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8pm Central Time 5/20/19

I have a lot of shit to talk about, as I'm sure you guys have a lot to be upset about. I'll answer every single question that I can and we can decide what to do with this place from here on out. This has been a long time coming. I'll take emails, texts, phone calls. whatever the fuck you want you gotta problem send it in.

Call/text here: (320) 247-5362

Email: gahoole2@8chan.co

POLL FOR NEW BOARD NAME: http://poal.me/jh50yd

Post last edited at



Is your eye o.k.?


gahoole is #CANCELLED

oh no no no



>I'm sure you guys have a lot to be upset about

Zach spam aside, nah, things are pretty okay.


Are you going to become the new BO?



the BO will never cede power. gayhoole is gonna have to drive to his house and smother him with his torso if he ever wants that title.


I got no problems with the board as is.

With the exception of


That shit belongs on /a/.


ban racism & antisemitism



Why did you cut your eyes?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Why do you hate Raven and me?


my 2 cents

I overall hate creepy code talking shit but also may realise i'm dumb and some smart people might want to have university level discussions here or some shit and want to get rid anyone dumb like me, but to that i'd say, those assholes can probably go anywhere else online and masterbate themselves




Stop anchoring my beautiful Sargon threads. Totally relevant to television and film – much more relevant than the Game of Thrones threads.


File: 83fc5390a4ceec0⋯.jpg (40.57 KB, 420x309, 140:103, downtheroad2pu.jpg)


Fuck you YAKUZANON, I hope you will slit your wrists.

Also next time you drink some heavy drinks add some sleep pills to the mix.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Is S-club 7 kino?



I'm not depressed anymore. My childhood waifus saved me from the hell?


File: 765c5f393d79140⋯.png (68.88 KB, 210x339, 70:113, 765c5f393d79140cc184067b60….png)


Is /tv/ finally kill? Tune in tomorrow to find out more.



TRS has decided that Sargon is losing though


Stop the yakuza spam which has endlessly been going on. Also the waifuniggers. Same complaints as usual but nobody does jackshit about it so why fucking bother huh?


The broad looks fine to me.


Stop the YAKUZANON spam and I will post my nudes.











>zoe kimball

I was the guy who posted Zoe kimball. She was my high school waifu


>state of the board sticky

The ABSOLUTE state of tv


>imageboards are serious business and we need to have a talk about them

jesus fucking christ


Time to ban YAKUZANON and anyone linking to /dempart/ also people creating threads in French


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





> I'll answer every single question that I can and we can decide what to do

I have an important question. What is a gahoole and a ravenfag and why should I care? A lot of namefagging for a tired board.



I'm done with /tv/



Yakuza can only be stopped by going out and killing him because even if his spam here is deleted as soon as it shows up, he still spams multiple 4cuck boards, reddit and who knows what other sites with Gahoole threads.


File: 8e5cd5ca82b7a48⋯.jpg (64.16 KB, 720x919, 720:919, 1555104962707.jpg)

Threads and comments happen when interesting things are for discussion, sadly the gays and waifuposters ruined the website especially the first one mentioned who either makes you want to puke or close off the 8ch tab forever.



Killing him it will be.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




I'm the bad guy now?



discord spic


File: 886bcb7cc36bafc⋯.jpeg (53.39 KB, 460x680, 23:34, D0XUXt_X4AAJpOE.jpeg)

I don't think anyone in this board, whoever it is, is in position to actually complain about something. We all asked for this, we made this, it's our baby.

Doesn't even matter if a lot of the trouble comes from outside, we collectively decided how to deal with it.

Looking for changes is fine, but pointing fingers in this case is fucking retarded.




You've always been.



File: 0cc41a6db030b34⋯.webm (779.16 KB, 320x178, 160:89, leslie.webm)

File: 442715bec84758f⋯.jpg (7.38 KB, 301x192, 301:192, childhood crush.jpg)


Give me a young hapa gf /tv/ :(.





Stop posting shitskin music putain d'arabe!


File: 6377107b8c23c01⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1857x720, 619:240, karakino circus.png)

>GoT shit is finally over

>suddenly board is in crisis

guess its back to dup btfo, my gf, capeshit, emma wars posting

<8pm Central Time 5/20/19




This board has been subverted by the Jews and I'd like to know just WHAT is going to be done about it.

Let's have more horror movie threads!





t. tranny


Gahooole, how many boner pills does it take to get you off the ground?



How about you fucking make /tv2/ faggot boy



It's a shit and derivative name, we need to be more avant garde.



lol stfu no you don't. /b2/ usurped /b/, a much more active """regacy""" board and even ended up being far more popular. I wonder, would /tv2/ btfo some faggot shitstain board that's constantly spammed by the same three autistic retards every single fucking day and currently crumbling as we speak? now is the time gaypool


File: 885f8fda6ec0532⋯.webm (3.91 MB, 208x360, 26:45, based Gahoole.webm)


Watch that webm during the live.



Not saying we can't dump Zerosucc, just that naming it /tv2/ is cheap and derivative. Even /talmudvision/ would be more creative.



How's /film/

ya das wot ah thot



Claim /kino/ and cleanse it of autism.



too fucking long bro


File: 9422935351473a3⋯.jpg (36.72 KB, 640x428, 160:107, 1535470309-640x428.jpg)


/bbc/ is the only right answer and you know it.


File: e8e62394ec9a639⋯.jpg (164.63 KB, 1920x800, 12:5, edd03c1979602d3b879317dcbd….jpg)


/tv2/ or bust, I'll be whispering in the ear of gaytool like wormtongue



I'm unironically for /film/ as well.



Can't wait 'til every major board has a number appended to it.



Hey that's right, it's claimable.


I don't know if I'd want to get that close to his ear.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

frank costanza time?



File: 11d77146ca47e61⋯.png (593.17 KB, 1078x1002, 539:501, 1532580956939.png)

I don't get it, whats going on?



1st thing I thought reading op's screed

<Muh show is ober, bored must be kill now

/tv is best bored, no delet


>Emergency sticky gets 1- 4 replies x hour





Really curbs your enthusiasm


It's time to make this a Derry Girls board.


Ban GOT threads

Ban marvel threads

Ban all superhero movie threads



Deport elitists faggots that don't like superheroes, genre films, CW series, ecelebs of YouTube



Deport faggots that like superheroes, genre films, CW series, ecelebs of YouTube


File: c057ba556723fdc⋯.jpg (116.66 KB, 1300x957, 1300:957, happy-young-hispanic-boy-r….jpg)



Deport dup!



make a seperate /film/ board for non-current or non hot topic shit and an e-celeb containment board

do it for the fans ga(s coming from his)hoole


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Do you like the movie " The weirdo "



This. It's been business as usual for the most part.



>split up the board further

Terrible idea.


File: 79e3c0b4513d79d⋯.jpeg (148.82 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, 4WD5oGLEMQE2oBjnwjxT42um6….jpeg)

File: a72bad6aababefa⋯.jpg (72.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1498667311684.jpg)

File: c94d9112b324d35⋯.jpg (114.44 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (9).jpg)


This guy gets it!


No, we should enroll some trad e-thot to teach us about nofap.


Turn your youtube channel into the official 8/tv/ channel. Use it to make shitty top ten clickbait videos and to pick fights with bigger youtubers.






We may be on your land, beaners, but you're in our country.


File: 5ad828ce95e69c9⋯.jpg (135.69 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 5ad828ce95e69c9e0ed9922060….jpg)

So, wait

What is going on? Is /tv/ actually shutting down or something? Please explain.



Gahoole is consolidating power for his uprising against the Board Owner.



Oh dope, Gahoole Supreme Leader of /tv/ 2020



Dude, the board is extremely slow on average.




So I think Gahoole is suggesting we come up with some new things to do besides weekly viewings and F for death posts.


The market will fix it.



People have been complaining about a decline in the quality of the board and the board owner is MIA. Some have also been saying that the last season of GoT was the only thing preventing /tv/ from coming apart at the seams and now it's over.



Our electoral campaign is going to be better than amerimutt presidentials.



GoT is the thing that fucked it up. It just ended yesterday and /tv/ is already starting to recover.


Your stickies are a good idea. Keep up with them.



We could try to do some collaborative content creation.



Do a gaming night, but to make it /tv/ related pick two movies/actors/directors/etc. and have each side fight for one or the other. Whichever side wins will be officially proclaimed to be the superior movie/actor/director/etc.



How about making the board be about movies instead of a shitty version of /b/?



in Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 saber duels.



How about killing yourself you stupid faggot


File: d8ce2bdfb5c2fa7⋯.jpg (307.5 KB, 1024x2000, 64:125, 3d4c9bc1d85909c91ba8612f6f….jpg)


Pic related. And Vin Diesel is making both movies and games.



This is the exact thing I'm talking about. This shit right here.


File: b57de7b37b7b6ad⋯.jpg (63.83 KB, 469x567, 67:81, gahoolaccino.jpg)

Everything is so tiresome




Hey ZACH this is why NO ONE likes you.



If he was actually done with /tv/ I'd start liking him a little.


File: 8939d50b2ee3dc0⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 664.67 KB, 480x360, 4:3, how about no.webm)


>let's all act like /v/iggers!



And how would you accomplish that? It's hard if the users don't want to talk about TV



>It's hard if the users don't want to talk about TV

Then ban them or delete the off topic threads and tell them to go to a board more suitable for what they want to post about, i.e. what every other board does. Many of the posters here should just move to fucking /b/ or /cow/ and a couple need to head back to /pol/ and /leftypol/.

Banning template threads would be a good start.



Fuck off sudocuck, you're the only one who wants to effortpost exclusively about electric jew.



Every other board sucks, tho.


File: 0de9086ad474982⋯.png (4.35 KB, 357x39, 119:13, _tv_.png)


This board sucks.



No I'm not and fuck you.


