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G. Protection against the Abuse of Power

Our system has several control mechanisms in place to prevent abuse of power by any involved stakeholders. We aim to ensure that we, or any of the public or private institutions using our services, do not try to co-opt digital democracy processes to serve our own special interest.

First, should national government take issue with the platform it will be made clear their own residents requested the service. If they still deem the platform itself as a threat, because of the opportunity it offers its citizens to mobilize and protest, then it is unfortunately free to try to restrict our access to it's citizens. However, as previously mentioned, that decision will be made clear to all their citizens and the world.

In some contexts, voters will be at risk for physical coercion and threats to safety. The same risk presents itself in the physical and digital elections we have today. If any member of TVR witnesses such an event, they can discretely and anonymously report it publicly or us via sms, smartphone app or web. All institutions who sign a contract with us will have to agree that any credible report of hacking or coercion by them or another party will lead to a delay service, with the potential of cancellation. The standard of credible reporting will be based on unique sources reporting through our digital communication channels, and the verification of civil society watchdogs on the ground. If institutions or their partners are responsible for a disturbance we provide the right to cancel. If the disturbance comes from a competing organization, and it is not possible to correct the error digitally ( for example by statistically calculating how the votes in a certain location could sway the election results in different scenarios), then the client can choose how to proceed.

Our corporate board acts as an oversight of staff, but no majority of the Board can override a strong recommendation by the TVR. For example, should the TVR express that a digital democratic process is being threatened by coercive state parties, and the Board would like to continue with a process, their own bylaws will prevent them from doing so. Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


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