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File: 3220479c1550ea2⋯.png (311.14 KB, 720x540, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


I reached the last episode of my tv series night. If I finish it it's over for good. This is why I never finish anything. It's less painful cutting things short then saying goodbye to these characters forever.


Man I loved John Travolta in Goodfellas.



>John Travolta in Goodfellas.



You don't want to finish your show? I just finished The Camp of the Saints and I felt accomplished, it's another book under my belt, but you don't want to put anything under your belt? All things must come to an end, anon. Even you


you can always watch it again



I felt accomplished when I read a book on the Paris Commune one time. But finishing a tv series or anime always makes me sad.


It's not Cheers though. It's a story with characters you're invested in. When it ends you accept they're not real. Rewatching something like this never recaptures the first experience of letting your guard down.

It's sort of like looking back on memories of your naive youth. It just makes sadder.



Just finish it, I guarantee you'll feel better about it afterwards when you face the moment of truth and are able to put this burden to rest. You owe all these characters that much at least.


That's retarded as fuck tbh

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