>also known as staying on topic

<exclusively about electric jew

>see pic

Have you considered posting on a DIFFERENT FUCKING BOARD?



>/b/ or /b2/


<akshually just whores and cuckime



LMAO get dabbed on niggo



have sex



still no cure for herpes



Those boards aren't as intellectual as /tv/. I like shitposting with smart people who appreciate the arts.



unironically this, /tv/ has the best shitposts on the entire internet tbh


/tv/ replaced /b/ and now /b/ has been properly replaced. It's time to ban all the shit posters and get back to discussing movies and TV series. The decline in quality has made the board utterly unusable. It can only improve.



So, you see that new episode of Modern Family?



omg Modern Family is sooooo funny XD



Maybe it's because you're such a gigantic faggot that this is happening. Never happened to me, the board looks fine to me



Who is going to host a gamenight considering all the hostfags that knew what they were doing have left 8chan?



how do I call up gaydrool with discord or skype or something no way i'm using my phone for this shit lma0



Use a burner phone number or FireRTC or some shit

Any mention of using discord will send everyone into a sissy fit trust me


What time does this start? Cuz I'm gonna play some Oblivion right now, tbh.



71 minutes


File: eaff4d2e749b260⋯.jpg (329.21 KB, 1016x664, 127:83, gote.jpg)


I'm sorry, why exactly is a "state of the board address" necessary? Other than the fact that you want to attention whore, of course.



>People have been complaining about a decline in the quality of the board

Those people are faggots. Most of the waifucucks got bored and left, and the board has been noticeably better ever since.




Based, this game produces pure kino even without any player input.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Jeremy Soule's soundtracks are super comfy.




Based Todd Howard.


File: c2b88d50998e63e⋯.jpg (166.97 KB, 1024x771, 1024:771, 154571288818.jpg)

Okay, here are some of my complaints, it's a long one but i'm been here for years and on 4/tv/ long before that, have made countless OC's and effortposts over the years so i'm hoping you'll take my observations into account:

Template Threads and Low Effort Threads

Stuff like "what are some kinos about", "inevitable biopic", "what did he mean by this" etc. are always an excuse to post off topic bullshit, they are rarely any good. That's alongside other bait and spam. There should be a minimum bar set for thread quality to nip this shit in the bud.

Moderation, Anchoring & the Spam Filter

Two vols isn't enough, ideally we'd have a full team with a few NEETs in there who don't have commitments but BO is a lazy fuck who won't lift a hand to help that along. Anchoring instead of deleting means the spam filter is perpetually clogged up because anchored threads still count toward the filter.

Off-Topic Shitposters

People that whine about television and movies. It's created an environment like /v/ where discussing new stuff is met with scorn and disinterest, but those people will never suggest an alternative to discuss because they never gave a fuck in the first place. They either hide behind a shield of "everything sucks now" to excuse why they don't watch anything or create any OC or they openly brag about how they don't watch anything as if it's a badge of pride.

Spammers (Zach, Poolfag, Yakuza, Nudefag etc.)

I'm just going to assume that all these guys are permabanned at this point and are ban evading. Not much can be done against that but it might help if ban evaders got deleted by IP on sight though so multiple reports don't have to be filed.

I think most of this could be remedied or fixed entirely by moving the board (like /b/ did with /b2/). I have another board ready to go, complete with new logos, 40+ banners, custom assets and a custom CSS. Just say the word and i'll make you a vol no questions asked (vol2 also if he wants in). We can even move Film Club over and keep that going. If you're interested i'll shoot you an email but I do think this is a last resort, if /tv/ can be saved then that is the preferable option.



these can only be fixed by /tv2/. the faggot who got his cock sucked by a pig is a real fucking nigger faggot and i hope he got AIDS


File: 138f67e3ca5423c⋯.png (19.05 KB, 823x241, 823:241, based todd.png)


He did some voiced lines too.


File: bf86d50593625ad⋯.png (67.86 KB, 645x729, 215:243, me smurt.png)


>you know what the problem with /tv/ is?

>it's not overmoderated



>I'm just going to assume that all these guys are permabanned at this point and are ban evading.

Dumbass. They're friends with the moderation.



What did she mean by this?


What's her name?


What do her braps smell like?



I liked the one that was all about queers.


Is anyone outside of his Discord actually going to call in? lol



>wanting more vols

kys, however I do agree that template threads are cancer and that the quasimodo/raven spammer should get permabanned. the only alternative would be removing names all together like what (((Mark))) did.



Yeah that'd be great too bad all those features are locked behind the BO account who never shows up to do anything



how do i get in the cringecord



There's an invite in all the weekly movie streams



Pretty sure vols can permaban.





t. Gahoole's mom, at his birth




He just called it 4/tv/


Which Pokemon would you fuck?


When are u going to get rid of the >cuckime posters? They are a bunch of obnoxious faggots.


File: 14029cd0c87118a⋯.gif (312.37 KB, 335x333, 335:333, dabaccino.gif)

Make a permanent Dunkaccino sticky.


Gahoole DO NOT create a new board.



This is a grand idea.




Seconding both of these.


Gahoole please respond to the allegations that you are now a cuckchan eceleb. I saw your shit on /gif/ thread.


Contact codemonkey and tell him the /tv/ BO is being negligent and letting the whole board go to shit. They've removed imkampfy from /pol/ for ruining a legacy board, so there's a precedent already.



>the board looks fine to me



Gahoole addressed this in the stream already. Ron told him to fuck off.



File: edbb524d6bb6f8a⋯.png (93.73 KB, 303x500, 303:500, big-brain-fat-boy sarg.png)

call the board the sargon's brapbarn kino


Tell Codemonkey he's a fucking fag and that the BO is dicking his own board.



chodemonkey dont care


/tv/ doesn't need an active BO. The board's fine the way it is, more moderation would be anathema to /tv/ culture.


No more stickies. They're gay af


File: 8f0fff41a23ec53⋯.jpg (194.36 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1538279557.jpg)

you just asked for mods, open apps for mods



That might actually be the best solution. /b2/, /animu/, and /delicious/ all bear witness to how effective a solution it is.


Moderation starts to kill boards.

Weather the storm.

Maybe make one new mod, keep them on a leash.


File: 750d268fe57444b⋯.png (308.66 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1449103553107.png)

>I'm Devilman

What did he mean by this?


File: d8755762b5aff7f⋯.png (315.63 KB, 450x450, 1:1, not Cozy Glow.png)

witness me Gayhole!


Gahoole you didn't read the last bit of my post (with the Billy Mays picture). It's important.


File: d45583de57535ba⋯.png (480.04 KB, 426x425, 426:425, Gahooles11.PNG)

File: 90f1dba9a23ffc3⋯.png (483.82 KB, 424x427, 424:427, gahooles10.PNG)

File: 31da26c1def6147⋯.png (403.49 KB, 422x423, 422:423, gahoole7.PNG)

File: a9c28b4a3aeaf71⋯.png (539.79 KB, 428x530, 214:265, gahoole3.PNG)

File: 8b3a7f43b12a707⋯.png (605.34 KB, 423x545, 423:545, gahoole.PNG)


File: 0b7b987bef5fccf⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, applegoy, i....png)





>The board's fine the way it is

The board is a disaster area that serves no purpose. It would be better for /tv/ to be deleted entirely than to let it continue like this.


File: c92a2a0e474a4a5⋯.png (185.46 KB, 430x430, 1:1, c92a2a0e474a4a523093bcb08d….png)

Imma shitpost here



this tbh


File: 8618ad831911756⋯.png (5.04 MB, 2277x3300, 69:100, 91DE88E7-78D0-4B53-B21D-0E….png)

When are u going to get rid of the >cuckime posters? They are a bunch of obnoxious faggots.?


the decline of the board coincides with the appearance of anal vape


File: bd70fe4ab815c74⋯.jpg (87.75 KB, 378x485, 378:485, 3ee61edfab33ff77292bbe62ef….jpg)


Kinome is /tv/ nigger


File: 333b8104f0ddf03⋯.mp4 (455.71 KB, 480x360, 4:3, space_boy_mass_ejaculation.mp4)



what did he mean by this?





basically synonymous at this point


Before moving to a new board, at least make a poll to see how many anons are on board with that idea.


I already have a new board Gahoole, it's got content already made up for it too.


File: 2a106b1b6bdb56a⋯.jpg (97.44 KB, 476x710, 238:355, 8f06a85df772e7dbf7bd2d67fd….jpg)

Are you saying that you are done moderating if the BO doesn't come back Gahoole because of the workload? Is that what you're really trying to say?


File: 94f078aa3194900⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1719x839, 1719:839, Emma Dumont.png)

Other than the issue of the missing BO. My opinion is that the board will not die or degenerate and will sustain itself fine "as it was" for the last months if we persist.

But if that is what everyone still wants, I don't know. Maybe it's people who are growing.


It's only three letters too, the board name I mean.


File: e3b367cc26096a4⋯.jpg (104.68 KB, 906x1132, 453:566, thumbs up.jpg)




It's boring and it sucks.



Does it need a purpose? It's an 8chan shitposting board, it exists for the purpose of anons blowing off steam.


Why do you keep on anchoring my threads about the beautiful Sargon of Applebees btfoing the libs?


Gahoole, you just need a vacation, bro. BO is avoiding you for some reason.


File: 9a9c6a7d5952355⋯.png (371.54 KB, 626x803, 626:803, 9a9c6a7d5952355b5ac3a89ade….png)

File: 0d198900ee14206⋯.png (84.01 KB, 250x250, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)




BO is your leader. He deals with the faggots by going afk. Follow your superior.



$10/per night in Thailand with cute traps and scenic views

Go gahoole.


