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File: b5608b9dfbea272⋯.jpg (19.57 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


Have you been taking good care of your teeth, /tv/?



>this video removed by copyright claim from Colgate


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

the golden age of youtube


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I miss the BILLY MAYS poops most of all.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Just like everything else YTPs have been taken over by trannies

why must this happen


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 3e530e22d55e876⋯.jpg (15.58 KB, 154x223, 154:223, demon9.jpg)



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I still remember the day I woke up at the tender age of 10 to find all of Walrusguy's videos removed. Will never buy their shitty products for as long as I live. Were it not for the first wave of YTPers nobody would remember Dr. Rabbit, nor Hotel Mario.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



My teeth are so bad.



Brushing is a Jewish scam designed to destroy your teeth so you have to spend more money on (((dentistry))).



Believe it or not Zach but having teeth the same color as your skin is actually not healthy.



>first wave of YTPers

Walrus Guy and Deepsomething were the second or third wave. Gamecubehero was the first wave guy that somewhat created the second wave and somehow regretted it for some reason.

Man i feel old now.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Don't know why this didn't go through.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'd seen a few YouTube videos a year or two prior to this one being released, but it's one of the earliest I can remember watching.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



the earliest was some British film reel


File: 3f120f4e4ddf7ec⋯.jpg (22.62 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault[1].jpg)





>older than 1938


File: 62299e7106b89d5⋯.png (6.34 KB, 211x239, 211:239, download.png)


God damn I miss YTPs.

Almost all of the good ones are completely fucking gone now.


File: 4b9618c125fca30⋯.mp4 (11.81 MB, 320x240, 4:3, YTP_THE PIRG A TEG.mp4)


Dr. Rabbit is pretty much the worst YTP source aside from ponies.

Here, have some infomercial ear-rape kino.


>acronym get spammed out of nowhere

totally organic, and most defenetely not synchronized or forced.



Hey newspic.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Deepercutt, who lasted quite a long time, well into the eras of Waxonator remember when that weird huezilian cunt pretended to be him when he left in 2010/11?, Krobo/Dikekike, cs188 and possibly into the same timeframe as the likes of EmperorLemon and all those other Disney YTPers.


Vaguely recall him, he was already gone by the time I started watching though. I think you're thinking of Superyoshi who shat the bed when he realized his SMB3 video (originally submitted to Sheezyart in December 2004) was being reposted on Youtube.



Oh look, both of you insufferable faggots have the ability to read Encyclopedia Dramatica. Don't tell me that's not where you got that information from, since you even used the same embeds. I'm surprised neither of you mentioned "Life Wastes Andy Hardy" yet and comically miss the same point those article authors also missed; people who make YTP are normal in the loosest connotation possible everyday people that didn't spend thousands of dollars on bespoke editing equipment. With that said, you can't call anything professionally edited prior to the early 1980s (or perhaps late 1970s) as a precursor to the modern YTP, as it was home recording that more or less made this fringe artform possible.


Cultural genocide, anon. Few people archived back in the day, few still do to this day. I'd wager more than half of all internet content made between 1995 and 2005 is now long gone. Whether it's videos, torrents, images, mods for vidya etc…



>acronym that gets spammed out of nowhere


Know how I know your birth year begins with a 2? At the very least you were born after Kikebook was founded. There's a difference between something being shilled, and being an uninformed newfag who should go the fuck back to wherever you came from. There is literally no excuse to never have heard of a Youtube Poop.

BTW, do any of you remember some guy around 2007ish that got in major shit for straight up ripping other peoples poops and changing one or two things? One I recall had him replace Mario's "smoke" in "Where there's smoke, they pinch back" to "Forrest Gump". His original account ended in "666" before pledging to reinvent himself and becoming one that ended in "777". I almost want to say the words "Elmo" and/or "Sonic" were in that username, and it's kicking me I can't remember him. He was quite a pivotal figure early on due to his dumbassery which led to everyone slapping watermarks on their videos.

One of the best YTPers to ever exist though, was RedKing920. He made just two poops, one average, and one that arguably still holds up to this day despite coming out at the turn of the decade. Then he disappeared off the face of the earth. A complete Jeff Mangum figure.


