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File: c3b32ae8a273b5b⋯.png (493.32 KB, 718x717, 718:717, ClipboardImage.png)


what drug you take when you're chilling to anime?



I wish normalfags had never discovered anime…


File: 4898d078d895f76⋯.jpg (59.04 KB, 690x270, 23:9, featured-special-education….jpg)

Mommy always makes me take my ritalin before I watch DBZ. She says it gets me too excited otherwise.



>dude, being degenerate is based xD



File: 1ee0a6c15086198⋯.png (229.14 KB, 512x512, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


come on ni🅱️🅱️a I know you take something fam


drugs are for losers


I use drugs but I would never use anime you big ass faggot. Anime is for traps and social outcasts. If you must know, I use kratom.



The soylent of the drug world.


File: aa2604b2bd5b170⋯.gif (364.2 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 80's anime.gif)


maybe you never hit a dab before senpaitachi weed is my drug and it makes anime so gooooooooooooooooood


File: 44cc3095638190e⋯.jpg (118.49 KB, 627x960, 209:320, 18199441_151789615357852_4….jpg)

Kill yourself, drug jew


I take HRT while I watch my favorite >cuckime, PreCure


File: 25ad2576aad920d⋯.jpg (98.15 KB, 930x618, 155:103, 25ad2576aad920ddfbf94265bb….jpg)

>anime is for junkies

Seems about right. Only low iq lazy retards need a story delivered through moving pictures. Its like a picture book taken to the next level. When you read a book its on you and your imagination to build the way things look. When you watch cartoons all you are doing is turning your brain off to consume someone elses imagination.



That statement makes no sense


File: 18672240b8a9088⋯.png (2.61 MB, 1796x1333, 1796:1333, 1488 what the 14 88 means ….png)

File: 664fd28bbade0aa⋯.jpg (157.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Actual_War__on_Drugs - due….jpg)



There is nothing wrong with occasional recreational use of drugs in the privacy of your own home. The drug war is the cause of the majority of crime in this country

>this country meaning the US


Addiction and daily use is a problem, recreational use is not.



I dont get it


Anime is gay as fuck



>t. subhuman



>Only low iq lazy retards need a story delivered through moving pictures

<posts on a board about motion pictures

unironically based



>im less than human because ive gotten high a few times

Just because they said weed is for niggers on american history x doesnt make it true. Responsible people exist. Just because if you use once you become addicted doesn't mean everyone is that weak.



Kratom is for faggots

Soylent is for faggots

QED dup btfo tbh




I still dont get it, kratom makes people gay?


File: 30f22b89c560d45⋯.png (268.98 KB, 500x375, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>Kratom is for faggots

I don';t know about that senpai

bit o kratom, couple phenibut pills, i hit the dab one time and i'm fucking buzzing

saves me a lot on weed too




Fuck funny butt dude, that shit is dangerous. Ive mixed it with kratom once and it felt like my brain was on fire. Also dabs are too strong. A single puff of good weed is great but if I get blasted ill have a panic attack.


File: 0b2568df6883f22⋯.mp4 (4.93 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 0b2568df6883f22cfde7048a84….mp4)


Because I'm already enjoying myself to the point where drugs aren't necessary

Also I'm not a faggot/nigger



Kek, I've never heard of kratom but I'll take your word for it.



you'd enjoy yourself more smoking weed though. you haven't watche anime till you watch it blazed.



>watches anime

<not a fag

You dont have to lie to kick it anon



that's ok anon we dont all have the same tolerance and i'm a big guy so i need more weed. i smoke weed with a guy who still gets blasted with 1 puff of a joint sometimes.





Why do you hate a tree?



Im 6'8" and 240lbs dude, your size means nothing when it comes to smoking substances




>Im 6'8" and 240lbs dude


tv chads

tv chads

tv chads


I grow kratom trees and sell clones on



File: b81991d63e509e5⋯.jpg (325.22 KB, 1200x579, 400:193, Ayyyyy.jpg)


>6'8" 240lbs

So you're a Gashadokuro?



Fair point


I miss being homeless and smoking cigarettes on hot days downtown while begging for money for booze and weed. Best years of my life tbh.



and the only anime that's worthwhile is DBZ (but only because it's a nostalgia thing). the rest is garbage and proof that 2 was not enough.



>bit o kratom

Red, white or green strain?


