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File: f7371c5a7db0d07⋯.jpg (760.98 KB, 3059x1403, 133:61, beleriand.jpg)


Ain't no party like a Valar Party.


Feanor did nothing wrong.


Is that blue stuff supposed to be underwater or something?



Underwater or pulverized by divine war. Either or. It was never specified.



Sounds neato. Really hate how LOTR stuff is always either a retread of the books, or the movies really, or some OC donut steel knockoff and never anything more imaginative.



You don't want the silmarillion tarnished by modern movie jews.



can't be worse than Hobbit



The what?



Beren and Luthien is a story pretty much made for this age. It's like the new star wars, except the comedy relief gorilla gets to dick the thot, which also takes away her very race, tainting her forever.



wasnt beren and luthien pretty much a love poem to tolkiens wife?



All the more reason to update it to contemporary standards of diversity.


File: 34eda95b28dd2e9⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1575x2100, 3:4, justin-gerard-justin-gerar….jpg)


>one of these days hollywood will rape beren and luthien along with the entire silmarillion

I hope I die before that.


File: 0f5daaaf389432b⋯.jpg (37.27 KB, 541x586, 541:586, TdB5cAv_d.jpg)


>i get to post this


File: d18f4ddd0d78cda⋯.png (48.93 KB, 1000x524, 250:131, 0C34B7C2-AF74-4949-AE8B-C1….png)

>tfw Turin’s grave Tol Morwen is still above water

>tfwy realize house of Beor is WHG

>tfwy realize house of Marach is Yamna

>tfwy realize the House of Haleth is EEF

Tolkien was wise beyond his years. There must be something unconscious to this. There is no way this man could have predicted to a T. the phenotypes and cultural archetypes of the three primordial genetic clusters that created Modern Europeans in the MLBA

Then he predicts the CHG admixture and it just seems like it has be something bordering on divine prophecy or something.

Think about it. Tolkien’s races of man, match perfectly what our PCAs say about Eurasian peoples.

This is relevant because the Three Houses of the Edain were the main protagonists of Second war Against Morgoth.




File: 8ad2c22436e8737⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1694x842, 847:421, elrond 56 percent.png)


File: d382c89c137d935⋯.jpeg (213.15 KB, 1024x530, 512:265, 20DFD618-64BC-41EA-9E1D-3….jpeg)


Elves are haplogroup N1c



Oh fuck. this means ulmo has been listening to me wanking by the river.



Amazon series is a prequel, enjoy the negroes of the 1st age or whatever



Damn i don't remember reading that. It's been a while.



>We wuz valar and shieeet

Fuck Bezos.



I think its been confirmed to be about Aragorn's younger years. In an ideal world, Amazon throw a tonne of cash at making a proper Silmarillion series. Second season could be Children of Hurin and the third Beren and Luthien. But of course, we're not living in an ideal world. The kikes would corrupt those works brutally. I suppose we have to take some small solace in the fact that Amazon's series will be some original work.



Which part of Black Numenoreans don't you get, bigot?




last time i heard it was said it will take place in 2nd age (Lotr is end of 3rd) so Fall of numenor, making of rings, Sauron fucking shit up…



It's cuckywood, it can always get worse.



Ayy, we da Kang's niggas. Respec to our homeboy Ar-Pharao, da Lawd of East Coast.


File: d3f039e12b149cd⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 2700x1899, 300:211, middle-earth-map.jpg)


According to this is set in Second Age, so black númenorians, drumf Ar-Pharazôn, and refugees from Harad and Rhûn. Wonder if they'll hire brapqueen to play a younger Galadriel to try to get the GoT audience.

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