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File: ed5f7c5f88ee1e2⋯.png (77.88 KB, 958x927, 958:927, 1558561251.png)


Why is Zach modding /tv/?


Since when is there a public log?


>board logs private for years

>public now, but all the vol names are [REDACTED] out

ebin. simply ebin



It's not public if the names are hidden.


Reply limit used to be 500 or 750. It's 300 now.


Let's test this.



File: 7dcdfbca167894f⋯.jpeg (134.86 KB, 640x475, 128:95, 7F98DD63-E449-441F-9814-F….jpeg)

I never thought I'd say this but well done zerosugar. Now we can know when the goons are away. The logs are why we migrated to /television/ back in the day. At last you understand the need for transparency.




What did he mean by this?







I think he means that Emma Wattson, who by the way got fucked senseless by Harvey Weinstein, can not act or sing and has hit the wall, leaving audiences with a bad taste in their mouth after seeing her in anything.



Who is that cute and loveable girl? Looks like pure waifu material tbqhwy.



As shitty of a franchise as Harry Potter might be, Emma Watson objectively makes it far worse with her screen presence.



Hey Zach.




Hey Zach. Back to doubleposting again?



and that's a good thing!


Whats a zach ?



Better than that babby’s first false flag you posted in the stream thread. Should have archived it.


>Zach threads everyday

Zach won



Hey Zach.



She shits in a bag. Her rectum is filled with skeletons, dust, and cobwebs like an ancient crypt.



Who put those there?



Indiana Jones. Some say he's still in there somewhere.



She doesn’t shit tho.



Is he hiding from a nuclear explosion?



>muh gay ops

>reporting your own post

Lol and you call other anons zach.



No, not shitting, per se; more like slowly secreting into a bag.


Possibly. Or Shia LaBeuf riding around in that UFO from the last movie.



The margcuck is reporting his own posts now? That's some advanced autism. What's his endgame?



it's not tuesday nigger


File: 829356c05062a00⋯.jpeg (89.18 KB, 748x704, 17:16, 98413076-E732-4739-9C3A-0….jpeg)


Keep going goon your cunning machinations and subtle wordplay are truly wonders to behold. The board is powerless indeed against the intricate webs of deception you spin so effortlessly.


File: 44a18b46d3d5282⋯.jpg (53.68 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, trafalgar_law___time_skip_….jpg)


Anime is the superior form of media.


File: f95d7cea80c9be4⋯.jpg (33.79 KB, 375x563, 375:563, f95d7cea80c9be4bcb86eb922a….jpg)



Just another component of gahoole's control matrix. The funny thing is nobody here realizes gahoole is funded by fucking sam hyde.


File: fa3edf7cc3f2bc5⋯.png (48.85 KB, 140x142, 70:71, i saw a shitbag and want t….png)


So we aren't migrating any more? Zerosugar actually returned? That's disappointing.



I don't know. The last action in the log is from 13 hours ago.


File: f3aea9d56704876⋯.png (76.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, leftypol.png)




Yeah they're a fucking embarrassment. Love it when they try to pull the "democrats are based because they hate jews" reverse psychology shit on /pol/. Literally nobody ever buys it.



Lovin's that forced false dichotomy Zach.



Gahoole is on scambo's payroll sweetie.



He added some banners too



The poo bitch will never be on topic and will never be queen. Fuck off to /b2/, /v/ or whatever your home board is.



This is the margcuck's hangout >>>/v/16493640




>replying to your own post

Nice to see you waiting longer to do it, was sloppy af in the gahoole sticky

>post marg’s /b2/ banner without any link or context

>reply to it a minute later with ready-made maymay about how I’m a jew for getting b&

Again though, keep it up. Your machiavellian prowess for subtle slight-of-hand deception is truly awe inspiring. Don’t let all this anti-goon talk get you down.



She shits in a bag



>admitting you're the only one who posts her



File: 2c6eede649502d2⋯.png (273.77 KB, 520x282, 260:141, ClipboardImage.png)

>Gahoole makes a sticky talking about creating a new board

>Next day BO suddenly wakes up from his coma asking for new mods

>He deletes the thread after people call him out for being inactive etc.

>Suddenly board logs are back on



The only reason board logs are on is for zerosucc to pretend he's not inactive.



She doesn’t shit.


>not denying your low effort goonery

Figured it was directed at me specifically since it was right after I made the thread about gahoole getting BO. Next you’ll be posting the cap with a whole board full of anons talking about her, know you don’t have any principles but ffs you could at least learn how to keep your own bullshit straight.



Too bad he kept Usernames hidden so we can't fully verify everything he does



He isn't inactive. He'll bring on new vols if he wants to. He doesn't have a responsibility to reply to Gahoole's emails.


