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File: f07e54d7d603d20⋯.png (388.78 KB, 711x723, 237:241, ClipboardImage.png)


it's done



It’s punch /pol/


what tv show or movie is this about?



i want to punch anita sarkeesian with my dick


lmao! she should call her nose tribe friends to finance her.



real life is basically one big terrible television show that wont end.




Good fucking riddance.


>implying she isn't pulling a chapter dup bankruptcy to get more $$$$$



What tv show or movie is anything in this pathetic board?



lol who would give this bitch money except fat purple hair goyims? if /v/irgins didnt overreact to everything this kike would be even a bigger nobody than she is now.


How is it broke? Intel gave them a billion dollars. (((Somebody))) looted the company.





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: caafb1eacf7a435⋯.png (1.26 MB, 2160x1080, 2:1, Screenshot_2019-06-23-23-3….png)


holy cringe

these sluts are insane



You know one of them is a dude/ tranny.

Anita was running a scam from day1, she never gave a shit about vidya it was all just a way for her to scam money from gullible retards. She's on camera at a scam event when she was 23 saying how she learned so much and you should come and pay them to learn the secrets of scamming too.

I'd still fuck her chunky arse though, she's a real cute lil Armenian that just needs some real dicking in her over sized nostrils.


I remember arguing with idiots back on 2012 cuckchan who thought she was legit.



whos a tranny? i didnt watch the whole video.

>id fuck anita

cringe and virginpilled


orbiters need gassed



The government needs to do an audit on them


Wasn't Antia literally a paid actresses? It was Josh McIntosh who was behind everything, even the writing style was consistent with his and not hers.





The blonde one is a tranny, it used to work for Gamespot, the corporate paid, vidya review site.


File: 6c05854c9308a80⋯.mp4 (4.54 MB, 1232x720, 77:45, anita.mp4)


Not a different anon, I'm samefagging to add upon my previous post.

She used to do testimonials and shit, she never went into feminist topics or video games before FemFreq.


File: 42e40ad2a47847c⋯.jpg (251.61 KB, 2500x1250, 2:1, Tranny.jpg)



Gawd she's so hawt, I'd dick her earhole until she recited the Chinese Alphabet.




Her schtick is basically "Give money, or it'll be a shame if some journos called you a sexist"

Since moste people are onto the "current year" people's method, it's slowly moving forward.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>She's on camera at a scam event when she was 23 saying how she learned so much and you should come and pay them to learn the secrets of scamming too.

I remember that 2006ish video. Pretty sure it use to be on youtube. Just this one is left

>Anita Sarkeesian Admitted She Was Not A Gamer in 2010



She isn't "broke", she simply got all the money she could aside and now claims she is broke to garner attention and pity donations.


File: 672035a38f67039⋯.jpg (218.67 KB, 1370x800, 137:80, 672.jpg)


When GG started they quickly realized it made no sense to target professional victims who literally profitted from their attention. So they called Zoe Quinn (rich kid, ex-FYAD goon and uber-narcisist) "Literally Who". Quickly Anita Sarkeesian also got called Literally Who 2.

And then out of fucking nowhere a complete nobody called Brianna Wu came into scene for his 5 minutes of fame. Deadname: John Flynt, this cunt made a dev studio filled with trannies and also profitted from staged self-inflicted harassment, as seen in 8ch and Steam forums.

In case you fucking retards can't tell, yes it's a fake ad.



Wuman of the Wu tang clan



im glad the missed the shitstorm due to having a life at that time, but coming back to imageboards afterwards shit was worse then ever.


File: dddd175e677a2d5⋯.gif (7.13 MB, 728x408, 91:51, fgfgf66rff.gif)



Just push the button.


File: facecf834f7c495⋯.png (747.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, jewsgonnajew.png)


File: 533e6757d6ab66b⋯.jpg (336.9 KB, 1080x1494, 60:83, britain.jpg)

File: 649aa7291222cb8⋯.png (127.24 KB, 334x346, 167:173, cigar.png)

We did it /v/eddit! We beat the sjws!



imagine being a hue slag and feel sexually threatened by a female cyborg in a videogame. that fishtaco bitch needs to end her life.


