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File: 5372b2f212cbf18⋯.mp4 (700.52 KB, 320x690, 32:69, jew vomit.mp4)


Why are jews never the bad guys in movies (inb4 Drive)? When they're actually the bad guys in real life literally all the time, for the last 4000+ years.

We see so much russian/italian mafia, chinese triad, jap yakuza, evil catholics, evil southern christian protestants, evil white families, evil white man, evil arabs, evil muslims, evil blonde man, evil blonde german man, evil generic white women, etc.

But very rarely are jews, rabbis, and israelis the explicit villains, .


any ww2 movie has jews as the villain


File: 8455691b696edf1⋯.jpg (39.47 KB, 240x260, 12:13, 685e0ec8c3522ea267586c6ec2….jpg)

>this thread again


there's some mob stuff but it's mostly glamorized like always. honestly romanticizing gangsters was always weird and pretty subversive. they're creepy psychopaths who hang out in dingy bars and strip clubs and nothing like deniro or gandolfini.



oy gevalt



Because kikes are the ones making flicks?


File: e2a72b89d565284⋯.jpeg (48.97 KB, 500x313, 500:313, tumblr_inline_nryxkqQjye1….jpeg)

File: ecb1ea8f4dd49f6⋯.jpg (98.28 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (1).jpg)



Oh I don't know, Moe Greene and Hyman Roth were pretty obviously bad guys in the Godfather movies.



And the movie director who wouldn't give the Italian guy an opportunity because he wasn't a jew so he had to wake up with a surprise.



>kikes can vomit on command

what a fucking vile race.



>inferior white complains about the master race


File: b444fe6359211a8⋯.jpg (147.37 KB, 780x1038, 130:173, 1536741657399.jpg)


>Why are jews never the bad guys in movies


File: 3af7641aa6cf4db⋯.mp4 (15.45 MB, 640x360, 16:9, The Fall of European Civil….mp4)


>so what


The people who control the media get to decide what is good or bad in that media. Jews go out of their way to hide the Soviet Union was Jewish for this very reason.



well not all whites manage to embrace the full extent of being white.

That's how white leftists become a thing, and why they associate with jews and other kind of lower life forms.

In fact, the entire jew race is created of the repugnant amalgam of the lowest of whites, the lowest of north africans, and the lowest of arabs.

That's how, despite being ultra inbred, they also manage to be mutts.

And while both of these points should cancel one another, jews somehow failed to avoid both bullets at the same time.


>why isn't the oppressed minority that I hate considered evil by non-bigots


How did Lucky Number Slevin get made?


Was this thread really necessary? everyone already knows the answer, just go to cuckchannel, maybe you'll trigger a few Redditors but nobody here will care.



Have sex /pol/cel.


Sholomon used vomit attack, it was super effective


File: 6ad3970dc845afb⋯.jpg (276.22 KB, 1555x1960, 311:392, Yousuf-Karsh-Jonas-Salk-19….jpg)


/tv/ has an unhealthy jew fetish.




Coppola had a very distinct career in terms of relative separation from the conventional propagandizing we've seen get ever worse since the Star Wars plot formula.




You sound angry. Want to talk about it?


File: 6183e72cf99bede⋯.png (12.84 KB, 795x522, 265:174, this kills the roastie.png)


File: 256ba82898a3ab2⋯.jpeg (23.95 KB, 278x357, 278:357, Jud_Süß (1940).jpeg)

File: bb162f6874376b6⋯.jpg (22.56 KB, 231x350, 33:50, Once_Upon_A_Time_In_Americ….jpg)

File: 12281c12a9022b7⋯.png (96.64 KB, 220x339, 220:339, A_Serious_Man_(2009).png)


File: 30a5e1406249161⋯.jpg (79.65 KB, 720x707, 720:707, a.jpg)


underrated reply


Triple 9 was fairly recent and the two main villains were a pair of kikesses, including Boi Gadot.



>shoehorning your shitty forced freech maymay into an ancient macro

Perfect for the cringe compilation





Rapdup take your btfo pills NOW before you lose your post numbers too!


File: 72a6244bf28b0f6⋯.jpg (4.39 KB, 150x150, 1:1, Darvocet-FDA-Recall-01.jpg)


You still pushing that poison, nazidup?

You know it's been recalled by the FDA.



Rapdup, just stop being such a tryhard and take your btfo pills, you're seeing dupzis everywhere now ffs!



>the FDA support soy

no surprise there.


File: c2aa73d9447f5c3⋯.jpg (194.59 KB, 1186x900, 593:450, 60cbc7aeab67e180d34d4d5dbe….jpg)


Quit crying foul. You're the one pushing I.G. Farben products all over the place.and Trump is still getting reelected so what good are they?

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