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File: 7eb6767ff0a6994⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 1800x2700, 2:3, Dark - Season 1 Poster.jpg)


>A family saga with a supernatural twist, set in a German town, where the disappearance of two young children exposes the relationships among four families.

Two seasons, eighteen episodes, pure kino all the way through.

Why aren't you watching the best show since Lost, /tv/?

The third and final season will be released next year. Going to be a complete story that was planned out from the start.



>watching cuckflix



File: 3fe37a8a4854961⋯.jpg (303.56 KB, 1500x999, 500:333, MV5BMTA5OTM1OTIyODReQTJeQW….jpg)


All of the writers, directors, and producers are Germans. It's best thing Netflix has ever produced.


File: 6c005da26be9d9d⋯.jpg (132.82 KB, 1080x784, 135:98, a98k11hsfx831.jpg)

Imagine not watching this show.



Germans are pretty cucky so it makes sense they're on cuckflix.


File: 5d51c8318490d1f⋯.jpg (205.08 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 9d21018c4412cbe47d00268d94….jpg)


Cope. Name another show where a guy who looks like this is a good guy.


Uhm were are the migrant PoC's?



Only one in the entire show and he gets killed for attempting to race mix.


File: 6d1d53ee01b5801⋯.png (659.49 KB, 1732x970, 866:485, Duitse-cast-van-Dark-op-Ne….png)


Can you imagine the aneurysm the Netflix execs must have had when they were watching through and scene after scene was nothing but white people?






Is it one of those shows you have to read?


File: 7f8cac78b418f91⋯.jpg (121.39 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, landscape-1524062807-dark-….jpg)


It has subtitles.





Watched a bit at a friend's house, seemed alright but i was too high to care.


File: 11e20945941009e⋯.mp4 (13.86 MB, 1920x960, 2:1, Dark - The Room.mp4)


It's a show you have to actually pay attention to.


>jonas kahnwald

>name literally means boat forest

ok anon that's interesting, i will check it out.


File: 0dba2dc23c042dc⋯.jpg (166.26 KB, 1608x1206, 4:3, jonas kahnwald dark netfli….jpg)


>boat forest

What did they mean by this?


File: 2605d02b13b1af4⋯.jpg (172.04 KB, 500x500, 1:1, noah's loli.jpg)

>tfw you will never travel through time to keep your waifu pure

Why even live?



Ok I'll watch it.



looks like she had GRIDS what's with the massive bags under the eyes of white girls nowadays? y she wearing a short bus hat?


File: 083c77ff276d2fa⋯.jpg (136.79 KB, 736x1024, 23:32, elisabeth doppler.jpg)


Noah is gonna fuck you up.



does this bitch know how to smile or is all she got dead eyes stares???


File: 511d7f6d5406046⋯.jpg (41.6 KB, 429x640, 429:640, Carlotta von Falkenhayn.jpg)


Why would she smile at an ugly incel like you?



Ah, I see, it's because she has herpes that she can't smile.


File: 92e302502337751⋯.jpg (69.59 KB, 784x958, 392:479, greta.jpg)




>waifuing a doppler

Y tho?



Nazis got em


File: 303125fbb2a5875⋯.webm (15.97 MB, 853x480, 853:480, FREEDOM (Kinpra ver).webm)


Looks good! Are the episodes long? I'll check it out since there's no DIVERSITY but I really hate watching hour long shows.


Every episode is incredibly dense. There's so much going on!


>3 episodes in

This isn't gonna turn into just a big piece of anti nuclear propaganda is it?



No, it's not about that.


I'm watching it. Enjoying it so far, hoping it doesn't verge off into Westworld headfuck territory where you need a spreadsheet to keep track of everything. But yeah, definitely seems like one of the better Netflix shows so far.





>not even 30 minutes in

>already 2 cuckolding scenes

>the tiedemann matriarch rants against a bunch of bankikes for withholding her loan

absolute kino. will keep on watching.



nuclear war is bad shitlord



Sorry, I am not a faggot



>he doesn't know pretty much everything on netflix can be watched for free


Aside from a couple of pointless characters that exist for diversity points, the show is great.



>Aside from a couple of pointless characters that exist for diversity points




I'd rather get me some free scoops of dogshit off the sidewalk.


