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File: c1464b791546def⋯.png (956.34 KB, 610x803, 610:803, scam01.PNG)


Buy me a fucking SSD


Audio of Sam Hyde firing Don Jolly. Sam recorded this himself. He records everything and he posted this as a warning to Don that he will leak other conversations. Anyone who supports this raging lunatic is a moron.




>it's real

What the actual fuck?



>he thought it was fake

lol, all of the horrible things you've heard about Sam are real


File: 075447c83ab952a⋯.jpg (30.9 KB, 407x512, 407:512, th.jpg)


>I know for a fact I'm a very cool guy to work for

>I don't do manipulative shit

He says this as he's secretly recording Don and had hacked his computer.



I've been team Charls since Sam did that retarded Joe Bernstein interview. Still though it hurts to hear/ see Sam be a complete cunt like this, he brought a lot of joy to me, his videos his talks. I'll not forget that but who the guy is now, it's clear he's hurting and just wants to ruin everything and everyone in his life.



Note how he cuts Don off anytime he starts saying something he doesn't want him to say. And how he downtalks the work Jolly did, "You did not bust your ass man"


Daily reminder Sam beats and manipulates underage women into sex


File: b457020c490b46a⋯.gif (1.88 MB, 400x240, 5:3, big gay.gif)


Sam sounds like the worst type of person to work for, who just arbitarily sees faults in you, puts you down, constantly passive aggressive.

It's better off for the guy Sam fired to get out of that environment, either that or shoot that big block head.




It's amazing how Sam still thinks he 'made it'. He's a fucking bum.



He looks like he smells, compare that to Charls who always looks clean, questionable fashion choice perhaps but Charls always looks clean. Sam looks like he crawled through the sewer pipe in the shawshank redemption.



>the girls voice in the beginning at the end

So Sam brought his girl to watch him fire Don and make him feel like a big man? JFL, what a bitch.



Some anon in another thread was saying that Nobody's vertical video had something to do with this. What's the story with that?



>What's the story with that?

Nobody trying to get clout



Who's Don Jolly?



I would imagine that was just an anon trying to involve /tv/ in more drama because it would be funny. But I have no reason to believe that's true. Don probably never even watched Vertical Videos, the only videos I know he watched for sure were the ones he commented on, and he never commented on Vertical Videos.


That's retarded. The last thing I would want is to have any connection to MDE or any of its drama. That's why I deleted the video in the first place.



Fuck off e-fag.



>That's why I deleted the video in the first place.

So why did you make it in the first place then?

and why did you (You) me twice



>and why did you (You) me twice

Meant to (You) the poster above you.

>why did you make the video in the first place

I had an idea I thought was funny, took less than ten minutes to record it, less than 20 to edit it, and then I posted it without really thinking about it. It was just a shitpost. Pretty much all of my videos were just shitposts, there was no real thought or planning involved.





>constantly slandered and shittalked by former employees

>record the firing as proof that there were no hard feelings and leave the option for future collaboration open

>autistic retards immediately begin REEEEEing

God you are fags. You'd be recording this shit too if you were getting stalked and defamed by a bunch of jealous e-detractors.


File: daec3683ce771c8⋯.jpg (129.94 KB, 768x514, 384:257, Beijing_train_chinese-man-….jpg)


>constantly slandered and shittalked by former employees

Gee, I wonder why! It couldn't possibly be that all of the people who have actually known him in real life say the same things about him because it's the truth, no, of course not. It's Sam who is right and everyone else who is wrong. It's totally normal behavior to record your employees and then leak those recordings to the internet.

>proof that there were no hard feelings

Him strategically cutting Don off at any moment he starts to defend himself definitely wasn't staged to make himself look good. "Bro, I'm giving you a cool 4k severance, I'm the best boss you've ever had, I'm so cool!" You're telling me you really don't see through the performance he's giving? Sam knows he's being recorded because he's the one doing it, so he's acting and controlling the conversation.



