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>$20 billion debt

>spending outstripping income by 24% annually

>dwindling products on offer

>80% of Netflix original content is Gay trash mainstream viewers turn down

>about to lose disney

>soon to increase subscription fee

b-but its going to kill cinema


Nolan will kill cinema with his shitty movies.



I hate watchmojo.



Everything Soros touches sinks. They should have learned from Europe.


File: b2d023a8600d712⋯.png (138.64 KB, 424x470, 212:235, 1472891187840.png)

>using shillflix



File: 23d2fecdc278006⋯.png (103.82 KB, 320x287, 320:287, 23d2fecdc27800662991fb2b5f….png)

Thanks for putting watchmojo in my watched videos.

Now I'll never get rid of their videos from my recommendations.


>implying the USA isnt 20 trillion in debt



You can visit your history and delete that entry from it.


Amazon and the rest of them need to think of catchier names and support the rest of the world if they want to kill redditflix.


When the Netflix catalog gets whittled down to just the originals and people only have stuff like Okja and Sense 8 to choose from will they really keep paying 10 bucks a month?

Netflix seems to be making some bad investments.







We live in a time where you can use a plugin to block youtube channels from appearing in your recommendations, grandpa.




>Production costs skyrocket to multi-millions because you want to film gay orgies in expensive location.


File: b725febfa221b91⋯.png (61.95 KB, 640x402, 320:201, USA_Flag.png)

>$20 trillion debt

>spending outstripping income by 24% annually

>dwindling freedom on offer

>80% of USA 'original content' is made in china trash mainstream viewers turn down

>about to lose allies

>soon to increase taxes



8 years



>building a wall

>it just got taller




I never mentioned any orange duck in my post so I think you're reading into things too much



It's just called actual brain damage. This is the shit that kills every single forum for discussion about films, these are the kind of fags who call a film shit because of something that triggered them.


File: 44ca5dcb06d9de4⋯.jpg (21.29 KB, 217x320, 217:320, JUST.jpg)

>$6 million debt

>spending outstripping income by 24% annually

>dwindling roles on offer

>80% of Brendan's movies now is trash mainstream viewers turn down

>about to lose more hair

>Afton soon to increase alimony

b-but you can't put the eraser to the Fraser



I never had a doubt Nolan was our guy.


Is Castelvania series good?






It's "fuck Christianity" for 3 episodes and the final episode ends on a cliffhanger. You can watch it here:


I didn't like it.



erm OK, I prefer watching on gostream because they have an autoplay next feature which useful when binge watching.

Not too kind on the anti Chistian agenda, I am sick of it.



Everyone says it is but the only one I hear about that is great is Symphony of the Night. So I guess just try that.



His mummy movie was better, Tom. Yours is already forgotten.



it's a game not a film :/



>$20 billion debt

How did it get that? Last year I remember seeing that it had $4 billion in debt.



>go to bank

>tell them you run a big tech company and pls give loan

>get loan



>there are people on /tv/ right now who are voluntarily giving the kikes money on monthly basis



>implying there are people on /tv/ who don't do that



>implying there are people on /tv/ who don't do that




>Implying the US didn't go bankrupt over 150 years ago



it's still paying its bills, so I'm gonna say no





>implying Nolan didn't already crashed Hollywood plane, with No survivors



>Sense 8

I want this tranny lover out of /tv/


File: 40f8e8c68871d18⋯.jpg (43.37 KB, 396x594, 2:3, 8cb07c93518c25224b1b5001f9….jpg)



>Everything Soros touches sinks. They should have learned from Europe.

If Soros is involved with something, it's because he's either going to fuck that thing over or use it to fuck something/someone else over.



"RPG elements" get out REEEEE


more like "fuck the church", they just made the leadership out to be dickheads, I mean you're not exactly wrong but it's still softball by usual Netflix Original Series standards, where you can figure out who's going to be an unsympathetic character by their gender and ethnicity the second they appear on screen, seriously Master of None and Friends from College are like somebody took sarcastic pitches from /pol/ seriously



>it's still paying its bills

You mean the dept that it's paying after it went bankrupt 150 years ago that's totally meant to be re-payed?



Yes and it's going to collapse, only supported by living off previous achievements and eventually those aren't good enough. Society isn't something you just build, you maintain it. Good luck maintaining anything with the retarded policies in place.




Just play the games. There didn't need to be a fucking cartoon of it.



Maybe that's what he wants. Maybe he is trying to destroy neflicks to help his (((buddies))) in (((Hollywood)))



Netflix is showering money all over Hollywood, so that doesn't make any sense.


The solution in general is to reform copy right to last as long as the patent for the cure of cancer would.

So when the kikes protest you ask them why they think a song deserves more protection than the cure for cancer would receive.



>it just got taller

Are you implying there's a way it could become shorter?

Are they going to dig a trench at the boarder instead of a wall?

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