File: f68334d08586354⋯.webm (6.27 MB, 480x360, 4:3, t. zoomer.webm)



The fuck you going on about?


I've been sucking black cock all morning



what effects does BBC have on teeth?


>tfw two root canal procedures needed

>tfw I think I have a third



Limeys aren't known for having good oral health.


File: dea870f3f76e7e1⋯.gif (62.94 KB, 400x260, 20:13, 767d5aa52d7da6d3775bf9603b….gif)


Did you 4th of July hotdogs motivate you to avatar with hotdogs?



Did the proper adult make it to this thread with his facebook lectures too?



>BTW, do any of you remember some guy around 2007ish that got in major shit for straight up ripping other peoples poops and changing one or two things? One I recall had him replace Mario's "smoke" in "Where there's smoke, they pinch back" to "Forrest Gump". His original account ended in "666" before pledging to reinvent himself and becoming one that ended in "777". I almost want to say the words "Elmo" and/or "Sonic" were in that username, and it's kicking me I can't remember him

I think I know exactly who you're talking about, but it looks like his shit was erased completely.

Had a whole bunch of his vids bookmarked before I realized he was just copying other peoples' shit.

Never thought I'd miss people like that, but even the most blatant plagiarists from ten years ago are less insufferable compared to today's average YT eceleb cuck.




Oral health is for Jews


File: 8ba9c48eb19260f⋯.webm (1.58 MB, 320x240, 4:3, niggerpaste.webm)

>not using the superior toothpaste



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

classic YTP kino


File: 8885aa67f54e768⋯.webm (733.58 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 2007 in a webm.webm)

File: bf1f7424836b662⋯.webm (934.85 KB, 278x208, 139:104, Trauma Rabbit.webm)

File: 7ad4d4e47ea95c7⋯.webm (1.96 MB, 278x208, 139:104, Dr. Rabbit is a Scientolo….webm)


>remember 2011

To be fair i jumped to /v/ after lingering around /b/ and forgot about YTP around mid 2008, i don't know a lot after that date. Deepercutt was really good but i was much more fond of WalrusGuy's source materials and editing, he was very clean and to the point.

Gamecubehero was a very talented guy who did the standard ear rape experimental stuff, but he did so in an "ironic way" because he went absurd lengths with it yet showed glimpses of storytelling. A bunch of his sources were obscure as fuck but still he helped popularize the saturday morning cartoon Zelda and Kindergarten Cop quotes. Dude did storytelling, OC music edits, pioneered phrases but one day he went batshit insane and deleted/replaced most of his videos with looping audio and then downright deleted a lot if not all of it. Heard he was a tranny now.

I discovered YTP due to him (His Mark Twain/Satan edit) and with a compilation music edit video called 2007 or 2008 made by the official website, never again saw the video but it was pretty decent, the concept was a number count from one to eight i think, some sort of anniversary video. There's a lot of stuff lost in tim- oh well reading your post i'm preaching to the choir here.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


His name being forgotten is for the better really, but I do believe he was significant as I didn't see anybody use a watermark until after he'd wreaked havoc on the community.


2005 - 2010 YT was a goldmine that we didn't really recognize at the time. I can only speak from late '06 as that's when I got my first computer at the age of 9, but it was more or less the same by that point. People were unbelievably creative with the limitations imposed on them. Anyone else here remember vid related? I quoted it back when I was a child and still quote it to this day. It was brilliant. You had YTPs, early GMod videos (extinct now thanks to SFM), stop-motion animation, funny home videos (Sparkling Wiggles is now on its 10th - 20th generation far removed from its original creators) and fads (what we used to call what would now be considered "memes" - that term only started around 2010 with all the rage face crap) like Gourmet Race or Gentle Breeze.

seriously, that's the biggest mindfuck of them all tbh - the word "meme" has become so ubiquitous from everyone aged 8 to 80 that it's unthinkable that we ever called them anything different, and yet we did. The term "Meme" was already in use by about 2008, but "Fad" was still the more popular term until about 2011.

