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File: b184e2733c37683⋯.jpg (236.4 KB, 1470x2058, 5:7, Brie-Larson-04.jpg)




for making us hate you?


> that image

I was wrong. Brie Larson can make kino. We should support her bid to direct the next Avengers movie.


She truly has autism doesn't she?

Not quite CWC level but enough to make the cast feel weird around her.



Lefty autists become /cow/-tier SJWs. She's one of the rare 1/100000000 ones that just so happened to look 5/10, so she became a failed model, and (((Disney))) sensing her autism and useful idiocy made her a star.

Still, she should direct the new Avengers movie. That's the only way Avengers can be kino.


>>2013888 (nice)

It's really that hard to smile?


i'm sorry that you caught a foot fungus


not Sorry that all I can think of when your name is mentioned is toe fungus


At least she has the courtesy to wear closed-toe shoes.



Don't you just wanna give her a big hug? Until she pops



I'll pop on her, if you get my meaning.



I disliked her but this board is doing its best to humanize her and present her as charmingly autistic.



Her having actual autism helps a lot with that. It's the only way to explain why she does what she does.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Have you never seenthis?


File: c95b04291b44899⋯.webm (6.76 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Late Show with Craig Ferg….webm)



She used to be self aware.



>you will never bully her into autistic tears



That's not self-awareness at all.

That was sex incarnate. Did you not see that ass movement? DAY YAM. And she's practically upskirting her cervix.



why does he dress like a retard and carry two drinks?






Okay, this confirms it. She has the 'tism.

God, imagine being the fortunate man who weds her.



She's a millennial


Because she's autistic


I never managed to hate her even though it seemed the logical thing to do. She was too cute and too autistic to do that.







but if glompf does it every one shits their pants


i want to suckle her feet


She did this as a photo op and still couldn't act happy during it.



>She did this as a photo op

it's obviously a paparazzi candid



Yeah. She has an autistic jawline.



Is it just me or does her ring finger look bigger than her index finger here?


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