File: 813b7d97ba75208⋯.gif (6.29 MB, 500x247, 500:247, a3d32ac35cd9d916a2552a6728….gif)

Why is this gif so popular on Tumblr?


>hannah fucked both ulrich and his son

>mikkel cucked his own dad

>regina marries some hotshot from the powerplant who then uses her last name

>based magnus getting the drug dealing slut

>jonas got cucked by bartosz only to then cuck him back

>khatarina absolutely btfo

>the dopplers are all useless and gay, literally in the case of the dad

At first I thought the crumbling families were supposed to be a tragedy, but now I realize it's a comedy.



Wait until you find out that Jonas cucked himself.



That's what you get for dealing drugs.b



Yeah, and I am sure if I walked into a public bathroom in California someone would be willing to poz me for free.

But I'm not a faggot, so I stay away from Cali and don't watch


which is for faggots.


File: 95d58e692973162⋯.webm (15.89 MB, 853x480, 853:480, ルナティックDEStiNy.webm)


>reeeeee Netflix

Go HOME you dumb horse! Nobody here is defending the company itself but to say it has absolutely nothing worthwhile on it is stupid beyond stupid.






>Impling gays would fuck an incel like you

They have standards, hun.



Cure herpes


File: 06939fbe332c359⋯.gif (1.85 MB, 720x405, 16:9, wowheh.gif)

I watched the first episode! It was SUPER interesting and almost no diversity. I'm scared that the reveal of whatever is behind the mystery will be ultra mega turbo stupid, but I'll keep going until the end of S1 at least.

It's an hour long one though. Why are they always an hour long that's too much.



>They have standards, hun.

No they don't. Otherwise you wouldn't be posting here.


File: e84e1b96cc7fdda⋯.jpg (30.88 KB, 600x345, 40:23, tJttk92.jpg)



Even astronauts are getting space herpes

>NASA is fighting a war in orbit — against space herpes.




I'm still at S1E5 and I found the tale really gripping. I'm curious as to why Peter Doppler the gay dad seems to be the only Christian in the show. And yet they didn't make him a villain or outright evil which is fresh, aside from the gay thing he is depicted as a serious father who actually cared about his children, maybe because he's into trannies the confrontation between one of the trannies he's been fucking and his wife was hilarious. Meanwhile the big bad goes around in a luxury car being a supplier of drugs while wearing a badass Roman cassock and spouting allusions to god.



I don't want to spoil anything, but the show isn't anti-Christian and you'll likely be surprised by Noah's backstory. Also, Mikkel's adoptive mother is a Christian, she's the nurse, and she's probably the only character in the show who is 100% benevolent.



>she's probably the only character in the show who is 100% benevolent

Nope. That would be poor Mikkel himself. His adoptive mother isn't 100% good as you'll see later.


I think the biggest achievement of this show is the casting. I've never seen different actors portray the same character at different stages of their life and still manage to look like the same character.



Damn, no way.


Just finished season 2. The show is good overall I think. At the beginning it is actually pretty hard to follow since there are so many damn characters introduced in such a short time but after a while you recognize all the names and faces. Seems like something that is better on a second watch. The first season anyway. That last bit of the final episode though seems like season 3 is gonna be overly contrived unlike the first 2 where I think they did a pretty good job of explaining everything and piecing all the different threads together. Hopefully it doesn't become a shitshow.



Yep. It was 10/10 until the final scene which was pretty weird and out of place. I don't know how they'll deal with that since we already got so much on our hands with just time shenanigans. I have hope, though, since the show was planned from the beginning.



Season 1 had a pretty wacky ending which was made good by Season 2. Everyone thought it was gonna turn into some silly post apoc thing, but it didn't. Both season endings are very close in that regard. Bet season 3 is good since all three seasons were written at the same time.



Alternate worlds was the only way to introduce freewill into a show with realistic time travel.


I thought the "bootstrap paradox" part was very cool.

How the book was given to Tannhaus before he even wrote it, making it so that it exist but was never created.

Does that mean each cycle is actually different from the previous one? Or am I misunderstanding it?



They do mention that there have been cycles which are different. Claudia mentions a time where Jonas doesn't exist and how it is much worse than the one we see. Though that does contradict all the talk of fate and how everything must happen so maybe she was lying to get Jonas on board. The whole show is one giant paradox after another.


The fag in the car park and the dad who cheats with him. They could cut both and the show would not suffer one bit.



