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File: cce9bde2358e854⋯.webm (8.25 MB, 640x360, 16:9, varg playing.webm)


What have you done /tv/?



I worked at a deli and watched smug dancing memes with my coworker.


I took advantage of the early thaw to started preparing my beds for spring, mucked out the coop, and made fish sticks for lunch.


File: e5b47981bfe25fe⋯.jpg (152.01 KB, 1125x940, 225:188, 4070537ea6ba5b519c18f7ede1….jpg)

>n*rd autist runs around LARPing in the woods with sticks

Except humans gave it the technology to record itself

Amazing how nothing much has changed in 2000+ years among the n*rd and g*rm subhuman lifeforms


File: 9ecf2ecb40e49fe⋯.jpg (323.4 KB, 2290x1322, 1145:661, mediadc.brightspotcdn.com.jpg)


>What have you done /tv/?

Played some dup dup wahoo and made a tapestry dedicated to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, get dunked on, Varg.


Shitposted at pigposters and then went to the gym.



>paid by welfare

that's a lie

i'm not going to bother reading the rest,


>>1860777 (Checked)

>stop playing vidya

I guess a new meme was born today



He has stated he's on welfare and encourages others to do so as this is the NEETsocs hilarious war strategy against the joos, they will all get on welfare and have white children and drain their resources, apparently.



Owning the ebul corporations and government by going on welfare, this is your brain on /pol/ lmao




>"local" religion




>he's on welfare

that's a lie

>they will all get on welfare and have white children and drain their resources

how is this not a good strategy? niggers get to sit on welfare cheques and have 10 kids, but if whites do it then oy vey?



>being this is denial

its okay he made a video about it no need to have a tantrum sweetie :)



Well considering you're stupid enough to buy into blindly hating niggers to the point you ignore basic economics, welfare has proven to be not only not be a drain on resources but actually benefit the economy, it doesn't seem like its going to be too successful at doing anything else than helping prop up the state you claim to hate so much ;^)



He has stated multiple times that he exploiting the French government for as much money as possible in order to tear down a corrupt system that allows immigrants in who are tearing down the government by exploiting the welfare system as much as possible.



>taking welfare and not paying taxes helps the system

full retard


>immigrants take welfare and weaken the economy


>whites do it

<oy gevalt!!!



But he didn't gevalt at all, he just pointed out what is happening.



He did and he said he doesn't qualify for welfare because he makes too much money. But he does encourage people to get on welfare to deplete the system.



Tbh the natives should suck up as much welfare as possible since niggers and arabs will gobble up the prosperity the native ancestors built up otherwise.


If you actually think about it the welfare thing is pretty smart if you accept that accelerationism is the only way forward. BRB, quitting my job and going on welfare



Now you understand pigposting.



So he's no different then a nigger?



>we wuz

>can't grow crops

>speaks with a lips

>on welfare

>Imma be figtan da system mang

Worse, because he's an extremely pale nigger, creating confusion at a first glance.



>implying whites can do any wrong

>implying non-whites can do anything right

reminder that nature deemed necessary to create whites because non-whites were judged by nature itself as unacceptable, unsatisfactory outcomes.

get it?

Nature itself hate you.

This is not your fault, you are, very much like faggots, "born this way".


the guy he answered to was implicitely kvetching.

the system ain't going to be changed, especially not in a country with rigged elections and a demoralized population.


>i should let non-whites take the gov't dosh

Don't be a bad goy and start to exploit the system meant to fuck you over, be a good goy instead.

Be very afraid of negroes too, rather than understanding since most of them engage in crime, they can't go to the police, effectively turning them into perfect target for victimisation.

Be a good goy, a completely broken bottom bitch instead.



>very much like faggots, "born this way".

>faggotry is genetic and not a choice.



Neither of these. It's the fault of shitty mothers with hormonal imbalances during pregnancy.


File: 1ead32bd14b7b66⋯.webm (308.73 KB, 480x480, 1:1, If you're happy and you k….webm)


Just because you inferred kvetching doesn't mean I was implying it. But of course you kikes want to muddy the waters as much as you can.



Why are you kikes so easy to spot?


File: 3adb99ce9f93e59⋯.jpg (92.64 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 13r.jpg)

File: 2baf7d67ac667c1⋯.jpg (2.12 MB, 2592x3872, 81:121, teenkasia_073-001.jpg)

>What have you done /tv/?

played war thunder

watched pewdiepie

watched youtube about war thunder

ate some gristly turkey sandwiches

jacked it to Allie sin and Ann Angel

Shit posted on the chans

Listened to the blade itself audio book

played more war thunder

probably going to fap to Kasia and go to sleep later

fuck going outside with my genes 4ever alone is the only option



not kino.

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