File: 5b253ab568dfd8d⋯.jpg (3.52 MB, 2000x3000, 2:3, 1464942246493.jpg)

i won


File: 134247726813428⋯.png (363.03 KB, 700x394, 350:197, ClipboardImage.png)







File: c73f7f861373eda⋯.jpg (14.84 KB, 231x290, 231:290, spede.jpg)

Gahoole, go inactive for a week and see if the board looks any different when you come back. If it's not significantly worse, then the solution is just to worry about it less.


Quit drinking soda and take a vacation.

Hike in the forest.


Why don't you anchor and lock every thread so everyone will be forced to follow the sticky?



The board is called "/tv/ - Television and Movies". Posting should be about television and movies. If people want to "blow off steam" then they can do it on /b/ or /b2/ or make their own shitposting board.


File: 38388554de592e2⋯.png (83.73 KB, 1280x977, 1280:977, rtvwhite.png)

How do you feel about /rtv/ guys? I have logos and everything specially made up.


File: afa7dc15a0244da⋯.png (971.86 KB, 540x960, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)

PSSSST, Gahoole…




There's plenty of templates of alternatives over the years, like:




That would work.



That's an idea. If both mods go inactive for long enough the BO will either be forced to act or have the board taken from him.


>gahoole trying to cover for zerosugar




Let the CP posters do their thing.



I like that idea.


File: 04a6083955c1e74⋯.png (146.65 KB, 388x344, 97:86, 04a6083955c1e74a33de2d54ad….png)

File: 04ee3c5ca63a874⋯.jpg (63.07 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 04ee3c5ca63a87444d14f6da26….jpg)

File: 80d5389ff17dc7b⋯.jpg (53.55 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1468217637857.jpg)


BO is afk because you are doing such a good job and working so hard, Gahoole.


File: 567e9a1376c7015⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 15.96 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, leftypol BO.webm)


File: 2fb7c29b16ad8d2⋯.mp4 (1.9 MB, 480x360, 4:3, The_state_of_leftypol_2.mp4)



File: 1e0d016223472f0⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 8.48 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, leftypol BO.mp4)


File: 8ae0badd62d82c2⋯.png (185.75 KB, 440x524, 110:131, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 0b21a309c0b0ec8⋯.jpg (114.45 KB, 1264x631, 1264:631, dune___leto_2_and_fish_spe….jpg)


File: 6d80d17f7a62eca⋯.jpg (82.58 KB, 750x500, 3:2, img13.jpg)

It's time to pay the piper, the NEETs must be knighted.


File: ef54a1abe96f2fb⋯.jpg (104.15 KB, 663x497, 663:497, 1538286934.jpg)

wtf is this guy saying?????????



Can't read, too red.


Maisiecuck on the line now



Shit and shit and shit and shit


Is this guy Yakuza?


File: def32e3bfb8f112⋯.mp4 (224.94 KB, 320x240, 4:3, LOG.mp4)


Porn guy is offended, Gahoole.


File: 94004cf5fda1d9e⋯.jpg (19.62 KB, 480x425, 96:85, bionicle.jpg)

Why don't you anchor and lock every thread so everyone will be forced to follow the sticky?


File: f3b2315cb96bcd4⋯.jpg (67.34 KB, 404x396, 101:99, 1549418263.jpg)


<t-thank you mr president




File: 144e86ffdd8c2ee⋯.png (303.05 KB, 333x528, 111:176, t.png)


You just told the trolls your plan. Make up your mind off air.


File: f8dc5d707de3a07⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, uxmg2ov5dri11.jpg)

>gahoole says nigger


File: 139b6a5cf89d6ba⋯.png (784.25 KB, 893x1200, 893:1200, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 6343ecfbd24699b⋯.jpg (359.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5b3349502e7ebc86efc6061a8b….jpg)


What about /kino/?


File: c230c02c9896402⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.49 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5d23849ca29b589⋯.png (715.09 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e60dda45dd6e556⋯.png (1.74 MB, 2048x1152, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



This, /kino/ is the best thing to switch to.


File: 61c70eb52e4733a⋯.jpg (604.68 KB, 2500x2372, 625:593, 1480374011781.jpg)

that foreign retard that called was yakuza btw


File: 21da00d2e791f90⋯.png (35.19 KB, 300x100, 3:1, rtvbanner43.png)

File: 327dd8043e0f3da⋯.png (60.47 KB, 300x100, 3:1, rtvbanner50.png)

File: b0f07c1baaea55b⋯.png (54.63 KB, 300x100, 3:1, rtvbanner52.png)

File: 044a8a45b9377ed⋯.png (48.88 KB, 300x100, 3:1, rtvbanner8.png)

Why /tv2/ and not /rtv/? I have banners and stuff all made up.



/rtv/ sounds reddity.




We will be taking a vote on it for sure, the name is important and we should all be on board with it


File: 25c0e8501eb2034⋯.jpg (40.35 KB, 599x434, 599:434, 1552663885.jpg)

will Australians be allowed on any new boards



What happens if the /bo/ of /kino/, /tv2/ etc. is an absolute cunt?


File: 2da16504d853230⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 70.38 KB, 255x191, 255:191, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2da16504d853230⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 70.38 KB, 255x191, 255:191, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2da16504d853230⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 70.38 KB, 255x191, 255:191, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2da16504d853230⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 70.38 KB, 255x191, 255:191, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2da16504d853230⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 70.38 KB, 255x191, 255:191, ClipboardImage.png)







I am claiming /kino/ right now, and /tv2/ guy seems fine.

any BO is better than no BO


File: 84419e7f2ba3519⋯.png (579.5 KB, 990x682, 45:31, 84419e7f2ba351933bb546ac6d….png)

>gahoole thinks he can defeat zerosug



Then we migrate again


File: e3d500e3e4b477c⋯.jpg (273.14 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, boettcherashley_2019-03-17….jpg)

That's really Mark's butthole?


File: 1dba75c2dd695a1⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Imagine the smell


Gahoole just turn off calls if you're trying to do other shit right now.


File: 72780b8364f9ded⋯.jpg (480.85 KB, 2326x1551, 2326:1551, Chvrches_at_SPIN_Party,_SX….jpg)

god she is so fucking cute I want to impregnate her and make scottish bastards after I abandon the children after she hits the wall and ends up being a gigantic cunt


File: e1811b56348b5fb⋯.jpg (149.23 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, boettcherashley_2019-04-19….jpg)


Frig off, dan


File: 5397100d91492a2⋯.webm (7.06 MB, 640x352, 20:11, deranged penguins.webm)

It's the end of /tv/.


If /rtv/ doesn't win can I still get a vol position on one of the other sucessor boards. I am an oldfag and have been here since pre-Truthy.







Global reports may trigger global mods and CM to contact BO.


File: 17dedad43ad7422⋯.jpg (31.63 KB, 500x279, 500:279, Dawkings_709a2e_202100.jpg)

will your new board have plenty of her?


File: 541873821dcc2be⋯.jpg (212.82 KB, 907x907, 1:1, 1b7a4d1491665964d7b2a92086….jpg)

You have declared war against zerosug whether you think you did or not. Get ready for a shitstorm.


File: 8f7d25b50ed4a8f⋯.jpg (39.95 KB, 217x240, 217:240, 1468544615507.jpg)

time for endless shitposting


If you do make a new board, be sure not to get rid of your /tv/ mod account. Just in case.


File: 2ef78d50aa5eab7⋯.jpg (77.05 KB, 375x523, 375:523, tvshaman card 2.jpg)

Rule one: no this guy allowed


I believe all Infowars employees should be free to promote themselves here only and banned everywhere else

after all it's their job to go where anything organic may be and enchance it with their enhanceametics but trully, this is the place they belong /tv and insist on coming to, it was made for them


>discord spics trying to fracture the board


File: a5ce1608a341f59⋯.png (505.45 KB, 583x867, 583:867, 1554095907075.png)




>discord spics trying to hold onto their power






File: 9c355cee3655415⋯.jpg (347.69 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1534948747288.jpg)

Dark Phoenix and Nigga Bitches in Black look terrible


File: fe40795c4e10be8⋯.png (148.27 KB, 1769x571, 1769:571, newcss.png)

Can we use the fresh CSS I made for /rtv/ on /kino/ instead? I don't want my efforts to go to waste.


Emma Flopson in 'Colonia 2'


Will you be checking your emails in the next few days? Got shit to send you.



Why pink?



>discord spics and leftist infiltrators trying to become vols



Yes I will be


File: deb48267bf73519⋯.png (701.63 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, leftytb.png)



Unexpected ballscratch @ 00:34 always cracks me up.


btw gahoole last few times I've claimed boards it took a couple weeks to get a response


Whatever you do, do not let any women become mods. If you find out one of the mods is female get rid of her immediately.


File: 33dd34769c3e4bf⋯.mp4 (3.69 MB, 480x360, 4:3, The_Face_of_Leftypol_1.mp4)



Have sex


File: cd95df86a6c7d02⋯.webm (525.21 KB, 720x480, 3:2, bed.webm)

Goodnight Gahoole.



It's orange and purple, to signify the sundown of /tv/ and the new dawn of a new board.


>>>/dup/ is a place for btfoing



Not far enough. Don't let sex-havers be vols either, as they've all been brainwashed by the femgroid mind-control hole. /kino/ should be a volcel gang board.



>reddit tv

thanks but no thanks



It looks like the >>>/girltalk/ css


File: a0a8a6ca31c68d6⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 2268x4032, 9:16, f52c37b1a67fcded0599fa4fdb….jpg)

>zero ultra

>zero sugar

What did Gahoole mean by this?



This is like when the illuminati slip their symbolism into dollar bills



Is this ironic lefty memes?


You know some slut is flashing titties to make it happen now.


File: 82ca5983e60a7e0⋯.png (555.12 KB, 1307x1650, 1307:1650, og ts.png)


TruthSeeker was completely unironic. He had a lot of ironic imposters though.





The discord spic is afraid.