>Though that does contradict all the talk of fate and how everything must happen

Yeah, I thought the point was that it was a closed cycle, one end feeding the other, past determining future and future determining past. There can't be a cycle where Jonas doesn't exist because then nothing that happened in the show would have happened.

I can't wrap my head about how things could change between one cycle and the other. Maybe it has to do with the bootstrap paradox?

Anyone has any theories?



Again, she was maybe lying to convince him or she could actually alter things but things get so much worse without a Jonas existing, she went back and told all the necessary people to do the right thing.


File: c01062eb3a9357a⋯.jpg (43.81 KB, 400x391, 400:391, c01062eb3a9357af489bf38ebe….jpg)


>shilling for goyflix this blatantly

go back faggots



Best fucking argument to stay as far away from this show as possible. Thanks.




>t. Hannah Kahnwald



>not pirating it

lol go back to faceberg gramps



Time is an even more valuable ressource than money, why should I waste mine on kikeflix junk?

Also, even if you personally don't pay for it, you're still advertising for it, like the good little useful idiot you are.



>Time is an even more valuable ressource than money

So why are you wasting your time shitting on this show to get the ones who happen to like it to go ahead and defend it giving you 6 million (You)s in the process? Oh I know, you're just larping as /pol/.




>being this asshurt people are actually discussing television and movies instead of whatever gay shit you're interested






Who's your favorite character, Idolanon?


File: b66dca004421703⋯.png (642.15 KB, 750x654, 125:109, Untitled.png)


So far I really like dJonas(?) the kid whos father killed himself! I've only watched the first episode since I've been really BUSY lately so that might change though.


File: 05515612546050b⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1920x960, 2:1, Hannah vs Katharina.png)


Hannah or Katharina?


File: 4e839a898d4688e⋯.jpg (57.29 KB, 665x665, 1:1, 4e839a898d4688e6cc5a1c4a03….jpg)



Are those the Stacy's that bullied Francizka? Whatever the case, the far left one is the cutest.



Don't wanna spoil it for you.



Bitch, you are a bitch.



Both of them got btfo idolanon.


Imagine that the left one goes on to become a town slag who jews almost everyone and the right one becomes the fucking headmistress of the school who gets btfo by the left one



Girl on the left is a cute.



She is a psychopath



Hannah did nothing wrong.



hi Hannah.



She redeemed herself when she cucked Ulrich for Egon.



Although I still can't agree that Hannah did nothing wrong, I'm conflicted about Ulrich and Katharina. On the one hand they are pretty much the most normal couple in the show but they are also shown to be the most fucked up ones after they experienced all the shitstorm.


File: 7d8d8397bfe255f⋯.gif (692.8 KB, 472x360, 59:45, a105147f94f1503421a3925e08….gif)

>actually and unironically watching (((netflix)))

goddamn has this board gone to shit



Netflix is no worse than any other venue out there. Most of their productions are trash, yes, but the same can be said for everything else as well. Dark is genuinely good, and if one can't look past the Netflix logo and enjoy something of actual quality, that's on them.





Isn't this shit about time travel?



Shut up Rick Berman.



Yes, just like Harry Potter.


So what's the netflix in this?

White people bad? trans, gays? feminism?



So far it's NTR! Lots and lots of it.



Token gay prostitute that goes trans, barely has any screentime and is totally irrelevant to the plot. Gay character that sleeps with the fag prostitute, despite being related/connected to the main cast he is also irrelevant. Then we have what >>2084980 says, lots of cucking but at least it isn't niggers doing it.

The cucking stuff is part of the show's bleak "charm" but the gay stuff is completely unnecessary. Could be better with the usual diversity agenda but there are a lot worse out there.



wow ok so that'll be a no for me, just like that fucking hanted mansion show where there was that dyke sequence like 5 minutes in…

You shouldn't consume all that shit and consider it's normal.



Who's considering it normal?


File: 1792105952556e5⋯.png (70.19 KB, 230x230, 1:1, 1792105952556e532676d828ff….png)


>there was that dyke sequence like 5 minutes in


The gay prostitute only just appearedf or all of 3 minutes in episode 4, the gay dude fucking him shows up periodically for a minute or two but then goes away. There are no blatant sex-scenes or vulgarity. Even the NTR is tasteful, as far as those things go.

It's a very respectable work, for a Western show!



