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File: cc789f8074dbfeb⋯.webm (13.68 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ZACHMOTHERLODE.webm)


You fell for a tranny catfish, you can try and take everything down but you will never stop being a faggot ass bitch who defends coked up whores who starred in sub-capeshit blockbuster trash. EMMA WILL NEVER FUCK YOU







Hey faggot



He also bought some of that tranny's bathwater.



I honestly doubt that


i think that gahoole might have pissed off the government for making fun of the NZ hoax shooting

that's the video that you'll never see webm'ed here



He would buy Emmas pisswater that's fo sho.


>lets unanchor another thread about Zach and dedicate our entire board to him

Great plan. Certainly wont backfire at all.



Fuck off he deserves this shit



Hey Zach.



You can be dumb and also not be zach fuckface


>vols having a anchor tug of war



hey zach


File: 26c6ea7620072c7⋯.jpg (117.48 KB, 1300x1017, 1300:1017, sad-subordinate-woman-bein….jpg)



>he deserves this shit

Deserves what? To be the most talked about person on /tv/? To be mentioned in every thread? Every conversation should be derailed from the topic at hand so we can spend our shitposting hours thinking about an irrelevant hapa with bad taste in waifus?

Our lives are shaped by our thoughts. Personally, I'd rather Zach not be a significant feature in my mental real estate. So count me out, fam, count me out.



I unanchored it cause it was my thread and I wanted to keep the video I worked hard on alive, but it's off topic I admit. So fuck it it goes in the trash like everything else I try to do. Who wants to see what dumb shit I have to say about some asshole hapa fuckface who fucked up our board for months with his stupid shitposting and spam.



He deserves to be mocked openly. He's acted like an asshole to basically everyone on the board, and caused most of my videos to be fucking lost without recovery. All because he couldn't handle me making fun of him for saying he was gonna kick my ass. Yeah he does deserve to be talked about and mocked sorry


File: 1b1fc3272ee1a2a⋯.jpg (685.68 KB, 1380x911, 1380:911, beardedpig.JPG)


You're giving power to him. Think about it logically. What do you gain from dedicating moments of your life to lashing out at somebody you can't do anything to? What is the goal here? What can be accomplished by continuing to talk about him?

>He's acted like an asshole to basically everyone on the board

That's the nature of imageboards. Who hasn't been an asshole at one point on this website?


>So fuck it it goes in the trash like everything else I try to do

You're placing too much value on one aspect of your life. No person is defined by a singular part of their existence. We are everything we do in this world, not just one small section of it. I wish you the best of luck, but I'm not going down this path with you, it leads nowhere. We're meant to learn from the chapters of our life, then turn the page, not to dwell in the same spaces forever.


unanchor this shit



You will never understand the dance of the shitpost nobody. It's not about accomplishing something it's about attacking each other until someone gives up or gets btfod. That's how it is here, I don't care if you don't like it just fuck off and let me repost my last piece from this era. I don't need you being a bitch to me or telling me to focus on parts of my life, why do you think I spend so much time on here anyways? It's to escape the shitty reality I live in, now part of that escape is cut off and I'm cornered into one small board on a tiny website screaming to myself until the end of time. There is no page to turn to for me. I'm fucked dude, you can go charging into your future I don't care but I have nowhere to go but die in a fucking hole in the ground


I seriously should just fucking end it. I don't have a purpose anymore. The only future is a shithole paycheck to paycheck at shit jobs where I accomplish nothing. What the fuck is the point of all this stupid fucking shit. I just want to fuckign die



Name another guy our board catfished that hard.

Oh wait, you can't.

The most awesome thing besides this was raiding /trannypol/ and trolling Michael Kukka.



Gahoole I really empathize with what you're going through, I'm 26 and im very close to being kicked out onto the street. I see no hope for my future, I do see myself dead before 30, and honestly coming on here to troll Zach and laugh at him is one of the few joys I have left in life. So fuck that other guy for anchoring this, we have a right to enjoy the little things like this.


Fuck it I'm giving up. I'm gonna go to the movies and watch capeshit and drown my brain in numbing content. I can't be smart anymore, I never was smart but this inbetween shit is just too painful. I can't accomplish anything but all I can see is shit so I'm just gonna become shit like everyone else.



