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File: c5fa1e6e8b581eb⋯.jpg (153.46 KB, 757x261, 757:261, Untitled 1.jpg)


Are they expecting it to do any better?

Also the first one was already progressiveness incarnate, so are they gonna make this one less pozzed then or what, lol


nothing wrong with any of the power rangers stuff this will be pure kino


The reboot wasn't progressive enough. The entire cast needs to be explicitly trannies and people of color.



yes and alot of hardcore and explicit sex scenes


bailey jay in the cast? thatd be hot



hey board hapa



The villains need to be bulk and skull so they can be white supremacist analogs. The rangers get out of their LGBT rally and spend half the movie bashing the fash.


File: f1b03fc9e93e330⋯.jpg (19.46 KB, 326x326, 1:1, This is a new level of cri….jpg)


So they're going full Spiderman with it.



What the fuck, the rangers were fine. Elizabeth banks sucked ass and they needed to recast her and rewrite rita, but the rangers were good and carried all the emotional value the film had. Literally all they needed was more campy foes that challenged the heroes and not just big gold monkey that everyone already rates as the most easily btfo of the entire franchise.



They film was pure cancer, zach


File: 3444f07abba1ae2⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 1734x1509, 578:503, Oh Sweetie.jpg)


>Anon actually watched it

That's too rich


I saw it because stupid friends. The movie couldn't decide between campy and serious business. You can pull both off, but here it was awful. It didn't help that the actual Power Ranger fight didn't last at all because they were too busy with the awful drama. What you see in the trailer is pretty much what the fight lasted. The suits looked like shit, they didn't have a good contrast of their main colors with white or any other color. The Zords looked even worse because they looked like shapeless lumps of nothing, you could actually distinguish them because they were mechanical instead of the ultra sleek modern designs that you see everywhere. Goldar was also terrible, just molten gold with a vague shape, even a fan submitted a design that was also molten gold but that had a face and looked way better.



No you eat my fucking dick, liar. It wasn't great, but chad ranger and autism ranger and the fact that the diverse cast were lead by a whitey in cy puts it head and shoulders above true purified cancer, you faggot.



are you crying?



He's probably bouncing around his apartment and knocking all the trannywater around and just in general pissing of his paki landlord.



Are you gonna give a shit either way?



he sees a hapa and throws a chair at it in disgust only to realize he was looking in the mirror



>there will never be a film noir adaptation of Zach's psychotic spiral into madness



Who will play zach?




>that one anon is gay but this circlejerk isn't



So that green ranger cliffhanger is pointless like the Super Mario Bros. sequel ending. Wait, the last one came out in 2017. It felt so long ago. The only thing I remember from it is ugly Rita Repulsa design and Krispy Kreme.



Nice dubs Zach.



You better stop this I'm hacking your phone right now. You're gonna be sorry








Your mom seemed to like it.



Original reboot:

>racelifting in order to not trigger anyone except whites

>retarded, if slightly more fuckable, Rita Repulsa

>Bill Hader as Alpha (okay, that was breddy gud)

>Zords all looked like cybertronian versions of the animals, ie. not very representative

>forgettable writing, forgettable acting

They'll learn nothing and the reboot's reboot will probably feature a female red ranger


>Cuckywood movie.

And dropped!


I walked out of the kinoseum during the middle of the last reboot/whatever thing they did. I went to have a laugh about how bad it was and planned on making a thread about it. What happened was I ended up becoming so embarrassed for the actors and director of the film that I had to leave because it was physically uncomfortable. I was cringing in my seat the dialog was so bad. Lucky no one else was in the theater because then the second hand shame would have become first hand.



this is what I feel about every cuckywood film



I saw the movie and there was some """""comedy"""""" scene depicting a van with nuns in it singing michael row your boat or shore or something while a BIG ACTION FIGHT was going on oblivious to them and they were dressed like nuns from the 1930's. Really drove home that Hollywood has no idea what goes on outside of their NY/LA bubble.


Good. Reboot it after every movie. It worked well for Terminator.



Pretty sure it was just a really bad "hurr dumb xtians xDDDD" gag that was about as well thought out as Porky Pig attempting to rap battle.


ysoer baste



Nice necrobump Zach.



>that was about as well thought out as Porky Pig attempting to rap battle

Keked and stolen for future meatworld conversations. However, since I'm not an asshole, you can use my "busier than a one-legged hooker at a foot fetish orgy" line.


Eventually, making reboots back to back will become to norm, and people will get used to being told the exact same story again and again. It'll be like EA's annual sports game releases.

Power Rangers(2020)

Power Rangers(2022)

Power Rangers(2024)

Power Rangers(2026)


I just want to cum in Pink Ranger. Doesn't matter any really. Pink Ranger is always the hottest.



Well this one will be a gay man so now you are gay

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