File: 823dd44c66feaa7⋯.mp4 (2.29 MB, 712x416, 89:52, WEWWEWWEWWEW.mp4)


>I'm 6'8" 240lbs







green because I didn't know which I wanted. Green is the medium one right?. I have a big bag 2 kilos kratom powder sitting in my room.






Green is the middle ground, yes. I used to buy by the kilo but I let myself become a daily user. When you use it every day it can turn you into an emotionless zombie. Ill buy an ounce for 5$ here or there since all it really takes is a gram. I hate white strains, way to jittery and edgy like some kind of speed. Reds are ok if you want to nod.


File: 3cb4fd08f7b9dfc⋯.png (41.26 KB, 142x144, 71:72, ClipboardImage.png)


this one triggers me the most



There is nothing worse in this life than being a short man. Im sorry you drew the short stick anon.



>t. anti-pedo




>saying someone is anti pedo is an insult

What the fuck dude.


The only thing better than weed is game of thrones



All anti-pedos are americans.



You got me there, im American



>I use kratom.

kratom is for losers




Why are you so mad people don't like anime?



>Only low iq lazy retards

<Guy has computer and monitor set up probably worth around 5k

<also has enough money to full decorate his room with is favorite hobby

<posters for untranslated VNs implying he is bilingual

What have you done with you life?



it dosen't even get you high



>Makes room look like it belongs to a 12 year old girl

>wastes money on monitors just to look at cartoons

Life isnt sitting in a room looking at a screen. Do you really consider him a winner? You have low standards.



If it doesnt do anything how can it make you a loser?



>doesnt get you high

So you obviously never used it, also you dont use it to get high unless you really want to. You use it like coffee.



I'm sorry the anti anime attitude of the poster I replied to made me needlessly aggressive



>Do you really consider him a winner?

He enjoys his hobbies and clearly has a means to afford them so I would say yes



Just because some people think anime is gay doesnt mean you cant enjoy it. I dont hate anyone who likes anime even though I dont like it myself. Be you dude, dont get mad.



Its your perspective, it makes sense to you.


File: f07c12bffb7b43e⋯.png (55.8 KB, 480x800, 3:5, Screenshot_2019-03-14-22-1….png)


If you want to be a normal fag its fine.



Is this like the third thread in the last few hours you've posted that in?


File: b2a2680ead7a3c9⋯.png (214.86 KB, 598x383, 598:383, 1273.PNG)


He doesn't enjoy any of this shit, it's his escapism because he's failed so hard at life that his only solace is watching chinese cartoons while spending his wellfare check on pointless memorabilia.

And if he ever chooses to stop keeping his mind turned off with anime, the reality of the situation will come crashing down on him and he'll break down into a sobbing wreck of a manchild that he is. However, he knows this, he's fully aware of how shit everything is, so he keeps watching his cartoons hoping to fuck the bad thoughts can stay away. He wants to die but too afraid of death to kill himself so he keeps on going, a husk of a human being.

Being into anime is shit anon, get out while you still can.



Im glad youve seen it again and again. Let it sink in, normal faggot


File: ecaedf9c176ffe2⋯.jpg (99.06 KB, 635x595, 127:119, 8712025c5332769be7f7fb407e….jpg)


Id rather be a heroin junkie than an anime junkie


File: b3f83ce78955d8d⋯.jpg (75.56 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, b3f83ce78955d8da2ac5ffadd1….jpg)

>I dont like real women

<is obsessed with effigies of them drawn by asian men

I guess you do like women, you just cant get them



real women are stinky. imagine what daisy ridley's bum smells like. 2d doesn't smell.



I'd let her boipussy mah cumpressah



You're projecting, aren't you.



Say what you want, you still obsess over women



Too many fights over linguistics on /tv/ today…



Talk about projection lol



>you still obsess over women

nothing wrong with that, if they're 2d who cares?



Lol I would I care if I wasn't part of your little spergy club. Anime is normal and I'm damn fine with that



At least you admit it



Not only is it normal anime is COOl!



You obsess over real women but cant get them dude, thats why you have convinces yourself cartoons are better.



I will let you know I have had sex with 4 women and I still prefer anime!



cartoons are better. without getting into virtues of 2d > 3d, most real girls aren't even virgins. you're a cuck if your gf isn't a virgin.


the only thing you should take while watching cuckime is cyanide



>I would I care if I wasn't part of your little spergy club

what does this sentence mean?


