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File: 3b9a74323ae8273⋯.jpg (133.28 KB, 708x1024, 177:256, shitetrooper.jpg)




Crusader No Remorse adaptation looks good.





<lets paint stormtroopers red

Disney is out of ideas.


File: 56367d53ef868ab⋯.png (640.82 KB, 439x647, 439:647, drac.png)


They're just copying that shitty Coppola Dracula movie aren't they.




reddit is that way


They probably would have worked better in the throne room scene since they can blend in with the red. Other than that, I don't know how making them bright red helps them. Do they even have any special tools that differentiate it from the other stormtrooper variants?



I'd tell you to go back to tumblr if it still existed, every "alternative" "not-like-the-other-girls" emo scene slut with a nose ring and a tattoo had images from that movie posted all over their skank wall.


I don't see the problem, Star Wars has always had different types of Storm Troopers.



I don't see a problem with that figure.




this is sonic recolor bad why do they think changing the color makes it different enough to be its own thing? They did the same thing with the x-wings and tie fighters.


File: cbcaf466b3c3e15⋯.png (213.43 KB, 494x711, 494:711, jj.png)



It's JJ's new OC. It's like C3P0 and the red arm from TFA, it only existed so Bad Robot could get the revenues from the merchandising.



I hate the new paint jobs.





Holy fucking are you serious



Yep. He tried the same thing with Star Trek 2009, he wanted CBS and Paramount to stop selling DVDs and merch related to the series from TOS to ENT but they told him to fuck off.



The Jews are really good at Jewing.



It doesn't make sense that after 30+ years the only thing that changes with the star ships designs is that they all have an edgy dark color scheme nor does it make sense that they recolored a storm trooper and now its own thing it would be the same as recoloring Kevlar armor and claiming its somehow different than the regular tan colored variety.


Its even rubbing its claws together in that pic.



>To add to my post

It doesn't matter Star Wars died in 2015 they can do what they want I only hope it is the biggest clusterfuck of all time.



This disgusting fuck-toad is the lead (((agent))) in charge of destroying anything that makes us feel good. We need some anons with clearance or skills to find out if there's any provable link between JewJew and George Soros.



He recently got a $500 million deal with Warner so expect him to destroy more franchises.



>caring about what others had or did

>this actually shapes an opinion of the film

back to >>>/reddit/



Except they aren't. This guy was handed the golden ticket, the single most profitable thing made in human history, besides maybe Pokemon, and fumbled it like a fucking Charlie Brown skit.



You seem to care about what reddit thinks, hypocrite.


TLJ was kino.



Hey Zach.



false and wrongpilled



I hope disney continues to believe this.


File: 4bc09b504f484d6⋯.jpg (20.96 KB, 347x343, 347:343, 4888b4cd.jpg)





How can you stomach to look at that soyfag let alone have his picture saved on your computer?


File: b22942e7c1e0cba⋯.jpg (11.9 KB, 338x319, 338:319, sal.jpg)

I once saw a video of a guy in full stormtrooper gear fucking a fursuiter.






t. turk nigger incel





>no mention of 'sith' in the last two movies

>TLJ was hated, PT is now appreciated by those who hated it

>bring sheev back to appease some of them and make PT references, finally bringing back Sith

jew jew





it added unnecessary stuff to the source material but as a movie is was kino

you're probably just an eternally ass-blasted turkroach that hates the slaughter in the opening scene


>He recently got a $500 million deal with Warner so expect him to destroy more franchises.

Let's brainstorm some WB IP that he could utterly fucking ruin.

DC is an obvious one, but it's already trash. Does WB have anything worth ruining anyway?



>Does WB have anything worth ruining anyway?

Lethal Weapon, Mad Max, Babylon 5 (I hope he puts his dirty hands on that IP), the MonsterVerse (he could shove his Cloverfield-verse in there), the Hanna-Barbera and New Line catalogs to name a few.




