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>The comedic musician has revealed he’s stopped playing those Michael Jackson parodies in the wake of HBO’s Leaving Neverland.

>The decision came in light of the renewed controversy stirred up by the HBO documentary about two men who claim Jackson sexually abused them as children


How soon until the MJ Curse hits Weird al ((Yankovic))? The Simpson staff alreadying being exposed as sexual predators.



>Proven innocent

>Demonized because he called out the Jews.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Get punched /pol/


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Weird al looks like a pedophile

>Joins #MEtoo

Sounds like Digibro joining #Kickvic all over again. How soon until #Metoo turns on weird al?



>implying i'm a /pol/tard


Digibro and that whole "lolicon isn't pedophilia" argument is some stupid shit. It doesn't matter if it's a drawing or real, if you jack to kids then you're a pedophile. Just own it. We live in clownworld, there's zero reason to jump through insane loops to excuse yourself from being what you are.




I guess Michael Jackson is a pedophile after all



>literally no argument

You don't deserve those trips.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You should see his anti-Vic Mignogna video. His whole argument for Vic Mignogna being a sexual predator is girls in real life liked to hug him at cons and Vic hug them back. Let me remind you. Digibro admitted to liking 3D Loli in a podcast but downplay it as a joke later..


you can't rely on the actual faggots that might have made some good content not to try an distance themselves from it now

sellouts gonna sell breh, these jewy sjw satanists love to find any bit of culture that isn't fully pozzed and get the person that made it to shank the fuck out of any fan of it, it's a tired as fuck playbook that's been seen elenty billion times and no one's even surprised or gives a fuck anymore, tough shit the old shit still exists



Sounds like the flabby loser is nothing but jealous, honestly.


the main thing that I object to with michael jackson is if he faked his death for cash or to run like a bitch, fuck the weird cunt after that



Shut up, reddit.


if they say someone's a pedo chances are hes probably not.



Same thing applies to furries and everyone in the animation industry who does cartoons for kids.

They get a rise that they're making a kid laugh or feel emotions. Animators get off to the thought of taking a kid's innocence by proxy of making something really degenerate.

The seed of evil in the world is not *He* who commits the act. is *Them* who tell you its okay to do those things.



>Supporting a race traitor marrying a nonwhite

Kill yourself



And your argument is.. ?




He's Slavic, you retard.



he's a kike, you fucking jew shielder



He is extremely jewish.



Actually, he identifies as Christian.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>2078111 (checked)

This. He even made a song about a nice Christian group



What a powerful transreligious person of color.



I identify as Napoleon Bonaparte it doesn't make it true or real. In the case of jews they often claim to be what they are not to hide see Spanish inquisition for historical example.


File: e60efdeb5e08568⋯.png (90.83 KB, 640x360, 16:9, castratedfaggot.png)


>A jew that identifies as something they are not.

Wow, that is something I have literally never heard of. How stunning and brave.



>I identify as Napoleon Bonaparte it doesn't make it true or real.

That's what they want you to think.




File: c718b0678a35bfc⋯.png (1.14 MB, 612x816, 3:4, der guntermensch.png)


>He's Slavic

At least he's not Guntic



His dad's a Yugoslavian Christian and he even refrains from cursing and alcohol because of it.


File: 1c1dd19bf55c579⋯.jpg (40.22 KB, 288x492, 24:41, 1427595623767.jpg)


>jews are just a religious group

>it has nothing to do with ethnicity

Here we go…



>using varg

>the retard who wears a bucket on his head



You nigger, old /pol/ were some of the staunchest defenders of MJ


>niggers ITT still don't know that Judaism is a religion, Jewish is an ethnicity

Not sure if kvetching kikes, ignorant niggers or just Zach


what a pussy


Did he even watch the drone documentary? If he did, he would see how bullshit it is, made by moneygrubbing "victims".



>letting an artist's personal life interfere with enjoying their music

By that logic Phil Spector's music should never be played because he ended up murdering someone.


Brainlets think everyone they don't like is a kike.


>jews want to normalize pedophilia

>jews smear innocent people with pedo charges

Um make up your mind



Notice the Simpsons have no issues with woody Allen?


