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File: 8357901a072ded4⋯.png (27.95 KB, 2127x1024, 2127:1024, IMG_0888.PNG)


I know this happened a while ago, but can we talk about the imdb message board being successfully shut down by you-know-who?

For over a decade, IMDb was the best place to go for movie discussions. They had everything from shitposts to deep, philosophical conversations for each specific film, plus a general board for everything else.

The only reason I can think of for the shut it down, is that liberal opinions were being mocked more than conservative opinions. People were exposing propaganda and the studios obviously didn't like that very much. Does anybody know the "official" reason for disabling comments on a website that is 99% user comments?


you keep trying to talk about it but no one cares


File: cbef4bc6113d0de⋯.jpg (60.65 KB, 491x491, 1:1, Gee... I wonder who could ….jpg)


>but can we talk about the imdb message board being successfully shut down by you-know-who?



Also, will they ever bring it back? I used to spend a good 60% of my internet usage on IMDb. Now I haven't been there in months. What is even the pong of the site anymore? To obsess over celebrities?



What? This is the first thread I've ever made about it and it's only like the third thread I've ever made on /tv/.

Contribute to the discussion or fuck off.



So you're in favor of wealthy corporations deciding what are the proper opinions for the proletariat? Just like your favorite author, Karl Marx?



>first thread

sure thing hoss


File: 0929d9a6183b447⋯.jpg (9.2 KB, 126x111, 42:37, ok.jpg)





File: 0255138cad72856⋯.jpg (104.01 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, maxresdefault.jpg)



leftypol spotted and reported.


Yes ofc they had to shut it down because the staff was too much sjw for any discussion to be had.

IMDB is a really old website and Internet when it started was right wing and libertarian. If Internet was started in 2010's we would have never had concepts like Godwin Point and the stigma attached to it.

It is a proof in itself that leftist are the invaders and that they must be purged.

We must reopen IMDB forums and make them great again.

Imageboards are not enough satisfactory for me especially because of all the subvertion and infiltration by our eternal enemies plus the overall lack of culture.



So you're in favor of wealthy corporations deciding your opinion?


>IMDb was the best place to go for movie discussions

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHH choked on my banana


File: c028006822cb3a2⋯.webm (1.19 MB, 480x360, 4:3, vävävävävää.webm)


>Everybody I don't like is /leftypol/!!!!1!1!

still here btw :^)



Can you name a better alternative? It was more active than this place, that's for sure. No blacked cuck posting and weird foot fetish threads like cuckchan. No waifu faggots who obsesses over mediocre women. There was some trolling, but it was mostly clever. Also, you could have discussions on specific movies.


filmboards dot com stupid


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Give me your telephone number or contact me on Youtube so we can meet fucker.

You don't know who you're messing with you, you really don't.

And yes this is my real YT, I am sick and tired of you guys.



What is their Alexa ranking?


File: 8dbd1043cf0cef2⋯.jpg (122.35 KB, 499x750, 499:750, 84b217cda5debff2dbbf43836e….jpg)


My sentiment exactly 10/10



>woman in tradcuck clothing

She looks like she'll burn up and die if she steps outside. Gross.




>ackshually Marx loved corporations and capitalism

we've reached a new era of "not even fucking trying".


File: 5108cd744aec7a0⋯.jpg (46.04 KB, 525x666, 175:222, 98799085ad97501e43543afa90….jpg)


Go away leftypol.



>doesn't understand context

>doesn't understand sarcasm

Anon called me a Nazi. Anybody who gets butthurt over "ebil Nazis" is obviously a communist. Therefore I decided to mock the commie by pointing out that he's arguing in favor of large corporations dictating opinions.




Brett Fowler, Greenville SC. I wreck Trumptards daily, come at me.



>hehe i was le pretending XD


File: 5eed3b6d21b4c9d⋯.jpg (48.14 KB, 299x460, 13:20, tanned cutey.jpg)


>you have to like disgusting bleach-colored white women with gross freckles and bad hair or else you're /leftypol/

Just accept it, tanned woman are godtier.

<"b-but my aryan woman standing in wheatfield!!!1!!"

Nope, tradcucks were and will always be universally despised. Go be a puritan somewhere else.


File: 4e5d19efd7c8b03⋯.jpeg (12.42 KB, 316x421, 316:421, bb7a18bb72aa50cce3f2cb624….jpeg)



Thread has been jewed. But will add my take.