Based idol


File: de9cbdddd9dcd7d⋯.jpg (19.18 KB, 257x358, 257:358, 1562864522750.jpg)


There are degenerate behaviors in the show but they are all depicted as part of the families being dysfunctional. Dark side of human nature and all that. But yeah some of the minor characters were obviously only there to ostensibly make the show have some duhversity. If anything the show is railing against such behaviors and some faggots are already crying that these behaviors aren't portrayed as something stunning and brave. For example the fag in the car park, Redditors are already salty that he and the SOYED Doppler dad are the only LGBTWTF characters in the show.

Superior waifu coming through



It's part of the theme about the families keeping secrets and this being what destroys them you moronic twats.


This show is rather difficult to discuss. Practically anything you care to say would be spoilers for someone even a single episode behind, yet there's no melodrama for the sake of it and rarely does a particular episode drop a bombshell on you. Just a nice slow burn of crumbling family dynamics with some timey-wimey mystery happening in the background.

Just finished episode 5. Mikkel had a hard life. Did Ulrich actually beat Khatarina while screwing their first time? I thought Hannah was just making shit up because she's jealous but she did have blood and what appeared to be a bruise around her eye. Maybe young Ulrich just likes it real rough?



her mom did that



Did she say it or something because I don't think her own family was ever shown



Finally finished the two seasons and I must say that was some of the best /tv/ I've seen in years.

>the only two niggers, one in 1986 and one in 2019, are background characters who might as well be studio props

>the only shitskin with anything to do with the plot can pass as a Slav so still kind of huwhyte and he got immediately taken care of by based Noah anyway

>every single important character undergoes noticeable development, although not all necessarily positive

>there are only two fags, the first one seems to be sort of a comic relief like all fags should be in media and the other one is shown as slowly growing out of it and is already a father of two daughters

>incest, lots of unintended incest uwu

>the two dykes are unlike any dyke in real life but it's fitting that they are cheaters

>the outfits are /fa/shionable as fuck especially the outdoorsy ones and the S.T.A.L.K.E.R tier gear from 2052

>one character is his own grandfather and fucks his own granddaughter so his mother-in-law can be born, kek

Even after everything shown I still don't buy that either one of Adam and Claudia is the good guy. It's more likely they both manipulate people and events for their own selfish gains and we are not supposed to root for anyone other than OG Jonas, not even the Stranger who suddenly freaked out after seeing the twink version of his waifu still alive and yet was the one who caused her death anyway by being rapey and causing her not to trust him at all.



Dark is great but is runner up to Twin Peaks the Return for recent telekino.


File: 7256105ac2a1a16⋯.jpg (159.58 KB, 1200x674, 600:337, ourguys.jpg)


>Netflix is no worse than any other venue out there. Most of their productions are trash, yes, but the same can be said for everything else as well.

*blocks your path*

*saves cinema and kinovision*



>incest, lots of unintended incest uwu

Well i'm checking it out




<some kind of other shit-skin



<time travel related incest

So its garbage no different than any other cy+4 media.



Dark will take us to the light. Watch it and have your mind illuminated.


File: 9e3c0c39c6a20b5⋯.jpg (89.25 KB, 1280x713, 1280:713, 3-29.jpg)


The strange thing is that it really isn't, despite all the memetext written in that post you responded to. I'd say it's a 7.5/10 in a sea of 2/10s which is probably why a lot of anons here like it. It's pretty telling that the only posts shitting on it are clearly from anons who haven't even watched it



best waifu?


File: d7dd05ce8a44134⋯.gif (471.53 KB, 300x250, 6:5, d7dd05ce8a4413457dea74b8fa….gif)

Finished season 1. SUPER interesting show, though sometimes the various relationships can be a bit hard to keep track of. 99999999 different characters, in different times, occasionally revealed to be related to some other character you would never expect. They do a pretty good job of keeping it simple to process and semi-regularly update on new developments every so often, though.

Overall pretty good writing and very engaging. I knew Netflix could do it if they tried!



I'd rather watch Showtime than pozzflix.



I just hope they don't make an American adaptation. You just know they would miss the point of the character relationships and make them all gay or pedophiles instead.



