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File: bfb5bf9fb6dbb15⋯.jpg (25.94 KB, 228x350, 114:175, Death_Wish.jpg)


ITT: movies that would be over in ten minutes if the main characters had guns at the beginning.


batman? funny games?


Life of Brian

Phanton Menace

Sleeping Beauty

Also Mean Girls, I fucking hate the amazons.



>Phanton Menace

Droideka shields repel blaster fire too, retard. It wouldn't have made a difference.



Paul Kersey did have guns at the beginning of the movie. He was given them by the dude in Arizona as a gift for having such a great real estate deal.



that was after he goes with the coins in the sock


he wasn't at home when the rapes happened though, that's why he went Liam Neeson style after it (but managed to bait thugs)



>that was after he goes with the coins in the sock

Are you sure? Wasn't he in Arizona when his wife and daughter were raped and killed?



But what if his wife and daughter had guns too?



yeah but if they had guns instead of lightsabers they wouldn't have been able to cut their way out of the gas filled room and probably would have died.


File: 513e04bdd3945a9⋯.jpg (92.3 KB, 924x1024, 231:256, DXZjiuJU8AAt7jY.jpg large.jpg)


Well, that changes things doesn't it?



No, he went to Tucson AFTER the company saw he was still distressed over what happened, and the good old Ames gifted him a fancy gun due to Paul saving a giant deal for him.



that's not a glock.



All right. That makes sense. My mistake. It sure looks like I need to watch it again, maybe even all 5.


File: 92e3bef31b07906⋯.jpg (6.4 KB, 256x144, 16:9, tn_7l71xk96dv_100555.jpg)


- The Fugitive

- When a Stranger Calls

- I Spit on Your Grave

- Cujo

- The Brave One

- The Accused

- Black Christmas

- Law Abiding Citizen>>1861404



The Sixth Sense




So the dog could shoot the bat before it bit him?


File: b963891abf85e88⋯.jpg (28.92 KB, 600x400, 3:2, f9e9ad1c2fa120598bbbfe7608….jpg)


File: e95286b4b7a828e⋯.png (700.97 KB, 674x687, 674:687, 0732894835.png)


>rape girl

>only semi hard because I haven't been fluffed

>girl starts peeing on me and herself

>dick status: D I A M O N D



Get punched /pol/


File: 70eb49557a5bb08⋯.jpg (107.31 KB, 220x326, 110:163, BridgetJonesDiaryMoviePost….jpg)

A lot of romcoms could be over if the mc just commited suicide



>Bridget Jones Goes on a Rampage

First, she shots that pervy old guy who looks at her tits all the time. Then Hugh Grant. Then the doctor who wants to give plastic surgery to her and everyone who suggest she should lose a little fat. I'd watch this.


This movie is one of the fairer takes on Law Enforcement. I accept that something similar to the current polce force should exist (albeit in the form of a citizens' militia) but the fact is that police can't do anything to stop and prevent future crimes.

That said, police who want the actions of Charles Bronson in this film to be illegal should be strung up in the streets. The vast majority of cops are evil fucks.



Where does it say it's a Glock?



The caption for the conservative anti-rape tips



It didn't say the gun in the pic was a Glock.



>remembers that trash with this much detail

>hates men

are you that geriatric transbian stirnerian



>the fact is that police can't do anything to stop and prevent future crimes.

Oh it's worse than that actually. They're in fact under no legal obligation to do either.


The job of cops is solely to arrest and incarcerate people.




dup btfo



That only means they're not obligated to serve a particular individual. And it's a DC court ruling, not a federal one.



There have been plenty of federal rulings on this matter as well. The job of cops, as affirmed by numerous district and supreme court rulings, is not to prevent crimes.




>is not to prevent crimes.

What is the Police even for?



Eating donuts and bullying people.



Nice twisting of the ruling you got there.

They can't be sued because they're not omnipresent.


File: 8fa06f685b3ad2b⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1209x851, 1209:851, thedullestseries.png)

Voldemort could've just blown Harry's brains out. In fact he didn't even really need a gun, babies are incredibly easily to kill. Just bash his head against a wall.



>not even killing niggers

What a joke of a country

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