When it happened, my thoughts were that there were too many people going into the forums/discussion area and dropping anecdotes on movie stars etc. Too much dirty laundry was getting aired. Who is and isn't gay. That kind of shit. And this was after there was all that drama about actresses wanting to be able to suppress their ages from being listed too, as they felt it limited their employability. Powerful people had obviously noticed what was being discussed

I'm sure general "sanitization" played into it too. The same excuse they're using to block comments on youtube. They want language and concepts that are safe for 5 year olds to be exposed to (Clearly they're banking on this influx of figurative 5 year olds to be the fully brainwashed peons of the future).

Upside is that there was a site that saved off most of the archives before deletion.


Random movie for example: https://moviechat.org/tt0088847/The-Breakfast-Club

I doubt it'll pick up steam as it's own site. The forums worked mainly because people would watch a movie on TV, then go check out IMDB to see what the actors or whoever are up to, then see what people are saying in the various threads. Having the archives located somewhere else removes that casual traffic that made it an easy and interesting little side-trip for visitors.


File: fb00c432c8a3db5⋯.png (29.65 KB, 255x252, 85:84, 1432926797746.png)


File: 157ccff0f45cd98⋯.png (59.74 KB, 724x597, 724:597, fowler.png)


Yeah, I highly doubt this is you. Probably some fag you got dox on and want to receive a doorstep care package of qurans, boxes and pizzas. If you're macho enough to post your name and address on the internet h8 machine, you're certainly macho enough to post some supplemental evidence of that faggot. Otherwise, you're a liar of the lowest caliber and NYPA applies to the highest degree.

Timestamp with a photo of your door number and view from your front window. Leave the EXIF data in and post a copy to Imgur so that it can be verified as this site automatically deletes it. Maybe even your face too, that is if you're man enough to not hide behind a mask like the rest of you pussies.



I was gonna make a post about how great pale chicks are, but goddamn that ass is fine.


Didnt they close it when that movie about the MUH HOLOCAUT bitch that was on court against a history guy buff guy?



I thought it was the reaction to Ghost(ball)busters and Cuck Wars. Also, the overall sentiment on the internet is reflecting the general sentiment irl and leftists can't deal with that in current year. If they can't have their hugboxes, then they will literally shut it down.

Their problem is they truth can't be censored. People just find another place to express their opinions.



are you irish by any chance.



> If they can't have their hugboxes, then they will literally shut it down.

Pretty much this.



>. If they can't have their hugboxes, then they will literally shut it down.

Pretty much sums it all.


Moviechat dot org, bud

There's also that one that gets shilled by some hothead around here, which is also good option at least





Go be a faggot somewhere else, you larping slut.





They couldn't get their shekels out of it as well as the backlash that their kosher films were getting. They decided to shut down the entire forum like the retards they are.


I thought it got shut down because of how useless it was.


File: 90b249a70c8cd72⋯.gif (407.02 KB, 500x282, 250:141, eb266daea453753008be747041….gif)


Someone got triggered. You think this is a game, do you think I'm fucking laughing?

Get off my fucking vent server Summer child.



File: 4c0413b42b15d81⋯.jpg (28.76 KB, 179x320, 179:320, eliminate gays.jpg)


File: cfb4ee8158b2fe8⋯.jpg (8.56 KB, 500x308, 125:77, don't try again.jpg)





>im totally not a communist guys but don't u dare shittalk my beloved marx



It was full of absolutely retarded normies who could barely understand a child's movie, half of them couldn't even write english and every single post was predictable and boring, and you could never find any insight on a movie there, all you could use it for was to maybe confirm your interpretation of basic events in a movie, but even that was often completely missed by the posters who would then just make shit up.

For decent movie discussion I usually go to IRC or any fan oriented community of a genre (terror forums, etc…)



It was Cisbusters, nuStar Wars and the straw that broke the camels back was Hidden Figures because people on the message pointed out how much of a fantasy the film was.

Hollyweird probably leaned on Amazon to SHUT IT DOWN because too much Black PR came from there.


>muh normies

el oh el


> fan oriented community


You need hugboxes filled with tasteless nerds and goons. Might I recommend reddit?


People have shit taste and meme. They do it on reddit 4chan imdb letterboxd twitter etc. They should all be shit down because its a just a shitshow tbh you have shit meme taste. Cognitive dissonance.



well said


It was shut down because the disparation between the raving reviews for the latest flicks and the responses on the forum was too wide. It's all a marketing scheme now, trying to make the movies seem like hot shit, that's why the rating-system is still there, but every critic of the movie will be silenced and drowned out.



