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What did /tv/ think of Under the Silver Lake?


>cuck letter media

Never even heard of it.


I don't.


>pleb leddit memeia

>kike cucklasa


>e-celeb shit

Sage all fields & report.



Bumped. :^)


File: 91aed7c9fb122e2⋯.gif (933.28 KB, 245x285, 49:57, Jlaw-okay.gif)


>bumped so I can show everyone how pleb I am



Whatever you say, champ.


>the anti la la land

I haven't seen it but I want to



>"I-I'm not m-mad," the RLM intern stammered.



I'm doing it out of spite for autists who get asspained by "e-celebs."



I agree, it looks rather promising from a counter culture perspective. Perhaps another reason why they chose to only give it such a limited release.


File: 6f7735b469196a3⋯.jpg (33.59 KB, 349x642, 349:642, only pretending.jpg)


Sure you are.


they went full soy

who but the most white guilt filled cucks even watch these fags


File: 443487f525b83c3⋯.png (269.67 KB, 400x463, 400:463, 194a1e0444f496543551129d86….png)

>fucking genocide white people already



Yeah, okay.


>pleb leddit media

I would love to bash your brains in with a rock, you slimy rat.



<Janitor Letter Media

But why?


File: 932d812a174e9f4⋯.mp4 (10.77 MB, 640x360, 16:9, woke like mike.mp4)


rich white dudes

old white dudes



HARVEY WEINSTEIN IS WHITE - mike "brie larson was right" cucklasa







>living in your head

>rent free


I rate Under The Silver Lake a must see for every kinologist.


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