File: 0aad7583b022487⋯.jpg (52.41 KB, 550x467, 550:467, kek.jpg)


>visiting japan for a while

The japs are not gonna have any of her bullshit, expect her to be sold as a public toilet by the end of the year


>if you need me for consulting

imagine begging for someones attention and expect a job



>Zoe Quinn: I ain't got no moneh

Spends $300 a night in a luxury Japanese Hotel.



tfw no Anita gf


maybe after Intel started getting raped by AMD they figured that it might not be a good idea to keep pissing off a lot of potential customers by paying an admitted TROLL a monthly stipend


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Yeah she’s full Mcintosh’s cum receptacle unfortunately but you are right.

What she needs is a real man in her life instead of that cuck to give her a deep dicking and tame her inner slut as we all know she wants it to be tamed.

Basically if I had my way I’d fuck her right in the pussy Zognald Trump style and you can have her ass while I’m happily jack hammering away at her nappy dugout from underneath her.

Then maybe some helpful individual can roll ol Hotwheels/Cripple kike up to those big sloppy DSL’s of her’s for a particularly humiliating and well deserved face fuck finale.



She's actually Armenian.




Armenians are semites anon.



Oh god that's even worse




GG was too full of man children and liberals Same thing. They never figured out the big picture.


Tokyo is just as international and progressive as any other city. Take your head out of your ass you fucking pleb.



>When GG started they quickly realized it made no sense to target professional victims who literally profitted from their attention.

I'm not sure adopting a seal was a better idea.



Nice video game you got here. Be a real shame if somebody were to…


File: 984c5b366ed81c8⋯.png (140.18 KB, 694x905, 694:905, Briannas_Final_Falseflag.png)

File: 28d1637524d9cfc⋯.jpg (19.96 KB, 597x240, 199:80, B0fHYqZIIAAX03H.jpg)

File: 71a25f56bf39620⋯.png (771.86 KB, 1853x5742, 1853:5742, 71a.png)




These posts really bring back menories from years ago, when blatant false-flagging was the norm.

I wonder if board without ID's are more attractive to lefties and SJWs.



loved that cheeky ass smile at cd projekt red at the end she did.



>he needs is a real man in her life instead of that cuck to give her a deep dicking and tame her inner slut as we all know she wants it to be tamed.

that's what she wants. that's what all the attention is about.



she probably fucked the blonde tranny for a buck while doing this



I called GG gay in the /v/igger containment thread multiple times but they always delete my posts.


File: f4a8973386c76e9⋯.jpg (5.6 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images(2).jpg)


>Tokyo is just as international and progressive as any other city

I'm afraid Tokyo isn't well known for their progressive culture, to the point most of it isn't welcome in the west.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm glad to be in good company.



Some people grew up and saw GG was just a childish tantrum that dodged the real issues. It's like complaining your foot itches sleeping in a bed of fleas. The only people still fond of GG are trannies and losers who want to fuck trannies.


>entire business built around manufactured controversy

>eventually people just get bored



>I'm afraid Tokyo isn't well known for their progressive culture

You fucking kidding? It alone has more gay bars and other Caliphornian shit than the rest of Japan combined.



based LiquidSnack



It also has 10% of the entire population of Japan, so it will have a higher concentration of everything.



You really have no clue how population density and statistics work then.



No, you have a retard's understanding of the effects of population density.






Shut up, you're both faggots.


File: 5c57c06d754be61⋯.png (97.2 KB, 599x349, 599:349, B1_Tf_Uhq_IMAIN1_JG.png)

This one is my favorite exchange: LW1 vs LW3, fighting in the victim olympics.

Kinda funny that Wu still makes news from time to time.




Oh, no no no



>2nd pic

Why do you save thumbnails and stretch them out you nigger?



>I wonder if board without ID's are more attractive to lefties and SJWs.

It would be a real shame if /tv/ kept going without ids. Who knows, something bad might happen if you catch my drift.



all international cities are the same globe homo shit. It doesn't matter what country it's in, it's the same shops, the same everything but weather. Japan is just as pozzed as every where else it just takes different forms of poz. Their version of female empowerment is basically femdom and if you date a woman you're expected to marry her within 2 years with all the alimony shit the west has too.



