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File: 37376cd09235c84⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1064x1513, 1064:1513, OHNONONONONO.png)


>Worse than Batman Vs Superman


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Captain Marvel Needs To Make $750 MILLION To BREAK EVEN



Cry more incel Cry waaaaaah


File: d793ca09a7dddef⋯.jpg (67.37 KB, 500x500, 1:1, tumblr_n0e9ixdPIE1rf16j7o1….jpg)


Your dick already hard for the upcoming blacked scenes in Endgame?


BvS is kino.







How much has it made?


> Captain Marvel earned around $14.6 million on its fifth day of release. That gives the $150m-budgeted MCU adventure a $179m domestic cume.


So the movie is around $600,000,000 in the hole oy vey



t. incel



t. jewboi obsessed with shitskin cock



Sometimes what you really need in life is a huge shit. Dropping a giant turd that's been camping out in your colon for what feels like weeks and getting that deep down sense that no matter what happens in the world, everything will be okay.

You turn around and look at that monster and just admire the fact that you made that. You have given back to the Universe.



>Not counting all the merchandise licensing




Merchandising is already in clearance you fucking fool.




Doesn't matter faggot, they already got paid

You stick to watching ecelebs on kiketube kiddo



>$750 million

What the hell, BvS needed $600 million to break even, absolutely nuts.


$525 million


I don't know any of these people but I do know from their words and actions that they don't care about me

they don't care if I have a job, they'd rather someone else have it

if I have anything they expect me to give it to them and let them be in charge of it

fuck these people

fuck their disrespect

fuck their shit stained 'religion'



If you say so reddit



reddit was unpozzed once

unlike you






That is absolutely hilarious


so it literally died after a weekend i mean it was bad but the support cast least carried the movie to a 6/10

but if this is the case then endgame can forsee a better playout then don't worry boys pounds fist together thanos's just snaps everyone back and everyone is well and dandy



Captain Cunt might very well have poisoned the success of Endgame if Disney doesn't course correct and reshoot shit to minimize her presence in the movie.

Then again, reshooting is just as likely to degrade the quality (or "quality", what with it being MCU) or it.


Seems like it would've been tighter writing to just skip this stupid fucking movie and just have her appear in end game to save the day, it's honestly just a formality to bother with an origin story.

Would it really matter if she just appeared to mary sue it to conclusion, I think not.



She's literally the macguffin character that will beat Thanos, they can't write her out, she's central to the story. Captain America also dies in the movie and Captain Marvel will be the new flagship character for the series.



If it leads to the death of all superhero films, it will be a step in the right direction.

If it leads to the death of all sjw nonsense, it will be two steps in the right direction.

If it leads to jews being wiped out by an extraterrestrial virus that was being developed on MIR before it crashed back to earth, then it will be a full marching procession of a 50 million strong army of the finest German soldiers that mankind has ever seen, in the right direction.



>and Captain Marvel will be the new flagship character for the series

No one goes full retard as fully as Jews tend to do.


>a 50 million strong army of the finest German soldiers that mankind has ever seen

There's not even 10 million Germans worth saving left in the world.



I heard a rumor that there are 2 cuts of the movie. One with Captain Marvel playing a major role and one with her playing a minor role. I'm not sure if it's true though.



I can't imagine how that would work. If she's such a pivotal part of the plot no amount of editing could fix her getting cut, you'd need to reshoot nearly the whole scene.



And End Game is coming out next month, so I don't think they had time to make 2 different cuts of the movie.


It aired to empty theaters. So I'm not quite sure how it had such a great opening weekend, when it didn't.



>stating facts I don't like means you're an (((incel)))





>Captain Marvel will pass break even in the theatrical window by the end of the week with $750M worldwide.

>pass break even

holy shit this nigger's reading comprehension


>What the hell, BvS needed $600 million to break even, absolutely nuts

It's wrong. They probably need to make 450 million to "break even". Stop listening to the youtube faggot, this is the same guy who obsessively posts videos of one guy walking around a toy store as "proof" of Disney's global merchandising being a disaster.



Whoa now hey there. That's a whole extra movie's worth of profits we'd uh, marvel would be missing out on.


File: 1dd4d85bd3e710d⋯.jpg (30.91 KB, 360x452, 90:113, 1dd4d85bd3e710d5125f192943….jpg)

Imagine seeing this movie unironically



Jewsney shills out in full force, I see.



>as "proof" of Disney's global merchandising being a disaster

Yet Disney put all Star Wars movies on hold. Go back to /leftypol/ you whore.



But that is what it says in the article.




>It's wrong. They probably need to make 450 million to "break even".

BvS had a production budget of around $250 million. Conservatively let's say marketing was $100 million, likely was more but this would total up to $350 million total costs. Given that theatres take their cut plus taxes, something like $600 million to break even makes sense. Apparently some people believed it needed $800 million, but that's way on the high end, probably not that much. Stockholders did say that it needed $1 billion to be considered a hit. Don't know about Captain Marvel but I'd put it on the same boat. Production budget is listed ad $150mil to $172mil. The film had a crazy marketing plus theatres showing ONLY capt. Marvel seems fishy as fuck, but let's just say marketing costs were a high $150 mil, equal to the budget. So totally it becomes $300+ million, at least $600 million needed to break even, maybe even $650mil. A little lower than the $750mil but I'm taking conservative numbers. Anyway it will likely make whatever the break even point is by the end of the week or weekend.