File: b2d709a7cad64c1⋯.jpg (715.74 KB, 2700x1800, 3:2, 000263250hr.jpg)

File: a4f0f9cf8964473⋯.jpg (395.44 KB, 612x459, 4:3, ep7-38176-1377-1378-071.jpg)


Right, it's funny how only incel nazis are supposed to like the empire and all intelligent beautiful people only like the rebels, but yet preview material for these flicks are always composed of imperial stuff. Makes you think



>Sith Trooper

What is this supposed to be? A Force sensitive soldier? A member of the Sith race in stormtrooper armor? A footsoldier of the Sith empire?

Also, the armor looks like absolute dogshit. Far too detailed for what it's supposed to be.



this but unironically


Who cares about those soulless Hollycuck movies?

Their movies are just derivative, simplistic garbage.



>Does WB have anything worth ruining anyway?

Harry Potter is shit in the first place, but it's profitable shit and big money franchise nuboots is Jew Jew's M.O.



b-b-b-but muh lightsabers! WOOOHM WOOOHM WOOOOHM! REEEEEEEEEEE!



This reminds me of old JRPGs where late game enemies would be just palette swaps of early game enemies.

>You encounter SITH TROOPER x3!

>SITH TROOPER A calls for help!



>JEDI CUNT takes 10 damage!

>SITH TROOPER B attacks!

>JEDI CUNT takes 113 damage!


>…it misses!



They and you think this appeals to "nazis" ?

No wonder no one likes the nu-soywars they don't even understand how to make things look appealing or interesting red iphone trooper looks like a power rangers or dr.who reject. The nu-rebels are no better.


yup, thought they were getting away from "siths" & "jedi" as well.


Yes but in this case its fun to want this train wreck , not the films they are cancer but the resulting salt from triggered soyfags & media.


File: 36dffde30883bec⋯.png (831.06 KB, 1133x850, 1133:850, nazis.png)


>They and you think this appeals to "nazis" ?

Just repeating what they keep blathering on twatter



ah my apologies, those "people" need to be locked up somewhere they are not sane.

It used to be that they made the bad guy cool so they could sell the toy appeal to boys/ young men and make the fan base bigger. Now everything is "nazi" & you are not allowed to like fictional characters or factions.



You should be cheering for REY MIXER THE JEDI, not for Nazis.



>Cheering for a side in a movie….

I don't understand why people say this. I liked the Emperor, Vader, the Imperials and wanted to see more however I never thought they would win because the story is about Luke & they set the imperials up as the bad guy in the film so obviously they were going to lose….. how could I cheer this on? Is this like clapping for a movie?



>yup, thought they were getting away from "siths" & "jedi" as well.

Imagine missing the point of TLJ.



Hey Zach.



Part 2 of an empty cash grab that ruined what George Lucas created.


File: c2877f03c639b43⋯.jpg (67.1 KB, 329x508, 329:508, 1562857970142.jpg)

File: 380bcc548d4eb26⋯.png (309.16 KB, 652x754, 326:377, 1562835768324.png)

File: 8792008a2794151⋯.jpg (72.49 KB, 750x687, 250:229, 1562836952373.jpg)

File: 2e9af81fa45c665⋯.jpg (467.85 KB, 2047x2047, 1:1, 1507662678987.jpg)

File: c153b585f734b65⋯.jpg (260.14 KB, 1200x1035, 80:69, 1507657894528.jpg)

This fucking guy.

Remember in the 80s-90s, when we all made fun of television and movie executives for being these old people in suits that have no taste or clue what the audience wants? No more.

This is the new stereotype.



That guy is a faggot.


File: fefafa2ebf5fbec⋯.jpg (27.71 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1562849463915.jpg)

File: 8070a90f289ad60⋯.jpg (52.4 KB, 653x851, 653:851, 1562859602210.jpg)

File: e76aa3857b79ddc⋯.jpg (263.97 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 1508425055286.jpg)



No, that stereotype is still true. This guy is just a middleman to fool goyim with the "relatability" meme.


merchandising merchandising

get this new red trooper you man child goys



>in the near future, your social credit score will be measured in cheap plastic cuckywood figurines



This is what Reddit actually believe.



Hey Zach.



You have not shown social assimilation

you have not consumed the latest star wars movie

you will be sent to social re-engineering classes until you comply



I wouldn't know I don't go frequent reddit anymore than I would a homosexual bar. So please tell me more about your experiences on reddit.


