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File: 61f27cfdf02bbda⋯.png (271.37 KB, 583x671, 53:61, sharia.PNG)




hope you goyim cattle are ready to die fighting in iran, we got another war in the middle east boys YEEHAAAAW


Trump can read and write Arabic now?


drumpepes btfo tbh famalam


I can't wait to have my legs blown off by a bunch of persians

fucking based



Pretty sure its farsi.



You're right.


Donald Trump wants to give them a deep state central bank, because he's fighting the deep state

One LARP at a time bro, just remember, whenever someone expects you to keep a promise, hire another larper to talk about an alternative reality




Unless he reinstates the draft nobody is going to unwillingly die for pissrael.

There's plenty of retard good goyim to fill the ranks



It's funny because the state of Iran today is a direct result of CIA meddling in the first place. Trump being pro-Israel isn't a betrayal like trannypol tries to make it out to be but if he goes full neocon like his fellow party members and the democraps then that would be a legit betrayal.



>Donald Trump wants to give them a deep state central bank, because he's fighting the deep state

4D chess, he's luring them into a false sense of security and laying a trap for them



brump can barely speak american, you want me to believe he speaks sand now? 😏



trust the plan patriot, he's going to let the deep state win for 100 years and then after that it will up to the next generation of larp to keep whatever is left of decent people around the world and American patriots down



fucking trumpstein



I thought we were supposed to invade Venezuela next?


Who's this Trump all the faggots in the thread are talking about? OP is discussing dup and his imminent btfoing


At this point I will support any country without a central bank over any (((white))) nation


40 years of Zionism.

40 years of being in the kikes pocket.

Not even four years of being the most kiked President of all time.

Not tired of winning.



That won't change while a huge electorate is evangelical.



If the majority of bible-thumping whites are zionist enablers, does that mean white genocide is based?



>white man rises up

>expels all shitskins, establishes white ethnostate

<quadruples foreign aid to Israel

the good news is that everyone everywhere will die and nothing matters


But North Korea is ok?





nope, just pr*testant genocide

Deus Vult

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