YTP and its derivatives (including the YTPMV which originated from Niconico) are still as good as they ever were, but the accessibility they once had is gone. You can't just download the Hotel Mario and Wand of Gamelon cutscenes from Quebecgamers and mash them up in WMM anymore. You have to spend around a month in Vegas making all sorts of complex, overarching jokes else nobody will give a shit. My personal favorite era is 2010 - 2011 when sentence mixing started getting really good, but when video effects were still limited to simplistic twists, blurs, zooms and color changes. People like jettan (rip), GAYPENLS/OLDSACKS, and ImperialLobster.

Even your userpage was an artform. Those who knew CSS could add buttons to their own userpages and link people to shit like Lemon Party or Meatspin. You got background images, a full channel description, and friends. You knew if a video was good or shit before you even clicked on it thanks to the star ratings, which couldn't be disabled to my knowledge though it has been a decade after all. Comments could be buried in dislikes or marked as spam. Then they pushed Cosmic Panda on all of us and all that individuality was gone.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


And I swear to God, the next time I hear a content creator, even one I love, taking a minute out from their video to plug some jewish company or VPN that will be irrelevant after mere months, I will jump through my monitor and bash their fucking skull in with a keyboard. Youtube is not an occupation; never was, and never will be. It was the rampant commercialization of the site that happened around 2012 - 2013 that has brought about the most of its slow post-2009 death. And yes, Pewdiepie is the one to blame. You can say all you want about him now, but from 2012 - 2015 anyone with a modicum of taste would call him and his fans out for the cancer they were. One of my favorite animators, SpeedoSausage, even once made an animation that perfectly critiqued him at the time, now he's privatized and possibly deleted it due to being a pussy that can't hold an opinion for shit.

The biggest problem about today's CorporateTube is its ability to give even an insignificant SA pipsqueak nobody like HBomberguy or Slowbeef a gargantuan, larger-than-life ego if you feed your viewers with the right stuff and turn them into a cult. Take Filthy Frank for example. Had he started his series in 2006 rather than 2011 and quit in 2012 rather than 2017, nobody would have given a single fuck. He would've quickly faded into obscurity and in the event he did try to pursue a musical career, his Myspace/Soundcloud would have 189 views and be promptly abandoned. His series bore an identical fate to Italian Spiderman; cancelled before it finished. Except now, because he thinks he's a fucking rock star, people actually gave a fuck and are enabling him to do what he wants instead of what they want him to do.

And that's another thing; cabals. Every major Youtuber is part of one. If you like X, then you're going to like Y because they do deals with each other behind everyone else's backs. I discovered a few years back via Socialblade or some other analytics site that most major gaming channels were owned by a company named "Polaris". Even those that appeared to be operating individually like Cr1tikal. Back in the old days when a pair or collective of Youtubers got together to make a video, it was a special occasion between friends. I still remember how apeshit some people got over the perceived rivalry between AVGN and the Nostalgia Critic only for them to collaborate in 2008 or whenever it was.

Nowadays, everybody crosses over with somebody else at some point, regardless of politics. It's why the Alt-Right exists. Literally the same as the Kosher Cultmarxist Left, with obnoxious loudmouths, trannies, and thirsty degenerates in one massive circlejerk. It's also why H3H3 are as powerful as they are to the extent they could singlehandedly bury upcoming channels like LeafyIsHere.

God, I wish I could go back to a time when the biggest problem on YT was content stealers.


File: f1e181302c01663⋯.webm (2.01 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Jill Sammich.webm)

File: b3f822e1b57288a⋯.webm (2.52 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Head.webm)

File: 73b089fbbc917d4⋯.mp4 (4.6 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 2008 YouChew Perfect Poop ….mp4)

File: bb571050c38c628⋯.webm (6.62 MB, 300x210, 10:7, Hyakugojuuichi 2001.webm)


It wasn't the wild west era of the internet for nothing, primitive but very powerful tools that in the right hands made a mess.

I spend a couple of hours and actually found Gamecubehero old profile, he changed the name and he indeed replaced the audio of many of his videos, effectively killing any kind of complete archival anyone could do (like myself here probably) and the worst thing is that i remember they were some of the best ones.

Still here's some others, not as good as i remember it but still a laff back then.