This sounds like a plausible end game to clown world… law enforcement could claim failure to buy nu-est trash is an indicator of being an extremist terrorist & of racism/sexism.



I bet the only sex he gets to have with his gf is huffing her braps or fondling her gf's boyfriend's balls. I mean geez, just look how tiny he is in comparison to her.



You would think this idiot would have stopped shilling for soy wars after the porgs flopped horribly leaving him with an embarrassing disfigurement (tattoo) as a reminder.



>Creative executive in the Lucasfilm Story Group

>Not shilling for nu-Star Wars



>there's any provable link between JewJew and George Soros.

They're both Jews. Where's my reward money?



ah I was not aware.


This & I'm sure they talk because hollywood is following soros plan to a t.



Positive social media presence to brand is smiled upon on performance reveiws/promotion consideration.


File: 14429eadc7488d9⋯.jpg (246.96 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, nusw.jpg)


I mean it's pretty fucking incredible how pozzed that franchise has been since "they" put their claws on it. I'm still amazed.



It used to nerdshit but yeah ever since disney bought it and TFA, it has been utterly pozzed, even DC isn't as bad I think.



Yep the transformation was fast and complete starwars is now for aids ridden, purple haired, antifa tier mental retards.

The blue haired niggress got an entire park attraction despite no one knowing who (or what) it is.




you fucking wrong m8



It's hilariously bad that they over(under)shot the mark so completely. We wanted younger people who knew what the fuck was a good story back then, I do remember. So they panic and put literal man children in charge and look what we get. It's like you get yor choice of shit, old or new but it's still shit. kek.



thats right, when I think about star wars, I want to think about a nigger menstruating




Sir that is no man that is a faggot.

>younger people

Is he young? He doesn't list the year of his birth I imagine he has to be at least in his mid thirties yet he behaves like a teenager.


Its educational at least I just thought niggers where born pregnant and laid a clutch of eggs soon after birth.



>women menstruated on a long journey in Phasma and there was polyamory in a cooperative primitive society

what the hell is this. who wants to read

"and blood seeped from her smelly disgusting roast beef gorilla cunt as soy nigger 1 lapped it up and soy nigger 2 copulated with her ass"


>>6990963 >>6990964 >>6990966 >>6990969 >>6990970 >>6990973 >>6990975 >>6990976 >>6990978 >>6990979 >>6990980 >>6990984 >>6990985 >>6990986 >>6990990 >>6990991 >>6990993 >>6990995 >>6990996 >>6990997 >>6990998 >>6990999 >>6991000 >>6991003 >>6991005 >>6991013 >>6991015 >>6991018 >>6991019 >>6991022 >>6991023 >>6991024 >>6991025 >>6991027 >>6991029 >>6991030 >>6991032 >>6991034 >>6991035 >>6991036 >>6991037 >>6991039 >>6991048 >>6991049 >>6991052 >>6991053 >>6991054 >>6991061 >>6991067 >>6991069 >>6991070 >>6991072 >>6991073 >>6991075 >>6991078 >>6991086 >>6991088 >>6991094 >>6991096 >>6991098 >>6991100 >>6991101 >>6991102 >>6991105 >>6991106 >>6991109 >>6991110 >>6991119 >>6991121 >>6991129 >>6991130 >>6991134 >>6991136 >>6991141 >>6991143 >>6991146 >>6991150 >>6991151 >>6991156 >>6991161 >>6991162 >>6991167 >>6991170 >>6991174 >>6991177 >>6991178 >>6991184 >>6991186 >>6991199 >>6991200 >>6991202 >>6991209 >>6991211 >>6991214 >>6991216 >>6991225 >>6991239 >>6991240 >>6991241 >>6991246 >>6991257 >>6991260




>I wouldn't know I don't go frequent reddit anymore than I would a homosexual bar. So please tell me more about your experiences on reddit.

It's filled with redditors like you.



Well other than being horribly disgusting its also very mundane all women have those problems the fact that they decided to write about this & clapped themselves on the back for it is ridiculous for a number of reasons but what they successfully did other than disgusting readers is that they made star wars less fantastic in the process. Its like writing a book on Han Solo but focusing on his day to day wake up routine rather than any action/swashbuckling adventure stuff.