US version:

>Jonas is betamax cuckold

>Martha and Magnus are niggers or mutts at best

>Magnus blacks the redhead

>Three times as many sex scenes to pad out the show

>Bartosz is the most white and Aryan looking fucker to ever live and is super evil

>Noah is super evil too

>Time travel involves Jonas or whoever going back and seeing Magnus' and Martha's parents and grandparents get abused by evil whitey

>Fag in the car park is a tragic character, does some noble deed during the show

>Ulrich is actually a drunken bum who beats Katharina and cheats on Hannah, later beats her too which justifies her actions in S2



>I just hope they don't make an American adaptation

Highly doubt it, Americans on average don't want to watch shows you're supposed to think about. Americans like the Back to the Future version of time travel where nothing makes sense and you're supposed to just turn your brain off.


File: 34fd5a1a3a5f9a9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.99 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, mpv-shot0027.jpg)

Oh my GOD! I kind of suspected it for a hot minute somewhere around the end of season 1, but never thought my man would stoop that low. All of Noah's unwavering faith in some set in stone prophecy makes sense now, since Jonas is beginning to believe in Fate now, and would obviously spin it all like that after thirty million years of futile wandering.

I thought the introduction of the time travel to the broader cast was clumsy and made things a bit boring and far less interesting, but this renews my motivation like wow.



Season 3 is gonna be crazy. Do you think Adam will end up actually being the good guy?



I don't know. I'm only halfway through season 2 right this second so impressions might change, but I suspect Adam is just tired. He's been very consistent in his motivation from the get-go. He just wants shit to end and go back to normal. It's been a LONG road for him, so I suspect he really, really want sit all to end now no matter the cost. If he eventually does 'good' in the pursuit, great!


File: c18c18ee4112744⋯.jpg (138.77 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, DTNv0dTWsAc8TeR.jpg)

I keep wondering why they focus so much on Aleksander's shenanigans. So far nothing about him indicates that he is also a traveler.


>Martha and Magnus are niggers or mutts at best

Laughed more than I should at that bit since Martha already looks like some sort of muttmerican much like Jennifer Lawrence who shares her facial structure.

>Jonas is betamax cuckold

He pretty much already is. No wonder he became Adam to end it all since he keeps cucking himself.


Reddit thinks Adam is actually Bartosz even though twink Noah already killed adult Bartosz way back in S02E01. Granted, most people didn't realize it was him since he was in filthy hobo makeup. Also nobody knows Adam's real face, the neck scar could have been faked and he could be very well be an entirely different person altogether. They've also been saying that the multiverse has always been alluded to since the beginning, their theory is that what we were shown throughout S01 and S02 are not necessarily all from one universe but rather two different universes superimposed on each other.


Wait until you see the very last scene of S02. Your opinion of him might completely change.


File: 1242f861da507e3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.64 KB, 273x382, 273:382, Erik_Obendorf_Missing_Post….jpg)

The real question is who the fuck is this guy? Just some random? His story is never really explained in any way is it?



He is one of Noah's guinea pigs to test the Sic Mundus time machine prototype. His father was the fat greasy dude who worked as a part time driver for the powerplant and nearly shot Ulrich during the latter's investigation into his workshop, in which he found that both Erik and his dad have been selling drugs. He was sent to 1953 along with Yasin Friese by a 1986 Helge and Noah. Mads who disappeared in 1986 was one too, but he got sent to 2019. The final version of the machine was actually the grandiose 1921 one which could create a fucking Higgs boson particle on its own.



So much lies in a small paragraph:/



Feel free to correct it then. Protip: you can't



Yea I get all this because it was shown but him and his family are only really shown in the first couple episodes while the rest of the families have screen time through the rest of the show. Seems like the type of character they are gonna bring back at the end for some big reveal or something like that.



Could be. At this time I'm more inclined to believe that he and family are just some of Sic Mundus' triggers to make sure everything happens according to the "correct" sequence of events according to Adam.



Probably just a pawn.


Do you guys think the multiverse stuff happens every time too or is it an anomaly that only happened with the timeline we're watching?



Isn't the whole idea of multiverse that everytime someone makes a decision, an alternate universe splits off where they mad the other decision? That would imply there are infinite alternative universes.



Different theories surround all of this stuff. Dark hasn't elaborated on breaking the chains of fate. Claudia mentioned a world without Jonas but Adam also said that fate is inescapable and that all events, players and pieces will always play their part. Martha always dies on the day of the apocalypse but then the Martha from another world appears. She also tells Jonas that she isn't who he thinks she is, implying a completely different upbringing and likely name.



