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File: 0c8bff7ebf81514⋯.jpg (909.83 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, captainamerica-punches-hit….jpg)


Is the popularity of this genre a sign that humanity deserves to go extinct?



Better western comics than garbage like Astrix & Tintin or the true horror that is gook cartoons.


it's modern hero worship and folklore

most pop culture shows have imperfect, human characters who are relatable. the whole point of capeshit is to have a strong, powerful, hero that kids can immitate.


File: f385c720078e02b⋯.jpg (105.1 KB, 590x590, 1:1, Wonder-Woman-is-full-of-bo….jpg)



Many of the current 30-50 years old grew up reading the comics. Things you cared about as a kid can have a strong influence on you if you never grew up. Because so many men refuse to grow up mentally they fall for this. I don't really blame men tho. Life has become so shitty and pointless it's understandable that they flee into their childhood.



Capeshit was my main form of escapism as a kid. I loved Venom comic books, and because of that i went and watched the Venom movie that came out last year in theaters. Just felt really empty watching it. Came out disappointed in myself for spending so many hours of my youth reading super hero comics.



that and vidya, and for the reasons >>2014706


i wouldn't be as apologetic for those behaviors, even tough they are Indeed understandable.

in fact, back in the 50's, movies and even books were regarded a bit in the same way.

From what i gathered, expressions like "you're a talker"/"you're a reader" used to be substantially pejorative allegations in the american vernacular, even tough the later was mostly applied on those who weren't sticking to treaties/technical material, but instead to fantasy/pulp and the sort.


For the first time, the computer capabilities to produce such works on the silver screen have brought to life an entire cast of comic book characters. It just so happened to be done by Disney and therefore is extremely tainted, but it happened. Action figures made life like. If you can't understand the fascination, maybe you deserve something insulting to be directed at you.



>most pop culture shows have imperfect, human characters who are relatable

Kek. Most pop culture shows tell the audience they are awesome despite being flawed.



>For the first time

It was been like this for two decades already

>If you can't understand the fascination

Manchildren ogling at their childhood



Didn't read much comics but I consumed other related things like cartoons, anime, movies, video games etc and still followed capeshit in such media. Basically was my life as a child and as a teen but I don't know, once I got to college age I somehow started to drop all of it, even though for the most part I somewhat still enjoyed it, not as much as before though. And as more time passed, I mostly dropped it all, aside from indulging on rare occasions when I'm bored. Well don't know if it's a result or nothing else is there, by that same age of disillusionment I grew to see that my life is pretty pointless and I'm just floating around through life with no purpose. I suppose manchildren occupy themselves with pop culture and define their life through those. Mostly am glad I am not like that but the sense of purposeless sure does suck.



Yeah, and they've woven together a couple dozen movies. It's remarkable regardless of the grade and SJW propaganda. Especially the defeminized version which is great.



It isn't remarkable, it's sad how adults are trapped at their childhood fantasies.



How soon before /tv/ is just a childhood fantasy?



>Astrix & Tintin

What's wrong with those? I've never had any exposure to them.


I used to read hand-me-down comics and watch the cartoons but just saw it as simple entertainment. There are plenty of things I can get nostalgic about, but the actual cape lore was never one of them. The same goes for Star Wars.



>garbage like Astrix & Tintin

Seething burger, but I would be too if all my country could shit out was soulless garbage.



No one grew up reading comics. They watched saturday cartoons. Even best selling comics sell like shit. Speculator bubble had couple millio n copies of xmen 1 or spiderman 1 or death superman, but actual sales of normal comics was lucky to break 100k for top selling books. That was with spinner racks of returnable books at grocery stores and overprints that get buried in trash because economy of scales when printing at those volumes.

After spec boom crash, if 1 book broke 100k, it was a massive success. Cancel number was around 20k to 30k sales range. Today, top 100 books sell under 20k.

No one read comics back then. They were for disgusting nerd antisocial losers. Still are. Its why avengers makes billions, but avengers comic sells 40k.



Saying that nobody read comics is a huge exaggeration.


File: 57102699fbf4f87⋯.jpg (216.69 KB, 1000x1338, 500:669, Superman[1].jpg)

Reminder that cuckic books have always been yet another subversive, Jewish brainwashing tool.


>Created by (((Jerry Siegel))) and (((Joe Shuster)))


>Created by (((Robert Kahn))) and (((Bill Finger)))

<Virtually all Marvel characters

>Created by (((Stanley Lieber))) and (((Jacob Kurtzberg)))


>Created by (((Rene Goscinny)))


>Created by (((E.C. Segar)))

One could go on and on. Anyone who bemoans the supposed "hostile takeover" and "pozzing" of the comic industry is clearly barking up the wrong tree.



Lol it's decrying muh racisms but the nigger is in the back and the chink is in the BLACKED hold.



> be jewish

> eradicate paganism through christianity

> be jewish in modern day

> bring back paganism but call it superheroes

> goyim eat it up

> literally take old pagan myths and include them in superhero comics

> goyim prefer the superhero version

> successfully monopolize "paganism" after bringing it back



>da joooooooooooooooooooooooos



imagine being part of a race so retarded it falls for jewish tricks every moment.


File: 2f9ad1c8e4c069e⋯.jpg (14.6 KB, 300x183, 100:61, Butz-Swastika-300x183.jpg)





/tv/ has an unhealthy jew fetish.



Anyone who bemoans the supposed "hostile takeover" and "pozzing" of civilization is clearly barking up the wrong tree.



I didn't know the muddying the waters as far as the definition of "American" goes went back this far.



Dumb shit has always been popular.



Gotta learn yourself the truth.



The New Colossus poem (i.e. “Give me your tired, your poor”) was written in fucking 1883. The tribe has been attempting to subvert and pervert what it means to be an “American” for at least half of our existence as a nation.


File: 2ba96feb0b12fd4⋯.gif (420.17 KB, 240x130, 24:13, UnlinedImperturbableAlliga….gif)


Have hard-on for God's chosen people, do we?



They cheer for things in the comic

Then relentlessly fuck everything up and cheer against those things is real life

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