4460e3e5⋯.jpg (192.47 KB, 750x828, 125:138, 1431666156098.jpg)


Cuckywood strikes back.



Are whites so easily destroyed that simply producing a bunch of movies about becoming a girl will cause them all to chop their peepees off and go extinct?

It can't be that easy can it?



But this is seriously jumping the shark for Netflix. I think female ghostbusters proved that making feature length movies to BTFO Dup doesn't work.



>Netflix promotes a movie featuring a naked 14-year-old tranny, full frontal

I didn't realize the pedophilia push was on this early.


File: 1fbd4a94e303476⋯.jpg (198.64 KB, 685x684, 685:684, trannies.jpg)

>movie is named Girl

>it's about a boy

The Patriarchy strikes again.



At this rate we'll be a literal nazi state less than 10 years…

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