>record the firing as proof that there were no hard feelings and leave the option for future collaboration open

proof to whom? he fucked his chance of working with jolly again by releasing this



You're either talking to an eternal paypig, or Sam himself. He's not going to see reason. In his mind Sam will always be right. This is why Sam can continue to keep fucking over the people that look up to him. Don thought he was getting a dream job, working for an artist he respected, only to discover that Sam brought him on to be a sycophant and nothing more. As soon as Don stopped kissing Sam's ass, he got fired. Tale as old as time. Some other bright-eyed bushy-tailed fan will take Don's place and the cycle will repeat itself.


How has this lunatic not been shot yet? Did you all see the Christmas vid where they went caroling and he flicked a cigarette into some ladies mansion front door?


Does ANYONE have that image that shows Sam Hyde the dollface tranny from 4cuck /soc/? Someone has to have it, I saw it posted here. He literally fucked a tranny 3 times then stalked them for months trying to meet up again.



fucking* missed a word sorry



>defending some roastie millionaire boomer

Smdh. Never forget this is the kind of person attacking Sam.


Proof for the people so if the cycle repeats he can defend himself more easily. If you aren't taping your business conversations you are asking for trouble.



If you hate Sam so much maybe you should just ignore him and his content from now on. Poor obsessive lil autistic boi.



>information that paints him in a bad light pops up everywhere one goes

>bro, why are you so obsessed




Sam detected



Hey Sam.


File: b41cf511d3f4abe⋯.jpg (134.46 KB, 959x1280, 959:1280, Charls_in_a_dress.jpg)

Why he play Charls like that?



Charls is so cute in a wig, /tv/ would you?



Would unironically date.



I didn't know he commented on your videos. Does he browse /tv/?



somebody tl;dl this pls



Sam guilt trips Don while firing him and tells him he has no right to be upset about being out of a job because Sam is the best boss in the world and Don was a shitty terrible worker who doesn't deserve the money Sam is giving him out of the goodness of his cool boss heart. For some reason Sam recorded this.



can you be a bit more specific, elaborate a bit more



If you want actual quotes, just listen to it and skip around. It's not clear why Sam is firing Don because everytime Don starts talking, Sam cuts him off. Something about Don upsetting Sam's girlfriend.



Why are you fags bitching about this? Did you even listen to it? The fat fuck he is firing had it coming, apparently. Sam paid him really well, too. People hate Sam for no reason, fucking losers.


Imagine e-stalking a guy that you don't even like anymore instead of just not watching his new content and ignoring him. Oh wait, you don't have to imagine do you?




>I don't do manipulative shit..


You fucking kike faggot.

He didn't say "I don't do manipulative shit." In general.

He said, "I don't do manipulative shit with money."

>I'm a journalist!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






t. sam



kek what a faggot, done with scambo tbh


File: 9f5468ddd7a4a16⋯.jpg (14.41 KB, 401x373, 401:373, a8791b95773d9e7defcef67ed5….jpg)


>even with fat fuck on mic admitting, "Yeah I fucked it up" "Yeah you paid me well, unparalleld" "Sorry for being paranoid and letting you down". Still Sam's fault, anybody defending Sam is Sam.



This is really Sam.



Hey sam


Reminder that Don Jolly is a fellow /tv/ shitposter and the only namefag worth a damn (besides gahoole).



You don't have to talk about yourself in the third person. It's okay, Sam. We're all friends here.



You are as bad at samefagging as Zach. You always use the same templates and shitty retorts. Get fucked scam hyde, why arent you banned yet for shilling yourself?


>"Of course there's money problems"

>"I'm just breaking even after 8 years, yeah money is a problem"

>"You kiss my feet or you don't get the 4 thousand bitch"


>"subreddit went down on your watch, bitch where's the backup"



Bro, not the subreddit!



the 8chan board wasn't good enough, I guarantee the real reason /ourlad/ was fired is because the subreddit went down which sent Skim into fucking meltdown mode



>t. sam



Sounds like his gf had it out for fatboi, there's definitely more to this story than the audio recording suggests. Time to dig.



