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File: 500dfa5d192f41b⋯.png (2.1 MB, 2475x1393, 2475:1393, ClipboardImage.png)


>trying to enjoy the film but it's sunday and you have work in the morning


So glad I've never known this feeling and never will.



>watching a movie on a Sunday night

Read the Bible, fag.


Wagies make me laugh

t. Former wagecuck


File: 95ed7c16b50d6a3⋯.png (282.21 KB, 642x543, 214:181, taxi.png)


You need to find a job for real men.


I've been a NEET for so long that I kind of wish that I knew that feel, OP.



I've been a neet who experimented with wagecuckery, believe me you're not missing out on anything.


I told myself when I became NEET that I would focus on self-improvement and become an ubermench but instead every day I mindlessly browse the same imageboards, mindlessly watch and rewatch the same tv shows, and mindlessly play and replay the same videogames. Life feels more like a dream than reality. I don't think I'd care if I died tomorrow. What went wrong?



I'm less healthy than I've ever been in my life, tbh. And I have all the free time in the world. It's the worst feeling knowing you have no excuse not to exercise or improve yourself, and yet still being a slug.



Same story here except I don't play video games.



>What went wrong?

Probably becoming a NEET and keeping those shit habits like constantly browsing imageboards, watching and playing tv and games. All distractions which are keeping you away from your real goal. Leaving you with no drive to properly put yourself to becoming the ubermench you want to become. Anyway I'm kinda in the same boat, though for a period I actually did put in a good effort to improve myself by getting /fit/, nofap etc but I grew to lose motivation and completely fell off the wagon. Recently however I try to get back but I still lack motivation so I only do things like go to the gym here and there, not good enough but I suppose I was worse off a few months ago.




I've found that even with free time we have been conditioned to be slothful, so in essence we don't have any "leisure" time to improve ourselves, we are stuck in a loop of decay and depression and cannot mentally break free from it. It's almost like we need a reason to get up (not even in the morning for some fellow NEETs) and out of bed or else we will do virtually nothing productive.

To be fair, it does seem like society doesn't need or want us, we are the surplus men the industrial age made way for, there are enough resources to keep us alive without being a part of society, yet we may as well be comatose or better yet, dead as far as society is concerned. This gives us certain social advantages such as not needing to conform to anything or virtue signal, we are able to filter out the propaganda that the goyim aren't able or willing to, we sit on the sidelines as see how the rest of the world is blind to it's inevitable demise because frankly, we aren't bothered to give a hand out to a world that rejects newcomers.



i jerk off way too much


if you fags just decided to go for a fucking run, or just move… dance in your home and just get some exercise.. you have no idea how it changes your mindset. Especially you neets who are stuck in the repetitive motion.

mind you, i'm a fat fuck wagie myself


watch it on saturday then.



>you fags just decided to go for a fucking run, or just move… dance in your home and just get some exercise.. you have no idea how it changes your mindset. Especially you neets who are stuck in the repetitive motion.

Boomer-tier post. I can tell you firsthand that is a crock of shit.


>tfw neet and loving it

>tfw its ending soon



Same situation here, fuck this life I WANT TO BE A BEEFY MOTHERFUCKER WITH COOL SKILLS



>we may as well be comatose or better yet, dead

Comatose is better for the jews, it has higher maintenance costs than a patch of soil in your local graveyard.


File: 37a1833d156586c⋯.gif (6.67 MB, 480x360, 4:3, slap.gif)


When I was a NEET I worked out twice a day, set aside an hour a day for prayer and meditation, pulled off a 70+ day nofap streak, read white nationalist literature, and built up a moderately successful 8chan board. Now that I work full time I'm 30 pounds overweight and every day is a repetitive and indistinct haze. Pull yourself together, man. NEETing is infinitely better for the mind and soul than working is, I know from experience.



What job did you have?

I worked a bit in a warehouse playing around with forklifts and still had time to work out and read when I got home.

It got boring though so I quit



Learn to code.



Where start?



pick up some striped stockings



HTML, CSS, Javascript. Couple of months until you get good. Then learn ReactJS or Angular and find a job.



I'm a technician, I maintain really old mainframes for the government. It's much more soul-crushing than I can probably make it sound in an 8chan post, but I've already used it to get a car and an apartment so going back to NEETdom isn't an option anymore.



You could probably save up enough to take a break and figure out what you really want to do.

I've been dabbling in welding classes lately and it seems fun as shit.



get your scuba certificate. having a welding background and having scuba experience will get you those underwater welding gigs that pay high wages, it's extra high because of danger pay.


spare some change brah?


File: 1f4d99113ae7a6d⋯.jpg (39.53 KB, 313x359, 313:359, 1f4d99113ae7a6dea4a9cd53a6….jpg)

>have so much free time at work I can do literally anything I put my mind to

>piss it away on a combination of phoneposting and writing

Who gives a shit? Let the useful idiots be productive with their lives. Discover the meaning of personal fulfillment.



I've heard of that scuba shit and I think I'll pass.

Not because I'm afraid of being electrocuted, I'm just terrified of being underwater for any lengthy period of time.

I have been eyeing some machining classes though, I know that shit can pay out pretty nicely.

Plus with a skill like that I could make a bunch of stuff for myself instead of buying shitty chinese products from shartmart.


>get home from work on friday, tired

>stay up maybe an hour or two later than usual

>wake up early on saturday, not very rested

>do nothing because tired, no friends, and no real ambition

>stay up late saturday night doing nothing

>wake up late on sunday

>day is half over, do some laundry or cleaning

>by the time you feel like doing anything it's time to get ready for bed because you have work tomorrow


File: 85e23778eb7355d⋯.jpg (877.66 KB, 1450x3200, 29:64, ba13c48b6a611765cd3f7e1cdc….jpg)


The life of a w*gie truly is a sad one.


File: 738f7b9a6154948⋯.jpg (12.99 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


Commenting or boasting, anon?



tool and die is a dying job. if you get into it you could most definitely make money. most of the trades have fallen to the way side because no kids want to do that kinda work. so the job market is craving trades people and paying well for it too.

also, HVAC is a great job too. finish up the schooling and can do air conditioning, fridges etc and charge whatever you want. even maintaining and cleaning air filtration units is lucrative in HVAC.



One of the two friends I have is in HVAC, the customers he deals with seem like utter cunts, but his paycheck is amazing though.

Fucker has his own house and property out in the country now



thats what im saying

but yeah dealing with people sucks but when it comes down to getting paid that well, you can smile and kill em with kindness knowing you got bank bruh


File: 5ab12a2a1ea5299⋯.jpg (59.63 KB, 300x300, 1:1, get out.jpg)



>wasting your energy having sex at all

I guarantee the fag who made this is a wagecuck trying to give NEETs a bad name



I've found dealing with IRL cunts is not usually as bad as dealing with shitposting faggots on imageboards, but I'd still like to avoid it if possible.

I'm still gonna get them skills though, I can go to school for free and get a housing allowance every month for it so I might as well.



i support anyone that is willing to put in the time and energy to bettering themselves. especially if it means you're planning on getting off the govn cheese eventually.

get that cabin/land in the woods/countryside and live your own life independently

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