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What did Pikachu mean by this?


>All those niggers goin Ayo waht the fuuuuk

For once I can understand them. Who made this shit?


He wants to fuck Ash, clearly.


The fuck did Pikachu say? Couldn't hear him over the nigging.



Something like "because I want to be with you".



I don't know whats worse, that they made Pikachu speak or that many grown men going to see a Pokemon movie in theaters.


Because I always want to be with you



This was some remake of their first meeting so how did pikachu become so attached to Ash? He didn't want to go back into the pokéball as soon as he got out and when he disliked Ash. Dumb shit whoever wrote this.



Ash saved Pikachu after he got his ass kicked by Spearows.



But what about the times before that when he didnt like ash and didnt want to always be with him



The spearow thing happened just a few hours after they first got together.


Is Pikachu a boy or a girl?




Voiced by a girl tho

Creates that high pitched voiced


I liked the Pokemon manga, Misty had enormous tits


Expected there to be a chimp out



Jessie is best pokegirl. /ss/ material, seducing young boy pokemon trainers and stealing their pokeballs as they lay in a post-coital haze.


File: e31ccfe4c1983b1⋯.jpg (67.79 KB, 780x440, 39:22, salazar.jpg)




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