<Being this oblivious

It's really no wonder you shill for soywars.



>It's really no wonder you shill for soywars.

I don't, TLJ is the only good Disney Wars. It's also the most hated Star Wars among normalfags and redditors (like you)



how can tlj be good when it was based on the the fucking force awakens. you can't create gold from shit



>how can tlj be good

It isn't. You're taking very poor bait.



i want him to defend it anyways



I'll sum up what he's going to shitpost about:

>Rian Johnson is kino

>muh SUBVERSION! of JewJew shitty setup

>Rian Trilogy will be TEH BEST

Etc. Low effort shitposting.



You forgot the part where he quotes everyone and calls them redditors.


File: 1a5da18f3b5f5d6⋯.jpg (9.39 KB, 275x183, 275:183, DacianDraco.jpg)








yeah, different types with different armor, different helmets, different guns and equipment and names that very clearly made it obvious what they were designed to do. they came across like special forces, put together specifically to take down certain scenarios.

this is literally just a stormtrooper painted red. why is it called a "sith" trooper? arent all stormtroopers kinda aligned with the sith? does he bodyguard the sith? i thought they already had those?



Look at the helmet. It has radiator grille. Clearly the sith are bunch of hotheads, hence the color.



Surely you mean Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I and John III Sobieski of Poland, who actually removed the kebab from Europe.




you dont understand just how deeply americans are integrated into the matrix, these fucking people live and breathe jewish media, my grandpa will bitch at me for using the computer too much when i get home form my 8 hour shift and then sits his ass in front of CNN and watches it for 12 hours straight, these people literally dont know what real life even is anymore, they live in someone elses smoked up hookah fantasy, and so they will take their illusion factions and fake characters extremely seriously. i once got blowjobs from this fat chick and she stopped contacting me when i said mass effect 3 was a bad game and didnt treat some of the characters fairly. people take this shit personally.



My mom simultaneously believes that everything on the internet is fake and that twitter posts can force multibillion dollar corporations to do anything they want. Anyone who grew up in front of a TV is retarded, period.


Oh boy, another faceless mook that will show almost no resistance and have shitty aim, so excited. Aside from Clone Wars, these guys are the ultimate jobbers, dunno why people like them so much except for comedic stuff.



Had I somehow found myself the owner of the star-wars IP the first thing I would have undone was the Storm-trooper's incompetence Something Dune-like for example since the events of Endor the Imperial remnant survived however they were forced to the other rim and as a result of the harsh conditions there storm troopers became elite.


Women can't into politics & social media was invented to get women to demand more social engineering propaganda.



> other rim

outer rim



Social media was invented to give direct orders to bolshevik and sandnigger revolutionaries. Egypt, Libya, which firefox seems to think isn't a real country hmmm, Syria, Caliphornia the list goes on.


File: 4178e5dfff4700c⋯.jpg (127.21 KB, 725x755, 145:151, PrincessofUkok.jpg)


anyone who marks their own flesh using the sacred methods of long dead barbarian tribes so they can help their corpo masters shill some shitty movie is incapable of embarrassment or sentient thought



sure but women are herd animals that love social media and as such as are easy to manipulate en mass. Hence all the "#" posts & the media trying very hard to legitimize posts & hashtags as if it important.



Libya might as well not be a country anymore due to constant niggering going around. Thanks, Obama!



You could say that about anywhere in Africa really but that one seems like an odd distinction.



Gaddafi was the one that kept the niggers from going to Europe he said as much so it is in the best interest of the "powers that be" that Libya stays the way it is to dump as many niggers into Europe as they can. Its also a strategic area with some natural resources that can be exploited.




>Google drops Google+, a Facebook competitor

>Facebook and Google both boost Disney PR

Mark my words, the megacorps of every cyberpunk dystopia will start when these 3 OPENLY join forces



It fixed TFA's problems.


It is. You have bad taste.


>muh subversion meme


Sorry pal, disliking TLJ is indeed reddit-tier.



thats good i guess.



Hey Zach.


