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>John Travolta, Brendan Fraser, Morgan Freeman


>John Travolta

<Closet gay that has raped a male masseuse

>Mogan Freeman

<Fucks his grand daughter

And poor pure Brendan is tied up with these degenerates.



Why all the sympathy for Brendan?

He's pushing gay agenda through association.










This is millennial murder mystery in current year.

It's trash.

It's not Kino

"I never lose."




I mean oh shit Travolta with a beard going 1v1 with \ourgod\ = Happening




What the fuck are you talking about?



Nothing, enjoy the movie.



You won't?



Fuck no, I an't watching that shit.



Morgan Freeman has never been in a good movie.


Anybody remember the autistic kid that used to tirelessly defend Brendan on the IMDB forums? I wonder wha he is doing now.



He's sucking my cockcckkk


>tfw your slave name is Freeman



>faggot rapist who believes in Xenu

>literally the origin of the JUST cucked meme

>uppity nigger

What a stellar cast.



Seven not good enough for you?



File: 1a13fd9ac81ec5a⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1170x796, 585:398, Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at ….png)


>Morgan Freeman AND Brendan Fraser?!




How does a Chad turn into Peter Lorre by middle age?



>morgan freeman

quick rundown?


So will anyone actually watch this.. shitno?

I feel like it will be less trash than any capeshit and reddit flicks.






I turned if off after 3:33

>starts with 5 bumpers for production companies

>"I'm a PI. I like to drink, smoke and gamble"

>3 guys with baseball bats get out of a car

>he goes to the back entrance carrying in his cat in a carrier

>guy with a gun waits outside the back entrance


>"but I'm carrying a cat"


>"here you hold it" gives carrier to guy

>knees surprised guy in the nuts

>goons come running down the stairs

>he drives away just in time

>monologue: "whoever called Los Angeles the city of angels had a lot of humor"

>inside of a dimly lit office building

>so much soft filter that it looks like there's fog inside

This is already enough stupidity for me to stop watching. Nothing but fucking clichés, one liners we heard a million times, incompetent adversaries and unrealistic shit.



lol that sounds funny as fuck

I was right this is so bad it's good



No it's not funny, It's just lazy, low effort garbage and it makes your blood boil.



>>guy with a gun waits outside the back entrance




>>"but I'm carrying a cat"




>>"here you hold it" gives carrier to guy


>>knees surprised guy in the nuts

DUDE come on



Holy fuck, Famke Jensen's face can barely move



Morgan Freeman was molesting his grand daughter for years. It came out when she was murdered. Just search up "morgan freeman grand daughter" and it will be pretty much every result.


File: a85269e5cee5397⋯.png (3.24 MB, 1434x1936, 717:968, 23424562.png)


<dad, I had an affair with the grinch

>lol, I'm gonna fuck this thing






Just look at them.. these things have same rights as you do.



>Raising your wife's son


>Fucking your son's wife's preteen daughter

<Oscar Worthy



is that his grandaughter who he later had killed to hide the fact that he fucked her?



Not blood related tho. He adopted her mother.





I suppose that makes it all better.



Is that rhetorical?


File: c7362ec55efa5c4⋯.png (540.3 KB, 1036x594, 518:297, brendan trump.png)




File: 709a338d293c2a5⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1000x563, 1000:563, line-of-descent_efm19_bren….png)

Brendan is probably barely in it. His true comeback kino is releasing next month.





>No Nicolas Cage








Step granddaughter, so they aren't even related. It's barely any different than Leonardo Dicaprio only dating 20 year olds.




This thread is ten days old.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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