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File: de49af1c9cb536b⋯.jpg (82.37 KB, 674x1000, 337:500, MV5BMTYxNjE2NjIwOF5BMl5Ban….jpg)


A strong womyn of color remade What Women Want for Current Year audiences and you white racists didn't even tell me? for shame!


Yeah, it's not like there's two threads about it already on the catalog.



I don't have time to look in catalogues kid I'm a busy man



>not browsing through the catalog



>why didn't i know about this

>you could have checked the catalog

>ain't nobody got time for that

you are definitely a nigger


This would be a funny skit but it seems a bit much for a full movie.


There was a thread about it yesterday, and I've bumped it, but it has been slided anyway:


An unjustified, unnecessary rape of a classic romantic comedy.



Chappelle did a skit about "What Men Want" and I guarantee it's better than this movie


File: f3344b04b12e2d8⋯.png (87.82 KB, 155x229, 155:229, watch mah movey brada.png)

This is a huge warning sign by itself.



he's never been in a bad movie.


they has to do a meal Gibson flick to wash away his racism. Someday they will redo Braveheart with a stronk Black transsexual women of color



>How High

>Head of State

>Superhero Movie


>Farce of the Penguins


>The Night Before

>Fist Fight

These are all good, huh?



all kino.


I like Tracy Morgan because he's not afraid to be offensive and he's even sometimes funny. Alas he had been in a lot of Sandler-tier movies.



gforce is absolute nick cage mole kino

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