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File: 432c7d499ddba61⋯.jpg (176.37 KB, 1028x636, 257:159, mighty whitey.jpg)



>With news that a new Dune film is in the works, it’s worth pausing to remember that Paul “Muad’Dib” Atreides is the most egregiously, preposterously, overpowered uber-hero in the history of explored space.

>But why is Paul so ridiculously amazing and terrifying? The answer is pretty straightforward. It’s because he’s white.

>Dune is basically a long, tripped out, ecstatically bloated reiteration of the Mighty Whitey trope.


If someone i knew irl said they unironicallly read the escapist i would cut ties




>the mighty whitey trope

I've literally never heard of this. Is it just a White character who is powerful? That's it? That counts as a trope?


File: 8a8059bf226b30f⋯.png (4.53 MB, 2219x1664, 2219:1664, ClipboardImage.png)


>It’s because he’s white.

I thought it was because he was the product of a long as fuck eugenics program and was related to Agamemnon and shit, but sure, being white sort of gives you godly powers by itself.


File: 07c6cdf01f69421⋯.jpg (154.4 KB, 1402x1080, 701:540, 1468126936787-3.jpg)


I thought it was a Wyatt Mann thing tbh.



>Dune bad and racist

>Black Panther empowering and well written


File: 09efa9c6c88ed39⋯.jpg (21.13 KB, 461x612, 461:612, Oswald.jpg)


And yet normies haven't woken up yet. The only thing that can save the West is a some kind of apocalyptical tier event.


File: 7d61bd822e6af73⋯.png (860.33 KB, 750x736, 375:368, contempt.png)


>not displaying rightey whitey as an ultra chad


File: 5083aaa9376b9da⋯.jpg (11.65 KB, 192x268, 48:67, oswaldspengler.jpg)


Nothing can save the West, read Spengler.



Dude you're an idiot, read Goodkind :^)



Optimism is cowardice.



Was he the original black pill man? Anyway, the civilisation will fall but what about the people?



why they just disappear of course

they comletely stop existing and anything that happens to them is totally okay



>optimists strive to improve their lot in life and try to find silver linings for motivation

>blackpills never do anything but complain and ridicule anyone who dares try to improve themselves

>the optimists are cowards



>Ultra chad

<falling for jewish propaganda

It was a simpler time. A better time.



>optimists strive to improve their lot in life and try to find silver linings for motivation

aw thats cute, baby thinks the world is how his propaganda tells him because he's never lived outside his basement, adorable

optimists go out in the world, can't cope with reality and instead choose to rewrite society and people through moral policies than accept their pipe dream utopia is a fantasy, optimists and people who feel the need to solve other peoples problems are unironically the source of all evil and problems in this world.



It's basically a white character who is shown taking up the White Man's Burden, coming in and solving all the nonwhite characters' problems with his awesome whiteness. Like the dude from Cameron's Avatar.


>cumskins will deny this



So basically a jewish liberal?



Paul was the result of centuries of race-mixing intentionally overseen by a secret galactic society. He's as far from white as you can get. (Also daily reminder, only white people actually use the word 'cumskin'.)


>And why this is a good thing.



Only spics use that word, but then they're white lmao.



first, there are no niggers in dune. in the books i don't remember any.

second of all whoever wrote that has watched the movie only.

the first dune book and the second are really against the cult of personality… kind of the opposite of whatever they are saying here.

besides, paul can do all this

an unbeatable ninja hand to hand fighter

a human calculating supercomputer

a genetically engineered male witch with a Voice that must be obeyed

a seer with the ability to predict the future

a matchless military strategist

the chosen one of multiple interlocking prophecies

all of the above. He probably shits gold too while flowers spring up where he walks. Why the hell not?

because he's the product of centuries of selective breeding with that specific purpose in mind.


File: 8b902a60f63dbbf⋯.jpg (82.96 KB, 626x800, 313:400, cioran.jpg)


Nothing can save humanity, read Cioran



that's leftists. i mean it. righty people never strived for utopia or to better human nature beyond a certain point. they just want to work, live of their own work, maybe raise a family and generally not being bothered while they do that.



>righty people never strived for utopia or to better human nature beyond a certain point.

Uh yeah about that whole 1000 year reich LARP…



Hitler was not utopian at all, unless you consider delousing your country from the jewish grip utopian.



