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100% Proof That Joe Rogan Sold Out


>sold out

In order to sell out, you have to at some point had integrity to begin with. Joe Rogan has always been a hack. He was a mediocre comedian to who found his niche in pandering to a certain type of guy. The fact that you ever thought highly of him, and now you don't, shows that you have changed, while he has stayed the same. He's also the physical embodiment of the "my wife's son" meme.


Who's andrew breitbart?



Dude he was a sell out the first step he took on to Newsradio. What are you talking about?

Ever hear that Tool song, "Hooker With a Penis"?

>I sold my soul to make a record and dipshit you fucking bought one


File: fef0fc7af3b2fdf⋯.jpg (87.49 KB, 988x628, 247:157, 322d02c8dc44a05c5113437155….jpg)

I never even heard of this hack before and all I know from him is that he sucked off Jack Dorsey from Twitter on his shitty show, that's how bad he is.



He didn't sold out,he was already bought and paid for day one. He's always been a mainstream Hollywood figure,the only time he did have some thoughts somewhat original was in the earlier podcasts.



When this interview was being filmed, could it be confirmed that he was fucking the asian chick at the 2 min mark? I think that might be a lead into something deeper.

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