>he doesn't know about TruthSeeker

Get the fuck out.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 36a3c39d71e3512⋯.webm (77.31 KB, 720x480, 3:2, truth.webm)



Sorry I'm not autistic like you are.



please be 4 chan somewhere else


Unbreakable Union of fa/tv/irgin posters,

Great kino has welded forever to stand.

Created in struggle by will of the people,

United and mighty, our /tv/ land!

Sing to the Motherland, home of the free,

Bulwark of peoples in brotherhood strong.

O Party of Gahoole, the strength of the people,

To kinography's triumph lead us on!

Through tempests the sunrays of freedom have cheered us,

Along the new path where great Gahoole did lead.

To a righteous cause he raised up the peoples,

Inspired them to labour and valourous deed.

Sing to the Motherland, home of the free,

Bulwark of peoples in brotherhood strong.

O Party of TruthSeeker, the strength of the people,

To kinography's triumph lead us on!

In the victory of kinography's immortal ideal,

We see the future of our dear land.

And to her fluttering scarlet banner,

Selflessly true we always shall stand!

Sing to the Motherland, home of the free,

Bulwark of peoples in brotherhood strong.

O Party of Dunkaccino, the strength of the people,

To kinography's triumph lead us on!



>implying TruthSeeker is from 4chan

Please leave.



only if you stay



based dany




changed my mind, too slow on the reply


This board is turning into more of a circlejerk everyday with wannabe e-celebs and forced memes. Besides, /b2/ is everything good about /tv/ with none of the gay cliques and personalities. This board no longer has a purpose.



>t. triggered newfag



I agree that /b2/ cut a lot of the board's userbase. AS IT SHOULD. And we should move on and evolve.


a random board should have a purpose, unlike the tv and movie board



Maybe the board should become about discussing movies and TV series?


File: 497c22540743243⋯.jpg (169.97 KB, 1920x1040, 24:13, The.Deadly.Mantis.1957.108….jpg)


One possible thing to consider is making another board with Gahoole as the BO which would facilitate better moderation and might also lose some of the mouthbreathers who will persist posting here or think it is dead and move on.




these are common themes here and not wrong.

The insanely low quality and spam posts in this thread is proof that we need to migrate boards.

My two cents

One of the problems is that any OC maker gets stalked and harassed. When the NYC subway had a totally out of control graffiti problem, the transit authority started to clean the trains and immediately remove them from service to be cleaned if tagged.

This actually eventually slowed the rate of tagging in the first place because taggers wanted to have their tags seen, and when that stopped happening, they saw it as not worth the effort.

The corollary to that is that (as on other boards like /ausneets/) stalking/doxxxxxing/harassment of IRL posters (except Zach, fuck Zach) is immediate post deletion so harasser can't get their rocks off.



Y'all niggas forget we at war with the Jews for SJWing the SHIT out of entertainment. What was once subversive and something to woke from, is not front and center, blatant as fuck.

That to me seems like the most significant problem.



>we need to be free to completely shit up the board with off-topic template crap in order to redpill people on subversive media




I'm not saying we need to do anything.

I'm just saying, many people are A. Traumatized, B. Overwhelmed, C. Checked out completely, D. Literally watching tv and movies like we hatewatched GoT.


File: 834606bcc1c6c7f⋯.jpg (16.69 KB, 739x415, 739:415, 45566.jpg)


That's fine. But nobody is obligated to take care of their burned out asses. This board isn't a safehouse.



>The corollary to that is that (as on other boards like /ausneets/) stalking/doxxxxxing/harassment of IRL posters (except Zach, fuck Zach) is immediate post deletion so harasser can't get their rocks off.

The problem is that the harassment happens off-board. There's very little mods can do, other than muddy the waters and send the harassers on a wild goose chase.



That's why I think Gahoole just needs to follow BO's lead and check out himself for a while, not take it too seriously, not get worked up by trolls. The entertainment industry is literally falling apart. All the propaganda narratives have coalesced. Rather than each demographic being targeted selectively, all demographics are getting the same SJW and political message.

I mean we're seeing everything become train wrecks.

What isn't a trainwreck right now? John Wick? Okay, had a horrible actress lesbo chick in a weak fight scene, and I haven't seen 3 but Halle Berry, come on. She looks really bad in the trailer. Aside from that, which is the only argument we can make for anything these days, "aside from the shit female actress" "aside from the SJW feminization shit…" Avengers, 11 years of build up, delivered pretty well for IW, but went full on SJW and poor pacing in Endgame. Star Wars is ruined. GoT trainwrecked.

Gahoole was optimistic about movies coming out. I don't see it.



Watchmen with tranny cops.

James Bond went to shit in Spectre.

I just found out that the first and finally the first video game for the switch with a Star Wars theme is finally coming, and it's a fucking Pinball game. Disney fucked up their relationship with Nintendo even.

Blade Runner ruined.

They're remaking Dune finally and using Jews, spics, blacks, and like 1 or 2 white men from other mainstream movies JOSH BROLIN.

Men in Black, the Avengers in Men in Black with the dullest premise ever (They copy us, even our agents)

Fuck me I can't even continue.



>Blade Runner ruined.




2049 was garbage

If you think otherwise, you were fooled by the cinematography which simply spoonfed you the concept that it was epic.


File: c17b743af292165⋯.jpg (123.34 KB, 1024x761, 1024:761, fatnat.jpg)


That's just your gayass jaded opinion and you can have it, but I'm loving the current media output and I have the same rights to shitpost about it on /tv/.



You're a god damn liar.

>I'm looking forward to Batwoman on CW



And you are a mouth breathing mongoloid who willing eats human excrement whilst smiling in the hopes someone will see and applaud you.


File: ffb94d52e0924f5⋯.jpg (14.59 KB, 389x248, 389:248, D2USppAUwAASFmc.jpg)


No, I don't watch any of the CW shows. In fact, I hate capeshit.

But the output right now is so good, even capeshows are good, like Doom Patrol, Legion, Umbrella Academy, Good Omens and so forth.



So you like seeing two grown men make out on your television/computer screen.


File: 62956d529adfefd⋯.jpg (34.1 KB, 945x819, 15:13, 555.jpg)


Oh no, you were an /intl/ shitposter who doesn't give a shit about media all along. How shocking.


File: 28c86344b5c82b1⋯.jpg (134.19 KB, 1270x712, 635:356, pure_kimo.jpg)


This, shows like Better Call Saul are great.



The Jews make your life a living hell (which you seem to have accepted as normal), and you enjoy their programming which is deceitfully based on the problems people live with due to Jewish societal control. It's as if I cut off your arm and said, "here, enjoy this prosthetic arm." And you go around talking about how awesome your prosthetic arm is. And when people ask you how you lost your arm, you look at them like they're retarded because you obviously have one.



never been there, you delusional fuck


File: 70e8bab65aa7fe2⋯.jpg (55.15 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Holly Earl.jpg)


>the jews

Thanks, dude. I heard your pitch like the last one thousand times you ringed my doorbell like a Jehovah witness, just leave your leaflet and move on.



Oh yeah, let's glorify drugs and corruption some more.



Pretty sure you're trolling me at this point.

No way you're using that pic unironically.



I think this type of spammer should be called /pol/witness. Reminds me of truthseeker.



Oh, you believe him?


File: 3ab168e540aa80a⋯.png (77.9 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>he fell for the Aquinian nazi programming



>When you're so ironic, intelligent people assume you're intelligently trolling.



>t. doesn't watch



Same universe, expanding, spinoff. Grow a dick.


File: d43e10245cafdc9⋯.jpg (125.15 KB, 960x540, 16:9, REMOVE CHUCK.jpg)


>confirms he doesn't watch it and doesn't know what he's talking about



I'm surrounded by geniuses. I mean that half ironically and half unironically.


Pretty fitting when the only show any of you come up with is Better Call Saul, a law black comedy. It's the Jew's most familiar realm to pull stories from.



Every episode is probably based on true events.




That'd be like a garbage man writing a tv show about

a garbage man



If you really want to have some fun, watch Little Drummer Girl.

It's a show about the Mossad, made by a South Korean.


Which would make you guys the literal retards that work at the landfills sorting recyclables from trash, praising the show as kayno.


File: 5f8b78b4616e6fb⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, tfw ywn be a real lawyer.png)


>a law black comedy

Jesus Christ, do you seriously believe it's a comedy? It's a tragedy.

Better Call Saul isn't about the wacky lawyer from BB, it's from his life as Jimmy McGill before he took on his Saul Goodman persona.



An actress superhero, great.

>K, what's your skill?


>Yur, fuckin' hired, mate.



>Jewish sympathizer

I bet you believe in the 5 million.



Where the fuck did you took that idea from? She is just an asset in some intel operation.



The god damn cover of the god damn show poster.



>Okay, we need you to act your way past those guards.




I'm sorry for your disability.


Why would I want to watch a tv show glorifying Mossad to have me sympathize with the Israelis?





File: 4da83c1ffca8ed3⋯.jpg (26.01 KB, 601x435, 601:435, racelfdo.jpg)


Do it. It's literally the best show of the year.


<Wow, actors and actresses are the good guys. They couldn't possibly be misleading me with regard to which political candidate to vote for, and they definitely aren't having sex with children or involved with human trafficking.

So based faggots

you idiots need 100% blood transfusions to get the soy out



Because it's a Jewish passion project.





He larps as a jew because without a jew surname people don't want to hire him, how is that jew sympathizing? If anything it calls out the jewish supremacism in the lawyer environment.



>Arbitrary link



You know when you do an organic double face palm?

I just did one.

I can't help you.



Take your meds.



Imagine getting so woke on the JQ that you overdose on the redpills and stop being able to function


File: 3d2e1e2608d038e⋯.png (737.21 KB, 728x742, 52:53, Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at ….png)


>Take your meds.

What page did you find that on?


File: 1f4d923d16bcc86⋯.jpg (224.17 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Fox-Mulder-fox-mulder-3092….jpg)

Burned out spergs are the only things that actually need banning. For real. They suck the fun out of anything.



