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File: 447163c7ed7cfb5⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 2400x3600, 2:3, emmaroberts_24.jpg)


>If i hear you crying again i'll come over there and punch you in the face. Got it?


Boyfriendup btfo


Why is she pimping Enema Flopson out to sandniggers? Is she that desperate for free airfare?


Oh, he likes Massie? Ban him.



The only one she's pimping out is herself doing blacked television shows to pay the rent



File: 8c85053070d8757⋯.jpg (118.34 KB, 1128x868, 282:217, Emma_Roberts_SDCC_2014.jpg)

*gropes you*



Probably less painful than getting kicked with those sharp knees



>grabbing of the crotch

>demanding he march to her dressing room and "wait for her"

It's like a kinky doujin actually being played out irl and those fags are complaining.



>grabbing the groin area and demanding he march to her dressing room and wait for her

God I wish that were me.


File: 99ef5f248d60b14⋯.jpg (283.24 KB, 1534x2671, 1534:2671, 99ef5f248d60b1451d294a9708….jpg)


Slaves get nothing



holy fucking based


File: ba3700096d592a9⋯.jpg (83.51 KB, 396x594, 2:3, our muse.jpg)



Ugh, Roberts is so disgusting. She's even worse than Flopson in this scenario. I mean Flopson might be a whore and all that, but it's out of desperation. The poor thing is box office poison and knows it, and she can't act. So the only way she has to get acting gigs is by shagging producers.

But Roberts becoming a pimp and managing Flopson so she can fly in a private jet for free is so cheap. I mean she's a fucking millionaire, flying business isn't expensive for her. And she's tiny. I'm a fairly big guy and I always fly economy so for me it's very uncomfortable. But I have friends, some of them chicks who are very short and it's almost limo tier to them. So for Roberts this is probably about showing off more than anything else like comfort. She's no different from niggers who become pimps so they can drive a Cadillac full of bling.


File: 90e3c087d7d4114⋯.png (9.03 KB, 583x207, 583:207, roberts.png)



Now that's cold.

Did the producer pick her or the ex in the end?





That would be so hot



That's an… interesting way to see it.

I still think the one getting fucked is the most disgusting. Flopson is even a bigger millionaire, even if her entire net worth isn't enough to finance a high budget movie. Why does she want to be in movies? It's to show off. Roberts may not need the private jet, but Flopson doesn't need to be in movies and most importantly movies don't need her in them and would be better off without her. If she was a poor girl trying to make a living you'd probably almost have a point, but most chicks just get a honest job instead of becoming prostitutes. So she gets no respect for me.

They are both trash, but Flopson is worse. No self respect at all.



Her niggering aside, I wish she'd physically and verbally abuse my dick.



Can't find it, it's fake I suppose. ;(


File: 852d0f347396b9f⋯.webm (5.72 MB, 580x190, 58:19, Emma No.webm)




>"the showrunner chose her to remain"

Anon you need your reading glasses



How long until Zachary shows up on CDAN again to defend her?


You're right, I went full Zachary.



Pretty sure Enty is playing the same whack-a-mole game with him like we are here.



>t. Enty

Seriously though that would be hilarious



I loled

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