>Hitler was not utopion at all

<all his modern worshipers believe they would be living in a utopia if he had won

really makes me think…



oh, yeah, the description you did was leftists since there was a left.

muh 1000 year reich is something very limited in time and space.

not all right leaning people are natsoc, and definitely not all of them are germans.

some are perfectly content in living in their small city-state.


File: 4387779ffdb1d7c⋯.jpg (101.64 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, chadbol.jpg)


Also you don't know what larping means and only use it because you got butthurt about being called out on dressing up in commie cosplay while being a rich kid with no real anti-establishment views, no revolutionary action and never having met the working class all while popping estrogen.



>having a society free from jewery is utopian

Nice demoralisation operation you got going here, Goldberg.




not being ripped off by bankers or the worst of laissez faire capitalism is not utopia. it's how it should be.

also it's not that strange a belief considering that nazi science was pretty awesome.



>not being ripped off by bankers or the worst of laissez faire capitalism is not utopia. it's how it should be.

Why, I thought might made right? If the bankers keep tricking the dumb cattle goyim, why do the dumb cattle not deserve to be where they are?



tricking is not might.

and they're handling it pretty badly at the moment.

politically the elites are the wizard of oz saying "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain."

and they are not even self aware enough to lie low for a while.

it's gonna be fun, for those who make it out alive.



Yeah, Chaim, your interpretation of national socialist ideology seems real legit.



Yeah that's why they run everything and you're more cucked and impotent than ever

all you can do is say

>we finna anyday now…

like a nigger talking about revenge against whitey, except that's even more likely at this point than a far right movement in the US lmao



a revolution can save the west easily, read Marx



no, not really.

first, i've seen drastic changes in the way normies act and speak about politics.

second of all your comparison is heavily flawed, the kind that would be made by a person either stupid or trying to piss people off (and doing a bad job, btw). or both.

there is a difference between a completely parasitic overstructure, run by people who also what to be dicks about it and the relationship between niggers and whites.

whites are not parasitic to niggers, quite the opposite. and what's worse they are kind of satisfied with that. if big bankers committed collective sudoku tomorrow the world would be better. if whites stopped feeding, giving healthcare and mantaining infrastructure even a child could figure out, but not a nigger, apparently, you'd see africa decimated by famine, disease, and civil war.

as dumb as you are, i'm pretty sure that you know that.



>first, i've seen drastic changes in the way normies act and speak about politics.

no, you've sat on /pol/ for 10 hours a day and warped your mind into thinking thats how the outside world thinks, leave your bedroom.

Nothing shows more of a detachment from reality than the "gernation zyklon" meme, you're losing the culture war bigly.


File: 08c4b50e2b5ed69⋯.jpg (107.35 KB, 675x900, 3:4, 08c4b50e2b5ed69ba4ea60676a….jpg)



in the last three/four years i spent about a year and a half working in a factory and the rest in an office.

in both cases, my colleagues, blue and white collars alike, were definitely not happy about the swarms of apefricans coming in.

i've seen people going from "i'm not racist but…" to "fuck them" in a surprisingly short time.

the anti-immigration party here went from 4% to a solid 30% and growing… in about five years.

it's not even about culture war. it's delusional lefties on one side, and reality on the other.

take the ussr, orwell's nightmare, they had everything, they controlled the media, the schooling, the army, the police, the secret police…they went tits up.

you see, there is only a certain amount you can fuck with people, after that it's dangerous.

it's dangerous telling people everything is fine, when everything it's not fine.

it's dangerous to tell people that niggers coming in will pay your pensions when you know that you're paying sometimes more than your wage to support the nigger that's dealing dope on your street corner.

long story short, when people see the wheater report saying it's gonna be sunny and they take the umbrella, if you're ruling class, you should stop and think about it.

luckily or unluckily, i'm pretty sure they won't?


File: a86645d1e6fe3b4⋯.jpg (148.75 KB, 733x798, 733:798, a86645d1e6fe3b4e8024963f7a….jpg)


Wasted post on a discord spic. Still, pretty kino post.


>/pol/ - IT'S DA JOOS

>/leftypol/ - IT'S DA WHITES





File: 123b9c2f8326dd2⋯.png (338.75 KB, 720x1200, 3:5, 1450738768052-0.png)


/leftypol/ is just willfully blind to the true ethnicity of the cryptojews and elites and calls jews white. Same people tbh.



>le enlightened centrist

maybe if you read a fucking book you would realize it's capitalism.


File: 9bbee189acda577⋯.jpg (219.75 KB, 804x603, 4:3, scream-choir.jpg)






This shit again, even if you could name a single marxist society that either didn't fail and die miserably within two generations or be forced into adopting capitalist policies like China it doesn't make up for the many that did.