File: 5d5a82865f9cff4⋯.jpg (1015.65 KB, 1299x847, 1299:847, reddit.jpg)



Even though it's not true and the last Jedi is ultra reddit, if it were true I would rather agree with reddit on something than defend TLJ. Besides, broken clocks and all that, basically you're antikino


disliking any star wars film is reddit as fuck and i think should be banned from /tv/


File: c11c76881fe3626⋯.jpg (201.29 KB, 1190x1339, 1190:1339, 6beey3fuac331.jpg)


Not only does reddit love TLJ but so do Collider and several soyfaced fag shills.

Somewhat related pic



i agree. antisemitism too since the same incels that hate star wars are the same spewing /pol shit all over our collectivist site.




jj abrams is a jew …. anon.



Yeah right faggot shill, reddit is literally crawling with faggot shills like you.



shill shill shill

did i mention shill?


i wish i will never be the board goblin just a proud trans girl


/pol/ needs to go its own site where they can masturbate to pictures of hitler collectively


i wouldn't be surprised if mousekikes were actively trying to make shitty movies and trying to ruin the memories of everyone with good taste. and laughing hard at the literal tranny abominations defending the shits they take. even the prequels had a legitimate reason to be bad, and still seem to have much more genuine effort and care put into them.

not even shitposting, the nu-trilogy seems like an actual fuck you, middle finger. there's no way a gigantic production like that ends up so pathetic by accident.



Is J.J. really jewish, or does he just play one on tv?



fuck off CUCKYWOOD SHILL@!!!



File: d3744ab75331649⋯.png (1.04 MB, 929x848, 929:848, ww.png)


I mean, the very first moving images we got from it were a literal negro jumpscare! Of course they're laughing behind it all. It's like a "Hold my beer" contest.



That's every cuckywood movie.


But this Malibu Stacy has a hat.



After he described how all 6 of his grandmothers at the age of 4 were gassed in a lens flare filled building while polar bears & smoke monsters took turns eating them & I asked him if perhaps he might have exaggerated a little bit in his story he said I was an antisemitic nazi….


I knew it would be mangled by disney the instant I heard about the sale what I didn't know is how badly until I saw these images and heard about the "force is female" & female lead bullshit.



Shiny red. Because the shiny white armor didn't stand out enough.


File: 55e07731e1ae4d8⋯.jpg (167.06 KB, 744x1206, 124:201, 22811-crusader-no-remorse-….jpg)


Jew Jew stealing things again.




More pathetic than Anthony Birch.



he mogs me



>hey Disney, what's going on with Star Wars? You finally created a compelling story?


How do you fuck up this badly?


File: ba1cbedc8c882fa⋯.jpg (15.07 KB, 474x474, 1:1, 1.jpg)


This BTFO won't go unnoticed.



By doing the Kessel run right into a banana peel.



Based and redpilled


File: d5b1b977a6880e6⋯.png (275.18 KB, 854x679, 122:97, kino.png)



ummmmm its based on George's treatment




Nice doubleposting Zach.


>>2084242 (Checked and Heiled)


I'm going to be sad if one of you doesn't upload the entirety of Episode VIII in the form of 40 webms like last time.



He's been desperately trying to slide it all morning. I implore duphoole to have it made into a banner.




>links to a post that states the starwars subreddit had to start banning people after so many redditors criticized the last jedi

So this what being btfo feels like….


>He's been desperately trying to slide it all morning. I implore gayhoole to have it made into a banner.

Agreed, Banner this Gahoole!


>you will never assfuck an autotuning tranny while Zach watches in the corner



Typical of him to be honest and not just because of the reddit thing but anytime people start criticizing his precious precious disney corporation he slides the thread. Emma Watson to my knowledge is no longer involved with disney zach you don't need to shill for them anymore….The storm trooper is a bad recolor of the sequel storm trooper model moreover it is a low grade rip off of the TLJ lobster guards which in turn is an unimaginative poor rip off of the Emperor's guards from RotJ.


reddit as a whole shills heavily for TLJ. Anons regularly used to post their meltdowns over TLJ criticisms back when the film released.I imagine they banned all the critics since then & will probably ban more people in the wake of the new soywars train wreck..