Whatever page paranoid schizophrenia is on any psychiatric manual.

You're so fragile that if you watched TV you'd vote for whoever the actors tell you to. It's sad. Being exposed to different opinions causes you to lose your own because of how fragile your convictions are.



Alright I'll try to break it down.


The Jew is crafty in that they can show you one thing on the surface and undermine it and sink a blue pill into you subversively.

Techniques involve humor to distract you while working your other senses taps into your subconscious. The power of moving images can invent emotional meanings in the viewer that, by the time the viewer could have ample time to process the information, is already distracted by the next sequences. Think of an inserted frame but on a much larger scale.

I'd need to break down a scene to better explain it.



I'd vote according to who the tv says to?


Sounds like blatant projection.

You're suggesting I'd vote for Hillary in the previous election which couldn't be further from what happened.

I'm not exposed to different opinions right now. I'm exposed to inferior opinions. I've dedicated several years of study both academically and personally to these topics.



>The Jew is crafty in that they can show you one thing on the surface and undermine it and sink a blue pill into you subversively.

>Techniques involve humor to distract you while working your other senses taps into your subconscious. The power of moving images can invent emotional meanings in the viewer that, by the time the viewer could have ample time to process the information, is already distracted by the next sequences. Think of an inserted frame but on a much larger scale.

>I'd need to break down a scene to better explain it.

If that works so well then I must be immune to it because my stances haven't changed one iota.



You don't understand.

Jews don't change your stances.

Jews uphold the status quo.

You were born into the status quo.

You don't know anything different to have different stances.



>You're suggesting I'd vote for Hillary in the previous election which couldn't be further from what happened.

No, I'm suggesting you would have voted for Hillary in the previous election IF YOU WATCHED TELEVISION, because you're so scared of whatever propaganda they push and even dismiss things without watching out of fear of being brainwashed. When you're this alienated, they have already won against you.




No. I watched the television. I watched quite a bit of the television. I knew the television wanted me to vote for Hillary. I didn't vote for her. Thanks. You lose.


I have a perfect example of Jewish technique in shows. I will write it out here and post it in a minute.


File: 1e41702ccfb8c85⋯.png (301.73 KB, 540x704, 135:176, gott)mit)uns.png)


>You don't know anything different to have different stances.

Whatever you say, nutjob.



Sounds like disinfo



>No. I watched the television. I watched quite a bit of the television. I knew the television wanted me to vote for Hillary. I didn't vote for her. Thanks. You lose.

Then there's no harm enjoying well made TV shows. You just defeated your own argument.


File: ad3e23686906d44⋯.jpg (45.6 KB, 680x512, 85:64, 199.jpg)



File: 11de7f59e63caf3⋯.jpeg (136.45 KB, 723x722, 723:722, 3F2ADADF-9ED9-4FE1-AABB-2….jpeg)

Scrolled through and can’t find a tl;dr for what happened. Anyone got one?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So this is a short clip that has the precise moment I want to talk about. This episode synopsis, if you haven't seen it or if you don't remember it, can be read here.


The key thing to take away is that Jerry is in first class with a hot woman (perk of first class and wealth) while Elaine is in coach having a miserable time. The significance of his is that there is a black female flight attendant that, yes, serves the Jew and the white woman but she gets authority over a whole class of people for her efforts. She is subservient but she's superior at the same time in her mind. THE HUMOR of the episode plays with this concept. The topic of race is on play. The topic of financial class is on play. These things are played with in the Seinfeld degree of subtlety that people can pick up on. They think of the folly of class segregation. It's nearly slapstick with Elaine to hammer the point that class separation isn't really necessary. Seinfeld is smug in his seat, joking about how first class is so great, in a way that implies to the viewer that even though it's special, it's not a big deal, it's not worth having a divide between people. The lightheartedness eases the viewer into accepting the happy message that we're all equal and that we can work toward a better more unified future. That's the happy blue pill. People think it's a red pill because it sounds progressive.

Now what is in the blue pill actually? Watch the clip again if you haven't watched it already. Jerry points with his spoon and taps the glass. Viewers spend most of the time looking at people and their faces. The point targets the subconscious. The sound of the glass triggers the subconscious. Sound is a lower priority sense when watching moving picture. It's often used to bridge the gap between cuts from different scenes because it's less noticable. But here, it's programming you. He points at the chocolate and says what he says. The chocolate (the blacks) are on the bottom (subservient to wealthy class) so you get an equal distribution of chocolate with your ice cream (so the niggers don't overwhelm us while we enjoy the sweet life).

The lady says her line, the tagline of the show, Jerry knowing so much about nothing. It's just ice cream folks. Turn yo brain off. He ain't talkin' bout nothin'.

You get the point.

The contents of the blue pill is to not take racial segregation that seriously (deep down in your subconscious) but be at odds with people that think racial segregation is a good thing because the surface contents of the show, the outer coating of the bluepill, the sweetened coating of it, says race segregation is not okay.

Who is to blame for the injustice? Well, nobody. Not until there is a political opponent to smear, to send the NPC dogs barking at them.

All the while, NPCs believe in their subconscious, the importance of the status quo.

That's why they're freaking out since Trump. They fear an end to the status quo because they have no programming to deal with that reality. They fear niggers will run wild, but that would be racist, so they project racism onto Trump and call him the racist. Trump isn't going to unleash black people onto them.

Do you begin to understand?

Every episode of TV, any show, they all use these techniques. There's many subversive techniques.



gahole wants to migrate boards. that's literally it.



I bet you don't even know about the flickers. Silly mundie, I laugh at your ignorance.



Inserted frames?



They don't teach this kind of shit in college for a film degree.



Now imagine the conditioning people have experienced, growing up watching tv, across how many hours, episodes, and shows/movies.

Commercials are also not arbitrarily placed, and they're simply there because muh demographic muh profit.

Watch The Mummy on tv in the afternoon, and you'll see the Jew guide for white kids/adults to get on track. It's usually blatantly linear with the ads.

Get on anti-depressants.

Buy a car.

Buy a house.

Invest in stocks.

Buy a car for your child.

Car insurance.

It's all about how they want you to not only spend your money but how to be in debt while thinking you're planning for the long term all while being on mind/body numbing drugs.

All while selling you a fantasy adventure.



and they're not* simply there because…

alright I'm done.




This is some high tier mental illness



This ability



He's mostly right except his jew fixation blinds him from the big picture.



>audience targeting using the TV program schedule is a thing


Funniest thing is that there's a whole episode in Better Call Saul where he uses Matlock reruns to air a highly manipulative commercial aimed at old people and he's showered with calls.



I don't even see the code.

I just see nose, yarmulke, mongoloid head.



Gahoole honestly believes that there are over 700 people posting here that poor little thing… He doesn't realize zerosug the former bo of /leftypol/ inflates all of his boards with 500 or so bots. The bots that scrape cuckchan threads and post them here will not migrate to a new board unless zerosug is bored and wants to fuck with gahoole>>2025624



See, I bet you all that show is mostly based on true shit.

And I'm talking mundane shit.

Shit they've used for so long that they're so far ahead that they can share it without getting killed for spilling the beans.



Do enlighten.




>The bots that scrape cuckchan threads and post them here

I took a look at cuckchan and they have very different threads from ours



Either too much light or not enough.



>Shit they've used for so long that they're so far ahead that they can share it without getting killed for spilling the beans.

More like it's not rocket science, it's not some epic secret and you're not as intelligent as you think you are. But propaganda is useless if people are aware of it.



/television/ perhaps?



Not in a million years margcuck



Mind control goes so infinitely deeper than propaganda these days.



So triggered at the mere mention LOL



I think it's more to the fact that people are so spread out from a general population. Not everybody is going to watch the same show, and the big shows tend to get watered down or be watered down for all.

People have to be attracted and at the same time blue pilled no matter their intelligence.



What I mean is that propaganda doesn't work if you can tell it's propaganda. You'll be cynical about it and it won't change your mind, just annoy you.

Like when they pushed faggotry in Parks and Recreation.



1. Prefer Margchad

2. Is a perfectly reasonable suggestion regardless who’s making it

Also why is it okay that gahoole wants to exodus now but 2 years ago it was treason? From what I’ve seen so far /television/ anons even had similar reasons, an absentee BO content letting the board go to shit.



Chads don't try to summon tulpas of disabled women because real women (even disabled ones) don't give them the time of the day.


File: 8f67b4ec72835fa⋯.png (251.61 KB, 645x488, 645:488, D0RAJyhWkAA7hNA.png)


>What I mean is that propaganda doesn't work if you can tell it's propaganda

It still works. Today's Propaganda doesn't exist to convince, it exists to demoralize.


File: 79f1487dab0d118⋯.jpg (67.52 KB, 374x374, 1:1, 1448572322233.jpg)


>getting demoralized over something you know to not be true

You're a weak bitch.



I'd rather go to /1825/ with the frogs than post on your rotting sewer of a board.



Kys you filthy /a/ goon



Was kidding. Believe it or not actually have no interest in being a namefag, hence why I’m here. Anyhoo still have my /television/ password so if gahoole wants it he can have it.


>still this salty

Funny since I was/still am 100% in the right regarding everything that happened around it. The side being bullied and lied about almost always is. Also for the hundredth time: wasn’t my board, just jannied there.



>Anyhoo still have my /television/ password so if gahoole wants it he can have it.

>Also for the hundredth time: wasn’t my board, just jannied there.

pick one

>side being bullied and lied about

lol, kill yourself already







Meant still have my vol password, obviously. On logs as Bill Wilson.



So you're the guy from the gahoole discord?



>This board has public logs disabled. Please ask the Board Owner to enable them.


File: 41a04e7e6534e53⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 270x378, 5:7, Taylor Likes It!.gif)

We need a hide thread stubs option



No, literally never been on discord.