He's right though we're just delaying the inevitable. This is our capeshit. Numbing laughs that do nothing to help us grow, Unfortunately growth for some is improving, but for us it's dying quicker and quicker everyday


File: 202319488c36ab5⋯.webm (11.06 MB, 240x176, 15:11, TruthSeeker_vs_Aussie_Deb….webm)


This might be our capeshit, but at least we make it. That's a lot better than being a passive spectator.


Zach here, Im sorry for everything. I never intended for any of this to happen. And Im especially sorry to Gahoole. Hope you find happiness soon big guy.




>inb4 real zach replies to this



if this is actually zach I'm sorry too. I just wanted to have fun shitposting with you. I never liked it when all your posts got deleted and I'm sorry you kept getting permabanned. we should've shitposted on equal playing fields but instead we resorted to this gay shit. Maybe one day we can really do the fight and you can kick my fat ass like the board always wanted. Sorry for everything



I always liked making things, I should have just made webms and posted them here. I reached too far and tried for too many friends. I don't deserve friends


File: 19168c45ffe43c9⋯.jpeg (43.75 KB, 297x396, 3:4, 7F767728-912F-4119-BF46-B….jpeg)

posting in a zachy chan thread



Get some real fucking friends instead of sucking up to assholes on the internet, dupshit.



Without friends, how will you make the Nasim biopic with the alternate ending where youtube gets btfo for good?



none of my "real" friends even give a shit about me, everyone is too selfish now and I guess I'm that way too


Time, effort, and a lot of CGI



I've noticed that most of the posters here have shitty friends. Perhaps you should stop attracting shitty people?



I would not be surprised if Zach sucked off the one that anchored.

Vol your next line will be "USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST"


How did Zach become a vol anyways? Terrible vetting Gahoole


>gahoole has a mental breakdown: the thread

so basically what happened was that gahoole started harassing zach outside of 8chan and then got super surprised when there were consequences to his actions and his channel got banned?




>and caused most of my videos to be fucking lost without recovery

lmao, so basically you think you should be allowed to endlessly fuck with zach and he shouldn't be able to retaliate. you caused your videos to be lost


>everyone who disagrees with me is zach

this line of thought is more responsible for gahooles channel getting btfod than zach is



hey zachy



>hello handsome man with a full head of hair who continues to own hotpockets without even trying

thank you for the compliment



This is the real Zach



hey zachy



What do you even do that allows you to sit on /tv/ literally, seemingly 24/7 Zach?



File: 205b39225305381⋯.jpg (57.61 KB, 480x720, 2:3, 020d823daf40ed1ab5800d93aa….jpg)


Gahoole didn't harass you, he merely documented it.

But we live in a society where it's acceptable to shoot the messenger.

When your dad's coworkers at Main St. see that Flopson body pillow addressed to you there will be a lot of weird looks.


what the fuck with this thread lmao is everyone drunk



Hello Zachary



fuck off zach



I need to be drunk



So it turns out Zach was right about everything and did nothing wrong.


Now THIS is pod racing




>zach being this obvious



Jesus Christ lmao



The only person who's right here is based Gahoole. He has friends - us. He doesn't need anybody else, because we're always here for him. He's our BO, and we're his anons.



What's the song being played?


File: ed14f704ba51023⋯.png (346.99 KB, 625x415, 125:83, here's stoney.png)

If you thought this low blow against Gahoole would mean peace for you, you're sorely mistaken Zachy boy. You have only fanned the flames of my loathing for you.


A silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight.


File: 7b16b74c2f54e84⋯.gif (120.14 KB, 554x400, 277:200, 7b16b74c2f54e8422f1f771292….gif)



>low blow

Lol, the lack of self-awareness in this thread is incredible. Reminder that the mods were photoshopping pictures of Zack's sister, stalking him, and constantly harassing him, and now that their efforts backfired and the attentionwhore board owner got his YouTube channel banned, it's all Zack's fault. JFL.


>the dance of the shitpost

Holy fuck, that's cringeworthy. You're not a shitposter gahoole, you're a fucking hotpocket.



File: f284a65b0da796a⋯.png (354.72 KB, 625x415, 125:83, here's stoney.png)


>Reminder that the mods were photoshopping pictures of Zack's sister

>the mods


>stalking him, and constantly harassing him

Only after he started to spam and evade bans.