Yes that was comfy as fuck, ripping the incoherent film to shreds while drinking eggnog. Ty to that quality anon I hope he is still around.



Can you make it without the watermark to make a banner?



That was probably the handful of actually interesting ideas in the movie, that they managed to mangle in execution.


File: b190bebdeb015d3⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 1299x847, 1299:847, Reddit_delusion.jpg)


Its most likely lies to subdue the criticism remember how disney shit on old George before the TLJ fall out?


newer & now with russian bots claim.



nice, thanks



Its easy to replicate with a search…. also they seem to be home to the reylo shit.




What is that exactly? I'm out of the loop on this shit



People think Rey and Kylo want to fuck because character interaction is never more complex than carnality in tumblr's mind.


File: e32b3e583c4d81d⋯.jpg (12.39 KB, 225x225, 1:1, index.jpg)


Sexually frustrated mental defectives that want to see the carnival freak and the tooth monster fuck. remember these are the subhumans that throw around the word "incel" at every opportunity.



1984 didnt even really begin to grasp how much the modern age would degenerate the human language and how much it would control how people think



Yeah, Time Machine was way more accurate.



I am just hoping for a complete collapse of society at this point.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


this song is the theme of the zeitgeist right now



band is good. fans are fags



>not Komm Süsser Tod


File: 79603fcedc8214d⋯.jpg (238.75 KB, 847x261, 847:261, soywarz.jpg)


I know it will not be answered in the nu soywarz film but why are they called sith troopers? Do they have the force? I see no weapons that can be used to kill Jedi/Sith I suppose abrams stole the name from The knights of the old republic since they will be ruining that bit of star wars shortly with the GoT hacks..


File: 417e811749e6126⋯.jpg (449.7 KB, 1880x338, 940:169, leaks.jpg)


Found some leaks probably bullshit but its so bad its funny.



This is the exact kind of melodramatically demoralized slop that they'd do short of Rey flat out retconning everything that happened in the series via time travel or something.



Well I expect an unfinished,incoherent, and mystery box filled ending from abrams, this leak appears to confirm this.



Don't worry it's coming.





File: 4b650324377d5fb⋯.png (140.93 KB, 450x487, 450:487, 3d34dd930f6bba75e326aa459f….png)




File: 7e1b036b81711c0⋯.jpg (335.62 KB, 708x1024, 177:256, Rebel_trooper.jpg)


I made made my own totally unique and different trooper.





It already has in many areas.



Yes, I mean the divorce rate, children raised by single mothers, trannies in fucking schools, looney immigration. But all it lacks now is the new economic collapse, that could happen literally any day now, the fed is just printing fake money, 2008 was nothing compared to what's coming.



>the fed is just printing fake money

*has been printing fake money*

also it literally always has been fake



>But all it lacks now is the new economic collapse

Like I said, this has already happened in many areas.



Well at least since the took the currency off the gold standard.


Total collapse when?



fiat was always garbage



>Total collapse when?


gas the kikes, race war today



Failure to use approved adjective, that’s a paddlin’.



Is that a simpsons reference?



There are lots of tent cities in California and Seattle.


File: 59885d8088dc599⋯.png (2.77 MB, 708x1024, 177:256, the_new_ice_agent_uniform.png)









File: d6ae1f0d6e6d7d5⋯.jpg (407.48 KB, 1160x768, 145:96, ice_RAID.jpg)



Dark side death squads when?



Hollycuck and their lack of creativity…

Instead of making feminist propaganda, they should try to tell us interesting things.



>they are the bad guys

>literally obsessed with them

hmm… where have I seen this before…



Lucas hired someone to run continuity on everything. Before-wikis someone would have to have all the relevant info of an era and make sure nothing in any new media contracted it. And they did an insanely good job.

The prequels even pull from this and include a lot of EU stuff as background setting.



prequels are such good films. the podrace scence still blows my mind i can watch it again and again. also love that in two you really get to dig into the lore.



It's funny how when people condemn the Prequels, they then set about making a list of things that are actually good about the prequels.

>I hate the Prequels, but they had good world building

>I hate the Prequels, but they had good art design

>I hate the Prequels, but they had great music

>I hate the Prequels, but this individual sequence was actually really good, and this one, and this one

When are people going to admit they actually like the Prequels, with the exception of a few niggles like too much CGI?, and some awkward dialogue?


