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File: 78b39ef26bca0b5⋯.png (452.01 KB, 578x683, 578:683, dup.png)


Stephen Colbert's racist tirade about Donald Trump border wall

wtf!? I love colbert now!



File: 333249fe2905c7b⋯.webm (1.09 MB, 640x360, 16:9, trolled good.webm)


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

#YangGang 2020



That boy seriously needs new material





Rmember when his own audience laughed and he corrected their wrongthink? Trying to find the webm made in response to that but I guess I deleted it. It's a synthesizer voice over a still image.





File: cf41c23a594fe2c⋯.jpg (95.08 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 19860517-crop-1200x675.jpg)


Stephen Colbert goes on tirades? I'm shocked, I tell you.


>Amanda Polpunch



Colbert just looks and acts so broken now. He will never recover.


File: ce6aa5acb66c608⋯.jpg (21.86 KB, 250x304, 125:152, amanda-holpuch.jpg)


Yes sweetie?


Can you yanks tell me why every late night host just shits on Trump every night, Seth myers, Colbert, Nigger Noah, Jew Oliver, pretty sure I've missed a few out. But every night they shit on their own President, yet not one had a single bad word in Obongo's entire 8 years. If anyone did dare shit on the Nig nog they were called out for being racist.

How can your yank tv shit on dup every day of the week, and retards in youtube comments on those blumpf videos eat it up like it's all objective fact? How can they not see an agenda being pushed? Are people really that dumb iwhen faced with confirmation bias? How can you yanks put up with it, every night, every day for his entire presidency just reeeing about DUP none-stop?


File: 322cc1ee97a05f8⋯.png (379.12 KB, 960x644, 240:161, 1557473293779.png)


western media is owned and run by zionists.



Dup loves Isreal though.



blogard drufp is a dictator that hacked the election with russian bots, television hosts fight for the common people and thus oppose this usurper until his inevitable impeach.


File: 5568869800a4175⋯.png (579.65 KB, 838x801, 838:801, 1561347603091.png)


he loves power, so much that he's willing to sign America's soul away to the jews for just a taste of it. The Rothschilds still run the world.


wouldn't it be easier to just take a trillion away from the 1%?



At this point only leftydups and magadups still care about him, the magadups less so in fact. What you're saying is not really surprising since leftists always consider themselves to have the moral high ground no matter what position they actually hold. Interestingly, a significant part of dup's platform is actually very similar to several Democrat candidates in the 90s. It says a lot that modern day libtards call him a Nazi now when he would have been called a crypto socialist during Reagan's time.




thank god that picture is an onion article headline. Almost got me.



It's all bots inflating statistics. Nobody actually watches this crap. Notice how whenever a two scoops man or current year guy video shows up on the front page of youtube it takes nearly a full day to even get 100k views while channels people actually watch can get a million in a few hours.



<How can they not see an agenda being pushed? Are people really that dumb iwhen faced with confirmation bias?

Yes. These people have eaten bold faced lies their entire life. They are also used to media bias, to the point in which they think media bias to truthful.


>no one actually clicked the link






1) it's a dead meme

2) The actual content of the OP on this board is rarely actually the topic of discussion


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I mean (((Polpunch)))


File: c8b16a3d346f7ae⋯.jpg (16.82 KB, 260x342, 130:171, 51Pm5QOl6ZL._SX258_BO1,204….jpg)


Because the Annointed One was a perfect man.

And anyone who disagrees is objectively a knuckle-dragging inbred teailer-trash fascist.

Brexiteers need not reply.






Because a lot of Americans are histrionic retards who've been indoctrinated by literal commie-tier self-hate brainwashing (this isn't endemic to Americans, but they're just the biggest and most influential western media market). They, like people in Canada and other countries often fall for the meme of "If they have accent (British mostly) or are from another country then it means they're smarter and more authoritative".

Just look at how they've imported these douches to tell them how awful they (Americans) are:

>John Oliver (UK)

>Trevor Noah (South Africa)

>Samantha Bee (Canada)

>Jim Jefferies (Australia)

>James Corden (UK - to be fair, I don't know how political he gets but I know he's definitely in the "progressive" wing)

They actually had Craig Ferguson who, from what I can tell, was pretty cool but then he began losing to Seth Meyers because the latter is a big "reeeee right wingers everywhere" sperg. Now Corden's fat ass is in his spot.

Then the actual Americans are:

>Jimmy Kimmel

>Conan O'Brien

>Stephen Colbert

>Seth Meyers

>Jimmy Fallon

That's how hard they fall for the meme; half of their late night hosts are imported just to shit on them, and the other half are their own people shitting on them while living in gated communities where the only non-Americans are the illegals who are the nannies of their children, the cleaners of their pools and bulls for their wives.



Literally all the people i know well who hate Dupf the most don't go much in thinking beyond he's a big meanie. Seen girls (my sister) watching Seth Myers tier shit laughing histerically while trying not to cry because Trump is such a meanie . They seemingly can not be won over by rational thought. Europe has similar traits though. Can you imagine if any European leader acted like him (excluding east euros)?



Props too Conan for not getting in to Trump bashing. He will still make jokes about him but they are old style with some level of respect and he doesn't wrap his whole fucking show around it. Not saying his show's much good these days.



>Props too Conan for not getting in to Trump bashing

trump = israel stooge

conan show = on tbs

tbs = concentrate israel



Have you even seen his show lately?



>actually responding to /intl/



>I must be from the jewish subversion board because i'm not trusting the plan or believing that conan obrien is fully based and redpilled

wew lad



not really but honestly fuck TBS, they couldn't even keep the full jew staffed shows that weren't actually bad like "people of earth" going, fuckem



America is where people kicked out of other country's TV goes. We don't want these fuckers but you take them with open arms and give them the world.


File: e6a3a7b7ef4ed7e⋯.jpg (47.59 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, master trolel 2007.jpg)

dupme btfo



Hey Zach.


File: 59993cbd8530b2f⋯.png (866.58 KB, 1091x650, 1091:650, trumpowitz.png)


When did unironic MIGApedes start showing their heads again? I thought you kikes all ran back to reddit with Kampfy.


File: f0758c049d17467⋯.jpg (64.81 KB, 615x400, 123:80, 0_SKOREA-NKOREA-US-DIPLOMA….jpg)



I don't think so, Nancy.


dup btfo



>Orange Man Bad

>Orange Man Good

>Orange Man Okay

NPCs the lot of you



Hey Zach.




Is Stephen jewish?



File: bd53ddc3a954cc3⋯.png (234.94 KB, 602x922, 301:461, main-qimg-916fe0adb8e43ba8….png)


I hope he will get what's coming to him, fucking cis old white man



I would love to please her tbqhwyf =^_^=


dup btfo



>orange man

>orange man

>orange man

>you npc not me

If you're not also an NPC, give me a hot original take.

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