File: 619542499f5884e⋯.webm (6.06 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Youpoleproportioneddendro….webm)




You aren't even trying, 8/8 b8 got me to reply


Just so long as Berserk, Vinland saga, and most manimes stay out of normalfag culture I'll be happy

Inb4 new Vinland saga anime attracts a horde of normalfags


File: 8a373f5534e6d78⋯.png (191.59 KB, 625x455, 125:91, 8eb06b6c98fb25621c0c834dfc….png)




Say what you want, it doesnt change anything. At least you arent gay, just confused


One thing we can all agree on is that were losers. Why else are we posting here mid day on a weekday?



I'm not confused. 100 years ago people used to fall in love and get married, today they don't. It's not being raised on unrealistic ideal romance stories fucked with my brain, it's that those love stories used to at least be somewhat grounded in reality. There is literally no point even trying to get a good girlfriend. You're proof of this, you're pretending you are better than me and yet here you are arguing 3d > 2d instead of having a wife you're in love with and getting on with your life. You're worse than everyone because you're delusional and roleplay like some grounded person dealing with the real world. At best you'll marry an undesirable girl you're not in love with. Good luck with that.



I never said I was better than you, you just interpret insults that way. Also quit lying to yourself. There are more women in the US and there are 350 million people, you cant even find 50,000 american thot profiles. You brainwashed yourself into thinking all women are like the cherry picked social media posts that get plastered here by people who are trying to get you to convince yourself not to have kids. Its called being led from behind. Stop letting people make you manipulate yourself.



*posts divorce stats*

*posts sex partner number / virginity stats*

women aren't pure any more. I can't love a girl that's less pure than I am. I'm the guy for fuck sake. You're telling me to be a cuck. No thanks, I'm not putting my dick in a non virgin.


Goes on /a/



>every woman has had sex

Once again you have convinced yourself of a lie.



>im a king

Nigger what have you done to deserve a pure woman?



every girl who is not autistic* is a non-virgin

and that's not an attack on asperger girls, I'm just stating facts.


>what have you done to deserve a pure woman?

idk, I stayed pure? How fucking hard is that? Why can't women get by reading their romance novels, why do they need to fucked? I could have sex but I'm not going to unless she's a virgin, it's really not hard to not have sex.



>its a fact all women are not virgins

Its a fact you are delusional, lol.



>ive never had sex isnt that enough

No, it isnt. You dont just deserve tje cream of the crop because you exist. You have to earn it.



why does anyone deserve anything? lol it's easy to have sex it's not easy to have sex with a virgin, because they don't exist. If I'm able to fuck non-virgins then I should be able to find a non-virgin gf, but I can't. It's clearly not my fault.







You're being pedantic. I'm saying it's not on me to accept women who aren't virgins, and it's not my fault no women are pure. Just because you're willing to settle for someone you're not in love with doesn't mean everyone should be.

And yes, because I could easily go out and have sex but finding a girlfriend / wife is impossible, it not my fault. If you're going to deny how shit women have become over the last century you're being unrealistic.



How is it possible to be so deluded?


File: 15d20f95a3afdb2⋯.png (1.48 MB, 736x1250, 368:625, 69d4c053290507c1216697bb3f….png)


File: 4092fee31490b1b⋯.png (8.05 KB, 640x400, 8:5, Toho Academy Adventure.png)

I drink tea. But I don't watch anime, I just play the games. Well the text ones anyway.



name one thing in my post that's not true. The only girls who aren't virgins are autistic or part of some exclusive religious sect I'm not part of.



How can you possibly come to that conclusion? I dont disagree there are loads of women who are not but that really doesnt mean every single one isnt dude. Not even talking about religious or retarded, although I work at the arc and can tell you retards are way more promiscuous than normal people, im talking about normal women. Not all of them debase themselves and you are selling yourself short by sitting with your arms crossed and huffing. If you want to find a diamond you need to mine for it, it wont fall into your lap.


Caffeine on weekdays, alcohol on weekends or whenever I don't have to go to work.



Drink maybe once a month dude, every week? Youre asking for trouble



wow sweetie ur never getting laid 😂



File: 311710fb128c38c⋯.png (44.01 KB, 703x380, 37:20, artists who take drugs.png)

File: 64ec171ed2aedd4⋯.png (145.06 KB, 604x549, 604:549, combat drugs, meth, tactic….png)



>One of the most creative and skilled animators still active lives a life free of substances to the point where a single cup of coffee makes him shaky

I admire him even more now





File: fcafd7ba1f053f8⋯.png (32.19 KB, 964x748, 241:187, foo.png)


That's a furryventure btw.



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