Then with the Sequels you get the opposite effect.

>I love the Sequels because…

>Shut up, they're good. They made me FEEL good. They FEEL like Star Wars. I just love Star Wars!



i just wish that george would sit down and tell us what his original plans for jar jar were. the hate for him is absurd. also episode three has better lightsaber battles than anything that disney has put out so far



the sequels have their moments. the last jedi is just overly long and needed to save the luke death for the next movie. i liked luke saying fuck the jedi way. i just wish he got killed in person. you could have had kylo execute him



Jar jar was always supposed to just be the goofy comic relief character to appeal to children. Children liked Jar jar but the manchildren hated being reminded that star wars was a series for children.



thats what i like about star wars is that its a kids movie series. theres some kino kids movies like labyrinth



Nobody says this anymore except shills and Zach.



good, i can't wait for this shit to be over.



The idea of what they did with Luke is like the one interesting thing, but it was executed so poorly, and wrapped in a trilogy that just doesn't justify it.

>Luke makes a mistake

>inadvertently brings about the return of the Empire

>in his desperation runs to the first Jedi temple to search for solutions

>fails, becomes a broken man, just wants to be left alone

>is later saved by a young new hero who helps him to believe again

All of that could have worked. It's just that you have to really strain to see any of it, and that new hero is fucking Rey, and then Luke just dies in a way that feels contrived, and leaves the viewer feeling unfulfilled.



Redditors do. You forget the rest of the world is behind us culturally.



Reddit is literally nothing but shills talking to each other to maintain an illusion of consensus.



>is later saved by a young new hero who helps him to believe again

if they just had luke come out kick some ass injure kylo ren really badly they could have had a worthwhile luke death scene in the next movie. that luke dosent even actually fight at all is such a fuck you to the viewer. but i liked the ships chasing each other thing. i liked the snoke kill. it has some ideas it just feels undercooked and underdeveloped



If the final movie in the franchise is where we finally got to see Luke back at the top of the game, even I'd be a little excited to see that. It's fanservice, sure, but it feels earned by this point. You can kill Luke at the end, if you have to. So long as it feels earned, and he doesn't just fart away into the ether for some poorly explained reason.



Luke isn't the combat in this trilogy he's the mentor. He's supposed to die in the 2nd act in order to lead to the 3rd where the hero replaces the mentor role himself. The way Luke replaces Obi Wan and Yoda as the last Jedis.

Han fucked up that story line by making Rey his replacement and then Luke is also replaced by her. In good story telling Dindu would of been Han's replacement. He goes from coward to joining the resistance the way Han did the rebellion. Then Rey becomes the new jedi knight under Luke's teachings and together they take down the New Empire the way their mentors did.

If the writers could write and didn't just pander to shit the story could work. But they can't so they fuck up even the basic story concepts. Luke using an illusion of himself to trick Kylo is fine, it's actually a fitting way for a Jedi master to die. It's what he does it from off world while never redeeming himself before it that's the problem. Luke doesn't have an arc in the 2nd movie. If he failed Kylo the same way and had tried to talk to him but been shut out by Kylo over and over it would of worked. Kylo is angry and can't trust Luke, Luke needs to find a way to get through to him. Luke wants to meet face to face but doesn't want to fight Kylo and risk real harm so sends an illusion instead. Have the fight happen then Luke admits he sent an illusion because he didn't want to fight kylo but he's too weak to hold it together any longer and is dying because of it. Kylo now has the motivation to redeem himself as Vader did. Rey can become the new Jedi knight and Finn is there as the new Han who can be the connection between the Jedi and the Rebellion as a hero.

It's not difficult to write the standard student > mentor story. And Luke dies in that no matter how you write it. But they ballsed it up.



That's another issue there. Either kill Luke, or kill Han. It just puts too much of a downer on the trilogy if every movie coincides with the death of a beloved character.