The reddit thing is just a bullshit excuse. It's not Don's fault the reddit went down. The reddit got banned for the same reason World Peace got cancelled. What could Don have possibly done to save it?



When the audio cuts out as soon as she starts bringing up something else she wanted Sam to say to Don, that was interesting. Why did Sam bring his girlfriend along to watch him fire Don unless she had some interest in it?


Honestly scambo you're fucked. You make a living off of fringe groups like /tv/ and now you've shown your true colors definitely pulling my monthly donations from gumroad and telling my crew too as well. This was a massive fuckup and your pockets are going to feel it bitch. Your fault for underestimating autism heh get fuckt bitch boy /mde/ and your voat shilling is about to get BLOWN up



>it's like the bar from Cheers

That describes /tv/ pretty well. Gahoole = Sam, Yakuza = Norm, Maisie/Ravenfag = Cliff, Stonefag = Carla, Refn = Rebecca, Nobody = Frasier, Idolfag = Woody, and Zach = Carla's ex-husband.


Decent breakdown of the recording:




>nobody gets his own spinoff after he leaves

Life is so unfair.


Thing is a real man would've ended this exchange with fucking fists blasting you know it's a white boi doing shit when both parties fuck off with repressed anger and lower levels of pride


File: 1cbd982760f0ac0⋯.jpg (215.13 KB, 1280x859, 1280:859, barbecue-699153_1280.jpg)


How about a hotdog instead?



yuh real niggas would've killed each other or gone to jail smh


File: 636f834ea35d45a⋯.jpg (348.18 KB, 1080x598, 540:299, scammy boy.jpg)


File: e6cc84bccc5193b⋯.jpg (77.84 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, D68cXuHUEAAxCcE.jpeg.jpg)

Don and Charls are based, Sam is just rotten tbh.


File: a54e81fafdaec42⋯.png (7.77 KB, 1196x100, 299:25, ClipboardImage.png)


That take is weirdly different take from the one posted almost a year ago




He's posting from time to time. Really neat guy. He did that Star Wars rant webm you see posted at times, which was spot on. Guy is also the editor of Dagger.



Christ, I posted that thread, and the link to the same video in this one.

Nietzsche was right.


File: c9bb03dcac14e6c⋯.png (18.06 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Infinity Symbol.png)


Many of us do seem to be stuck in a loop here. On one hand I always want to leave, on the other hand, I'm always drawn back. How many years have we been doing this?


File: 3be59354e225a74⋯.gif (247.05 KB, 256x192, 4:3, leaving this board.gif)



Being stuck upon the wheel isn't a good thing.


So in conclusion more speculative meta e-drama with no content.



>no content


File: d1bd6beae08d96e⋯.jpg (98.03 KB, 1447x1080, 1447:1080, d1bd6beae08d96e6bbe912e97a….jpg)


This board is purgatory.




>literal recording




Pay pigs, pay pigs, gotta get yourself some paypigs!



No I mean speculation on sams personal life rather than actual content or is this supposed to be the content now?



Well it would seem like that when it's the same 20 post ironic retards shouting at each other for years.



no one gives a fuck about scammy's personal life, Don was one of us and we got his back, even Zach is better than scam n hyde, protect the tribe



sorry was i supposed to pay sam first?


File: c0a8e7558fc1834⋯.png (627.83 KB, 680x561, 40:33, c0a8e7558fc18349941ff63d41….png)


Hey chief, Sweet Lips Sammy don't work for free.



So it's your tribe against his then is it?



Does Sam Hyde get off on repelling people by looking like an unwashed sex offender?



No he gets off on beating up teenage girls until they agree to have sex with him



The more you pay, the less content you get.


Literally who



Some washed up vlogger



Don Jolly? Sam? Both?