For some bizarre reason while searching this i recalled one legendary video, The 151, and in the wild west analogy we might say this guy was one of the famous gunslingers: Cicierega, dude made 4th vid at 14 which wasn't the very first but certainly one of the early if not maybe the second example of the animutation genre. He went long enough to produce a lot of shit until very recently with his Mouth album trilogy, an excellent example of mishmash remixes (also source of where that Bustin' song came from) but he also went long enough to become a villain and morph into a liberal soyboy rice farmer. Still his genius is apparent, this set of creative skills that also remind me of the ill-fated CBoyardee.

>biggest mindfuck of them all

It's just words and terms being replaced or used as newspeak to simplify things, fad was certainly one word, style was another. RC toys/Remote control was replaced by drones, the "new ager" or "conscious entity" was replaced with "woke", and so on and so forth, problem is some of these are seemingly still not going away. The 10's will be a mess to resume or make a nutshell of when we see the retrospective, the 00's will be in two-stages with pre-9/11 measures and post-ones but still to be fair the decade is perfectly discernible unlike what many said 5 years ago, we just became too pozzed to be similar anymore.

Like you said, the individuality and lone guns making content has somewhat stopped, but more than anything unique content which didn't try to outright imitate the result but the process. I hope someday we see something similar to what we saw.

Oh yeah, let's not fucking forget flash games like dating sims, long winded adventure games to see hentai pics hidden inside, edgy 12yo creators making killing spree/serial killer games or just animations to brag about Adobe skills, that's a whole 'nother can to explore, one which you said probably came a little before your age yet you probably saw the after effects or last intentions. Proud to have lived that but ashamed to having let it go without supporting it before, now we can just remember.


>identical fate to Italian Spiderman, cancelled before it finished

But Italian Spiderman WAS finished with a grand finale, the creators just didn't want to drag the joke and killed the Alrugo company because it was funded by gov gibs which were depleted by a certain point. Still those aussies went on to do other stuff with much bigger broadcast budget like Danger 5.

But yeah, corporazionism strikes again another medium, at least we still have flash, r-right?


File: 7d97113a709d11d⋯.webm (3.28 MB, 240x180, 4:3, Leek Spin.webm)


I want things to go back to the way they were.






return to your netadmin job pls



Not until you go back to school, junior.



we're the same age dummo


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

skip to 7:00 for the best part


There was this guy called swedish dork I wish I could find but I have not been able to for a while. Its been so long now I can only really remember his videos were funny to me at the time but I cant remember anything of them.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


never mind I just magically found his best one on my first look in a while.


File: 12b731188f75c40⋯.jpg (66.13 KB, 241x388, 241:388, tranny klingon speedrunner.jpg)


I wouldn't really call the '05 era the Wild West of the internet; that was more the SomethingAwful era. The great Ten Buck Saloon established at the tail end of the '90s. Where you could get away with anything and were always trying to become the top dog. Again though, I wouldn't really know. All I have is what's left to look back on. Maybe there were tremendous web-wide shitstorms that nobody bothered to document. Maybe it was peaceful, like the real Wild West, and we are merely the Italian and (((American))) directors painting pictures of a time that never truly existed.

I decided to come up with a painfully autistic analogy for our own nature and the lifespan of the internet. I'm not gonna lie, I literally came up with this a few minutes ago, but I find it quite apt. Here it goes.

Every two years on the internet since 2003 has represented a decade in human history.

2003 - 2004 were the '50s. You will never find as carefree a period on the internet as those two years. Everybody had a great sense of humor, and it was a lovely place in general. Life was slow, but it was nice. SA became the commies in cuckchan's America. eBaum's World/Albino Black Sheep were both niggers representing different gangs.

2005 - 2006 were the '60s. Everyone was happy until they sent us all to war. Except instead of Vietnam, it was Gaia. Instead of Russia seeking to conquer the world, it was Jack Thompson and FOX News seeking to conquer the internet. Instead of Hippies, we had Habbo. Instead of wearing flowers in our hair, we gave our online avatars an afro and black skin.

2007 - 2008 were the '70s of the internet. Instead of drugs, we developed alternative new means of self-expression and people were experimenting like crazy. The aforementioned Italian Spiderman came out right during this time. The recession was our oil crisis.