Your taqqiya is worse than mudshit.



Yep and they will shut down crowd-sourced ratings because for now even their bots can't compete against the natural outrage.

Their only hope is ethnic replacement.



>qt traits


Holy shit taste Batman!



>Overall lack of culture.

>One of the most influential cultures on the internet.



why the dunst pic?


I miss it. There were some really surreal posts there.

Reviews aren't the same, though looking at the most negative ones can be amusing sometimes


File: 4d0ff4848a69814⋯.jpg (60.56 KB, 500x623, 500:623, b0a22f75d8750bc4b2103ef826….jpg)


Why not?


File: 688d3a88b433214⋯.jpg (9.59 KB, 236x223, 236:223, 4c4a56393ea854415ab4c486f4….jpg)


>The webpage at https://moviechat.org/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.



Good point.


Pretty suspicious how fast and hard this thread got shit on tbh



Anyone that shits on IMDB is a fucking pleb, they were clearly on the wrong boards


File: 74ad8eabbdb1cc0⋯.png (185.19 KB, 939x1022, 939:1022, imdb_boards.png)

Found this on Bella and the Bulldogs. Post more screencaps.




Some anon that is unironically Jewish got triggered when OP posted that was shut down by you know who.


File: 9e80a42adac8b1d⋯.gif (548.96 KB, 1920x1038, 320:173, Untitled.gif)


Works for me™


File: 719e7a5c80f7a25⋯.jpg (72.78 KB, 743x414, 743:414, im.jpg)

oldIMDBfagg reporting in



There is a very large movement going on to make the internet "clean". Google is on the ride too and I hope all of you can see what is happening here



Why are conservatives so afraid of knowledge


Whatever happened to that J-dar movie website? it was very helpful although not always very precise nor relevant.



the jews figured out the goyim were using it for unintended purposes






what is that gross teal browser


still cant believe they shut it down


File: f9465eccbdeb04a⋯.jpg (12.5 KB, 256x320, 4:5, Harold news.jpg)


This has to be a joke



Just install this and it's like it was never gone.

You won't really see any new discussions but the appeal of IMDB boards was reading 10 year old posts on 30 year old movies.


I still load the movie pages after watching with the instinct to check the forums. I did it just last night.

It was like 8 months ago yet it still hasn't sunk in.

I really, really, really hope they bring it back.



Go the fuck away faggot. Your type got that site shut down and if you have your way this owuld be next. Why are you even here? Be gone already



cool hadn't heard of this

moviechat.org is basically an archive anyway cause no one posts new shit on it



It happened right around the Ghostbusters and Star Wars stuff was happening. They saw an opportunity to get rid of it and took it, and the reason is plain and simple "shut it down" mentality.


is there any other site like imdb but with forums?



reddit is much better for movie discussions than imdb and this shithole



He in fact did. He only hated that people who actually had good ideas, great work ethic, managerial skills and/or wealth management skills as opposed to his lazy fat kike ass were the only ones who truly got any success from it.


Pretty sure it was 90% because of the "40 year old virgin" page having turned into some kind of nest of incels. That place was fucking desperate, even amongst weird desperate incel locations.



>reddit is better for movie discussions

I wouldn't know, my account was banned from most subs because I had wrongthink opinions. That was two years ago. I can't imagine how bad it is now. I had an account for 12 years on imdb and was never banned once.



fucking crawl back into whatever asshole you got shot out from, you leftist piece of shit.




Can't it make it add new posts?



no it's not. discussion on reddit lasts for 24 hours, then everyone moves to another post to get karma


what's complaining about it here gonna accomplish?

unless someone here has the want and capability to start their own site with forums for every frigging movie ever made, we're fucked with our thumbs up our asses



discussion here never actually happens because memes and politics tbh



I thought it largely had to do with a lot of movies like Get Out, Birth of a Nation, Denial coming out (this was right around the time it was shoah'd) and mass shitpostings and 1 star ratings. It was more or less an effort for execs to save their product by curbing critical reception from anyone not a (((professional critic))).


File: a90fa8d6da4c574⋯.jpeg (49.47 KB, 676x296, 169:74, imdb.jpeg)


12 years here


I posted this already somewhere, but the owner of IMDb rated Girly Ghostbusters 9/10. That says it all.

And just use /film/ if you want a discussion board


File: 733974a87d97476⋯.png (65.27 KB, 746x236, 373:118, imdb.png)



Very cool. But that's nothing.

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