Really? Closed board logs was one of the major reasons behind exodus in the first place.


File: fa0d291e6bcbe00⋯.jpg (44.66 KB, 700x352, 175:88, sblarge.jpg)



So much for the shitbagger's claims of transparency through logs.



>No, literally never been on discord.

Sure, discord spic.


File: 3049b8114abfba3⋯.jpg (94.62 KB, 665x490, 19:14, aj_sees_what_you_did_there.jpg)

>tfw the whole state of the board stuff was just a master ruse by gahoole to expose the margcuck



>hated exclusively by discord spics

>stand against everything they represent

>mainly their constant habit of accusing anons of the exact shit they’re doing

Reminder as long as you stay a goon you will never achieve anything. Your fellow goons will make sure of that.



>hated by the whole board

>/pol/cel avatarfag who refuses to be on-topic

>accuses others of the shit he's done ever since he came here

You're the one harassing nobody, aren't you?



All the time?


Missed the stream give recap pls



Is it available to watch after do factdo?



>hated by the whole board

Speaking for everyone ✔️

Blatant lie ✔️

>/pol/cel avatarfag who refuses to be on-topic

Accusing others of the shit you do ✔️

>accuses others of the shit he's done ever since he came here

Guess this is the part where I ask you for an example and you either shift goalposts or my post disappears, right?

Look, just came itt to see what was going on and offer gahoole any help possible, tbh now that making/archiving /got/ threads is over there’s not really a whole lot keeping me here. If and when I do stop posting here though it’ll be because there’s nothing left to contribute, not because some discord spic who unironically feels in charge wants me gone.



To know what they're peddling so you know why the people around you hold the secondhand opinions they do.



Everyone knows that all you do here is spam the shitbag. Stop trying to take credit for making GOT threads.





>knows that all you do here is spam the shitbag

Only time I ever avatarfagged was in your avatarfag threads. Not sure who you’re still trying to kid with the “spam” accusation, guessing newfags who don’t remember 5+ maisie/jenny/bliss threads on page 1 daily for over a year.

>Stop trying to take credit for making GOT threads

Whatever nigger.


Another candidate for a new board name: >>>/tej/ - The Electric Jew



Your Tuesday shitbag spam are my threads?

>5+ maisie/jenny/bliss threads on page 1

>caring about page 1 like a newfag who doesn't know what the catalog is

/tv/ was unironically more enjoyable back then and you probably made some to false flag but it backfired because people actually liked them.


File: 2bafc5964a4de34⋯.gif (4.52 MB, 320x460, 16:23, 4th place.gif)


>If and when I do stop posting here though it’ll be because there’s nothing left to contribute

It will be a sad day. You're about the only consistently witty/entertaining thing around here these days. I feel you though, I've considered leaving several times the past year, but everywhere else is even worse.


>new board

>run by gahoole

This will fail no matter what. I'd do it myself but I'm not a NEET with the devotion to run a board, so whatever, a new board would be good since (((/tv/))) is run by goons that are friends with the worst shitposters here but I have a bad feeling about this.


>meta thread

>advertising new board

This is all against the rules. Reported.



It can't get any worse.



>Your Tuesday shitbag spam are my threads?

Remembered this after I posted last reply. You’re right, regardless that they were

>only once a week

>only one at a time

>designed to mock your sjw tier selective rule enforcement

nonwithstanding. Difference between me and a goon is am totally able to admit when I’m wrong.

>caring about page 1 like a newfag who doesn't know what the catalog is

Including that was more like 20+. Also smh, expected something better than “only newfags look at the top of the catalog”.

>/tv/ was unironically more enjoyable back then

Even if that were true it would only be due of our flamewars. Conflict is objectively entertaining whereas avatarfag IRC circlejerks are not.

>and you probably made some to false flag but it backfired

Riiiight it was actually me posting all those off-topic duplicate threads. Forget though you’ll have to remind me: why did they stay up without getting deleted or anchored?


Back at you brother, would have left a while ago without you and the other few anons here who get anon culture, not to mention why it’s called cuckchan and people left in ‘14. /b2/ is breddy good though and gradually getting better, would post Marg’s banner here but don’t want to give them an excuse to delete.



Gonna do it just for you, catch ya later



Good. Don't come back.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Hello fellow rabbi. How about you kill yourself instead.



triggered nu/pol/er



That's the only reason, but the other fellas were legitimately praising the work as artistic fare.



Expecting every person to be in your league is a sign of a weak bitch.

There are still millions that don't know there is propaganda, that don't think there is propaganda being employed on them as US citizens.

So right there, you're fucking retarded.



>would post Marg’s banner here but don’t want to give them an excuse to delete.

By all means do it, I'm on a strike.



Are you denying that all art is propaganda? Not all propaganda is art, though.



Yeah sure, just like my post is propaganda.

What word would you use to describe the coordinated effort for succinct and cohesive propaganda across multiple mediums or even just across multiple movies or shows, in coordination with each other to weave one conspiratorial form?



You're assuming the guy selling you a house is coordinated with the guy selling you a car. In reality, they're both seeking potential customers.


File: ea6b684b81e3d51⋯.png (90.39 KB, 268x315, 268:315, ClipboardImage.png)

hello, have you seen the television programme "The Simpsons" created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company, debuting in 1989 after a series of shorts featured on the "The Tracey Ullman Show".

the television programme centers on the exploits of a not so normal american family, the titular Simpsons. there are ups and downs, laughs and cries, it is an all around good time.

my favourite episode is titled "Saddlesore Galactica". in this episode, father of the household Homer Simpson, acquires a horse. it is a barrel of laughs. the episode features several guest appearances; horse race caller Trevor Denman stars as himself, commentating the races in the episode, and voice artist Jim Cummings provides the animal sounds made by Duncan (the horse). Randy Bachman and Fred Turner appear as themselves as their rock band Bachman–Turner Overdrive performs at the state fair.

it is a good television programme, and i recommend it to all of my fellow televisual media enthusiasts.

what are some televisual experiences you might recommend, fellow board users?



No, I'm saying there are multiple prominent directors in league with each other, in league with people in other industries and political realms.

A car salesman and a home salesmen are somewhat in league with each other in that they are both serving the banks to get people into debt over expensive essentials. Like a fellow motorcyclist may wave to another, both go about their lives seeking to achieve the same goal and may indirectly support each other in very subtle ways without knowing it. I'm not talking about accidentals and low ranking pawns. I'm talking about the creative directors, studios, old money families, politicos, industry execs…



i love /tv/


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Go to about 2:15 and at about 2:20 he says he wants to blah blah blah his fellow colleagues

and watch his hand/glasses signal.


holy fuck it's in the damn thumbnail




>A car salesman and a home salesmen are somewhat in league with each other in that they are both serving the banks to get people into debt over expensive essentials.


Seriously, take your meds.


File: efacbd135c241fd⋯.jpg (58.86 KB, 592x586, 296:293, efacbd135c241fd86dab1e9857….jpg)


>Program as programme

Hey, buddy, you arent shitposting are you?



You're retarded.

You're dumber than retarded.



please keep conversation limited to televisual programming. thank you for you're time.



If you can't understand human behavior in terms of social psychology and simple in-group out-group mechanics, then go fuck your nigger self.



No, I'm just not paranoid.



Someone who is in league with others doesn't need to do a "signal". Have you never worn glasses? Because it's normal to have to adjust them when they fall down your nose.

I hope you're shitposting, because you remind me of literature teachers forcing symbolism where there is none and pretentious critics seeing depth in a puddle.




okay, and when you start to see it all the time, in tandem with key phrases with subtle pauses, you'll feel even dumber.

So please commit more insults you got at the 99¢ store so it'll hit even harder when you wake up.



People having to sell shit and other people wanting to profit from people wanting to buy shit they can't afford in cash isn't some grand conspiracy. It's basic economics.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Go to about 25 seconds, you retard

Why do they call him "Sly Stallone"


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Now watch this entire documentary, retard.


File: c99b20671dbb1d9⋯.png (1.1 MB, 634x755, 634:755, ClipboardImage.png)


Which insults?

I say paranoid in an strictly clinical sense, and you really remind me of those people I mentioned. You're pretending the queen has clothes and I'm saying "No, look! She's stark naked!"



>Take your meds



















You really convinced me, everything is a dupspiracy.

dup btfo



Q boomer confirmed




Expert refutation against the three links and arguments I made.

Summed up and dismissed as paranoia before and without even watching 2 out of 3 of them.



Sweet facebook post, gets a thumbs up from me




Enjoy Better Call Saul reruns and The Walking Dead finales.


I challenge all you faggots to watch the Golden Globe compilations of Ricky Gervais (Pre-Trump) and Fallon and the women compilations (post-Trump) and tell me Hollywood isn't fucking uber spooked by Trump and Q.

Go fuck yourselves.


In fact, watch how Fallon's GG show opens, the year Trump won. LOL


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I know you faggots can't use google, so here.


>this non-stop sperg




>omg make the truth stop, I just want to enjoy mountain dew and dorritos and hot pockets and save my money for my phone bill from my pizza hut job





>arguing with no one

Chill the fuck out, boomer









You would aim for my strongest, most invulnerable point.



Anything for you, daddy.



I watched the Amadeus one and the Rocky one.

I'm not going to sit through 2 hours of GLP-tier bullshit.



Stop accepting my low tier bait to get you to respond.

>Her der, I'm gonna correct him about his claim I only watched 1/3.

You couldn't be any dumber of a human being.

Watch the doc when you have the time.



>I only watch documentaries with high production values like ones made by Disney.


File: 12985d074f5e8c5⋯.webm (2.73 MB, 640x360, 16:9, dup btfo.webm)

File: 9daa0893bac6d19⋯.png (36.64 KB, 680x518, 340:259, the illusion of free choic….png)


The television wanted you to think voting matters. Hillary or Trump, it never mattered in the end. Where is the wall? Why does he bow to Israel at every chance he gets?

