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3 cards a day + interpretation = predictor for some event in the world identified by tarot. If you identify an event, comment and leave evidence.

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A ripe, juicy situation that indicates something (thing, idea, plans coming to fruition and harvest. It involves a structured or dogmatic religious person or environment, institution or country (not Jewish or Buddhist). The outcome will be a win-win, ease, characterised by grace rather than domination.

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A person or collective that is covering its interests will find that everything is going to come crashing down. It will hinge on a document in transit.

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A Capricorn woman is pregnant, either literally or figuratively, but either in a dangerous place (physically or dogmatically), or facing a situation of frustration that fills her with fear.

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This spread involves a woman - she is either Aries or pale-skinned with grey or silver hair, or if none of the above, a cutting tongue. She’s winning. And she’s in a situation that is mysterious: In which things are going on behind the scenes.

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A person who represents the dysfunction in the world will be paraded in front of us, heavily drugged. He or she is held to be clinically insane, on the basis of a something in his or her past. Fear is present.

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Dogma and discipline in an ancient and mountainous land moves quickly into place. A religious figurehead May send a letter, parcel, or communication to someone involved in the new structure

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A female leader is easily victorious. She is overflowing with an objectless love, love in its own right. She is in a state of earthly grace, mistress of everything she beholds, and she will prevail. Whatever this woman attempts to do, she will achieve easily, without stress, by just being herself. Events in which she is involved will unfold simply and easily.

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In a situation where there’s been a just repayment, someone is guarding his words. He’s fed up because even though he speaks, nobody is listening to him. Instead he will wait, patiently, until April.