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>Not only Taylor Swift a fat dyke

>She now going full Miley Cyrus

oh no no no no no

Imagine ever being a Taylor Swift fan.


I don't care about mentally ill trannies or faggots. they all succumb to aids or some cocktail of sexually transmitted diseases eventually. The song was kino and I'm looking forward to the album.


Stop using hooktube, use invidio.us instead. Hooktube nowadays links directly to JewTube.


Honestly never in my life have I might an actual human being who gave a shit about this person's music. It's just all so manufactured.


>Imagine ever being a Taylor Swift fan.

Imagine ever listening to her fucking music

I hated it the moment the very first song came on the fucking radio.


File: 714282e4ed2f01f⋯.jpg (5.25 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 714282e4ed2f01fb921a73a89e….jpg)

This only fuels my corruption fetish.






Country-era taytay was kino and there's nothing you can say to convince me otherwise


Bitch only ever had one 'decent' song and she is not that attractive.


Can't say you niggers weren't warned.



1. Convert to mainstream acceptable pop

2. Include niggers and niggerisms in music

3. Make statements denouncing the patriarchy and/or white privilege

4. Sexualise own image while simultaneously accusing men of being one dimensional, sex obsessed knuckle draggers

5. Make bolder political statement and/or endorsement & denounce current liberal target of delirious rage

6. Once previous five steps have converted fans of your innocent times to loyal devotees of your present incarnation and degeneracies, escalate the debauchery and virtue signalling, have a controversial relationship to use for previous activity later and to generate sales of magazines which will make up for diminished revenue from mediocre content



She made ONE song I genuinely liked (which was a country song). The rest has been the kinda barf you'd listen to on the radio.


File: ad5ae82460c76a6⋯.jpg (84.84 KB, 594x397, 594:397, Harvey Weinstein Weinstein….jpg)

Just gonna leave this here



she's up all night to get HARVED

she up all night to get HARVYED



It's not like she is in control of her artistic output anyway.



Based lorde


thanks for links fgts



File: 58f6d243d76c0bb⋯.webm (624.42 KB, 640x480, 4:3, She's_fucking_a_nigger.webm)


What would Ricardo think of that pic?



>i'm retarded and you can't convince me to not be retarded



File: 99a0cf556b109fe⋯.jpg (656.72 KB, 2029x2421, 2029:2421, Taylor.jpg)

remember when taylor used to post on cuckchan when it was good




>Imagine ever being a Taylor Swift fan.

People never learn



Invidio in no way prevents google from tracking you and the piece of shit doesn't work properly, for instance thumbs aren't showing in the catalog.


File: b5ecf4f9bf8a0c6⋯.jpg (18.46 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Debbie_gibson_electric_you….jpg)

Nothing will ever be the same again. Don't ever trust hollywood or the music industry. It's better to avoid all their shit.

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