And if you really want to do it properly have Luke win the fight where his saber goes right through Kylo's force or beheads him before Luke turns it off and shows he could have killed Kylo at any point in time. He's better than he is and knew it. But he refused to kill him because he saw he could be redeemed. Kylo's former master shows he cared for Kylo even after he had fallen. Kylo is angry and hurt, going into the third movie he's doubting the dark side which allows Rey to redeem him as Luke's apprentice and then together they reforge the Jedi. Kylo is more skilled, more talented in 1 branch and tells of the dangers of the dark side. Rey is more talented in another branch (say saber VS force powers) and can be shown teaching younglings how to use force powers while kylo is shown teaching them to use sabers. Around them the jedi temple is being rebuilt and jedi scholars are reappearing.


You also don't necessarily have to kill the mentor figure. The Hero's Journey is more a guideline than an actual set of rules. Gandalf never dies. Joseph Joestar never dies. People seem to like those stories well enough.



Gandalf does die.

>References Jojo

Fucking kill yourself.



He dies and comes back, so basically he doesn't die.



That is some bad ass armor, I have to admit.

Imagine him in a bluegrass band, playing washboard! - ZZNK ZZNK ZZZKYZZZKYZIIK


And in the Hobbit, which is very much a self contained story, Gandalf just kind of wanders off half way through the story. The important thing is that pressure is put on the hero to act without the protection of the mentor. Doesn't have to be a very literal and final death.



frodo doesn't know that



File: 41f153e6c8233df⋯.jpg (68.61 KB, 800x450, 16:9, imkikefy.jpg)


fuck off imkikefy



>Luke isn't the combat in this trilogy he's the mentor.

He could have been both the warrior & the mentor like we saw in the prequels.


File: b4ad4840ff9efc6⋯.jpg (25.62 KB, 584x584, 1:1, d_a248iw4aalnrp.jpg)

File: f5f393c591d72c2⋯.jpg (14.1 KB, 355x355, 1:1, clamp.jpg)


Apparently this unoriginal abomination is armed with a grabber


File: cc69fec661fb619⋯.png (232.01 KB, 438x471, 146:157, home life.png)


Just getting a peek into the home life of our elderly troops.



Its like the cool designs were banned for being "toxic masculinity" and replaced with shitty rip offs "designed" by 40+ year old cat ladies.



That's not true. I'm sure he gets to feltch her boyfriend's creampies out of her too.




How long before a rainbow trooper?

You know they'll definitely pull this for fag month.



>it's like

That's exactly what happened tho.

Remember, da 4rs is vagina :^)


File: 4c9f4c2c21c59a1⋯.jpg (346.67 KB, 708x1024, 177:256, DIseny_degeneracy.jpg)




File: 5337c789b55d078⋯.png (1002.06 KB, 708x1024, 177:256, fixed.png)



well done.



This is unironically the kind of thing you can see walking down the street during "pride" parades btw.



of course fags are mentally ill and disney probably produces shit like this to pander to them but I suspect they'll probably dump in fag "warriors" as a faction or unit eventually into the films they came close with that recurring dyke in the shinny stormtrooper armor.



for more accuracy it should say cocks not glocks on the rifle somewhere.


File: 6086e49d928e77e⋯.jpg (11.83 KB, 300x168, 25:14, index.jpg)

wearing red intimidates the enemy


File: cfa7e210ab71cb1⋯.jpg (168.42 KB, 1024x643, 1024:643, CCCP.jpg)


Indeed however the way they implemented the not Imperials they seem to be about as competent as the red army.



Incidentally disney would probably change the coloring of the Red trooper if people connected it to the soviet Red army….. because "muh communism good™"


File: f0f8fcfa4477475⋯.jpg (354.93 KB, 708x1024, 177:256, disney.jpg)


Za Stalina my pro-corperate marxist comrades.


File: fc81d1efd8f0a93⋯.png (456.76 KB, 698x454, 349:227, chyna.png)



Nice but you should have used the ugly disney troopers.



IT's like leaks with the secret holocaust planet, it's so weird and hamfisted but seems plausible in the age of Disneywars.



It's because the stormtroopers are republicans



probably which is why people should connect them to communists to see disney squirm…..





No regret crusader. Based



Quality work.





He might be a weak soyboy but the chick is downright repulsive



Yeah those penguin things are disgusting.

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