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File: 9663552271835b1⋯.jpg (422.21 KB, 1010x1500, 101:150, MV5BMzcwYWFkYzktZjAzNC00OG….jpg)


Pic related

>bar equilibrium scene not true NE

>erroneous go game moves in park scene

>muh visual hallucinations

>muh hangover- esque mental calculations

>abuses wife, anti social aspie

>muh 'economics' pseudo science

Honestly the dude seemed like a piece of shit. But dried up old high school teachers and college virgins jack off to this movie fantasizing about some mathematical break through they'll never have while procrastinating on a Friday night.


dude's completely nuts. how many people would identify with that?



I might if they hadn't made is psychosis so bullshit.




Back in the day even Elliots like him could get laid and have a family, not any more



>>bar equilibrium scene not true NE


>>erroneous go game moves in park scene




NE = Nash equilibrium, the movie is about John Nash

'Go' is a board game played with black and white stones shown in the movie


>Dead Poets' Society

Guy wants to fuck his life up, his parents refuse to let him do it, he kills himself. Also there's Robin Williams in it, talking about poetry, and standing on desks.

>Interview with the Vampire

Lestat is a homo.

>Fight Club

The concept is good, the execution is okay, but if you think about it in the end, the whole thing is impossible, and full of plot holes.

>nearly any Matt Damon or Leonardo DiCaprio movie

No comments needed.



>bar equilibrium scene not true NE

>erroneous go game moves in park scene

Ah, I see you´re a fellow autist like myself. I do prefer Chess, though, it´s the thinking man´s game. Pretty sad that there are no good movies about game theory, such a cool topic.

>muh 'economics' pseudo science

Fuck you, Keynes4lyfe, bitch



>>nearly any Matt Damon or Leonardo DiCaprio movie

>No comments needed.

Don´t diss my boy DiCaprio, he really can chew the scenery if he wants. WoWS was overrated, true (and a completely false representation of the fínäncée industry, leading me to having to explain every time when I talk about that no, it´s absolutely not like in the movies. FUCK), but many of his movies are legit nice.



>The MC is clearly far more intelligent than I am and it triggers me



Oh you mean baduk/weiqui



>Romeo and Juliet


>Catch Me If You Can

>The Aviator

>Django Unchained


These are all highly overrated. I don't hate DiCaprio, but as you can see, tehre's a lot of movies which he was in and are praised to hell for no real reason.




How's your stagflation going eh?



File: 170d2a06093a3bb⋯.jpg (10.79 KB, 260x194, 130:97, 1424747128945.jpg)



I mean entertainment vs talent. Most of those movies were nice to watch but not high art - once and done movies. Revenant was tedious as was Romeo and Juliet but his acting and the stylization of the movies were good.


Overrated is the most retarded word in existence. It's literally "A lot of people like this but I don't, that means that it is bad".



Thank you for pointing out what everyone knows, you are so smart



underrated post tbh.


File: a31cc7623b1b7ff⋯.jpg (71.07 KB, 532x798, 2:3, images-2.jpg)


No bad OP, but tree of life is the most overrated movie of all times.



>The MC is what a sheeple like me thinks a smart person is like and it triggers me




the shining


also good goy’s list



>I'm so intelligent I totally have my own criteria to define intelligent people (i.e. how similar they are to a genius such as myself)




>I get mad when someone recognizes the flaws in my favourite movie´s writing and points out, that no, this is not what most smart people behave like, because I can´t into critical thinking



File: 5f8cda44a7d6b51⋯.gif (273.28 KB, 200x150, 4:3, internet fight.gif)



>also good goy’s list

Obviously. It´s almost comical how the kikes try to make everything so morally distinct, as if they weren´t the instigators of it all.



For your entertainment, Sir. Pleased.




>He didn´t reply

Looks like I win again.



The movie was all made up bullshit too. Nash has no idea what his delusions were but they made up three people that he always saw.



well he was written by pretty dumb people



Good Will Hunting did it better. Hand down.



Terrence Malick is a hack and all of his movies are overrated garbage



his only great role was in what's eating gilbert grape. he went full retard but he did it soooo convincingly and he should of won an oscar for the role.


File: 12bf60641d86707⋯.jpg (353.45 KB, 1061x1500, 1061:1500, 5055201827401.jpg)

File: c2cf56c01e26ae2⋯.jpg (350.41 KB, 1012x1500, 253:375, Black-Mass-Poster-4-Johnny….jpg)

Biopics generally fall into this category for me. The Imitation Game was fine but nothing spectacular like some. Black Mass was tedious garbage like most crime movies.

>inb4 Goodfellas, Casino, Hard Eight, Chinatown etc.

There's a reason why these are more fondly remembered than most.


>movies that made me feel even dumber then I am

fixed that for you sweetie ;)



>Guy wants to fuck his life up, his parents refuse to let him do it, he kills himself.

this. he was like what a year before he could do whatever he wanted?

you know that he did because "that will show dad!".

the good guy in the movie is the latin teacher that pointed out that encouraging kids to think with their own head might be not a good idea.



>identify with that

Why do burgers feel the compulsion to self-insert in a movie in order to appreciate it?



Every shot looks incredible tbh.


File: 2ac22838b1536ed⋯.jpg (47.74 KB, 394x415, 394:415, 1492086349614.jpg)



is that Emily Browning?

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