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File: 15b1d53e1cf66b3⋯.jpg (183.68 KB, 720x623, 720:623, 20190612_014255.jpg)


Why is there ads for dup on this board? If you follow the ad in my screenshot it links to https://www.donaldjtrump.com

Who is paying for this, really?


File: 4ceb7b273e3e7bd⋯.jpg (61.18 KB, 567x781, 567:781, 4ceb7b273e3e7bd31a1bf60fe6….jpg)

I am AMA



When you paid for that ad did you realize dup btfo?


File: ff1c6d03306ad43⋯.jpg (31.28 KB, 370x284, 185:142, 1391278608050.jpg)


I btfo the dups and the zuccs


Ads are site-wide I think



Which begs the question, who is paying Jim money to advertise dups official site on here?


Some qtard



>being a nazi larper



Do you guys remember all the "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" ads that ran here during 2015 and 2016?



Sure but I dont see how they will be able to shill here successfuly after his behaviour in office. I'm pretty curious about it and looking forward to it tbh but 'll be disappointed if it just straight astroturfing. I guess thats all they have this time around though so it probably will be. He's already hooked the cuckservative boomers and nu right zoomers though so we might actually be left in peace this time around.



Trump did nothing wrong.



The Don is the savior of white people sweetie, he promised us he'll build the Wall if we re-elect him.



Fuck yeah, that's why I voted for Trump.








MAGATIA 2020-2024

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