Democracy is a sham.




>That way I know they're legit.



I don't care about production value, I care about watching something that makes sense as opposed to something I can pick apart from start to end because of the half-truths I can see through.



>You might be asking, why do I cherry pick to construct my argument?

>Well, I'll tell you why…Next week, on Into the Mysteries, when we go into the Heart of the matter. Thank you, and goodnight.

>And remember, knowledge is thirst.



So you did watch it.



Not all of it but it's full of absurdity and red herrings.


File: f9b1588a94ba693⋯.jpg (114.79 KB, 1366x2048, 683:1024, Brie Larson(2).jpg)

Reminder that Brie Larson is actually pretty, even if a bit odd in the face, and you are being manipulated by peer pressure if you can't recognize it.



Thank you for listing them out to further the discussion.

>No, I shot you, I win. You're dead

<Nuh uh I shot you first

Seriously, could you be any dumber than the shit I'm about to take?

Maybe I'll continue this conversation with my literal shit.


File: d4d82f4f2c16427⋯.gif (753.51 KB, 607x609, 607:609, 1553387066305.gif)


>Thank you for listing them out to further the discussion.

I have no interest in furthering the discussion about a GLP tier schizo ramble, but I'll mention one thing that was said very far into it: "You're not a white guy, Pat. You're a Catholic."

And the whole hand sign bullshit is no different from the left losing their minds thinking the OK sign or Pepe the frog are racist symbols.

You could only hold those stupid views in a clown world.



Oi, mate….

The left is projecting their own techniques onto the people they aim to villainize.

The Jews invented the term "white" when referring to race. Jews invented the term melting pot for America. Jews renamed the President's house or the Executive Mansion to The White House.




up, bro.



Of course, there's no more supremacist a race than the Jews themselves. It's written into their religion.



>Remember, she's a pretty lady and that excuses her for being such a massive cunt with a dyke haircut, pay up paypiggies



Crap strawman



She was pretty when she was in Room and won her oscar, back when she was helping Americans think that low paid white guys were the ones kidnapping and enslaving women into sex dungeons. Now she's evil.



Still nothing to do with my argument.



>Your argument:

<Bree was attractive once and if you think shes ugly it's because of peer pressure

>The fault:

<Bree is such an insufferable cunt, her inner beauty sullies her external beauty, also now she has a dyke haircut and somehow less ass

Your argument is fucking retarded



I'm implying that her beauty is a trick, like falling for a trap.

Show us her without makeup and complimentary lighting.


This Brie Larson topic couldn't have anything to do with the fact that there was a big discussion on Propaganda, Jews, and subconscious programming, has it?






My conversation died.

Must be.



Yeah, it must be. Normal people love being in perpetual loops with spergs all afternoon.



>Getting dominated by facts, references, and rational arguments = being like omg in a loop that just is endless omg like please shut up and have sex instead of try to teach me anything, please. Like please I'm 100% with you right now.


File: 89260f0fdcba085⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1106x738, 553:369, Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at ….png)





Thread just went from an insane borefest to something interesting.


She's too adorably autistic for me to consider her an insufferable cunt and she hates the dyke cut (which was a prop for the movie). She even tweeted "please no" to someone who praised it.


I stopped replying to your bullshit and the whole conversation was you sperging and people telling you to cut it out. Why even come to a television board to sperg about people watching television?

Do you believe DA JOOOOS are stopping people from talking to you? You have no one to blame but yourself, you're boring.

There's a difference between being aware of the Jewish question and thinking everything is the Jews' fault. You're making them a scapegoat for your own shortcomings.



Tell that to every divorced family that lost their mother to Oprah's emotional manipulations to turn them against their husbands and families.

You really are a Jewish apologist and support all their machinations.

"It couldn't possibly be everything."

Nigger, do you know why the meme "Every damn time…" exists?



>it's oprah's fault that greedy where's exist



You really have no idea what's going on, do you.

Name one problem on this planet that isn't caused by Jews.


File: da1ea3b7e9c511a⋯.jpg (40.07 KB, 305x268, 305:268, frank-chu-12-galaxies.jpg)


Do you protest in front of movie theaters with a sign on your neck?



>name one problem

Your own detachment from reality and your droning posts that could put a hungry baby to sleep.



How is greed responsible for divorce?

Could be all the jewish machinations revolving around divorce court?

Could it be because Jewlaw in USA enables women to claim half and extract monthly payments equal to half or more of a man's monthly income?

And alimony?

Hollywood pumps out Feminism propaganda convincing women they can LARP their way, not to the top, but at the top, of anything they want to.

All the while we have a god damn fiat currency system backed by faith in the government instead of tangible material, enslaving all of existence to an interest payment system.


>Uh fuck, Better Call Saul makes me laf, so it's fuckin' kino registration hall of fame automatic.




Like Rorschach or like a meth burnout?

Go fuck yourself.



I bet you think credit card debt is always the spender's fault.

You're a literal niggerfaggotkike.




Hey come on over to my house for a meal.

What? You got poisoned and died from the meal because I put poison in it?

Why'd you eat it?

You're an idiot!



How is it not?

It's a credit card not a gift card. You "reason" like a nigger.




Based nudistposter



It's rope to hang oneself.

There's no advantage to having a credit card. It's bait.


File: 3fb951a889237d9⋯.jpg (93.18 KB, 640x640, 1:1, hmmmmm.jpg)


>There's no advantage to having a credit card.


You're so retarded it hurts. Credit cards are a good tool if you know how to use them, you can even use them to avoid inflation to some extent. Retards drown themselves in debt they can't pay instead.



Q is a larp



Good goy spotted


File: 0b8ab0035622f6a⋯.jpg (32.82 KB, 421x236, 421:236, 0b8ab0035622f6a1a0c30be002….jpg)


Have you ever noticed how when this board is slow you will see formulaic boomer tier pro trump posts on completely unrelated threads in response to nothing?

Or that thread with the Trump-german idealism fat kid and how it became the fastest thread on 8chan with seemingly paid shills after the pics of the fake wall were posted.


File: 3848dc5a1c868ea⋯.jpg (94.21 KB, 925x749, 925:749, blocks_your_path.jpg)


Enjoy paying more than you have to because you're too dumb.



Reminds me of how the Attention-Hungry Games threads in /sudo/ get filled with Q nonsense after the round is over



>Reminds me of how the Attention-Hungry Games threads in /sudo/ get filled with Q nonsense after the round is over

interdasting. Never looked at those.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Maybe the Q-poster here is an AI-equipped bot instead of a clueless boomer.

Check this out kek.



A recent example here: >>>/sudo/97315


File: b61b453386c7081⋯.png (130.31 KB, 1292x894, 646:447, Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at ….png)


Please inform us as to how you avoid inflation.



So much imagination.




(((Audible gulp)))




You buy something in interest-free installments, freezing the price. Each installment is worth less, because the money is devalued. But the amount of money doesn't change. So, you have avoided inflation to some extent.



That boomer probably fried his brain with LSD back in the day and now he expects us to care about his nonsensical ramblings.



Cutting your foot off to stop rot still means you lose a foot. The entire country is enslaved. Do you pay fucking taxes on government debt from government spending? Then you're not avoid




Nonsensical ramblings…

You must be trolling.



Did you even see >>2026416

Your money has been devalued by a % you apparently can't comprehend, as your credit card scheme against the banks seems to you to avoid this.


That means that your great grandfather could have had the same job as you and been making over 10 times what you make.



Tell your handler to lower your daily LSD dose or to up the antipsychotics.



Tell your spouse to swallow every load you ever make. Your kids will plague this world.


File: 08f8fa0c1ce35d9⋯.png (264.17 KB, 1268x902, 634:451, Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at ….png)

Wow, look what I drew while on LSD guize, what does it mean?




Salaries went up with inflation fucktard.

You think a 6 figure salary was normal back then?

For example, the average hourly pay for a UAW worker is about $28 to $38. Henry Ford famously raised the daily wages to $5 back in the day and it was a huge deal.

Again, you're not nearly as smart as you believe yourself to be. You probably save cash instead of buying something that keeps value or putting it in a bank with an interest rate high enough to negate the effect of inflation.






File: af5a5abd7b6bf33⋯.png (96.67 KB, 754x910, 29:35, Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at ….png)


28 dollars an hour today would have been 520 an hour in 1935


That's why milk is 4 dollars a gallon for the cheapest milk with the longest shelf life and 18 dollars for organic raw. When back in the day it was like 5¢ or something


File: dce3f5c13411c1e⋯.png (34.32 KB, 640x427, 640:427, ClipboardImage.png)





You win. I lose.



>Get a credit card to avoid inflation.



>strawmanning this hard



Okay, and how would you classify

>take your meds

>up your meds

>tell your handle to lower your dose of lsd

types of responses




Oh what's that?

You're a faggot?

I thought so.



You're delusional so they're well deserved. See a shrink.

Why can't you be an interesting schizo like others on this board? I believe the Bobby Fischer guy has said he doesn't even take his meds but I've had normal, interesting conversations with him. Why do you have to be a nonsensical idiot?



How am I nonsensical?

Nobody has offered a counter argument.

Someone said he has a credit card specifically to avoid inflation.

I'm talking to the dumbest people alive.



A counter argument to what?

Your waifu shits in a bag and will never be queen



You're right, the first step for a counter argument would be to understand the statements made which nobody that has attempted to refute them has shown to do so. So might as well pretend they aren't even there.

Enjoy your shitty TV shows, guys.


Cya in line at the new Star Wars.


Every year

for 30 years


File: d8a05104d26aa04⋯.png (192.38 KB, 1130x840, 113:84, ClipboardImage.png)


fuck off retard



David Icke is my shield?

David Icke is my toilet paper.

Go fuck yourself again.



David Icke, E. Michael Jones, Alex Jones, pick your favorite gatekeeper



Michael E. Jones is a gatekeeper now?