Why think conservatively? We know Disney bought insane amounts of tickets (enough to "guarantee" 160 millions on the opening day) and has been bribing theaters to show nothing but Captain Marvel.

It's obvious they've sunk an obscene amount of money on this movie.



>Yet Disney put all Star Wars movies on hold

You still have no proof of Disney overestimating how much the merchandise would sell. Unless anecdotal instances of merchandise going to clearance is "proof", but if that were the case then literally every large scale merchandising venture has been a failure.


The projected figure by the end of the week is 750 million, which they are saying is beyond the break even point

>Captain Marvel will pass break even in the theatrical window by the end of the week with $750M worldwide.

It might be poorly worded but in the context of what the article is talking about it's clear:

>Disney says WW is up to $524M. One film finance source believes that it’s pretty much certain that Captain Marvel will see $1 billion around the world and break the glass ceiling for female-led pics at the global B.O., dashing past Wonder Woman‘s final global of $821.8M. Domestic will be at $400M. Captain Marvel will pass break even in the theatrical window by the end of the week with $750M worldwide.


The general rule is film budget x 250%. That includes marketing. So for BvS that figure is 625 million and for captain Marvel it's 375-430 million. I remember at the time people putting the bar very high for BvS but don't remember why that was. I don't think there were any reshoots like they were for Justice League or Suicide Squad.




Nobody is buying nuWars merchandise or toys.

>The projected figure by the end of the week

oh, here you suddenly care about projections and estimated numbers? But when deadline hollywood calculates by available data that Captain Marvel needs 750 million to break even, you won't believe it?


>The general rule is film budget x 250%. That includes marketing.

no, it is not the "general rule", it is a number that you made up and that might have applied to movies 15 years ago before capeshit.



>continues to gobble Jewish cock unabashedly

The movie failed. MCU is soon to follow.


File: 593dd4fabedd347⋯.jpeg (222.27 KB, 1384x528, 173:66, E0BC8F3C-D306-40C5-BA62-2….jpeg)


>I saw it unironically

At least I spent time with family and had yummy movie popcorn

As for my personal experience: it was majorly meh as I expected. It felt like 2/3rds of it was 2deep4u plot spinning and Everything is very predictable ie: your friends are actually baddies! And the baddies you were fighting were just oppressed space people! It’s fun of you think of it as an Israel/Palestine analogy


The movie opened on the same day world wide, so you can't compare the opening weekend numbers to all other movies that released on different weekends.

On the domestic ranking for marvel movies it's on 6.

The closest MCU movie is GotG 2 which made just 7 million less domestic.

GotG had a world wide total gross of 860 million.



Wow…just…WOW how can I come here if there are people like you here? You need to pick either your family or us.


File: a3cb21761321448⋯.jpeg (7.46 KB, 194x259, 194:259, download (3).jpeg)

File: c7ae69608ecd86d⋯.jpg (53.11 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 21.jpg)


>Yummy Mommy, Cummy on my Tummy



they arent making 750 million or whatever number they throw out. outside domestic market, they only take a fraction of that money home. china, especially, keeps like 80% of the money. if the budget is 150 mill and over 300 mill with advertising, if they only get $250 mill domestic with $700 million global, its likely the movie is a failure or barely breaking even.


File: 01bf46f8b6b32e5⋯.png (104.64 KB, 268x188, 67:47, ClipboardImage.png)


File: ee0ffacd96c362f⋯.png (10.2 KB, 320x224, 10:7, ClipboardImage.png)



>tfw fags and execs alike think a movie needs $1billion to be considered a hit.

Fuck me, it used to be just a few million in pure profit was considered a hit, see The original Predator. Now it's hundreds of millions in pure profit, even have a billion, to be considered a hit.

Hollywood is pure Jew.



"Hardcore mcu fans" thats a interesting word for npc






dup btfo



it's a flop, zach, lol



>it is a number that you made up

how new are you?

>Nobody is buying nuWars merchandise or toys.

<posts another youtube video of guy walking through a toy store



also if you still can't understand the context of that 750 million figure you're legitimately retarded



>has no arguments

<this seething

>u-u-u newfag i-i oldfag




>ugh, you just do't understand





We all know those fucks are going to double down and do the Cuntpain Marvel ending.



I already explained. Captain America is expected to make 750 million by the end of the week, which is beyond breaking even.







You know you're wrong. Have fun writing literal Disney fanfiction for another two years.



I have no clue what is going on. I haven't even seen the last Thor movie. I'm not even sure I'll see infinity war 2.

What I do know though is, GET WOKE; GO BROKE.


File: a748fa8890e14a9⋯.png (254.07 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1507021166129.png)


>movie is such a flop you got the name wrong


>russian bots still making up stories to try to discredit strong women and minorities





dup btfo


File: 213c6b487306792⋯.png (1015.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, feelin fine.png)


What this will lead to is Star Wars x Avengers moving forward on the time table. We can expect a new trilogy of films in which Captain Marvel and Rey team up to btfo dup.and punch nazis. The pain will not end, and bad things will die out only to be replaced by worse things.

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