Like how the rock outcropping looks like a vagina bone


File: d818221c31b74bd⋯.jpg (201.6 KB, 1080x611, 1080:611, capture.jpg)


I think they didn't put too much explanation into the multiverse thing until now because it would feel like too much of a cop out. I remember feeling very bizarre when seeing pic related, and it was in Season 01 when the time travel aspect was barely being explored. Putting a straight reveal of the multiverse only in the very last scene of Season 2 with alt Martha is a great move. If you check out the director's Instagram there are several pics which could be of the elseworlds kids.



What does that frame mean?



Bruh, what's that scene about?



>>2088999 (checked)

That is Old Claudia with a kickass rifle complete with a scope and flashlight, the scene was only a few seconds long, and I forgot which episode this was, but I think it was right after Strelok-err, Stranger Jonas tried closing the cave portals for the first time and after him revealing to Jonas that he is himself but from 2052. I think it's in Season 01 Episode 10. During this scene she reached through the air to check if there were something and she looked pleased when whatever she is checking for isn't there, so I think it implies that Old Claudia was confirming if events were happening exactly like they are supposed to, or like she wanted to. It is also not clear whether this is 1921, 1953, 2019, 2052 or some other period.

My point was for someone who was watching Season 1 the first time, this shit would look so out of place if not placed at its very end since the fact that basically all the cool people in Winden are time travelers including Claudia is only fully revealed in Season 2. So if they show too many tells that there is in fact a multiverse during Season 2, it would make the Martha 2.0 reveal at the end quite pointless and possibly turn Season 3 into Dark: Filler Episodes Edition aka Lost 2.0.

That said, Old Claudia's /k/ tier gear gives me a boner.


File: 7170d61fe201026⋯.png (224.21 KB, 400x350, 8:7, 1496634300140.png)

this series is bad tbh, the whole idea is good but germans are bad actors



Begone, limey.


File: 188f3f54a5e9b1d⋯.gif (745.95 KB, 720x405, 16:9, 188f3f54a5e9b1d892550197eb….gif)

Finished! Jonas' journey into Adam is a strange thing to behold. The young version of himself is damn near mute when he isn't reacting to some game changer, so it's hard to get a read on his own personal motivation or how he is influenced from events, outside of infrequent 'muh Martha', which is a really lame justification since she is certainly the least interesting female in the series. It's like they tried to compensate by having middle-aged Jonas provide all the character for the both of them, while young Jonas stays passively silent when not reacting. Maybe they're taking the 'kid in over his head being quietly led around by the nose' approach? I don't know but it's not working with me. Young and middle aged seem like exactly the same character, despite the years between them; the only difference being talkativeness. That's kind of hard to believe, especially when they're trying to sell the inevitable Jonas->Adam transition.

Very kino series, surprisingly. Multiverse stuff is lame though so I'm worried for season 3!


File: c255c95fe8353bb⋯.jpg (39.42 KB, 540x367, 540:367, based noah kept his waifu ….jpg)


>martha worst girl

It really doesn't help that her two relationships - with Bartosz and Jonas - both suck balls when the other pairings, including the adulterous ones, not only feel much more organic but in some cases can be quite beautiful.




Pay attention to the calendar.



Multiverse stuff is usually bad for the same reason time travel is usually bad, so hopefully the same way this show did time travel the good, they will figure out a good way to do alternative worlds. Does anyone know how many other stories do this version of time travel, I know Lost does and I've heard people say Harry Potter does, but I've never actually watched the Harry Potter movies.



The fact that Noah killed Yasin after finding out about him to keep his waifu from being tainted is one of the funniest parts of the entire series to me.



On one side Adam had to know because how else would young Jonas survive this, right? On the other side he wouldn't have said what he said in that way if he knew there was another Martha out there.



I would imagine the multiverse is how they are introducing the possibility of choice to Jonas. Because with the way they've done time travel with everything being pre-determined and existing in a long chain of cause and effect, alternate worlds was their only way to offer the characters a choice in their destinies. If our Jonas does become Adam, I'm not really sure what the purpose of the alternate world is.


I don't understand why middle-aged Jonas thought locking Martha in the bunker would keep her safe from the apocalypse. He knew she'd get out. Had he already given up on saving her and thrown in with Adam?



