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File: 61f141dae859876⋯.png (501.13 KB, 680x1114, 340:557, rapino.png)


Why are Americans so disgusting


>I swear I'm not a dude please believe me look at my titty


Stunning and brave





stupid dyke bitch who btfo dup by not doing something with the national anthem and white house or something



He looks in his 50s.


What's wrong with a dude showing his nipples?



Women’s soccer champion


I don't care much for soccer, but how did a US team win the cup?

Is it just that america is the only country that gives a fuck about women's soccer, because I can't imagine any other reason why they would have won.



half the team are trannies taking steroids



It had the most trannies on team.



Not trolling, but are the teams actually tested for steroids?



i dunno but its female sports so who gives a shit



Testosterone is not a steroid



They certainly don't take a visual test, I can tell you that. Literally every single one of them has disgustingly broad shoulders like Michelle Obama.



God I wish women would stop trying to look like men already



So why is she not wearing a bra ?



excuse did you just assume xhe's gender

don't you know breasts are masculine too



bras are oppressive + it's a PR stunt to stay in the spotlight a little longer

A dyke and an attentionwhore, what a lovely combination



This was very obviously done on purpose

The people who pointed this out were probably ABC employees as well.



Just by looking at wikipedia I see a fuckhuge article on a noname female football player.

Must be an american leftist thing.



the ugly part is they're trying to brand her as some sort of hero or role model for girls/women. It's all a bunch of shilled crap.



welcome to the modern world where heroes are made and not born



Only when you produce it yourself xir.


Nobody wants to see that.



Heroes are often made and overexaggerated, but at least they have something real to them. These people have nothing.



that is what i trying to get at. Alexander the great lead people across persia and to india where he gained renown through history

this person stood up to trump and not showing patriotism to her country but is somehow heroic


this womans face is one of the most repulsive things i think ive seen in decades. its not just her bad complexion or anything, its the looks she gives with her face. only the most cunty lesbians have that constant arrogant look




Oh ok. Thanks.


File: 4d3aa0ff58c2ebf⋯.jpg (27.22 KB, 300x347, 300:347, 1494028617008.jpg)

Why does anyone care about this person? She's gross


File: c54f9175a2e5012⋯.jpg (26.9 KB, 400x396, 100:99, hotpockets.jpg)






>Man showed his nipple

Why is this a big deal?


File: 3c95f555f813067⋯.jpg (118 KB, 1120x581, 160:83, xi-jinping-winnie-pooh.jpg)

>muh burgers



t. mutthurt


l can't bring myself to watch USA soccer, too much testosterone, too many swinging dicks, and then there is the MEN'S team!


File: aae8a4f34d6b99d⋯.jpg (300.28 KB, 900x631, 900:631, aae8a4f34d6b99d4644f8a5cc4….jpg)


She's in the women soccer team, of course she's XX, otherwise she'd be filled with illegal hormones (testosterone), which are illegal.



>and then there is the MEN'S team!

Unironically not many USA citizens there


>Nip drawn as a hwite man

Japan National Syndrome



2nd hand smoke?



A myth



>t. a misanthropic tar-lung



She knew what she was doing



Did you know inhaling alcohol fumes from unexposed glasses of wine can make you an alcoholic?



the fucks up her outfit you shitlord



>t. a fly living in a restaurant


More like Rapemenow



Cope harder commiedup.


janey jackson's incident involved a white male so it had to be redone



>Michelle Obama

Memes aside she's not a tranny she's just black


File: 96cd69a7046b622⋯.gif (5.91 KB, 255x255, 1:1, hmm.gif)

Maybe being so hideous and obnoxious is her way of attempting to turn men off of women and thereby progressing the gay agenda.



Since when are sports real?



Never seen a tit like that



That is such a gross boob. What kind of tit is that anyway



If I had to guess it's because of the strong NCAA university system. All these girls get farmed from colleges. USA is one of the few countries to actually develop women sports. Most nations don't give a shit. Overall though… no one in America gives a fuck. Only reddit-tier soy faggots watched to pretend they are cultured or something.

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