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File: 55a4626530e1ba3⋯.jpeg (160.77 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 75755F2F-B841-4C5D-8CE6-C….jpeg)


>villain is a goddamn lunatic that wants to wipe out half of all life in the Universe

>still want him to win because he’s the most compelling villain the MCU has ever had and the quipperheroes are just that unlikeable



Half of life is not enough



Thanos's motivation doesn't make any sense. Wiping out half of all life would do nothing to stop the universe's population growth.



what about math makes it so hard for you?



They fucked up when they tried to give him this altruistic motive. In the comics he was just a crazy in love with Death.



He'll stop at half life 3 since not even Valve can pull that off.


I kinda like Loki more tbh.



Because youre a faggot


I'm pretty sure only gen z children have watched this stupid movie.




>can change all of time and space

>can't create more resources

Lol shit plot



And when he has gauntlet that lets him do anything, he could just lower birthrates and give more resources to every planet. Maybe in end game there is some stupid twist that he did it for shits and giggles.


File: 5cf8557e5f173ed⋯.png (272.64 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, How to beat Thanos.png)


Why didn't he just create more?


Why didn't he just snap the eagles to Mordor?



he should delete the other 50% so that capeshit finally ends


>delete 50% of all lifeform

>there was a chance that no one dies from the finger thing, but most of the plants in the planets dissapear

because you know, all lifeforms

still a full of holes ability






I laughed. Have a (You)


>Be given gauntlet that allows him to literally do anything

>Doesn't use it to make 2d real

It was always a waste from the very beginning.





i thought thor ragnarok was a decent film but for some reason I had no desire to see the next one, or the next one

probably because faggot chars like Samuel, Scarlett and Robert Downsy etc just kinda ruin it



Stop being Antisemitic!



Marvels movie characters really don’t have any underdogs or character except Spider-Man. Batman was rich but took it appropriately dark and used his investments to have others smarter than him develop tech. Tony The Jew Stark his mirror was ridiculous and unbelievable. Many marvels fags are some kind of fag princes or something, which DC has too. However Superman is the last prince of his kind and has at least some mystery and broken development, whereas Nig Panther is born into ease with infinitely convenient tech and no true hardship.

Marvel villains are worse which is true given Black Panther of all the films has the most reasonable bad guy. Think about that. Homicidal crazy motivations can be accepted, but their has to be at least some piece that is grounded in the dark motivations we are supposed to believe. Thanos is a cartoon.

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