Post your gay porn collection rapdup



Careful, don't make me misspell jews again, it'll totally destroy everything you believe in a swear to g-d


File: 730006ea3babf1b⋯.png (31.25 KB, 461x519, 461:519, 1441376577872-4.png)




>/leftypol/ - it's the rich

>/pol/ - it's the jews


<it's the rich jews


File: 77411e946d6f1df⋯.jpg (79.42 KB, 428x600, 107:150, cappiecucks.jpg)


This but unironically.



if he was so smart why is he dead?


Wow this is the crap the Escapist is putting out now? Even though it was already pretty shit before it, kind of had some hope for their future after the editor in chief took a stand during gamergate, but looks like that was all for naught.



That's a smart move, only the dead may know peace from the horrors of the current year.


Does Frank Herbert even mention skin color in the book?



IIRC Paul is described as greek looking.


File: ccefc2bd47d21c6⋯.jpg (97.7 KB, 897x800, 897:800, DgNkY9eUYAAMiv1.jpg)


Would people in a desertic planet be white tho?



Tikkun olam, but for whites.


File: 32a281b11c83a38⋯.png (28.38 KB, 130x129, 130:129, Arnold Son of a Nazi.png)

>But why is Paul so ridiculously amazing and terrifying? The answer is pretty straightforward. It’s because he’s white.

So the writer is /ourguy/? He does seem to forget the fact all the many more not so amazing people in Dune are White too.




like irl white people basically, YOU'RE WELCOME FOR INDOOR PLUMBING AND ELECTRICITY EVERYONE, sorry we oppressed your ooga-booga tribal societies and taught you to write


File: 48ac44b39deac95⋯.jpg (124.17 KB, 1072x1600, 67:100, PaulAtreidesCrop.jpg)

>this is considered white in 10191 AG




>thousands of years of selective breeding and genetic engineering

>end up with what amerimutts achieved in mere three centuries


Dune is a white science fiction series. Its philosophically charged so that goes over the heads of must non-whites and its about great white men so the Jews and their golems will fight it and try to destroy it with the new films.

The idea was to pay homage to Lawrence of Arabia but the Fremen are never stated race wise. Rather, they are a group of many races who have been chased and exiled all over the galaxy. Many generations on Dune hardens them but they lack the leadership that Paul Atreides offers. Besides, the first book is the heroes journey and conquest so its all glory, the subsequent books go more into the details and deconstruction.


File: e8500e1a8232637⋯.webm (7.99 MB, 480x360, 4:3, americano.webm)





>optimists go out in the world, can't cope with reality and instead choose to rewrite society and people through moral policies than accept their pipe dream utopia is a fantasy, optimists and people who feel the need to solve other peoples problems are unironically the source of all evil and problems in this world

Pretty sure an optimist is just someone who doesn't shit their pants and cry every time things don't go their way, which is pretty much the exact opposite of what you're describing.



Is that john wick?



The Gom Jabber (spelling?) would have killed him if he was negro but also was more painfull than for anyone else meaning he almost wasn't white enough.


How could you think selective breeding in any way makes you different than anyone else nazi? Dune being about evil aryans confirmed.



>never heard of Mighty Whitey

have you been living under a rock?

it's both a critique made by salty inferiors about whites superiority (or soopremashy in CY+4 speak), or used as a critique of impossible foresight when whites face accusation (like the "disease laced blankets" allegedly give to indians, when germ theory would only be formulated in the late XIXth century)



>/pol/ 2 + 2 = 4

>/leftypol/ 2 + 2 = 8

<oh look at both of these extremists, they have to be both wrong, let's cut in the middle and say that 2 + 2 = 6 and we'll surely have a good answer

this is your brain on soygoy of mossad.



I've never heard Mighty Whitey as a negative thing or an insult. Shitlibs might want to watch what they're memeing.