GG is hated by /pol/ and /leftypol/ for the same reason.

They are too diverse. Leftpol wishes it was as diverse as GG and /pol/ obviously hates that shit.

But you have to admit, having all the nignogs, trannies and women in the GG ranks really underminde the legacy medias attempt to force a narrative.



No, the fact that the media was trying to make a boogieman about people complaining about video games undermined itself. Nobody was going to give a shit regardless.



Insire their own echo chambers, sure. That is inevitable.

But in public spaces like twitter a lot of the SJWs were forced to back off when a wog or a tranny was telling them ti was about muh ethics.



You mean that #NotYourShield shit? Admittedly it was pretty hilarious seeing SJWs get btfo by literal niggers and faggots the first few times. But like others have said the entire thing missed the real issues, plus it got subverted to death by people like Milo and Sargoy.



We were naive then. We genuinely thought that once the truth was out, once the "real journalists" heard about it all, people would see it our way. Obviously that was a mistake. Only autists on obscure corners of the internet even care what the truth is, when it doesn't serve their interests, so it seems.



It did no such thing. All it lead to was faggot nonsense.



>We genuinely thought that once the truth was out, once the "real journalists" heard about it all, people would see it our way. Obviously that was a mistake.

Game was rigged from the start.

Nintendo did the right thing with Direct: just bypass journos, they are no longer necessary.



Nintendo is staffed by those same journo types.



Why does /v/ have a gaymergate thread still?




File: 788d7001614de3d⋯.png (535.14 KB, 420x608, 105:152, Capture.PNG)


>unironically using the term "dead name"



What's the source of that porn?



absolute newfag


File: ebbb208abb5162e⋯.jpg (147.71 KB, 810x991, 810:991, 1560892704526.jpg)

feminism is over… we can all finally go back to being humanitarians.


They're not broke, a report shows they invested most of the money given by the bullied company and will get 200k+ this year.

See the /v/ thread.


>nonprofit is broke.

That sounds like an oxymoron. Wouldn't you keep Anita in your home anons? She doesn't have to pay with money. Her penance is getting bullied and the occasional dick sucking. Feminists are notorious sluts that need to be corrected with the proper methods.



GG is only hated by newfag redditors on /left*pol/. To most of them it's just a big disappointment because the nascent re-emerging Left couldn't get them to see how class is the source of most of the shit people hate in the video game industry. Make a GG thread on either board sometime and you'll get a lot of thoughtful replies from remaining oldfags.



I answered that.

>all gamergate did was lead to faggot nonsense.



They'll tell you why it failed, because faggots became obsessed with policing and denouncing everyone.


File: 933de76704ec7ac⋯.jpg (63.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault(5).jpg)


Don't question.



Can't remember, search for Liru Flash.



Because they're the Internet equivalent of Japanese holdouts.



She is only a kike at heart.



IMO it's more of a news thread/town hall board where mostly nothing is happening, but when it does it get spread.

Otherwise, how would you know that LW is going on vacation while being broke and sleeping in a 300$/night inn while looking for dude to fuck and possibly a sugar daddy/beta cuck to run dry?



Basically it's for feeding the BO's narcissism.



The end has begun.



What now for shrill.com?


When a scammer can't scam anymore they move onto their next scam. They are never done.



And where did ceding ground to the left with muh diversity get Gamergate?


File: 48b1f3dbf3a9964⋯.png (14.64 KB, 644x800, 161:200, 48b1f3dbf3a9964a1fdb00cb03….png)

Who cares, shes still rich. It was never about feminism, it was always about money. She got rich by destroying video game culture. Good for her.

Video games make kids unproductive, gay and stupid.


File: bfe68c63dc49041⋯.jpg (3.22 MB, 3000x3396, 250:283, 017_116.jpg)


Thats nice but do you like Phil Collins?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


t. boomer


File: 13c0bd07343ef12⋯.jpg (67.27 KB, 633x640, 633:640, 13c0bd07343ef12ac0fc59acce….jpg)


Cope, kid




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