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File: 56deff096d75fd4⋯.jpg (13.2 KB, 255x191, 255:191, candida-auris_2016-250px-1….jpg)


Kinos about humanity being wiped from this earth because some fucking fungus mutated to resist antibiotics because we keep using them too much like a bunch of ape fucking faggots.



So does this mean Africans will outlive civilized people?



The third world is actually where most of these mutations occur thanks to NGO and charities shoving meds into nigger's throats and they don't know what to do with it so they just dump it.




Guess what antibiotics work on, OP. Hint: it's in the name.


File: 82aef97b49327d9⋯.png (114.71 KB, 680x521, 680:521, af2.png)


Andromeda Strain


File: e46af9569d01cdf⋯.jpg (16.9 KB, 454x340, 227:170, Linda Fiorentino(4).jpg)


Woah, we have a big thinker here. Give this man an apron and a patient for neurosurgery. I'm sure he will be able to guess what to do with his amazing logic.


I want to become a CIA nigger boss so I can order the release of super AIDS.



I hope god lets Terry's spirit come back to Earth so he can release super AIDS inside of the main CIA headquarters.


File: dde978535f816c7⋯.jpg (60.77 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Brie-Larson-Tortured-Feet.jpg)

I'm resistant to all known fungus because i'm Brie Larson's personal foot slave. I like to get stuck in after she's been for a nice long run (half marathon at least) and built up a nice layer of sweat. Once i've dealt with that, I get to biting off those callouses. Usually quite chewy but with some effort they do come off. If i'm lucky i'll find a bunion, which is a nice challenge for me. But that's all missing the point. The main treat is those yummy cheesy toes. I like to peel up the toenail, revealing a musky aroma of a well cultured fungus (after a few weeks, a really nice thick layer begins to build). I like to start with the little toe and get a little creamy sour taste on my tongue, just something to whet the appetite. Then on to the main course, the big toes. Time to tuck in! I like to stick them whole in my mouth and suck like a vacuum, hovering up big meaty chunks of infected fungus mulch. This can often dry the mouth, but here comes the magic! Without the fungus barrier to block it, a tide of yellow-white pus floods my mouth, leading to a delicious fungus broth that the finest chefs in the world could not cook up. Sometimes you'll get harder lumps that add a satisfying crunch to the creamy meal. Bet you guys are pretty jealous huh?



just read some medical journals about things like C.diff, VRE, CPE, MRSA, ESBL, etc.

i would focus on CPE as it literally is forming its own immunoresponse by creating enzymes that attack antibiotics.


dont extended use of antibiotics cause fungal infections though?


you have GRIDS



This cured me of foot fetishism and will stay in my nightmares forever.



No. You take antivirals for viruses, antifungals for fungi, and antibiotics for bacteria. Using one for something it wasn't intended for (like antibiotics for a fucking cold or flu–both caused by viruses) is how you help their target organism develop resistance free of charge. Fungi aren't affected by antibiotics, in fact a lot of our antibiotics come from fungi (like penicillin).



i get that, i said cause fungal infections. not cure.

just like how taking antibiotics can "cause" you to be infected with VRE, C.diff, ESBL etc because the "good" bacteria that keeps that shit in check or fights it off is gone. and the only things left are the antibiotic resistant bacteria. in effect, causing, the infection.

in short, wouldn't your good bacteria be gone and make you more susceptible to fungal infections.


File: 3f6ad94e812cf5f⋯.mp4 (2.42 MB, 854x448, 61:32, toes.mp4)


wow anon you are so funny and random, I bet you arent like the other guys.



oof. sounds perfect.








I actually gagged a little.









He's right though, you smug cunt.

Agricultural use of fungicides is the issue here. That and the NWO depopulation agenda.


File: 7580cfa9a0ceb04⋯.jpg (137.81 KB, 1000x1426, 500:713, crichton.jpg)


>Andromeda Strain




I can't remember the last time I saw Linda Fiorentino?










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