File: 1856f4844303d58⋯.jpeg (158.86 KB, 723x1051, 723:1051, 2 2=5.jpeg)


>Herbert’s portrait of the Jews owes more than a little to anti-Semitic stereotypes. The Jews of Dune, with the exception of Rebecca (perhaps a nod to the noble Jewess of that name in Ivanhoe) are insular, xenophobic, and fanatical. The rabbi is a whiny, bullying, pathetic figure who wails when his orders are countermanded and waves some kind of Jewish scroll for emphasis when he speaks. The Jewish plotline echoes Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, as Rebecca, like Shylock’s daughter who steals her father’s treasure and elopes with her Christian lover, similarly defies the rabbi and takes what she calls her “golden egg” (in this case not real gold but a trove of portable genetic memories) to the Bene Gesserit. When Rebecca joins the order, she quickly realizes that Judaism “required [her] to believe so many things she now knew were nonsense” and she characterizes it as a product of “[m]yths” and “childish behavior.” There is even a possible hint of the charge of deicide, when one of the rabbi’s disciples says cryptically: “our ancestors did things for which payment must be made.” By contrast, the only possibly positive Jewish note in the series is the fact that Herbert’s term for his Dune messiah—the Kwisatz Haderach—resembles the Hebrew phrase kefitzat haderech, a magical transport or teleportation (which is how Emanuel Lotem renders the term in his 1989 Hebrew translation of Dune).


File: 6432050f9dcb1c0⋯.jpg (74.33 KB, 600x362, 300:181, Frank.jpg)





Pffftt hahaha wow and to think that in grade school (think the 90's) good reading and writing was soooo important because you needed an education (which could include good reading and writing) to be hired by anyone, JOURNALISM included.

Now journalists are like, some sort of leaky brain hairbrained faggots who literally churn out marxist, race baiting propaganda.

How the mighty have fallen.



Trump will regret this tbh. Alphabet is one of the most jewish tech giants around and a Butlerian Jihad will be necessary against the AI jews.



>get godly powers because of whiteness

God, I wish.



>Anyway, the civilisation will fall but what about the people?

India gives you a fairly good insight into that.

None of the people who build it exist anymore, yet there are still remnants of their accomplishemnts and existence, you have a caste system, where the closer to those originals (whites) you look like, the higher you are, this however comes with a heavy price, as the less of a nigger you are, the more you're capable of understanding that you'll never match or surpass the creators, or gods long gone


File: 4768d1c0173117c⋯.jpg (2.1 MB, 1473x1920, 491:640, e190c3cb-0569-4f17-9515-b4….jpg)


Honestly I feel like that's the case already, but on a less drastic scale. Every generation the people of the West are lessened. Tell same is true for other industrialised people too, but it's the most noticeable in the West.



The ethnic groups still exist though.

The people who created India are completely extinct.



That's why I said less drastic. I wonder if the same was the case in India, that getting SHITTED was just the final nail in the coffin.



> insular, xenophobic, and fanatical.

that's jews, alright.



>How the mighty have fallen.

journalists have always been mostly whores.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Speaking of the street shitters former glory, has anyone seen this pajeet's youtube where he argues that ancient India had to have machining technology to build their temples and statues? Of course they immediately assume it was a case of WEWUZ and that evil whitey must've destroyed all the advanced hindutech.



the machines were fueled by poo.

brits convinced pajeets to poo in the streets instead of the designated battle titan.


(((Noah Berlatsky)))



What we know of the past is based on scraps and guesswork, but it kind of makes you think about all the once great cultures and civilisations that did not leave writing behind and faded into history.


Makes one ponder how advanced they might have been. One thing is for sure though and that is that the progressivist worldview is not only flawed but completely dim-witted.



if you don't even reach writing, you cannot transmit anything too complex to the next generation, and have to start nearly from scratch.



>if you don't even reach writing

Who says anything about not reaching it? The question is what you write on and if any of it survives the ravages of time. If you choose wood instead of clay as a medium then you have to depend on generations preserving the knowledge.



Yea but pointing that out is ANTISEMITIC of course.

There's a reason all other religions merged with one another while the Jews are still wandering the stars.

Also if you want a laugh google the text and look at the website I pulled it from.



Saying anything slightly critical of any jew is the worst possible thing you can do morality wise in the West today tbh.



I feel so disconnected from general culture at times. I'm not sure who's even famous at the moment.



The protagonist of the 1965 book Dune that Lynch turned into a kino.


Anyone here actually read any of the Dune series?

Fremen = Arabian style nomadic desert dwelling society

Words like 'the prophet' getting thrown around

Yet this retarded journalist links it to white males

obviously hasn't even bothered to research the source material


Why is Paul so OP?

Obviously it's because he's the novel's protagonist and a product of gene whore magic.



>Anyone here actually read any of the Dune series?


>Yet this retarded journalist links it to white males

Paul is pretty much Lawrence of arabia though, he isn't an arab and the fremen aren't really arabs, albeit pretty close in many ways.

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