Some fridge temperature IQ tryhard faggot who made phone videos and wanted to be the youtube Tim Heidecker but was somehow even more unfunny.


why do you people care about this guy so much



There's one (1) autist who spams samshit constantly. He does it on cuckchan too last i checked. Nigga needs to move the fuck on



At least Sam Hyde had some funny stuff sometimes. The only funny thing I've seen from Tim Heidecker is that song he did about how much of a cuck he is.



sam was genuienly funny and can still make some okay content. but hes also a shitty person. in reality his popularity is very small now but your on an obscure offshot chan where some people still care.

hes got his moements but his standup is cringy. hes got good videos and bad ones on his jew tube. hes one of those guys who badly needs someone editing his shit. his show was so much funnier than he is normally. i like him as a content creator but he badly needs to work harder to make his shit more professional


fucking hell you all need to get over it



get over what?


I just want the boys back together making the funnies for us. Drama is for fucking faggots.



this board occasionally masturbates to old movies talking about a fallen celeb from recent years is reasonable enough just dont post in the thread you dont care about it at all

i barely care but its an intresting enough topic between shitposts



Sam literally has a degree in film, animation and video, almost all of MDE's old work was Sam's editing. Before MDE he worked professionally making animations for baseball stadiums and creating commercials.

He's an amazing editor, he just hates doing it for some reason.



>He's an amazing editor, he just hates doing it for some reason.

kinda confirms that his newer content is mostly lazy. never knew the backstory just sort of noticed his videos going from tight to throw it all on the wall tier.

i hope he starts to produce content up to his talent level again, but ive been super disapointed for awhile


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Actually Sam is working his fingers to tue bone making content, he just set up a paywall to seperate the h'wheat from the chaff. Only actual fans can view his content now, here a morsel to appease you peasant if you want more pay for it like everybody else has too. #sorrynotsorry



He needs to put out some free shit instead of hiding everything behind a paypiggy wall. You got the vid of him talking about the mall - STRAIGHT SODA NIGGA/SNIFFIN THEM STRAPS


The TRUTH is that Scambo got played by NEETking Don and had to post that audio clip to try and save face. Imagine your entire staff find out you paid some dude to literally sit on his ass for months while they're working their asses off on that 2d indie game. Fuck him and mad respect to the NEETking.



go away, zac- i mean sam





btw anyone got a link to kstv2



I've got a link to an episode but it only took a two second search to find so I'm not sharing it with a lazy asshole like you.



On the bright side, apparently he's going to be doing all the visual shit for Joyride Universe.



already watched the first two episodes retard



You like em? Time to start paying if you want more. Kthxbye.



Hey Sam


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Why doesn't Sam just join for InfoWars? If they'll work with Anthony Cumia they'll work with him.



I bought you a 1TB and hid it under the mailbox at the corner of Martin Luther King Dr.


File: 1e69bfc17b41741⋯.jpg (69.64 KB, 1024x678, 512:339, depositphotos_7903443-stoc….jpg)


Pre 2017 Sam would have but he isn't a kike enabler anymore. He's based and redpilled for reel now.


Thought I was Zach sperg? Make your mind up.



>zach is sam hyde confirmed


File: b720ff01b84d28a⋯.png (379.26 KB, 713x409, 713:409, charls_reacts_to_my_mind_b….png)


>Thought I was Zach sperg? Make your mind up.

I didn't call anyone Zach ITT, Sam.



Damn you really post here huh? How does it feel to know that you will never have a serious career? Will you still be pandering to your fag fanbase in your 40s? Damn dude.



Oh fuck off

>only actual fans can view his content now

Yeah Sam, you even put your trailer for your content behind a paywall. You fucking idiot, who the fuck puts a trailer behind a paywall? I've heard only of EA doing that and they have the reputation as being the worst company in America.