2009 - 2010 were the '80s. We saw the last grand hurrah for the dominant form of media, Flash, as action movies were back then, before it was killed off by mobile gaming/video gaming. And I utterly hate to say it, but MW2 is more or less a perfect analog for Empire Strikes Back as COD:MW was for the original Star Wars. They're both film/game events everyone remembers. Then you have us jaded few that can call out what these Boomers and Zoomers enjoyed as the trash they always were.

2011 - 2012 were the '90s. Despite it being a shitty era from a contemporary perspective where all the great sights/sites were slowly being taken down, sanitized and renovated i.e. Encyclopedia Dramatica, there are people who genuinely yearn for these days, both those who were around and those who weren't. Instead of ravers that dyed their hair wacky colors and rode the white pony, we had Bronies. K-Pop I guess was sort of like Grunge, except it's only grown more popular. Plus everyone thought the world was going to end at the end of 2012, exactly like Y2K.

2013 - 2014 were the '00s. So full of hope and the most complete the internet/world ever will be. Except instead of Hajis causing 9/11, it was muhsoggynerds causing GG. So we developed a form of self-deprecating morbid humor to get us through the times, like Filthy Frank.


I heard that in US it's extremely regular practice to bleach your teeth to bright white, because otherwise they're seen as "not as they're supposed to be".

Is this correct?



Find it, nigger.


Yes they can keep my mouth open in the casket


no, but I live close to the canadian border and the prices are cheaper there



Does anybody have the video where sonic says all of these racist things like "black people are no good. They smoke crack"?? I miss it


File: 307061b5cdb2b63⋯.jpg (101.24 KB, 656x893, 656:893, 307061b5cdb2b6365c38c121a3….jpg)

>tfw obscure pooper I liked deleted most of his poops for being offensive

I'm still not over it.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Maybe it was peaceful, like the real Wild West

That will never not be a lie, americans rarely registered shit like saloon fights or injun persecutions because it was deemed normal, but if you look into missionary registers along with mestizo historians that wrote down anything they heard from either side you will see wars, skirmishes, huge gundowns, massacres, mass rape among other trivialities, it's just that the numbers and reasons are not very well known or are implicit in facts.

The Indian Wars themselves are enough proof something went down for at least 30 years, read a book friendo.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>cuckchan is America

>Circa 2003

It was more around a peaceful third-world place or a rural place nobody knew in a first-world country, like rural France.

>Jack Thompson


A little off and the guy was always right, it's just that the boomer/edgy mentality didn't make us see that.

>people were experimenting like crazy in the 2007-08

What about the lab that was Newground's back in 2003-05? Are those the LSD days?


Was already dead by 2008 due to Youtube.

>CoD as Star Wars

Then what was Halo? its popularity circa Halo 2 Multiplayer release (2004-05) was the same as CoD

>Didn't enjoy the 90's

Nigger detected, it was the last era pre-9/11 and things were just sanitized 80's with a few touches of new fads like the guy who posted that lesbian spy movie mentioned, namely the hype around technology being for all ages like video games and computer programs. I think 2011-12 reflects its exact same era, the early 2010's, it's the point where internet culture wasn't an abstract or bubble of its day but simply a mirror with funny colors, this is the time where the internet lost its absurd flavor, also the start of the censorship (no more CP to be found on the surface web)

>'00s, so full of hope and the most complete the internet/world ever will be.

Did you just confuse the late 90's with the entire 00's? and did you say GG was an inside job that turned everything upside down?

>self-deprecating morbid humor

Existed since the 2008 era, see /b/ humor

A good summary if done in a few minutes but your history is placed years behind and ahead in many instances, many things happened much earlier or later.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Holy shit, not only is Walrusguy still around, he was Jordan Peterson the whole time.



>WalrusGuy has a kermit voice and works for the jews

>SJW-tier comments from the cast

Sometimes it's best to leave the persona as a myth and a legend than to shit all over it. But if that's his voice then who was the guy who did the serious Colgate rebuttal/interview back in 2008? back then the guy who said was Walrus had a normal 20-something year old american voice.

This makes it all confusing.



what a bunch of fags


Never been to the grocery store to buy toothpaste. I think i haven't brush my teeth for years.





my teeth look like darkys smell

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