Zach is nothing but a lying piece of shit who talks shit he can't back up and pretends he lives in the UK when people challenge him. He's devoted years of his sad life to defending a crack whore on the internet while Weinstein made the bitch moan.



Seething autist



I had given you a break (for my own amusement) with the bans after I catfished you but this whole ordeal is making me reconsider.


why arent there ANY recent pics of Zach? its all from like 10 years ago



He probably was in some kind of accident and got disfigured and brain damaged.


File: fbcfcac68cc37d7⋯.jpg (95.12 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, Hawaiian-Hot-Dogs-tasteand….jpg)


Because the catalog is full of such top quality material.



You seriously need to up your dog game past these gay as fuck gourmet fagdogs


File: ba383c9d150e792⋯.gif (693.97 KB, 600x338, 300:169, 1462318215112.gif)






Do you not see the correlation?




>so basically

Bitch you said you wanted to kick my ass. That's as much harassment as anything I ever did to you, you reopened this can of worms on yourself idiot. Resorting to calling the google police to protect your pale flabby ass is only delaying the inevitable. I am going to actually break your pathetic face in until your nostrils arw as slanted as your eyes are.




Snitches get stitches and all that shit.



To be fair bro, he didnt say he wanted to. He just said that he could (lol). Not that its much of a difference, but I do think it is worth pointing out.




>You fell for a prank call

I mean, that's kinda the whole point of a prank call but okay.

also '''/tv/ - Television and Movies'''



idk may he's more than one person, because it is literally physically impossible to do what you just described.


>the trannylover is a mod

The absolute state.



Zach isn't a mod


I should make this clear



This hapa fuck has ruined the board long enough, I'm sick of letting him run roughshot. As of today he's never allowed back on the board ever again.



hi zach



Thats literally gahoole retard


File: 042f9cbd6590844⋯.png (77.78 KB, 1349x695, 1349:695, 042f9cbd6590844333d716a518….png)

I agree with Nobody, this isn't healthy at all. You guys pulled a good prank, some OC came out of it, you should be happy with that and leave it there. This to me seems like the right opportunity to finally close the book on all this. The board "won" against him, there won't be anything bigger than that. Now it's time for us to be gracious winners and leave it be.

I know the response will be that he reopened the wound by flagging Gahoole's video but what the fuck did you really expect. He was well within his rights to get your video taken down considering he has been a (relatively) good sport for years now with his real name being dragged through the mud. At some point you have to say fair is fair and allow him that.

To Gahoole personally, your words are upsetting to me because it's clear you are in a really bad place, you sound depressed. I don't think this has anything to do with /tv/, I think your work and living conditions are causing you pain. Ridding the board of shitposters sounds nice but I don't think it will actually make you feel better. Please look after yourself and don't allow this stuff to rule your life. Imageboards don't last forever.



gahoole unironically just needs to hit the gym or pay for a prostitute to get his sex drive back, he's morphing into a bugman


File: 94e3db2172d5451⋯.png (2.93 MB, 1904x1001, 272:143, maniac.png)


>there won't be anything bigger than that

That could be the case before Zach decided to snitch like a bitch to daddy google.


itd be great if this whole ordeal made him leave but it seems as if he doesn't really care at all if I'm wrong please correct me but ultimately what change has occurred


File: 511c5e4e4dbf160⋯.jpg (150.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault[9].jpg)


zach won the battle.

/tv/ won the war.



He doesn't give a fuck, he's a spineless piece of shit with no self respect. A slimy coward lower than a slug. He talked about living in the UK and Sikosky is based on Stratford. He lies constantly because he can't handle the truth.



>He was well within his rights

Hell no he wasn't, he literally talked about kicking my ass in those screencaps, that's abuse of youtube's rules and you know it. I lost so much shit cause of his dumb ass. I don't even care about the video that much but he took the whole channel with it, including shit I never backed up. That's such complete and total bullshit and I refuse to just lie down and take it. I will get him for this one day, it will be a long road but I will not rest until I have my revenge.





Those Zachy-chan photoshops are probably sexual harassment




Spamming the board with unwanted nigger dicks is also sexual harassment



One of those isn't even me, but my attitude changed after this >>2084074 post. You wanna be a little bitch and cry to momma google? fine, You wanna gloat about it? Fuck right off nigger


File: 2d40a875f61de54⋯.jpg (66.37 KB, 750x747, 250:249, 2d40a875f61de5461289bbbdc8….jpg)


That's a completely reasonable and predictable response though. I don't know why Gahoole didn't foresee that.