You're trying to milk your fans dry, for every shekel you can get while you've still got any relevance left, you know it, we know it so don't try and pretend otherwise or you wouldn't put out strikes on youtube channels that do post your content, even if they are just tiny snippets. You never used to care, for years you didn't care and now it's all

>true fans can still see the content it's only behind a paywall

You really think we're that stupid? No wonder Charls and Andrew hate you and won't work with you. Nick only agrees to work with you for cash up front, minimum a $1000 per video.

You're scum now Sam, you shit on kikes for being money greedy bastards, but you're exactly the same with how you treat people around you and your 'fans'.



i'm just saying the level of 'can't let this go' has become too suspicious

i'm starting to think the people on both sides of this shit know how to do some faggy handshakes



You made this thread, Sam. Why are you gaslighting /tv/? Given up completely on your career?



1TB isn't even a fraction of the amount of storage necessary to build a respectable anime collection.



Maybe no, but it-a-just enough-a room to record-a-yourself jacking off in-a-da mirror at 4k. We all know-a dis-a-what you get off-a to. Your-a-welcome!


File: 9556224f69596c6⋯.mp4 (3.78 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 9556224f69596c6eddacb2fd70….mp4)

>three years of work



>Goldeneye's Facility music

>SFX ripped straight from Moonman Doom Mod

Whoa… this is the power… of… Patreon bucks…



All of his twitter paypigs are saying it looks amazing and they'll pay at least twenty bucks for it. Sam could literally shit in a paper bag and these people would buy it. If one were to remove the videos of Hyde form that clip, what is there? It's less of a game than Gone Home, and at least Gone Home had good art design, lol.



You are not painting a good image of americans, are they really castrated mutts controlled by the Deadly Frankenstein Gangster Computer God?



No, just the Eyesight Television and Deadly Touch Tarantula Spiders.



oh god it's so bad


File: d0e16a1c636b8fb⋯.png (54.13 KB, 625x507, 625:507, mde fans.png)



I told you fags he was a dumb unfunny faggot when he memed about based Watson but what do I know, I'm only always right about everything.


File: 8b16e04872a410b⋯.jpg (131.91 KB, 960x778, 480:389, 8b16e04872a410b8bc6b408702….jpg)

>like sam but haven't kept up with his work since post WP since he uploads on 40 different channels irregularly and paywalled something at Gum-Road which honestly didn't seem all that interesting or good as his YouTube stuff

>Suspect there was possible fallout between Sam and Charles but never knew for sure

>Thought Sam also lost his Blonde GF but never knew for sure

>Everytime I see Sam I feel like he is degenerating further and it's hurting his ability to create

>Have no fucking clue who Don Jolly is

>Have no idea what the context

>Have no idea why I should care

>Only know he recorded himself doing

>There's just so much going on without answers I can't keep up anymore

<Just wish MDE was killed in it's prime and we could go back to the fun timeline where everyone isn't fucked up



*wasn't killed



>based Watson



File: d182ca18e494f84⋯.png (28.26 KB, 1321x235, 1321:235, d182ca18e494f84e447f745388….png)


Sam is a psychopath



>asked me to sign contracts agreeing to never work with charles




Believe it or not, Sam isn't this poor comedian living out of his car that's begging for support and going solo in his vids. He's a businessman, with multiple full-time employees that he pays, and he makes a lot of money (enough to rent multiple properties (some of which he lets rot because he is too lazy to do the work to get rid of them), a car collection, etc).

Don Jolly is (or was) one of those employees (also runs https://daggermag.com/ ), he's one of the fat fucks that appeared and worked on a few of his recent vids.



yeah but what about my other questions



Probably James Dewey Watson, the Nobel laureate who discovered DNA and btfo'd niggers so hard the (((scientific community))) started lashing out on him and he had some of his titles taken away from him. He even auctioned his Nobel medal because of how he was being treated by his (((fellow scientists))). I don't know what Hyde has to do with him though.




So he DOES have some good qualities.

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