He knew people in the bunker survive so put her there hoping it would work.



At that point was he being tricked by Claudia into thinking he could change things?



I think its just simply that older Jonas is a broken man. Decades of failure, of setbacks, of grief and loneliness. Deep down he knew he couldn't save Martha but he clung to the hope that he could. The genesis of Adam is set up at the end of season 2, with Jonas traveling with his high school friends who will later become Adam's followers. Jonas will get some kind of scarring when we see him for the first time in season 3, to slowly bridge that gap to Adam's physical appearance.



That would tie in with the three stages speech quite nicely. You know the one where Adam I think? said that mankind has three stages of life, first they lose their naivety, second they lose their innocence, and third they lose their life. Adam is pretty much a dead man walking.



>Adam is pretty much a dead man walking

What do you think he means when he talks about the apocalypse? What really is his goal?



To sever the chains of fate and have the apocalypse on June 19 be the true end.



isn't it june 27?



It's Pewdiepie and Marzia?



Anything with Matt Daemon on it.




ls that the reason he killed the deaf muzzled?



l would not account for dindos and other non-whites, are frames that you do not realize if you wink at the right moment.

Really is one of the whitest shows that ever got made, unbelievable that Pozzflik did that.



Is it top good? Can someone else confirm?






File: b10369342b0b71d⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 720x405, 16:9, wowWOW.gif)


It's actually reall ykino!



What's "Y Kino"?



Top kino or just really kino?


File: 9b47cc247d97607⋯.gif (906.53 KB, 500x284, 125:71, 9b47cc247d97607d4e8bca3aa1….gif)


Ultra super final mega wonderful giga turbo kino! You should watch it right now



Jesus Christ

I already downloaded the whole season thnx XOXO



Grampa Jonas wanted the apocalypse to happen because it causes a tear in the fabric of time and space, allowing the parallel worlds to finally intersect, but what he really wants to do with it still hasn't been alluded to.



but it's insinuated he also did it because he needed guinea pigs for the prototype Sic Mundus time chamber


File: 05e83c68aba3fef⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1902x1427, 1902:1427, martha BTFO.png)


He clearly just wants to reunite young Jonas with his waifu Martha. He just had to kill their Martha to do it.


File: 5f0d0bf30c14f79⋯.jpg (338.05 KB, 1015x1015, 1:1, Get_in_the_trash_dork.jpg)


That's where you go when your show is so bad that not even cable will take you.


File: 89b7837c7726e1b⋯.png (1.3 MB, 793x1070, 793:1070, adam is literally hitler.png)


>mardup btfo

>killing a young version of your waifu so your younger self walks the path to become you and a young version of yourself end up with a not so thotty version of her from another world

>brainwash a lad to kill a grown up version of your rival for romance and redpill him on incest

>having a terminal case of tiredness that sleep won't fix to the point you no longer have any facial expression

How can one man be so based?


File: 653a42cdef5058d⋯.png (3.72 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

The detective is daughter os her own daughter, this makes no sense, i can't swallow it.



>he doesn't know what a bootstrap paradox is

The mother-daughter thing was foreshadowed by the other bootstrap paradox in season 1, the book about the nature of time. If you were okay with the book, you should be okay with the detective being the daughter of her own daughter.


Not going to lie, I expected this to be some sort of Deutchlander stranger things, instead it's ended up being one of the most complex TV shows I have watched in the last five to six years. When I think I have something figured out a curveball comes out of nowhere.

For the longest time I was convinced that Noah and Jonas were one in the same but I never expected Jonas to end up being who he ended up being. I'm skeptical though with Adam claiming to be who he claims he is.

it's one of those TV shows where you probably have to watch each season 2 to 3 times in order to get a really good grasp of what's going on

it's really refreshing to watch a TV show that even has me asking questions to begin with, let alone one that actually requires my serious attention.



Yeah but I don't know if I would go and say that it's christian family-friendly if only for the fact that you get to watch Dudes sister tongue fuck what's his nuts wife.

Still spiked the obvious LGBT message concerning that whole subplot it's nice to see that's where the material be handled in a way that isn't obnoxious and constantly being thrown in your face. If it was an American show, they would be pozzing the hell out of it like they did with that one lady in the expanse.


Dark is the Zach of television shows.



Teach us how to hear subtitles, oh great one.

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