>he literally talked about kicking my ass in those screencaps

But you threatened violence against him in the punching bag video, even if it was in jest. So I can see why he'd go there.

>I don't even care about the video that much but he took the whole channel with it, including shit I never backed up.

I enjoyed your streams and it sucks but nothing lasts forever. These things happen, we just have to enjoy the moment.

>I will get him for this one day, it will be a long road but I will not rest until I have my revenge.

This is is where I just have to assume you are doing your "kayfabe" thing. It's stupid board drama. In 5-10 years this site most likely won't exist, anons will move on, it'll all be a distant memory. So why worry about it?



It would be a damn shame if every Flopson (Rian or Enema) banner that isn't aggressively negative disappeared, wouldn't it?



Well, in this the conundrum lies, correct? What could work past what has already been attempted? Have previous exploits opened up the ability for new approaches to be attempted?



So what if I did? He reciprocated. Why does one video where I say nothing and just show what he said get my channel deleted but not the punching bag video? I made it pretty clear I was talking about a legal fight too not me just beating him up on the street. Why does my whole account get deleted instead of getting a community strike which I had never got before? It's bullshit, and he clearly lied about the situation in his report in order to get my entire channel fucked instead of just one video. Also no I'm not kayfabing I'm gonna get him back somehow.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

zach needs to stop ducking gahoole and start preparing for fight night


File: cd8a7a6142c2dab⋯.jpg (499.06 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, cd8a7a6142c2dabdd30b022719….jpg)


I know it doesn't seem fair, I just think you're acting a little silly over an internet slapfight. Just take the loss dude. You're one of the best BO's on this site, I don't want to see you become that hotpocket who spends his days planning gay ops on spicscord. Just treat him like any of the other spammers because that's exactly what he is at this point - just one of the spammers.






Yeah fuck off bitch with your shit attitude and waifu


File: ab3f2d5ad7ca070⋯.mp4 (6.25 MB, 800x532, 200:133, vun.mp4)

File: 9b74811d5c2db57⋯.mp4 (9.39 MB, 438x398, 219:199, tuu.mp4)



Thank god somebody finally produced a quality webm. I was worried it was never going to happen.





i'm, telling you bro, it was the gay gfx car video you made, it has nothing to do with zach

no one died nz christchurch shooting 100% hoax, you got too close to the truth



No Zach, you tarded out like a big faggot and cried to YouTube. You are a sperg whose major problem is your try to control discourse.



I'll ignore that because I know you're upset.


Shit like this is why people are starting to sympathize with him, get a life.


I'm not him, I just know when a joke is over.


File: 0ed131c7d1a5fc9⋯.jpg (24.39 KB, 263x307, 263:307, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.jpg)



This can't be abused in any way.



Reported for Zach.




That's how abuse is prevented.

People were reporting anyways and reports were dismissed when it wasn't the hapa beyond reasonable doubt.



Nigga I can't read that fast.







File: ba1b8f9b49db13e⋯.jpg (38.96 KB, 698x680, 349:340, 0ca6b2b1039d8ce8ebcc779957….jpg)


Get off my board you







YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Cuckime gave you the music, you fucking punk. Now get off my lawn.


>lawns in Japan


File: 330e4aeaede5ba9⋯.gif (1.46 MB, 217x217, 1:1, mfw this thread.gif)


File: fb4be7ed1c02537⋯.jpeg (17.39 KB, 206x206, 1:1, 6B9CFDF4-9303-4CDA-A222-4….jpeg)




File: 6e6ae64dc4e031b⋯.jpg (147.16 KB, 700x756, 25:27, yasaka_kanako41.jpg)


Final Fantasy (pre FF12) Cannot be cuckime.



>pre FF12

I think you mean preFF10



>zach thinks memes will get people to stop bullying him










all me tbh



t. zach



Hey Zach


im trans and im proud to call this board my home ama



listen im down with the cause ive had miles of black cock in my ass



What's the song.


>deleting zach posts instead of

hey zach



That wasn't Zach, that was the medpedo whiteknighting Zach. He earned a D+ by posting illegal shit.


is zach white?



thanks for the bump


Why isn't Zach a nudist?

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