I'll make a sticky about this later, but ZeroSugar is retiring and as of now I am the new BO. Post Limit is set to 600 for now but I'll decide on a permanent number later. We'll be hiring new vols sometime next week, but for now just gonna get the hang of running the BO controls. Sorry for all the drama but things are going back to normal now. public logs are staying open since vols can't see logs either unless they're public cause of some bug




I'm not even that same guy so I have nothing to deny

Saying it's a false flag implies that you didn't make the post and if someone else posting her is a false flag then the only one posting her "sincerely" is you.



Done with this shit board.



>zerosucc is larping as gahoole now

Oh boy



>ZeroSugar is retiring

>Gahoole finally new BO




time to finally create /tv2/



Are you going to ban Gahoole threads? We're tired of seeing your youtube channel spammed everywhere.






Lockdown on all the shit template threads like rian/zachfag, yakuzafag, nudefag, waifufags and all their ilk reposting the same threads everyday



>He'll bring on new vols if he wants to

And who will be willing to work essentially a full time job just to have power over what gets posted here? Surely the most unbiased and fair-minded types only interested in the preservation of open discourse and the marketplace of ideas.



> the preservation of open discourse and the marketplace of ideas

stop pretending schizoposting adds to discussion


File: f2f34338cb0e763⋯.jpeg (341.11 KB, 940x1022, 470:511, 22F35E15-ED2F-469C-93AD-4….jpeg)


Hope my /sudo/ thread helped. If so could you kindly return the favor and get rid of those cringey af waifu banners? Not for my benefit mind you, for the board as a whole.



Will you explain how this happened? Seems suspicious that he suddenly comes back and makes you BO.




Fuck off margcuck.

If the board was handed over it's because the vols went on a strike.


File: 39318f4fb849414⋯.jpg (226.29 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 15101640_1270853066306492_….jpg)


I too have quite a sincere affinity for the Queen.



That's one small step for Gahoole, one giant leap for /tv/. Maybe the filth can be cleansed now.



Sounds like he's been busy with personal stuff and doesn't have time for /tv/ anymore. us not taking care of the reports and the huge sticky about this probably alerted him to shit not being okay so he made some changes then decided he was done with it. He's always been quiet so I don't know the details but he's done with the board for now, so I'm in charge here.




>vol goes on strike

>gets board handed to him

Yeah that makes sense. If he wants to keep cringey pedo-friendly banners made by the same goons false flagging/same-fagging in this very thread that’s on him. Keeping this board shit-up won’t be some kind of revenge.


Maybe our new BO can enlighten on the subject then? Doubt he hasn’t noticed how trash you lot are at gay ops.


File: a54d5e94a2cc57c⋯.jpg (89.01 KB, 375x549, 125:183, 1456401486538.jpg)


>i'm in charge here

>tfw gahoole was CIA all along




didn't you see the logs? nobody acted in hours






do you feel in charge?


File: c1dbf9a47068120⋯.mp4 (508.14 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Crashing This Plane.mp4)



i take back everything i said about infowars employees, they are fully based and redpilled like all the senior forum moderators on GLP

I totally agree , no one is larping, even ballsac kappy



>sucking up to gahoole hoping to gain some favor and probably a vol position

For all your "bootlicking" talk you surely are a despicable crawling worm margcuck. How did you become a /television/ vol, did you suck the board owner's cock?



>salty goon is salty now that his pet BO is gone

Lel. And no, the board owner offered me the position in a thread full of anons complaining about how you cringey bastards were ruining this place. No need to throw in the towel yet though, who knows gahoole could decide to keep giving you discord spics free reign.



You will never be BO, sudocuck. How nice of you to admit in >>2028606

that you made the thread though.



File: d510183df6638e2⋯.png (101.24 KB, 910x311, 910:311, ClipboardImage.png)



What triggered you most about that post? That it was about improving the board as opposed to shitting it up or that gahoole would be a better BO than the last guy who spent the last two years letting you turn /tv/ into your personal munter subreddit? Guessing a mix of both.


This fucking board

You're all a bunch of speds




What’s a sped? Did you mean spergs?



You seem to have a lot of disproportionate anger regarding board moderation.


File: 25f0040ac8fedd3⋯.gif (16.54 KB, 400x400, 1:1, common_proper_chart.gif)



Is that supposed to be a noun? Because it sure doesn't look like one.




Different anon, but sped is slang for Special Education, a term in the US for retards is speds.



Wrong. He meant "spuds" as in potatoes, to signify slang for Special Education, a term in the US for retards is spuds.


File: f2a557ae5f80689⋯.png (161.07 KB, 320x479, 320:479, spede soittaa.png)


He meant to type Spedes, from the Finnish actor Spede Pasanen, who is known best internationally from the assburgers meme. So yes, he meant spergs.

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