Weird Al proves he doesn't have the wisdom of the falcon after all, doesn't surprise me as he did a video parodying conspiracy theorists and putting the guy who killed his wife to cover for his serial killer dad in the same video.


I remember a ton of jokes to him.



>Jews say one thing and do another

Literally has never happened in the history of mankind.



I've been a big fan for decades. The man is way more talented than most plebs give him credit for, and I've got a theory he writes serious songs under a pseudonym and sells them to regular artists.

I saw him last summer in concert and was thrilled when I got a minor wish fulfilled: The played Free's "All Right Now" without changing a word and it was completely fucking amazing. My only regret is I'll probably never hear him do that again.



Death to all pedos.



I think comedy music is corny, but the guy does have a ton of talent and knows how to pick his backing musicians. It's too bad he doesn't focus more on style parodies and original songs rather than straight covers, but the latter is what's made him so successful..


Child molesters are scum, but you have to learn to separate the art from the artist.



You stupid fuck. Do you even know why pedophilia is illegal in the first place? It's not because the sight of the naked child form will hurt your poor soul. Hell, pictures of nudist/naturalist children are allowed to be posted online. It's because it's impossible too make child pornography without some form of child abuse. There was a supreme court decision that said basically the same thing as me about a bart and Lisa incest drawing. Retarded moralfags like you are wrong and will always be wrong.



Faggot, it's like you didn't even read my post. You've literally gotten triggered and spouted out a whole lot of bullshit that has nothing to do with my post. Eat glass, bro.



>It's because it's impossible too make child pornography without some form of child abuse.

I didn't know all and every single teenager chad abused all the teen girls they banged.

Or are you going to jump all over the term CP?



>but you have to learn to separate the art from the artist.

why, tho?



Because an artist's work doesn't necessarily have anything to do with their personal failings, and their faults shouldn't be used to virtue signal. Listening to Michael Jackson's music isn't going to make you touch little boys.


>The Simpson staff alreadying being exposed as sexual predators

I am not surprised, but I would like some details.



I doubt Phil Hartman wasn't a pedo like the rest of em.



Doubt he was*




Yeah! Which Simpsons staff members are chomos and rapists?



I love how Digibro fans from /a/ don’t even damage control him on /cow/ anymore.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>MJ bad

>John K good

I’m convinced weird al a pedo now. Even his fans are calling him out in the comments.



> It doesn't matter if it's a drawing or real,

You're a fucking retard.

You can't hurt children if the children aren't real



>Listening to Michael Jackson's music isn't going to make you touch little boys.

That's hardly the point, dumbfuck.



Then what are you so worked up about, dipshit?



Weird Al did nothing wrong


File: da8442887207931⋯.jpg (23.41 KB, 500x374, 250:187, [hiss].jpg)




Yankovic is a Yugoslavian name, you stupid fucking mutts.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Implying there any difference from Jews and Slavs



t. emasculated nord



We don't give a person respect or praise when he's a dirty child molester



>make bs docu about the greatest pop artist of all time to smear his legacy

gotta get that empire cheap amirite?




Weird Al is ethnically jewish you fucking retarded amerimutt.



I'll have you know MJ was very peculiar about his hygiene.



>see Spanish inquisition for historical example

Source where I can start to read up on that, anon?



Read up on the Marrano in Spain. They were the original crypto-jews. They would change their names, pretend to be Christian, and outwardly avoid partaking of any of the jew's traditional habits. However they would secretly loan money, kidnap children for prostitution, and run racketeering organizations under the veil of secrecy. The Inquisition was less about religious conversion and more about trying to root out these ethnic gangs that were vestiges of Moorish occupation and who were exploiting and abusing the poor and helpless.



Marranos weren't the original cryptokikes, they were just cryptokikes from Spain.

The original cryptokikes are addressed by Paul in one of his epistles, they refused to quit following judaic laws but pretended to be Christians.



The original cryptokikes are addressed by Jesus Christ.

>Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees.



You should give credit where credit is due regardless of someone's personal failings. Michael Jackson was known for his musical talent and not for being a swell guy.

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