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Kino about women getting BTFO


But it was female voters for pushed tranny acceptance in the first place.



This, let them pay the price now.



Have sex incel


Just let women compete directly with male athletes on equal terms and this would all be a mute point.



This. It was never the kikes, niggers or Mexican/Muslims that keep voting in the left. It’s white women. White women has now and always been the left biggest voting group. A redpill ((/pol/)) will never accept.



What convinced you of this?



>women compete directly with male athletes on equal terms

So we cut off the male athletes' legs?



Look at who voting for any progressive parties. It’s white women. Minorities groups can’t even match the voter turnout of white women in the democrat party.



t. roastie


nu-/pol/ has been a bunch of white knights for some time now.



>nu-/pol/ has been a bunch of white knights for some time now.

Varg a self becalmed feminist. Nu-/pol/ takes Varg seriously.



Most of /pol/ is against women's suffrage. MGTOW are homosexuals looking to recruit.



>Most of /pol/ is against women's suffrage

Yet they never admit how much damage white women done to the white race. Such as white women still have the most abortion the west. There would be a billion whites if it wasn’t for white women voting to legalized abortion.



Pretty sure they're border /r9k/ when it comes to women.



Then they've sealed their fate. Traps are superior in every way. SRS will be perfected long before sexbots become a reality. Imagine a world where XYs rule without question and you'll comprehend the need to end transphobia.



Are you just shitposting or an actual ladyboy hopeful that this will happen?



t. fat slob woman




t.wizard pretending to be a roastie



I love it when everything they do to screw up society comes to bite them back in the ass


File: b4c3d17a9953e4a⋯.jpg (96.79 KB, 1000x644, 250:161, 190225-tiffany-abreu-brazi….jpg)


Can't wait for the 2020 tranny olympics.


File: e1a761ca07facbe⋯.jpeg (103.35 KB, 623x1033, 623:1033, e1a761ca07facbe4e41179c86….jpeg)

Once again boys make better girls


File: 392561f0a957097⋯.jpg (489.68 KB, 669x1000, 669:1000, 244_ioc-changes-rules-to-a….jpg)


Stop making sense, dammit.


dupginas btfo



They are gentic duds. In an ideal world they would be rounded up and sent to prison, prisoners coud earn good boy points and exchange them for tokens, 100 tokens would earn you a night with the prison femboy. We could remove faggotry from our society and rape frm our prisons in one fell swoop.


File: 83857e6cc0c8665⋯.jpg (49.36 KB, 441x676, 441:676, 2332e100c5d082881f7ceb999b….jpg)


What if I want to keep one as a pet but I'm not a prisoner?



How wouldn't it be rape?



the femboys obviously want it




t. delusional tranny



>thread made in 2017 shits on women

>this means nu-/pol/ aren't a bunch of emasculated pussy worshiping zoomers

The have sex incel insult is especially effective over there precisely because they are thirsty beta faggots, and they also know that if the day of the rope actually comes, they will be considered just as useless as the white female leftists. Much like Varg, actually.



How *dare* you suggest that my individuality isn't special in any way and a whole board thinks the same as I do? How am I supposed to shit on other boards while masturbating about how unique and oppressed I am for being the only enlightened one amidst a sea of white knights who aren't as woke as I am on matters of the roast? I'd argue you further but my mom is yelling at me to eat my dinner. Rest assured that if it wasn't for that I would put you in your place, white-knight.



lmao it's just a nigger in makeup



Tell us about your accomplishments anon, you sound like you're very useful

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