As far as I can tell, he's the only person naming the jew. So please explain why he should be categorically linked to David Icke, a guy that believes in light spirits and Alex Jones, television controlled opposition, info poisoner.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 35b389b619574d6⋯.jpg (137.13 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, IMG_20190509_164140_675.jpg)



I fuckin love /tv/! The drama on here is 1000x better than real tv.




Is that Jordan Peterson and Fagboy Rogan?

This youtube vid is an attack on Jones, plain and simple.

He's what I may consider a natural liberal/democrat in the traditional sense, not the modern version of it for sure.

I can understand his viewpoint and disagree with it in any way I want to.

Cops have to carry deadly force, not like they don't have to in England for example.

In America, a wallet is a gun for all intents and purposes and an officer will get very little punishment for confusing the two.

Cities are completely different environments than the countryside.

If we were to have a rational debate, I could see cities of certain calibers being designated as sanctuary cities with regard to the legality of gun handling, but I can't actually see that working well unless there were literal choke and check points in and out of every city which is unrealistic.




AND, Jordan Peterson is shilling when he says Republican gun holders are better at organizing and can't be divided. They've been divided just fine. Have they ever risen up to overthrow tyranny? Are they in love with Trump? Are many of them Q followers waiting patiently?



The video calls out Peterstein retard



Then it's trying to label guilty by association.



Not really, did you watch it?

It calls out E. Michael Jones AND Jordan Peterson.

E. Michael Jones is a gun grabbing cuck and so are you as your proved with your rope analogy.



lol you're a fag

Rope to hang yourself… that's a phrase, not an anti-gun phrase.

Michael Jones makes a comment saying he grew up in the city without guns, that he doesn't have an opinion on it. Says it seems like the second amendment enables cops to kill people easierly, as I suggested with wallets being guns until proven otherwise. Peterson is a Jew and known shill. It's a smear attempt to dissuade people looking into Jones.



You are fuckin' JIDF, bro.



>Says it seems like the second amendment enables cops to kill people easierly, as I suggested with wallets being guns until proven otherwise





He's saying it's a by product. Why is that so hard to understand?

You really think he's misquoting the fucking constitution?



>People that whine about television and movies. It's created an environment like /v/ where discussing new stuff is met with scorn and disinterest, but those people will never suggest an alternative to discuss because they never gave a fuck in the first place. They either hide behind a shield of "everything sucks now" to excuse why they don't watch anything or create any OC or they openly brag about how they don't watch anything as if it's a badge of pride.

Sorry, BILLY, but those people are right.



He also says that Muslims and Christians worship the same God.




That vid you linked is a LARP.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



K this is an hour long

give me a time stamp



You didn't give me a time stamp when you posted your two hour long video.



Holy fuck it sounds like he's making the argument from the standpoint of Christianity.

You can't accept that other religions worship a different god because that would be polytheistic.



Because you're that ignorant.



>You can't accept that other religions worship a different god because that would be polytheistic.

Absolutely brainlet opinion.

Other religions worship false gods, like you worship E. Michael Jones.






Shall we split hairs endlessly?

Starting to feel like you're baiting me into a homosexual relationship.



Dunning-Kruger is a fake study.

People that want to shift blame onto other people use Dunning-Kruger. Just like people use Occam's Razor to avoid debate.


File: f074586b4b34ce8⋯.webm (10.06 MB, 640x270, 64:27, for_you_.webm)


You're the poster child of Dunning-Kruger, an opinionated brainlet who thinks he's super smart.

Nobody is going to stop watching TV shows they enjoy because you come here and call everything a conspiracy.

The big picture is too big for you.



>Starting to feel like you're baiting me into a homosexual relationship.

It would be extremely painful.

I'm a big guy for you.



Establishments that would have a poster of someone and it be labeled as Dunning-Kruger would be such places as Wal-Mart break room, prison, and Blizzard HQ.

Your insults carry no counter argument.

The big picture is apparently too big for you to even share, if you even had it yourself.



There you go. Meme yourself back into your ignorant dream.



>he doesn't know what "poster child" means

Oh boy we've got an ignoramus over here.

I've already shared the big picture ITT, but you insist on attributing everything to the Jewish Question.



You linked me to /x/ and /4chon/?

I don't know what poster child means?

Or you have no idea what I did there.



No, I didn't link to any of that. I explained basic concepts that negate the need for your grand conspiracy.



Well I must have refuted it because I've tracked everything in the thread.

It's in this very thread, why can't you fucking just POST THE FUCKING LINK


>almost 24 hours with literally no moderation

<board is exactly the same

Gee, zerosug going awol sure is a "crisis", right lads?



Gahoole is just stressed tfo.



>Well I must have refuted it because I've tracked everything in the thread.

You didn't, you just don't want to see reality. I'm sure you thought you did though.

>It's in this very thread, why can't you fucking just POST THE FUCKING LINK

Because it's futile.



He should hand his vol account over to me tbh.


File: 5ba63434150c8c2⋯.gif (15.02 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1489432607848.gif)


just goes to show you how many statists there are on nu/tv/. zerosug left us to our own devices because he trusted us to self-moderate. I can handly my own speech tbh, can you?



Kind of poetic, still doesn’t excuse codemonkey from following his own rules though tbh.



Probably because moderation is futile with an absentee BO.


File: a7399b374ae0c90⋯.jpeg (65.96 KB, 720x960, 3:4, a7399b374ae0c901ab6784369….jpeg)




Heh. No. Grow up kiddos. This is how hotwheels envisioned imageboards should function. This board is the last true free board on h8chan.



I'm willing to put in the time to learn you, and you're giving up. You're low energy.



File: bbd1f8651af9238⋯.jpg (20.59 KB, 640x360, 16:9, bored brie.jpg)


You're boring.



So I win the debate then.


Made a thread about it



File: 475824ccd1ac035⋯.png (874.61 KB, 1182x1080, 197:180, smug9810.png)





The problem is that ZS isn't technically absent, he logs in periodically.



I know you're too stupid and have to send away my argument in the dunning-kruger wrapper to some other challenger so you can continue to win in your mind, to continue enjoying Jew cum on screen.



Rules say if his absence is causing problems he’s out though, no? CM needs to stop pretending legacy boards aren’t a thing.


File: 60c76185da3315d⋯.gif (331.12 KB, 639x649, 639:649, autism kurisu.gif)


Good, you have won this "debate".

Now I'll keep enjoying my anime while you screech.




If only that's what you were actually feeling.


File: 078d4a1386d995d⋯.jpg (252.55 KB, 720x876, 60:73, yikes.jpg)




File: 8803a01dc10807b⋯.png (50 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1556757857480.png)


File: 73b2a6c51d54678⋯.jpg (14.98 KB, 280x355, 56:71, smug7406.jpg)


>he thinks he knows what I feel better than I do



>He also thinks he has unique emotions when watching Anime


File: e1e285037be9e69⋯.png (425.97 KB, 1296x1260, 36:35, inside margcuck's mind.png)

File: a3660c09ec1ef8f⋯.jpg (115.74 KB, 1200x797, 1200:797, kicked out of every nation.jpg)

File: ad7572e01070d1c⋯.png (1005.04 KB, 928x8800, 29:275, JEWS EXPELLED 359 TIMES.png)


Your hatred of television and films and your paranoid delusions is why your board never took off, margcuck.

You get banned from every place you go but you aren't the problem, really makes you think huh?

Given how much you screech about the jews one would think you'd at least try to be different from them.


File: 4a6b3d56eba9ff7⋯.jpeg (386.37 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 633EB428-72C5-4ADC-BD32-4….jpeg)


Was wondering who posted that, might have guessed it was you.



Who are you quoting?


make savior global janny


                   *     .--.
/ / `
+ | |
' \ \__,
* + '--' *
+ /\
+ .' '. *
* /======\ +
;:. _ ;
|:. (_) |
|:. _ |
+ |:. (_) | *
;:. ;
.' \:. / `.
/ .-'':._.'`-. \
|/ /||\ \|
_.-'`` ``-._
-' '-

​​Come (shit)post at ​​https://spacechan.xyz/b/



>ravenpedo hangout




Funny, I used to get kicked out all the time before I learned about the JQ.



/b2/ is getting its fair share of spam and endless template threads too because the autists who take over boards that way are spiteful like that. /tv2/ would require so much moderation as to be impossible to handle because the usual waifu niggers that shit up this place would immediately jump over there too. It's too late to do anything about it, you let them in and make them feel comfortable and now you can't get rid of em. Certainly not with 8ch shoddy anti-spam mechanics.


File: e26d51c965b1d5e⋯.jpg (8.74 KB, 183x276, 61:92, images.jpg)

Gahoole when you talked about problems with board i see most of them as plus's tbh. I sort of like the bo's hands off approach. I haven't seen spam bad enough to wipe threads people are still interested in. I think you would be a good bo though. Banners would be nice. Sorry you are slaving so hard for this board.









all pretty shitty


the main thing with gahoole2 is how do we tell when he's serious about anything and when he's larping ? everything he's said and done could have been a larp, he might be zach's best friend for all we know



>implying anybody wants to be zach's friend


Nobody cares.



>said the friendless hapa




You're a virgin, hapa, and friendless.


/bin/sh (You) 05/22/19 (Wed) 06:55:19 No.98872

I genuinely love /tv/ the way it is. You all actually think it's bad? I thought we were memeing. We make art here, man. Art.



Posting the same shit over and over and over and over and over again like a non-functioning soulless autist is not "memeing".


This thread made my pubes turn white from embarrassment.


File: 502d1f9600552c7⋯.jpg (76.16 KB, 623x960, 623:960, unhappy ginger treenog.JPG)


>I can handly my own speech tbh, can you?

>>I can handly my own speech tbh

>>>can handly my

>>>own speech tbh



>i can handle my own speech

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