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File: e73ed50bdac82f4⋯.jpg (669.9 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, walkingdead.jpg)


>all those shills who said "it's good now!!!"

Maybe the most boring season ever?

The Whisperers are fucking boring and maybe the worst villains the show. Only slightly more interesting than shit like the Wolves. What are their goals and motivations? Uhhh… who knows, have another fight scene.

The three way Rosita cuckolding triangle is hilarious though, I hate all those characters so it's funny watching them all get shafted. Eugene writing up a cuck manifesto with pros and cons made me spit out my drink

I like Judith and Negan but they are barely in it. Henry is basically the only character I feel like rooting for. Everyone else is back at Hilltop which hasn't made an appearance yet.

Yeah, fuck this show, Angela Kang, fuck whoever greenlit another season of this zombie of a show.


This shit is still on?


>Watching TV soys.

But why?


Why are you still watching the walking diversity?

It's fucking garbage.


How many wog/white woman fuck in this? Seems like it would be a lot.


>Series that got stretched to the point of breaking is bad

No way!



Let me guess Zombies are accepted now. Wtf is that picture about (Drumpf, I know)


This show has been dead since they fired the creator for retarded reasons

Why does this topic even exist?



What he do?


File: a6799aab6dbb009⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, img_0388.jpg)

This one is not much worse than the last ones, OP. Maybe you are put off by the lighter atmosphere they adopted, but the character writing and consistency improved and the action scenes at least made some fucking sense.

I only watch it for the waifus, but so far I didn't drop any episode halfway through out of fucking shame like I did to some others.


File: 002ddf90612947f⋯.jpg (241.92 KB, 1063x1600, 1063:1600, Christian_Serratos_Sexy.jpg)


Nope, those are the new bad guys. They wear zombie masks and blend in with packs of zombies. If that sounds stupid and pointless, that's because it is.


>Maybe you are put off by the lighter atmosphere they adopted

No I liked that. The stuff before the timeskip was okay and the "rebuilding society" sub-plot is the best bit. I just don't find the Whisperers interesting at all.

>but the character writing and consistency improved and the action scenes at least made some fucking sense.

I guess I just don't care about what happens to any of these characters, most of them are boring characters that they introduced but never fleshed out. Take Aaron for example, he's been in the show for like 4 seasons and I still couldn't tell you one defining characteristic of that character.

>I only watch it for the waifus

I can't think of any chicks still in it that are that hot. Alanna Masterson always has her tits bouncing around but I think I just laser focus in on them because her scenes are so fucking boring. Christian Serratos is attractive but her character turning into the town bicycle kinda ruins it. Garbage lady and a bunch of others have just been shelved as characters for some reason. Cassady McClincy is qt though.


File: fbae79ae1270f3b⋯.jpg (29.24 KB, 441x558, 49:62, Katelyn Nacon (28).jpg)

File: 2fc220c0ca2670c⋯.jpg (19.16 KB, 298x545, 298:545, Katelyn Nacon (27).jpg)

File: 22f4b139d83652b⋯.jpg (82.89 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Katelyn Nacon.jpg)



Your pic is the village bicycle on the show. Also the center of the pro-cuck propaganda.


File: 4d97bcb499bf3b6⋯.png (271.1 KB, 1025x687, 1025:687, 18f7a1cbdf2739fcad27645687….png)

The only things missing that would offiicially make TWD literally a 90s high school diversity poster is a rainbow and a pooinlooess in a wheelchair. There's already






>strong independent women who don't need no man

>hillbilly white guy

>socially awkward and generally inept white guy with a mullet

>the only other white guy who matters is kept in a cage in a basement, has a morally dubious relationship with an eight year old girl, and is generally accepted to be an asshole

>except by me

>negan's the only one left with any sense

Most of the diversity I can cope with in the context of the show - that is, end of the world, zombies, groups of people trying to survive, etc. In a scenario playing out like that in the real world, it's not too far fetched that people would band together to strengthen their chances for survival. The part that gets me, more than anything, is the queer(s) and the dyke(s).

In that scenario (again - end of the world, etc.), does anybody really have time or resources to shove things up their asses or the asses of others for fun? Roving rape gangs I get, and do have plans to form one of my own in the event of societal collapse, but otherwise, gay love in this show seems like they're just trying to force the meme. Which, this being talmudvision, of course they are.

