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File: afe46473e85b27b⋯.png (16.42 KB, 689x517, 689:517, tv.png)


What memes have you created on /tv/? How do you come up with new board personalities? How many people do you think actually post here? Sometimes I think it's just me and two other people.


File: 081ac9d47241c1e⋯.webm (15.73 MB, 853x480, 853:480, あっちゃこっちゃゲーム.webm)

I thought Kotori was an aussie. How did you come tot he conclusion she was Nipponese?



hello me


I believe there are no more than 10 people on this board at any given time and that includes the vols.


i believe you


File: 9a1e7407b0b9da5⋯.jpg (34.12 KB, 483x433, 483:433, mfw coconut cream pie3.jpg)


>What memes have you created on /tv/?

Maisieposting, Ravenposting. I've named the female Gahoole Patrice. Also Best of Live Threads compilations.

>How do you come up with new board personalities?

I ascend.

>How many people do you think actually post here?

Hard to say. 614 ISPs at the moment…



>614 ISPs

There's no fucking way.


File: 703b77cc8b63e50⋯.jpg (14.33 KB, 220x196, 55:49, check those.jpg)


Look at the boards' list!



Those are obviously bots.



Yor a bot


File: 87c905870a6d346⋯.jpg (21.84 KB, 282x243, 94:81, beats me.jpg)


Okay. But it's still really hard to tell how many of us are here.



That's just the sort of thing a bot would say.


>614 ISPs

20 of those are mine, not including the free hoxx vpn servers I sometimes use which there seem to be 100+ of somehow.



Ten. There are ten of us. No more, no less.


File: 4c8fe35dfa1bec1⋯.jpg (34.62 KB, 401x530, 401:530, check em.jpg)


Could you list who we are, if you know? I'm curious.



I'm not allowed to disclose that information.


File: 4b9b49cad7a83fc⋯.jpg (161.89 KB, 988x696, 247:174, this isn't pie8.jpg)


>I know this

<tell me about it!



File: 1efe133b2ef7004⋯.png (519.53 KB, 544x632, 68:79, ClipboardImage.png)



>>1861666 (checked)












Don't worry, sweaty. We haven't forgotten about you. :-)


File: 822935ddd4b295a⋯.jpg (127.04 KB, 924x637, 132:91, why don't think what I thi….jpg)


I have a feeling that you don't like Raven.



I like big bots and I cannot lie


File: 88107064d3eb399⋯.jpg (14.64 KB, 321x248, 321:248, OverlordFunny_www.kepfelto….jpg)


>not a trilogy



>Maisieposting, Ravenposting.

None of those things are memes. You just started posting pictures of the ugliest actress I have ever seen and then when everyone called you an uber faggot, you started posting pictures of that awful cartoon and one day when everyone hates you as much as they did the last time, you'll get a new persona. Being hated isn't a meme.



worse poster on this board, tbh, there is no difference between maise posting and ravenn posting, it's just waifu avaterfagging



I invented dup before he got btfo. RIP dup.


File: 00f194fbe22d71a⋯.jpg (53.91 KB, 1200x502, 600:251, pic.jpg)

My memes happen by accident, so I technically create none. And that is for the best.


File: afb40dc9c16440a⋯.png (1003.42 KB, 1119x746, 3:2, jennyfacialabuse.png)

File: de6e771e8e7064c⋯.png (322.05 KB, 450x800, 9:16, laurenanswer.png)

File: d751ca96fe165f9⋯.jpg (53.44 KB, 747x996, 3:4, smuggy.jpg)

File: bf7cdf0e729019d⋯.png (4.84 MB, 1638x2048, 819:1024, jenny2.png)

a few classics if i may say so myself


File: 4ded5d0da0eb63c⋯.jpg (105.24 KB, 871x1200, 871:1200, emma-watson-2009-03_1e18a4….jpg)

File: bf8f81bcc2b866e⋯.jpg (681.06 KB, 2310x3660, 77:122, emmawatsonleatherdressiii.jpg)

File: 9cb40111ff94f4f⋯.jpg (90.34 KB, 736x1156, 184:289, emmawatsonleatherdressii.jpg)

File: decc5240fef481d⋯.jpg (551.43 KB, 2310x3660, 77:122, emmawatsonleatherdressi.jpg)

File: 5e643590010c7be⋯.jpg (57.76 KB, 474x842, 237:421, 2589.jpg)

I'm Zach.


File: 081c2a1acb36cee⋯.gif (275.78 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1295050450192.gif)


>What memes have you created on /tv/?

I created the troll face. And Ainsley Harriot.



You got dubs so there's no way you can be lying.


File: 69b6d5da0b967df⋯.jpg (10.12 KB, 245x222, 245:222, Happy Celestial.jpg)


You're right. Ravenposting is a higher level of existence.



There is no Zach.


File: 32e31ad4f9d47bb⋯.jpg (102.25 KB, 663x719, 663:719, angry.jpg)


I'm a Kiwi, not an Aussie. And OP is a larping faggot.



He's more hated as ravenfag than he ever was as maisiefag. Even his fellow maisiefags hate him now.


File: ae5f0ce8ccf096e⋯.jpg (18.86 KB, 210x240, 7:8, kotori-minami--98.7.jpg)


Behold, a larper


File: 1ef60ea5b1bee36⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, my gf907.jpg)

we reside in japan, though we travel often


File: 9d52050235352c8⋯.jpeg (29.56 KB, 226x223, 226:223, 68B23E47-09B5-489E-875B-8….jpeg)


>614 ISPs

Sounds legit.



Do we even have enough computer for 614 ISPs?



You're Chef Ainsley's mom?


the truth is nobody wants to post on /tv/ because it's turned into this nightmare clique full of avatarfags, mods/vols, and general attentionwhores. it's way too intimidating to get into the board culture when it is already developed to such an extent among such a small group. that's why despite the high unique visiting ids, it seems like there are only a couple dozen posters at most. i should note that i have nothing against our resident ravenfag or whoever, but their combined presences is suffocating



>high unique visiting ids

hello newfag, welcome to hatechan

ISPs is the number of unique posters in the last 72h


File: e0f16e3cfd8ba77⋯.png (473.21 KB, 700x700, 1:1, ultimate_comfy.png)

Sometimes I wonder how fucked up this place must seem to an outsider.


File: e047a62496e31c4⋯.jpg (135.2 KB, 480x640, 3:4, bone cancer.jpg)


I come here mainly to gawk at you fucking freaks.

It looks like someone gave the schizophrenia wing of a mental asylum internet access.

I have a really hard time putting into words how pathetic all these people crafting shitpositng personalities and the people reacting to them are.



It's really not any different from 2006-2010 4chan. A little less ontopic, but that can't be helped because cuckywood can't produce anything good but once in a blue moon. The avatarfags and behind-the-scenes circlejerking is a tad more obvious though.


File: 23181859d073f20⋯.jpg (75.33 KB, 494x391, 494:391, 23181859d073f20fd883fc51d5….jpg)


File: e05434acdc1886e⋯.png (688.75 KB, 631x968, 631:968, e05434acdc1886e0afff2f3b4f….png)


Judging by the board's content 90% of the users are russian bots and ip-jumping retarded indian spammers. Wouldn't want it other way.


File: c7fa64f788de358⋯.gif (951.89 KB, 500x425, 20:17, c7f.gif)


I was so mad about getting called an Aussie that I didn't notice

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