I think part of it is that, but part of it is the long game that jews are always playing against huwhites. All they have to do is keep slipping this shit into shows and movies no matter how much bitching people do. Because not everybody bitches, and some people who are not even jews (but probably are plebbitors) outright enjoy it. Plenty of these people already relate to the world around them through the lens of movies, TV, and shitty YA novels (pic related). Used to be your friends would start correcting you somewhere around age eight or nine and remind you that the comparison you're making to real life isn't valid, that what you're saying is just something from a movie. Now people think they're Harry Potter and Dup is literally Vootievort or whatever the fuck. That trend is only going to continue and become more prevalent.

Then, in ten or twenty or thirty years, when the dae le 00s and dae le 10s retards start springing up, they'll be watching this garbage and using it as evidence that TIL that 60% of the population was always a tranny, and 40% actively shoved things up their asses or the asses of others for fun.

I still watch TWD. I don't know why, because as a show, it's far more garbage than not. I think when it finally kicks the bucket, I'm going to go find all the good parts and stitch them together into a kick-ass 2.5-3 hour movie. Because that's really all there is. I just haven't yet figured out how to do it without lots of Six Month later and Two Years Later cuts.



Excuse me, the disabled are already represented by the niggress deaf. No need for a wheelchair person of color.


File: bd289dd3f41f565⋯.jpg (72 KB, 1080x718, 540:359, 53410314_1750101121758499_….jpg)


She's alright I guess. Average looks but she has a nice body.


Yeah I know, i'm watching the show, read the post.



this show sucks so bad and I feel bad for the writers, communist jews though they are, for having to come up with new ways to stretch out this long-tired premise. speaking of stretching things out tho that pic is the best argument i've seen for watching this show


> I'm going to go find all the good parts and stitch them together into a kick-ass 2.5-3 hour movie. Because that's really all there is. I just haven't yet figured out how to do it without lots of Six Month later and Two Years Later cuts.

just make some webms of that chick with her tits bouncing or kissing other chicks or whatever the fuck she does on the show



Negan was the only one with any since ever since rick desired to trust the strangers they just met about how oppressed they were and went on a killing spree with no plan or even so much as a recon mission to see exactly how many there actually were and if that outpost was the only one.



Please make that movie, sounds pretty awesome




Carl should have joined up with Negen and killed all the other main characters. Would be kino


What are the odds the series ends with Rick waking up in his hospital bed with Rick, Lori and Carl waiting faithfully at his bedside. If that sounds dumb wait for the actual ending and honestly tell me it's worse.



That will never happen because they won't be able to shoehorn Michonne in there.





It'd be missing quite a few homosexuals, too. Wouldn't want it to be labeled hate speech or something.



She could be the doctor who managed to revive Rick.


File: 13ea14c4dbad84e⋯.jpg (190.52 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, Cailey Fleming.jpg)

>It's a Judith free episode

Should be illegal desu



I'd flem her cailey if you know what I mean



>She could be the doctor who managed to revive Rick.

yeah that works

>"and YOU were there, and YOU were there.."

>*zombie kicks the door open and growls*

>"here we go again!"

>freeze frame



I'm predicting that Negan will get Judith's help to escape then kill her. That way the writers can in one single episode justify the dictatorial actions of their favorite character Michonne, further vilify Negan, and kill off a character in a shocking fashion (the go to choice when they don't know how to write something interesting).



Negan already escaped but he came back to his cell like a bitch when he saw there's nothing much left out there in the wild and i suppose not enough gas to hit the road.



Is this the only reason to watch the show?


File: 671f3226fc6b318⋯.jpg (129.15 KB, 720x715, 144:143, Cailey Fleming & Cassady M….jpg)


Pretty much



>Yeah I know, i'm watching the show, read the post.

Yeah. Just thought I'd point out how much of a whore she is.


File: d2042e68b089bfb⋯.jpg (242.93 KB, 1920x859, 1920:859, spaceballs2-banner.jpg)


if you watch this show they will keep making it. they don't give a fuck and will milk you for as long as you let them.


File: 3b16b3ed1d048f9⋯.webm (1.19 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, deer.webm)


Oh, based.


The show's already dead. Season 10 will probably be the last, me watching it won't save it. Also I have no real interest in seeing it fail or succeed. What happens, happens.



I may start watching again just for her.


File: 81dc660c64cad61⋯.jpg (108.18 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Cailey Fleming 1.jpg)





This show has always been boring. I dropped it straight after S1 and only watched the odd couple episodes to check if it still sucked, which it always did. How TWD has made it this far is beyond me, it's pure garbage.

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